FUND-RAISING: Your cause or theirs?

44Have you ever wondered how much of the money from special fundraising programs, marathons, and charitable pleas are actually used for “the cause”, and how much of the money is actually just a way for corrupt people to profit more?  After the salaries and “costs” are pulled out of the money raised, you wonder if “the cause” received anything at all.  What if that was the whole point?

hungerWhat if some institutes exist solely to keep people employed with large salaries and not for “the cause”?  What if some charities or fundraising non-profits are simply shell companies or fronts for fundraising for CIA or intelligence organizations or other Old World Order organizations?  Do you think you will ever know?  Well, with this type of critical thinking in mind, I saw a recent fund-raising promotional video and it made me think of these two “causes” at this link and at this link that are being promoted in America.  Ironic or what?  I propose these two groups get together and work this thing out.  Perhaps they’ll both be out of jobs and their causes remedied, eh?