COLLEGE FUNDS: Buy a company or a degree? or both?

collegeDo you value learning or education or both? Do you pursue a company that is your passion or paper certificates?

See if you can spot a photo in this blog that gives you five answers to the above two questions.

Would you rather have a business you own? Or a job you are loaned indefinitely?

Would you rather own a business that you can someday sell for retirement money? Or that you can even give to your children as an inheritance? Or would you rather work for someone else, so they can have all of those benefits?

This reminds me of another scenario.  Do you remember when it dawned on you that you would rather pay to own your house than pay a landlord rent, so that he could own your house? The same goes for businesses as well.

dumb jobsWhat does this have to do with college? As someone with both undergraduate and graduate university degrees, I must say that I have begun to really suspect that many college degrees (but not all) are totally unnecessary and may be robbing you of the “seed money” (start-up money) that you worked so hard to earn as a youth. Remember all those jobs as a waiter or fast-food cashier or grocery stock person that you worked for almost minimum wage in order to create a nest egg? Remember how you spent it all on college? Now you work for an unfair boss who tells you what you can or cannot say or do and who tells you which holidays you can spend with your family.

Should college be used as a supplement to a company that you are purchasing with your “nest egg” that you made from working two jobs as a youth? Or should college be the main basket into which you place all your money?

College or companyAlso, how much value is college adding to your life? If you think of it as an investment, what value does it offer you? Is it just getting a piece of paper that matters to you? Also, just because you have a piece of paper, does that mean you can do something of value with it? For example, if someone gets a humanities degree, what is he or she going to do with it? Teach more people about humanities? Is this really adding to the United States’ gross domestic product? In other words, which is going to be more valuable as our economy continues to drop downward – the ability to manufacture clothing, produce food, and build houses? Or the ability to teach people to teach people to teach people?

Theologian or pastorOr how about those “theology doctorates”? Who really is better versed in theology? Someone with a doctorate who tells you that he doesn’t believe in GOD and wears soft robes in an ivory tower of academia or in the office of a cathedral and who speaks in lofty terms about abstract concepts until you fall asleep? Or a believing police officer who has a strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge and who pastors part-time with the ability to translate the Greek and Hebrew and show others how, so they don’t have to depend upon him; and who also knows how to relate to others who work in the “real world” and talk in a way they can understand like Apostle Peter the Fisherman or Apostle Paul the Tentmaker or Apostle Luke the Doctor?

arnold schoenbergWho is more valuable? A musician with a doctorate who teaches others how to get a doctorate? Or a musician with no degree who is self-taught and who studied with a friend to learn more? Such was Arnold Schoenberg, the world-renowned composer, painter, and musicologist. Schoenberg knew harmony and composition, created entirely new ground-breaking theories of composition, and conducted orchestras for thousands as a classical conductor in addition to his “regular job”.

five good reasonAre you tired of working for a piece of paper so you can work for others and help pay for a company that they will one day pass on to their children, while your children have nothing? Do you have a passion for learning and reading? Do you have a passion for a certain field of work? Just think about Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla who all three dropped out of academic endeavors to pursue their passions and to forge their own careers. How about Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and other great inventors who barely attended any school at all, yet they had a passion for learning and reading? Do you have a mind like one of these people, but companies ignore you because they are just looking for “monkeys” to execute a series of tasks for them instead of someone to change their company and the world?

dilbertOr perhaps you have a very high IQ or an uber-intelligent way to market services or a very creative way of designing products or a knack for building processes and organizing things, and when you look at the big conglomerate for which you work with their constantly failing processes, poor designs, inadequate marketing schemes, and less-than-intelligent business plans, you wish you were in charge.

unemployment-linesPerhaps you are standing in an unemployment line at this moment reading this article on your smart phone – a smart phone you are contracted to keep paying even when you’re unemployed.   Are you asking if you made the right choice in spending all that money on college?  Or perhaps you’re sitting in a college class right now wondering if you’re making the right choice as you read this on your tablet.

dilbert (1)If you’re wondering whether you should be using or should have used your money on your own business instead of college, you’re not alone.  There’s also another social factor to consider as well. How can your family, community, and nation be impacted by “college costs” that go beyond mere money?

