BILL NYE: Not really a “Science Guy”?

bill nye and obamaWhad’ya know!  Bill Nye the “Science Guy” isn’t really a scientist. That’s what he says in the article at this link. Did I really just read that Bill de-Nye’d that he’s a science guy?  Isn’t that false advertisement? Doesn’t he claim to be a science guy on his website and on all of his science programs? Honestly, that’s what the article at the above link wrote of his words and you can also watch him in a video interview that he made to Huffington Post on January 22, 2014 where he stated:

“I’m not going in [to the debate with Ken Ham] really as a scientist as such. I want to remind everybody that I’m a mechanical engineer. I’ll admit I took a lot of physics. Oh man, did I take physics, but with that said, I’m going in as a reasonable man.”

I must admit I chuckled after reading Bill Nye’s comments in that article. His comments in the video were rather humorous indeed. He truly does represent the government’s scientific community which is forced upon children in public school classes. If you’ve ever wondered about how thorough the national standards of education are in their selection of educational resources for their classrooms, wonder know more. Bill Nye who claims to be the Science Guy admits he’s “not really a science guy” … and in the national media.  Lawsuits? Is the government arresting him for fraud?

read my lipsOf course, the atheist public schools and government must give him a “pass”. After all, he’s one of their own kind, and deserves special treatment. Had a scientist like Kent Hovind made some questionable decisions like Nye, well they would have carted him straight to the federal penitentiary.  Wait a minute! The government did do that, didn’t they? In fact, their actions can be seen in the article at this link.

On April 25th, 2003 Dr. Hovind debated Kyle Frazier and Dr. Michael Shermer at Emmanuel Christian Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Hovind debated well-known skeptics like Michael Shermer and esteemed professors of some of the highest ranked government universities on a regular basis to their embarrassment as he debated whoever was courageous enough to go head-to-head with him.

Of course, one can understand why the government wouldn’t want Kent Hovind free, since he was visiting universities and embarrassing their evolutionist professors in debate after debate. What else could they do to compete with Hovind’s IQ of 160 (close to Einstein), and what better ad hominem attack than to put someone in prison for misunderstanding bank or tax regulations? Of course, I make no claims as to Hovind’s innocence, but if you read that article it does appear that Kent Hovind wasn’t maliciously attempting to protest taxes like the early American forefathers, but was charged with multiple counts of little known bank regulations and tax laws if the writer for Forbes at the previous link is correct.

On the other hand, Nye states one moment that he’s the “Science Guy” and in another moment when it seems convenient for him, it appears that Mr. Nye claims he wasn’t a science guy. Which is it? Is he really “the Science Guy” with a reported net worth of $6.5 million according to this source. or just the humble mechanic guy debating Ken Ham who is not really a scientist?

judgment-dayNye will never go to prison for fraud, however, because it has to do with a fight of good and evil, and even Jesus said that most people will choose the broad way that leads to destruction.  Thus, the majority will side for the evolutionists who want to remove GOD’s authority and discredit the Bible; they embrace the blaspheming, fornicating, perverted, anti-GOD Hollywood community, and the corrupt politicians who allow them to abort their own children in order to avoid taking responsibility for the children they conceive.  The majority will always be corrupt or the Bible wouldn’t be true. However, this life doesn’t last forever, and one day there will be a reckoning.

Nye GuyDoesn’t he realize that all those trusting science teachers, who have bought his videos and shared them with their impressionable young students, are listening as he states he’s not really a science guy after all? Are they dumbfounded to learn that they’ve studied more science in college than the “Science Guy”?  Is he really that scared of debating Ken Ham on the subject of evolution versus Creation? Is that why he is already giving himself an “out” in case he totally bombs everything during the big evolution debate coming soon? Ken Ham is the perfect person to debate Bill Nye, because although he is unassuming, almost introverted, and not quite the articulate orator that Hovind was, Ken Ham is actually a very compassionate, humble, and caring individual who emphasizes the Bible rather than human wisdom and intellectual prowess. Ham understands that it truly is a battle between good and evil, and he cares even about his opponent, Bill Nye’s soul, more than winning the debate.

no scientist hereSo is Nye really as unqualified as he says after teaching science to an entire generation of government school students? And did he give the same “not really a scientist” speech when he was selling public schools on his videos and TV programs?  By the way, the debate takes place on February the 4th at the Creation Museum’s nine-hundred-seat Legacy Hall in Petersburg, Kentucky.

