HEALTH: Why are you fat, sick or tired?

HippocratesQuoteIs there such a thing as “immune system boosting”? Not really or so says one science-based health adviser as seen in the article at this link. However, the immune system can be protected.

What are ways you can protect your body, make it more efficient and beautiful, and increase its energy? Aren’t these fairly important to humans today?

I have taken time to collect a great number of the best granules of knowledge on this subject and have placed them in this article for your consumption.  What are some of the things that may make you sick, tired, or fat and how does that look? Be sure to click on the hyperlinks throughout this article to see further information.

o-HOW-MUCH-SLEEP-DO-YOU-NEED-facebook1. Sleep

According to the UK’s Mail Onlinejust one poor night’s sleep ‘will slow down your metabolism’ and lead to putting on weight. Just imagine what multiple nights without sleep will do to your body, your brain, your immune system, and your overall health.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not acceptable to just climb under the covers for several hours.  You must actually have restful, productive sleep while you are in bed.  Read the article at this link in order to ensure that you have an environment conducive to the type of rest that you need to fight serious disease, immune disorders, and other health problems like obesity. The link between obesity and lack of sleep is real as seen in the article at this link which is written by an organization from whom I have learned for many years.


Aim for only natural sugars, instead of cane sugar.

2. Diet

A lot of false theories exist about what you should or should not eat, so be sure to read the article at this link, because this site contains a lot of great facts to counter the misinformation on diet that is so prevalent today.  Also, read the author’s personal testimony.  In short, yeast is a major culprit in your body.  It is fed by sugar and starch (i.e. carbs).  By cutting out sugar and starch, you’ll begin to destroy the harmful Candida yeast that grows within you.


CLICK TO SEE LARGER PHOTO: While this chart may not be perfect, it does give some basic insights into the factors contributing to obesity.

CLICK TO SEE LARGER PHOTO: While this chart may not be perfect, it does give some basic insights into the factors contributing to obesity.

Carnitine gives you energy, and beef and steak are two of the best sources for it.

Cholesterol isn’t the big deal that some make it out to be.

The nasty substance known as aspartame is found in a lot of “Sugar Free” foods and beverages.

Foods that are “low fat” or “low calorie” may contain indigestible cellulose.

In other words, eating “like a farmer” without a lot of the modern processed “diet products” is essential.  Avoiding sugar and starch is important to avoid feeding the yeast in your body. These are some of the important things you should know. In addition to these foods, be sure to check out the lists of “super foods”, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and supplements found at this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the natural antibiotics garlic and onions which contain naturally-occurring sulfur in them which garden bugs don’t like, but especially those fiendish bugs found in your gut don’t like. Many people talk about using zinc when you feel sick, but seldom do they mention these two natural antibiotics.

Also, be sure to chew slowly as you eat. The benefits of eating lowly have been described carefully in articles such as the one at this link. gluten_food_allergies__thyroid

A failure to avoid obesity can result in further complications as seen in the article at this link. On a similar note, those who fail to heed many of the basic topics discussed in this article may find that further diseases arise. In other words, years ago when I was young and a bit ignorant of the famous “Fife” principle of “nipping things” at the start, I had an issue with a brake fluid leak. I attempted to use a temporary fix rather than spending the extra money to get a permanent fix. This led to a loss of my bushings and eventually my steering capabilities. Finally, I had to sell my vehicle, because the problem had caused so much damage.  The same thing can happen to your health as one problem results in many more, almost like branches of disease that grow more branches of illnesses.


3. Skipping meals

Do not think that going without food will help you lose weight.  In reality, it will help you create more fat.  Skipping meals is a great way to confuse your body into creating more fat and ruining your metabolic cycle.  Be sure to read the other consequences of skipping meals in the article at this link.

360moab-3d4. Exercise

Have you ever seen friends who are heavily into running marathons or doing triathlons who look like they’ve aged tremendously?  Instead of going to extremes such as sitting in a desk all day versus training for a marathon, try a simple routine that keeps you active, but doesn’t beat up your body or waste unnecessary time.  The suggested routine at this link is a good start. Also, this running program from the military should assist you as well.

Effects_of_sleep_deprivation.svg5. Stress

Look in your life for what keeps you stressed, and then seek ways to eliminate it by making changes and wise decisions. In some cases, it may be your reaction to things in your life or how you treat other people that needs to change (instead of blaming others or circumstances). A nap or a quiet time away for prayer or meditation on Bible verses are great ways to slow down your heart and take a mini-break from whatever stress you are facing. Spirit vs flesh

6. Addictions and spiritual peace

Drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual sins, and other addictive behavior are obviously not healthy.  Seek ways to make no provision for any temptation in your patterns of life by removing your access to such temptations.  Make changes as necessary, and then ensure that you have a proper relationship with the Creator who loves you. He can do the “heavy-lifting” for you. Bible-reading and talking to your Creator is not only life-changing, but also a great way to start or end your day.  Keeping busy with good things through proper scheduling and planning will help you avoid having the time to fulfill your addictions.

download (1)Never underestimate the importance of contentment, prayer and being at peace with your Creator. A classic book on this latter topic is “None of these Diseases” by S.I. McMillen. The ultimate peace is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ who can cleanse you of your sins, indwell you with His Spirit, give you peace, and save you from the consequences of your sin through His death on the cross if you are willing to ask Him to do these things with a believing and repentant spirit. It’s that simple. I have personally found that a relationship with Jesus, as described in great detail at this link, can remove all the guilt from your life and bring you peace, regardless of how extreme your case may be.