3Most big businesses are so aristocratic with their feudalistic approach to employee-management relations that they discourage creativity.  They are so huge that the work is difficult to manage, and what employees are doing at the lower levels is difficult to monitor if management is inadequate. Instead of investing in mutual funds or big companies’ stock, think about investing in your own company, and then use education as a means to that end. In fact, think of college as an investment as well.  If you place your money into stock that doesn’t eventually repay you a nice profit, would you really buy it?  Think through what business you should do with this in mind, and also what education you may or may not need. If your financial planner told you that a risky investment is really good for you, would you just trust him? What’s the difference between this scenario and hearing an authority in your life who tells you that college is really good for you when you see that jobs are not in demand in that field or when you see that the salary doesn’t compare to the amount of money you may spend to get a degree for that field? 

debtDid you realize that most of the past six thousand years, the family business or an apprenticeship were the two most common ways to finding a job?  It’s interesting to see that history seems to be repeating itself after you read this article and this article.  As the costs of college continue to soar, the benefits of college continue to diminish. Furthermore, the real cost of college is far more complex than one might imagine. There’s a real cost to one’s inheritance, society, and economy as described later in this column.

debt2Whether the occupation is that of doctor, craftsman, clergy, musician, artist, scientist, or engineer, the ancient and medieval eras were known for children acquiring the business of their parents or serving as an apprentice to enter another field of choice.

It’s quite intriguing to see where things may soon be headed as people realize how the $20,000 to $200,000 that they spend in four years of college could have been used in starting a business instead of keeping afloat both government and private universities who oftentimes teach philosophical values which are counter-productive to morals, freedom and economics, and who provide an environment where young people are trained to be Marxists and can learn to experiment with drugs, sexuality, and rampant hedonism, instead of focusing the youth’s minds on how to make a living.

board-mtgMeanwhile, government restrictions continue to push for more and more certification requirements for everything from cooking to barbering, ensuring their government schools continue to get customers.  Why are we surprised then when the government reaches a point of total insanity in proclaiming that people have to pay for not having healthcare? Why are we surprised that there are actually people who support leaders like this as you look at the amazingly impoverished educational institutes which have failed American society? I have been told that the early American Puritan farmers were better educated in matters of law, reason, philosophy, and lofty intellectualism than today’s ruling elite.  Why are we surprised at this historical note, however, when you realize that they built one of the greatest empires in human history? And as you see, the ruling elite is destroying it.

unemployment lineWhich is more prosperous? A society of hard-working, economically-smart individuals educated by their families with their own businesses or a nation filled with addicts to drugs and sex who are educated by the government and who believe that someone owes them a living and who stand in line for someone to “give them a job”?

Which is better for our economy? A society of individuals who have learned to build their business from scratch who produce essential goods such as food, clothing, and shelter? Or a nation of philosophers, celebrities, and Marxist idealists with demands that the workers support the slothful like locusts on the fields of prosperity?  I realize that not all colleges are full of leftist agendas, hedonism, and Marxist ideologies, but most are.

college-costDiscipline and knowledge to conduct business are essential for a society to remain free and prosperous. You had better be absolutely sure that you can recover the money you spend in college and that you are providing a future for yourself and your family, before making the step to enter college.  By absolutely sure, I mean that if you know your future annual wage will equal what you will have spent on your total college education, then you are perhaps better off attending college, especially if you can work for yourself.

