ECONOMIC ISLAND: Who will survive?

WoodsImagine that you’re in an island with a hundred other families. Imagine the island has all the basic resources necessary for a civilization such as water, coal, iron ore, precious metals, oil, trees, salt, fruit and vegetable seeds, livestock, and other supplies.

BaldRiverFallsImagine that you had two types of people on the island – the know-betters and the producers.

The producers are those who know how to sow seeds and bring forth fruit and vegetables from the earth, as well as cotton and other valuable products. They know how to milk and shear the sheep.  They know how to take their wool and also the cotton crop and spin them both into thread. They know how to build cotton gins and textile mills to create cloth from the thread and are able to sew the cloth into clothes and a variety of materials.

metals-180x180They can chop down trees, turn the trees into boards and planks, and then build furniture, houses, and a variety of other products for human use. They know how to hunt and clean the animals, including removing and using the fur and organs for a variety of uses. They take precious metals and turn them into plows, screws, bullets, medical instruments, and more. They know how to read to teach themselves everything from science to medicine to history to mathematics which they use to invent items to increase the efficiency of the island colony, as well as cures for illnesses. What they can’t teach themselves, they learn through apprenticeships, hands-on training, or private tutoring. 

agricultureIn summary, they know how to be productive and create something from bare resources much like the Puritans, Pilgrims, Huguenots, Quakers, Baptists, Dutch Reformed, modern-day Amish and Mennonites, as well as other early forefathers of the thriving American colonies who were known for their Puritan or Protestant work ethic.

genius-240x300On the other hand, the know-betters are full of advice for the producers. They have ideas on how each village should have a risk team to monitor risks. They also feel that each village needs a process designer to over-engineer all the processes taking place in the village.

In addition to these teams, they also believe a team of managers are needed to manage all the villagers to ensure work is done according to a rigid “scientific” system. Another team called the theorists have the sole job of sitting in their recliners all day, and trying to invent new reasons for why they think the world exists and how it came to be, as well as new theories on regulations, controls, and methods which are legislated into rules by which the producers must abide in order to meet certain standards.

meet_geniusThe know-betters have an entire engineering crew who redesign shovels, wheels, hammers, screwdrivers, and other standard tools so the tools are environmentally friendly. The know-betters also believe that the villages are in dire need of higher education where more theories and lofty ideas may be debated, so they create a university which instructs the villagers that without a degree from its fine institute that it will be virtually impossible to get a job on the island.

Genius-300x268All of the savings accounts of the producers are taxed to fund these glorious endeavors of the know-betters, and whatever is left is used to fund free education for children to attend the university where they can study theories of economics, philosophy, fornication education (aka sex education), government systems, and the ideas of various “great minds” of the island, and also have sorority parties where they can further learn to abuse drugs, alcohol, and each other.

home-reclinerFurthermore, the know-betters ensure that they are able to afford a comfortable living and salary from the taxes, university funds, entertainment dollars, and enhancement fees that are charged to fund their positions as university leaders, entertainers, politicians, and enhancers of methods, regulations, risk monitoring, efficiency controls, environmental studies, and spiritual and philosophical theories.

reclining_figure_woodWhatever money is left in the pockets of the producers is then taxed for special grants to be given to those who show promise among the island children to become models, modern artists, actors, and drummers. Furthermore, a special society is created to use charitable dollars to import more and more know-betters to the island.  Those who sail to the island and sneak into the colony illegally are rewarded with money for all of their basic needs. The islanders are encouraged to no longer produce their own goods, but outsource them from other countries. In fact, islanders are allowed to have credit accounts with all the other countries without even using cash or other currency to pay for their goods.

323Which group of these two types of people is essential to the success of the island and which is the parasite?  How long will the producers last if the know-betters continue to expand and grow? What will happen to those in servicing and sales if there are no more products produced by producers? How long will it be until the surrounding countries decide it’s time for the islanders to pay for their credit?  How bad might things get first? Does it really take an understanding of economic schools of thought from the Keynesian to the Stockholm to the Austrian to the Lausanne school in order to understand what really drives economic troubles?

Isn’t it time to return to the basics or fundamentals of economics that any farmer or small business owner understands? What made America great were her humble, hard-working producers. How long will American citizens continue to endure the endless, plethora of foolish ideas spouted by simpletons, while banning the reading of the Book of Proverbs from the forums of knowledge? How long will the citizenry hold tightly to their sinful pleasures while allowing the Old World Order to rob them of their liberties and heritage?

proverbsThe principles found in Proverbs are really quite simple and obvious to the normal, hard-working American. How long does it take a long-haired hippie, atheist professor to intellectually transform young people by draining their brain, convincing them they came from monkeys, and turning them into “know-betters” who no longer need to govern their lives by the rules of morality, law, economics, or GOD?  With an America that is increasingly plunging into a downward spiral and which has become incredibly illiterate of the wisdom of the Bible which made it one of the greatest nations on earth, may we pause for a moment of sanity, and remind Americans to read the basics of economic success from this Book which has served some of the greatest leaders on earth, and which is the most published Book on Earth even if American schools forbid it from being taught in all of their great “wisdom” [sarcasm emphasized].  A few of the basic things I’ve learned from the Book of Proverbs and the Bible myself are:

  1. 2005.6.13-200x142Hard work should be rewarded and emphasized not pleasure.
  2. Increase your knowledge
  3. Owe nobody
  4. Save extra money
  5. Spend money wisely
  6. Care for the helpless not the bums
  7. Produce necessary products instead of depending upon others
  8. Sheep1-1jyf79s-300x225Use currency that promotes justice (i.e. beware of paper money).
  9. Enforce the law against those who break it (i.e. illegals).
  10. Let freedom reign instead of ratcheting up government regulations.
  11. Never use man’s theories in place of GOD’s wisdom.
  12. The wrong leader can cause great pain to a society.
  13. The government should be a servant to the people, not an oppressor.