The agreed-upon topic for the debate: “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”.  Tickets are already sold out, and it’s being streamed “live” at 7 PM Eastern Time from the official website for the debate: 

ape_to_manOf course, those atheists will be sitting on the edge of their seat, cheering on Bill Nye to awe and dazzle the world with his come-backs, even if they’ve never cracked open a science book or not, while Christians will be sitting in anticipation, praying for Ken Ham to give effective proofs for Creation, so that more people might follow GOD.  In reality, while some people may be provoked to stop and think about Truth, most people have already chosen which side they want to win before they even start listening to the debate. Some wish to deny GOD due to their own desires to exclude Him from their lives, and it has little to do with who has the better proofs or arguments.

animal_cellAnyone can look at the complex universe and realize that there’s more to it than a “big bang”. They know intuitively that there’s a spiritual hole in their heart that only GOD can fill.  Some prefer sexual pleasure or some other thrills such as drugs and alcohol, and see GOD as an obstacle to their own desires. Others can’t get past their bitterness over things they perceive as unfair in this life, and they hold GOD responsible for allowing such things to happen, instead of acknowledging the curse upon this planet due to mankind’s sin. Men prefer to blame others, instead of accepting their own sins and spiritual condition as the problem, and Jesus Christ as the only Solution. Instead of admitting the fact that this life is just a big test of our love for GOD, and that the next life is the one that will hold justice for all, they instead look for ways to indict the Final Judge.

history.bigbangRegardless of the outcome of the debate, the Truth won’t change, no matter which side intellectually says the right things or has the best one-liners or come-backs. Truth is truth. Nothing changes the facts. Just like the fact that recent history has shown that the reason that tyrants want to take away people’s guns is so they can remove citizen’s ability to effectively protect themselves from an unjust and despotic government. Regardless of the loads of so-called evidence from both sides of such arguments, the truth is that at the end of the day, it’s really more about good versus evil than anything intellectual or philosophical at all.

NYE GUY2In the above article, Bill says he’s just “a mechanical engineer” who is “going in as a reasonable person”, but he has helped to train young scientists across the nation in public school classrooms through his video and television programs. Is it dangerous to allow a mechanical engineer and reasonable person to impact an entire generation of young science students, especially when he admits he is “not really a scientist”? Yet, Bill somehow feels that he knows more than a scientist like Ken Ham and Nye says that an actual scientist like Ken Ham poses a threat to young future scientists’ development. Brilliant! And you wonder why America is so far behind in education? By the way, Bill Nye still claims the title of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on his official website at this link.  False advertising? You betcha!

Bill Nye - interview

Bill Nye’s Mashable interview shows Nye’s standards for defining a “scientist” and also reveals his favorite scientist is Michael Faraday (who just happened to be a GOD-fearing Creation-espousing scientist). CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGER IMAGE.

Meanwhile in an interview with Mashable posted on May 31, 2013, Bill Nye stated that he might even consider the comedian Steve Martin a “scientist”? Is that the criteria for being a scientist today by evolutionist standards – just talking about science and believing evolution? Wow! What type of rigor or knowledge does that require to be a scientist by Bill Nye’s standards? And does that also explain why Bill Nye quoted Michael Faraday to be his favorite scientist in the same interview? I realize Einstein and many others also looked to Faraday as one of the world’s greatest scientists ever and I also respect Faraday as one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, but did Bill Nye realize that Michael Faraday was also a well-known believer in the Bible and the Creator?

Bill Nye - michael faradayDid Nye read enough about Faraday to learn these simple things about Faraday’s life which are even seen on his quick Wikipedia biography? Did Nye also understand that Faraday is one of the Creation scientists that his debate opponent Ken Ham’s organization, Answers in Genesis, feature in the article at this link on their website? How much of an intellectual is Bill Nye? How much of a scientist is he? Why does he seem so intolerant of others’ ideas if he himself isn’t that well-versed in science?

Ken Ham

Ken Ham, President of ‘Answers in Genesis’ and the ‘Creation Museum’

If Bill Nye is really not qualified to debate Ken Ham, then why is he doing it? And why did he choose to be the CEO of The Planetary Society? Just for the money with no thought of ethics or qualifications? And if he’ll represent himself as an expert on the planets when he’s just a mechanical engineer or if he’ll educate an entire generation on science when he’s not a scientist, can we really trust the man at all to give us solid answers? Especially when he claims to be someone who doesn’t know anything for sure (i.e. agnostic)? Yet, he knows for sure that all those “billions of Christians”, as he states it, are wrong.

Or is Bill Nye really debating Ken Ham because all of his atheist, agnostic, and scientist friends realized that it’s futile to debate Truth with a Lie, and they chose Nye to be the Fall Guy? If so, should Bill Nye change his title to Bill Nye the Fall Guy?