TRUTH: Do we really know?


bill-of-rightsWith all the smoke and mirrors, some people wonder whether we can ever really know the truth about who is responsible for global chaos and what is really happening.   But do we perhaps know more of why our world is in a mess than we pretend?

Is it mere ignorance that keeps people in America from rising up and demanding that their Bill of Rights, purchased in blood by courageous men, be restored by leaders in their government?

Or is it apathy?  Or are they just unwilling to put themselves in jeopardy for the justice and liberty of fellow men on this planet? Is that why they wait to act? Is it, because they haven’t been affected yet?

apathy-e1293048023223Is it pride?  Are they afraid of standing out of the crowd which sits waiting for a leader to rise due to their cowardice?

Is it laziness or procrastination?  Is it…

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