While televangelists who claim that Jesus can give you a problem-free, disease-free, happy life are deceptive and misleading, there is great proof that following Christ and obeying His commands in Scripture can result in a healthier, happier life and less disease. Worry, anxiety, anguish, and guilt can’t be released through rationalism or fake solutions. Chanting, meditation, yoga, or other spiritualists cannot bring us true peace, as we all know deep within.

imagesTrue peace is not found in a glass of wine, drugs, or sexual promiscuity. True peace is only found through a substantial and objective solution to the many troublesome things that we have all done to GOD, others, and ourselves. Jesus took all that upon Himself for us and provided us peace through His sacrifice, because only He, who lived a perfect life, could die as your substitute and pay for your sins. His crucifixion and resurrection are now historical. He can provide you real spiritual and health benefits as described in the Bible. I recommend you read the Bible if you want true peace. Change and hope, peace and love, and all the things we really crave in this life are not found in all the shallow things that we all pursue such as entertainment, materialism, popularity, or fleshly pleasure. Even the most extreme forms of these will still leave us empty the following day. We all have a hole in our souls which only our Creator can fill.

7. Cleanliness

img_0639The Bible tells of how the Old Testament high priests who worked with food (sacrifices that were eaten) were required to go through rigorous steps to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness. This is where modern Jews get the concept of being “kosher”. It’s actually a great concept for both food and for physical cleanliness as long as it is not taken to the extreme. Be sure your dishwasher, counter-top, refrigerator, utensils, kitchen sink, and hands are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Also, be sure to follow the cautionary steps in this grilling guide as well, which includes advice on everything from cleanliness to little known health facts about grilling and marinading.

The types of bacteria in your kitchen may just amaze you when you read the articles at the hyper-linked words above. HippocratesQuoteKeep in mind that “gut health” and bacteria go hand-in-hand as can be seen in this article on the gut and obesity, as well as this article on how all disease begins in the gut.  Don’t forget that personal hygiene also can prevent a multitude of diseases and make you look beautiful as seen in the article at this link and the article at this link. Just imagine what one chronic, incurable rash could do to your face just because you failed to wash regularly after you exercise, for example.

8. Hormonal imbalance clean-eating-not-diet

One area of health that I have overlooked until recently is the role that hormones play in our health. I encourage you to read about hormones, how to determine if your hormones are out-of-balance, and what you can do to ensure you are experiencing optimal health and have a more beautiful life with hormonal balance; therefore, I am sharing articles for your consumption that I have found to be intriguing and fairly comprehensive on this subject at this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link.

Digestive-Chart-Web-300x220Just as plants struggle when they are first replanted, I believe humans sometimes struggle with new allergies and sicknesses when they move to new geographical areas, at least until their body gets used to their new environment with all of its new bacteria, allergy causes, climate, and stimulants. With plants, I have found that once I make it through the first year or so, it gets easier. This might be helpful to those who have recently moved and are wondering why their health is suddenly taking a plunge for the worse.

Inflammation can be a huge problem for those with neurological issues to skin eczema to common inflammatory issues. Therefore, it’s great to know that oatmeal seems to be a potential aid to various forms of inflammation. Solutions like this, as well as vapor rub for fungus issues, and more are addressed in the article at this link.

img-headerGetting back to the basics of what we all know is the right thing to do is important, instead of listening to the latest hype or easy solution from medical advisers who are used more and more by large corporations to advance a certain product or commercial ploy.

When the medical community say that eggs are “bad” for you, then “good” for you, and then play see-saw games with what they believe is “bad” or “good”, I have found a good rule of thumb is that if GOD made it as a food for us, it’s probably good. If man made it, it’s probably not so great.


“And He said, “If you will give earnest heed to the voice of the LORD your God, and do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, the LORD, am your healer.” – Exodus 15:26

Avoid extremism and excesses. All the great ideas in the world won’t be of much value to you if you are ignoring the basics of health for living organisms made of living cells which include spiritual peace, sunshine, oxygen, exercise, healthy food, and sleep.


As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. While you may not be able to “boost immune health”, there are truly viable steps to protect your spirit, immune system, gut health, rest, beauty, and peace of mind and we would be foolish not to follow them.