OBAMACARE: Who benefits?

ObamaCare - who is to blameIf you read all of this very short article thoroughly and watch the videos, you will get one of the quickest insights into ObamaCare found on the internet. You will also find a simple solution for defeating ObamaCare.

Is ObamaCare benefiting or even impressing die-hard liberal college kids?  Take a look at the article at this link and watch the accompanying video (2 minutes 33 seconds long) to hear what they say.

Obamacare - who is to blame 2Is ObamaCare benefiting or helping the poor?  Be sure to read what this gal who only makes $8/hour has to say about ObamaCare raping her future in the article at this link.


Is ObamaCare benefiting or assisting illegals?  The article at this link tells you the answer to this question.

Is ObamaCare benefiting or assisting businesses?  California led the nation into ObamaCare, so let’s see what their businesses think of ObamaCare as seen in the video at this link (3 minutes 24 seconds long).

ObamaCare - vehicle for full-fledged socialism?

ObamaCare – vehicle for full-fledged socialism?

Who is ObamaCare benefiting or helping?  To find out the real winner of ObamaCare, be sure to listen to the video at this link.  

So far you’ve seen what Obama’s main voting base thinks of ObamaCare, so let’s be fair and let those who oppose ObamaCare share their thoughts as seen in the article at this link and the costs of ObamaCare can also be seen in the article at this link.  If you wish to help spread the news to others of who is benefiting from ObamaCare, please “Share” using the buttons at the bottom of this article.

exemptWho is ObamaCare NOT benefiting? Well, here’s a chart to the right that shows exactly who is not required to receive ObamaCare.

As you reflect upon the following photos and the captions underneath them, think of Communist Premier Nikita Kruschev’s famous quote from 1959 which he declared at the United Nations:

“Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communist outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally will wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands”.

How high will the new tax known as ObamaCare go?

How high will the new tax known as ObamaCare go?

After reading all of the above, who is benefiting?  Americans or the Old World Order?

I would be greatly surprised if Fox News or some of these other cronies who simply validate your concerns by acting like they’re concerned about our nation’s present demise, will offer you any viable solutions for fighting back against all the left-wing activities that they continue to report. Like other so-called “conservative” talk show hosts and media, most of these Knight-controlled enterprises just complain about what’s taking place but never offer solutions or assist the people in organizing and actively fighting back against the corruption. In this, know who these people really are. Their job is to pacify. It falls to us as citizens, therefore, to organize and fight back.

In addition to co-operative non-profit models of healthcare for people which will allow you to avoid ObamaCare or any expensive healthcare from globalists, there is another great model which will allow us to bypass the healthcare industry altogether. I suggest we all go to a subscriber model for medical services, similar to PMOs but locally with a group of bundled medical services. An example of this model can be found at the news article at this link.  Let’s get creative and take the fight back to Washington, D.C.  You can only be enslaved if you let them put the chains on you.


ObamaCare is considered to be another tax per the Supreme Court’s decision.


ObamaCare is much like Canada’s health care program, so how’s their wait time?

obamacare-budget-gimmicks - Copy

How will ObamaCare impact the federal deficit?


Does ObamaCare mean more restrictions?


Does ObamaCare violate the Constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty of Americans?


How is ObamaCare helping the economy?

Graham Obamacare

How is ObamaCare impacting businesses?

Obamacare Cartoon

Are Americans being given a choice or is this a fascist decision forced upon them?


Will Americans have more freedom or less?


What are your choices?


Is ObamaCare a step toward tyranny?

how much will obamacare increase your premiums map

How much will ObamaCare raise YOUR health insurance premium?

obamacare increased costs alone 2012_Chart

How much will ObamaCare cost America?



How is ObamaCare going to impact our parents and grandparents?



Does ObamaCare take us closer to fascism, abortion, and euthanasia or further away? When you’re a senior citizen will you feel safer?


Didn’t Obama promise “change” to America? Is he the first President in many years to actually keep a promise?

What type of "change" did Obama bring to America?

What type of “change” did Obama bring to America?