collegeAn example would be a nurse practitioner who spends $96,000 on college education and can then make $96,000 each year thereafter, and can have autonomy in operating their own practice with job security.  For example, those going into the arts should work voluntarily for a musician, artist, cinematographer, or radio personality that they admire in exchange for knowledge, instruction and experience.  If they need specialized knowledge, they can audit a university class or hire a tutor or have another specialist teach them. Those going into the clergy are better off working voluntarily for a pastor they admire in exchange for his knowledge of the ancient languages and Scriptures, letting him teach them linguistics, theology, and the practical everyday work of a pastor.  If they need to enhance their knowledge of the ancient Hebrew and Greek, they can hire a linguist to teach them. I realize that some religious groups will tell you that GOD wants you to attend their seminary and GOD will provide for your needs, but you won’t read that in the Bible. The apostles gave their teaching away free of charge. People making money off religion is quite an old scam as Jesus Himself experienced when whipping merchants out of the Temple in His Day.  Religious people are not the only ones willing to make a buck from selling their beliefs.  Marxist, humanist and leftist institutes do the same.

familySome people are even deciding that they’re better off entering the workforce straight out of high school, because even if they work for minimum wage while they are trained, it’s a much better alternative to save money from such a job to start one’s own business, instead of getting student loans for a degree so they can enter the world with debt, a piece of paper, and without the promise of a job.  At one point in American history, most families were content with learning the three basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and working the family business.

schoolhouseThen came the grammar schools … followed by the secondary high schools … followed by the colleges and universities … and today, having an MBA is essential in order to get a job from one of the few global corporations who rule the world and who monopolize the jobs in your community. Today, there are multitudes of universities standing in line to offer you student debt, also known as student loans.  They will also tell you how you can get some of the billions of dollars of free grant money, raised off the back of taxpayers.  It’s nice to receive your fellow taxpayer’s money if you can get it, but somehow that feels an awful lot like socialism, and usually such grants get you started in the program but expect you to finish the bill. In the end, if a grant foots one year and you foot the other three, you had best be sure you can recover your investment.   Many examples exist of those who bomb high school, and who do not attend college, and yet still create a prosperous job for themselves if they are willing to read, educate themselves, and work hard.

small-businessWho benefits from the current modern structure in which a person spends their entire life’s savings, as well as their inheritance, to attend a university for four years, so that they can stand in line in hopes of receiving a job working for global, multinational corporations as the unemployment rate continues to soar?

While global corporations pay politicians to push small businesses over the metaphorical cliff and are in return offered excellent tax benefits and breaks by many states, small business owners are offered loans that will help them get into debt.  For example, I read that in my state that big businesses are offered ten years of tax breaks if they move to our state, while small businesses are not.  Instead, loans are offered to them which get them into debt. Big businesses are legally able to operate nationally and internationally, allowing them to monopolize customers, businesses, and industries that local business owners would have inherited.

salaryThe result of such monopolization of customers by big business means that they monopolize jobs in most local communities, which allows them to pay lower salaries due to the lack of competition. It also allows them to pay for the commercials on television which affords them the ability to govern the type of immoral shows that appear on it.  It also allows them the ability to pay “soft money” and control the politicians and turn a nation into a Marxist state.  It’s very difficult for small businesses to compete for market share when giant global companies have bulk buying power and many other advantages.

socialismAlso, keep in mind that these global multinational corporations are owned and controlled by shareholders – shareholders whose majority may be Marxist, foreign nationals. If Marxist, fascist, communist shareholders of large global corporations control your politicians, news, and programming, that can’t be good, am I correct?

Is tyranny possible if local governments and companies control all the money, jobs, militias, goods and services, and real power? Or is tyranny made possible when a federal or even global power group controls these at the federal and global levels?


