fascismThe video at this link is an excellent example of counter-intelligence being run by the globalist media moguls around the world. In this video, we see how misinformation is given to the public.  Neither party is correct in this debate, but that’s the only two choices given to the viewer, much like the Democratic and Republican parties.

shredded-300x284It’s a practice that happens all the time globally and in American media, whether it be the Fox News team pretending they are conservatives or the CNN News team pretending they are liberals.  In truth, there are no real conservatives and liberals anymore.  These terms referred more to finance and risks (i.e. whether to conserve or whether to be more liberal or generous).  Today, the Democrats are not liberals, but are closer to socialists and communists, while the Republicans are closer to fascists.  Both parties appear to be dead-set on robbing Americans of their money, their freedom, and their privacy.  Both parties have been in the process of shredding the Bill of Rights.

What did these three fascists all have in common?  Catholicism

What did these three fascists all have in common? Catholicism

In this video, you will see one analyst from New York who shouts in favor of the Communists and in opposition to Wall Street and the one percent, echoing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  The other analyst from London holds to the fascist’s position and shows support for the CIA and their criminal history of lies, murder, drug trafficking, rigged elections, anti-democracy, and anti-liberty crusades around the world.  I also fear that the Tea Party movement, as promising as it appears to many people, could be used as another tool of their fascist strategic planning.  Citizens must keep their movements localized and protect their movements from infiltration.

What spiritual doctrine did communist Marxism resemble?  Catholic liberation theology.

What spiritual doctrine did communist Marxism resemble? Catholic liberation theology.

In reality, Rome’s Old World Order has been pulling both their puppet strings.  They use the fascists to take power from the people and consolidate it into the hands of their puppets at the top of the government pyramid of power.  They use the CIA to subvert justice and to change the appearance of current events to match what they want people to think, and then use the CIA to bully politicians and serve as a secret government that runs the elected one.

VaticanOn the other hand, they also use the communists to eliminate the old wealthy and middle-class American families who oppose their agenda by robbing them through both the tax codes of the IRS, as well as through numerous other government programs including the recent ObamaCare legislation (i.e. Affordable Care Act).

America was founded by Christian men who opposed Rome’s clever, but evil hand.  That’s why most of our founding fathers left the Old World in order to have the Bill of Rights that we have always enjoyed until recently, and to avoid the tight control, wealth redistribution, and other tyrannical acts of fascist Rome. The feudal system of the Dark Ages was a combination of fascist control and communism.

downloadThe fascist Pontiff ruled with an iron fist, while ensuring the citizens remained equally poor under their power, while their knights, lords, dukes, and other Roman proletarians ruled with the Pontiff’s interests at heart (much like today’s Roman Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, Freemasons, and other various power brokers, who run the corporations, intelligence organizations, entertainment industries, and governments). In reality, not much has changed in the past couple of years since the Spanish Inquisitions ended less than two hundred years ago.

America’s founders rooted their beliefs in Biblical Christianity and not Baal Christianity (or Rome’s pagan perversion of Christianity).  The early American Christian founders believed in rule by the people, hard work, Pilgrimsand free enterprise. The invention of capitalism, as it exists today, is closer to fascist corporatism, which is Rome’s practice of commerce.  Early Americans had nothing to do with such a perverted form of “capitalism”.  The Freemasons took power in 1776 and replaced the power of the people at both the local and state levels with three consolidated federal branches known as the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.  Men like David Barton of the WallBuilders ministries, whether maliciously or naively, have been instrumental in brainwashing many people regarding the true nature of the 1776 Freemasons.  Barton also managed to hide the Freemason’s corrupt act of usurping the local and state powers of the people with federalization, and their conversion of the nation from Christianity to religious pluralism.  Most Christians are completely unaware of these changes even today, and many would defend David Barton’s version of history. Many of these people are nice but extremely naive, misinformed, and are too quick to accept any nationally-recognized historian who calls himself a “Christian ministry”.  These Christians are not alone.  Most Americans want someone else to do their research for them.

download (3)The proof is obvious, however, to those who can simply read and analyze.  The 1776 Constitution allowed for the consolidation of power from the people to the federal branches of government likened unto a Roman democratic-republic.  A democratic-republic was not the form of government practiced by the early Pilgrims or Puritans in early America or in Cromwell’s England.  A theocratic-commonwealth which combined aspects of a theocracy (“we have no King but Jesus”) and an English commonwealth, including free enterprise and a stable precious metal currency (i.e. coins not paper money), was the government of early America.  That form of government flourished until it was usurped by the Freemasons of 1776.  With the foothold of Rome complete in the administration of John F. Kennedy, the silver was removed from much of the currency in the early 1960s, the Roman-created CIA went wild (some say they killed Kennedy), and the Bible and morality were tossed out the figurative window of America.

washington-freemason_bigAmerica is no longer the land she once was, but be it known to all who read this article throughout the globe that it is because Rome’s policies were enacted several decades ago in this land, and Rome is too greedy to ever become as blessed as early America was. Tocqueville was right in his analysis a couple of hundred years ago or so. As he said “America is great, because America is good“.  The reason America was “good” was because she feared GOD, instead of the pope or other fascists. She honored the Bible instead of the state. Her economy was based upon the Book of Proverbs, instead of upon feudalism (i.e. a corrupt capitalism known as corporatism combined with communist-socialism). She honored the people at the local and state levels with freedom, instead of consolidating power into the hands of a few (which is what a “fasces” represents i.e. fascism).

imagesToday, America is a demonstration of what happens to a godly people when they are corrupted morally by foreign powers like Rome, and what happens when Rome’s economic and political systems of operation are installed in a country. Beware the ides of March, the 5th of November, and anything else that Rome touches, because eventually the blood will flow and the people will be weep in agony.

Satanic Rome’s system is an utter failure.  GOD’s system, described in the Bible and displayed by early Israel and early America, is a grand success.