REAGAN: Greatest President or covert agent?


Role of Reagan

The decisions you make are based on information you are given.  The following article is not for the naive. This article has been recently updated to reflect several recent discoveries.

Ever hear someone refer to themselves as a “Reagan conservative”?  What does that look like?

“Not since the days of the Roman emperors—and never in the history of the United States Presidency—has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.”  – Joan Quigley

What ‘role’ could this astrologer have played? What did her mission have to do with Reagan’s most famous ‘role’ on the stage of history? What role is the Vatican playing? Are they really the ‘powers that be’? Or are there people who would like you to believe this? Why do Vatican officials sound so different from pre-Vatican II officials? Or is it actually pre-Treaty of Vienna officials?  Much has happened in…

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