South Carolina is almost always the dissenting voice in American politics and economics, speaking out against tyranny, oppressive federal government, socialism, and over-taxation. Why do South Carolina citizens and politicians seem to be free of global Marxist corporations’ control or threats of pulling jobs? Why do they seem so free to speak their minds?

financial-freedomWell, small businesses significantly impact South Carolina’s economy. Local,small business owners represent ninety-seven percent of all of its employers as seen in the statistics of the article at this link.  Meanwhile, we can rest assured that such leftist global corporations are already working hard to get a foothold in their state as well.  While these globalists promote Marxism that champions the supposed 99% against the elite one percent, in reality these very same Marxists are the one percent who wish to shove the middle class into poverty status through class envy, socialistic health care, Marxist policies, and a tyrannical government which they now control. In many ways, financial freedom is a key in maintaining other freedoms. Those who own the jobs and economy tend to be the ones who make the rules.

unemployment2Meanwhile, small business owners have more difficulty receiving unemployment benefits, because, let’s face it, when will a small business owner lay themselves off, right? That’s why I believe that unemployment should work like IRAs, retirement accounts and other tax-deferred accounts. The money is set aside by all entrepreneurs and employees for a rainy day, and can be used for either sustenance during unemployment or for starting or re-starting a small business.  In this way, only those working will benefit from the unemployment system including the important small business owners, instead of those who refuse to work.  Disability and other exceptions can be funded through all the massive amounts of money that would normally have been used by the wasteful unemployment offices. Unemployment should allow workers the option to use the money they contributed to the system to start a business, instead of sitting at the mercy of a corporation in hopes that a job will finally be given to them.

college-tuition-hikeThe true irony is the massive amount of money that people spend for a certificate (and the accompanying social scene). Why? So they can stand in line with everyone else in order to get work at a global corporation that mandates special treatment to people based upon gender, sexual preferences and the color of their skin, instead of equality. I know a hard-working young man who struggled to get good grades but through hard work and determination, he managed to attain the rank of second in his class. A large global corporation came into his school to hire and hired a girl who wasn’t as skilled, simply because she was a girl. I call this inequality, unjust and evil.

Periodically for the rest of their lives, most people will spend an enormous amount of time filling out job applications and standing in line for a job to get a meager salary offer, so that these mammoth companies through their monopolies can ensure that nobody gets paid a fair wage and that nobody can hand-off a family business as an inheritance to their children. In this way, adults can be treated like serfs and slaves by managers who are ensuring that the “corporate office is happy” instead of doing the right thing for employees.

debtsThe employees, who spent their life-savings on a college education and who are in debt up to their ears, must comply in order to continue to miserably exist on the planet.

In the past half century, the large corporations have become bold in telling employees what they can or cannot say about politics and religion.  Whereas, such actions are against the Bill of Rights, these corporations get away with violating such laws in the name of preserving business relations.  Had most people served an apprenticeship, shoveled away their earnings into a savings account, and started their own business or if they had used the money to prosper their own family business, they would have been much happier and free of the iron glove of big business.

2Just as a home buyer owns something that they can leave to their children someday, those who start their own business will be able to leave their children the inheritance of a thriving business in future years.  Of course, owning one’s home even takes thirty years in the modern era.  Whereas, people who lived a century ago were able to pay their homes off fairly quickly.

searsselfbuildhomesFor example, a house only cost a couple of thousand dollars less than a hundred years ago in the United States as can be seen in the article at this link. Today, houses cost about a hundred and fifty times this amount. Why?

titanicWell, the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, America became dependent upon other countries through outsourcing, tariffs were abandoned as a powerful source of income for Americans, the income tax was introduced as a way of pilfering more money from Americans, silver was removed from most of our coins in the 1960s which reduced American coins to a worthless value, much of the precious metal coins prior to the 1960s were unconstitutionally replaced with worthless paper money, and banks began to manipulate the economy, to name just a few things.

value-of-coinsAlso, FDR introduced his “New Deal”, government was inflated through more and more wasteful and unnecessary departments being created to monitor, tax, and restrict freedom such as the Social Security Department, IRS, and environmental agencies, and outsourcing and free trade agreements allowed global multinational companies and other foreign countries to benefit from the scrapping of the American economy in order to balance out economies worldwide in preparation for the global world order as outlined in the Bretton Woods system and conferences.   In the Bretton Woods conference, the robbery of America’s wealth was announced as a way of creating a global economy. The Old World Order has been very busy since those days.

bretton-woods-signIronically, many of the woes in the United States today regarding the Bill of Rights is a result of greed for power and money. For example, freedom of speech was slowly attacked almost half a century ago, not at the government level, but rather at the employment level. Remember that is when these giant, greedy, global corporations began to tell people what they could and could not say about religion and politics, or what they could or could not place on their desks at work.

contentToday, more and more corporations are becoming a menace to people’s rights and beliefs, a practice they began years ago and which has slowly conditioned people for what Obama, Bush and other predecessors have also done in recent years to remove citizen’s rights.

Their universities have robbed Americans, not only of the freedom to learn uncensored history and science without any “spin”, but also the knowledge they once had regarding sound economics, limited government, morals, history, currency, banking, economic controls, the importance of tariffs, free enterprise, and the danger of those Roman con men posing as valiant “philanthropists” promoting socialism. The funny thing about that brand of socialist “philanthropist” is that they’re always willing to give away your money, but none of their own.

collegescamThey have used universities as a way to pull power from local communities, re-educate people in a more radical social and political agenda, remove the power of local communities, congregations and schools as the primary political and religious influences, create hedonistic conditioning for the youth, stage the sexual and political revolutions of the 1960s, and rob Americans of their family businesses, inheritance, and wealth, while creating a slave workforce for the benefit of global corporations. This isn’t a diatribe against higher education, because institutes for medicine, science, law, and certain professions are needed, but it is an argument against the modern concept that everyone needs to go to college to be indoctrinated and robbed of their parent’s wealth for an average job that will never provide enough income to make up for the amount of money spent for the certificate or degree that is procured.

corp slaveryPeople no longer own their businesses or control their future in America. For the most part, they are slaves. They work for their corporate masters who totally control their lives and impact their family time, income, employment, religious and political speech, and much more.In recent years, we can see that these fascists are mounting an assault on old American ideals of GOD, family, freedom, responsibility, morals, sound economics, and limited government and are using their media conglomerates to attack any corporate owners who still maintain the old American ideals that were the basis for America’s greatness, many of which were started as family businesses.

chickday_0Take a look around at the political landscape and you will see that Chick-Fil-A, Phil Robertson, Paula Deen, Hobby Lobby, and many more conservative companies have faced virulent and unprecedented persecution by the media and the government – a government which is quickly looking like a majority of Roman fascists, knights, Freemasons, and Jesuits who are intent on removing our freedoms through their powerful monopolies – monopolies of all forms of power in America. Notice that all of these named companies were started as small family businesses and were handed off from generation to generation, and are a model of how Americans should be earning their living.  President Obama has never successfully started a company, has little job history, and has one of the worst unemployment rates in American history, but he is allowed to destroy hard-working family businesses that provide jobs to the nation to fulfill his Marxist ideologies.  I believe those who elected him are the ones who truly deserve his leadership, but it pains me to see those hard-working people suffer who did not elect him.

hobby-lobbyThe health care bill that punishes conscientious businesses who do not wish to support abortion by forcing them to fund such massacres is just one of many examples of the attacks that are being waged by these Jesuits of Rome who once ran Inquisitions and Crusades to fulfill their agendas. The Jesuits are now in almost full control of America. Six of the nine Supreme Court Justices are of their religion. While the Vatican complains of the contraception restrictions, they continue to comply with the government and benefit from the new healthcare laws as seen in the article at this link. Do most Americans, who have been educated by government schools, understand such matters?

The health care bill also forces all Americans to pay a penalty if they don’t buy a product called insurance from a large corporation or from the government. Has absurdity ever seen such a zenith in world history?

inquisition1Leftists, who love sodomy, abortion, and socialism and who smirk as the rights of conservatives are slowly removed, should remember that it was Rome who killed people like themselves in the Old World and that as the conservatives’ rights are removed, eventually the leftists will also be “cleansed” as seen in the Holocaust, Inquisitions, and Crusades where Jews, sodomites, atheists, leftists, as well as conservative Christians, were massacred for not bowing to Rome’s pagan religion of Baal worship which was recreated as “Catholicism” by Constantine who added a veneer of Christianity and Judaism to Baal worship’s exterior. Of course, if you have not heard of these events, perhaps it is because your local college decided to censor those parts from their textbooks to ensure you are only learning what they want you to learn.

MESC UNEMPLOYMENT2#67134After all, America is so tolerant that censoring the history of fascists, communists, Marxists, Catholic Inquisitors and Crusaders, and barbaric savages has been in vogue for their educational system for many decades.  If we can’t hear all of history, then how can we learn from it, and if we don’t learn from history, how can we avoid repeating it, and if history doesn’t serve such a purpose, then what’s the point of learning it? Or what about the history of how our silver was removed from our coins? Or other matters that are destroying our land? Why is only one viewpoint allowed in textbooks? Why is that viewpoint the same basic atheistic, Marxist, socialist worldview that Russia was known to have?

Globalists want to see America implode and the best way for them to bring about America’s decline is to allow communists, leftists, nihilists and atheists to flourish, because they know that historically such people eventually bring an empire to the point of collapse? Is that then when they plan to take power and begin killing off those who are not of their ilk as we saw happen in other fascist countries whose financial collapses were the result of shenanigans and the end result was Roman fascists who killed off those who didn’t have their belief systems as has been shown in the article at this link?

Freedo4America, founded by non-Catholic, Bible-believing Christians starting around the 1600s, has been a haven to many refugees of a variety of beliefs for many centuries … that is, until those Romans, who were once banned from holding public office in America and were sometimes banned from entire colonies, finally wormed their way into all the major echelons of power throughout the nation. We already see what is happening to the Bill of Rights. America is becoming like the Old World again. It’s only a matter of time until they begin the massacres.  Should we wait until this begins to happen before we speak out and change our course? Another thing that leftists should consider is that conservative and Christian businesses tend to be far more tolerant and generous in their employment practices, treatment of employees and salaries.

chartIs college good for some higher paying professions that are in high demand?  Yes. Meanwhile, perhaps some people are realizing that they are wasting their money, selling themselves into slavery, and inviting more global corporate control when they just follow the “yellow brick road” to college without any thought of whether the benefits of college outweigh the costs – costs such as future unemployment, college debt and corporate bondage.So what is a great plan for those who are young and looking to the future? What’s the plan or the summary of this article?

small-business-ownerExcept in cases where degrees take eight to twelve years such as medical or like fields, I encourage young people to give themselves ten years to complete a college degree on a very part-time basis, but only if they need the degree. During these same eight to twelve years, I highly encourage them to spend the vast majority of their time and money on their own company.

entrepreneurAs mentioned above, many fields do not require a college degree, so why waste the money, right? Also, a technical school or an online school is often times a better choice than a college and far more affordable. It’s less of a party zone and more of a learning zone. Some may only need to audit some classes or learn from a tutor or consultant for their company. Also, high school students can many times pass the SAT when they are only fifteen (depending upon the school and the state requirements) and then their courses can start counting for college credit. This means if someone completes their SAT at fifteen years of age and begins college at sixteen years of age, they can have their education and their company started by age twenty-six.

employment appWhich would you rather be? A barely part-time student with a business you own with a goal of obtaining a degree when you are twenty-six to twenty-eight years of age? Or a four-year graduate with a piece of paper into which you invested all your time and money which condemns you to a life of standing in employment lines the rest of your life?

investmentPerhaps average Americans will soon awaken to the fact that they have given away their heritage and have denied the GOD that blessed them. Perhaps they will soon realize that handing off a business to their children is just as important as handing off a house or other inheritance money to their children. One can only hope that people will soon see through all these greedy schemes that continue to rob them of their wealth, morals, and future … or soon they won’t have any of these.

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”   – Proverbs 13:22