CRISIS: Economic apocalypse coming?

bankers-deadBe prepared. Isn’t that the boy scout’s motto?  Well, right now might be a very good time to prepare yourself.  Can things get worse than the 2008 debacle? Read the following four articles just reported in the past few days and then you tell me if the 2008 economic tremor may have been just the sound of the ice loosening – a tiny tremor in comparison to the tsunami-sized avalanche which may be right around the corner?

moneyHaving been a ‘whistle-blower’ myself in one of the world’s largest financial corporations, I can tell you that the public seldom learns most things that happen within the walls of giant corporations and banks. What is so important that men in power would murder to hide it from the citizenry? What is the reason that banks would deny allowing you to take your money out of your own account?  If this sounds unprecedented beyond even the 2008 economic downturn, have you considered that it just might be?

week42_072Four Prominent Bankers Found Dead Within Six Days, All Ruled ‘Suicides’

Bank refuses to give customers their money unless they can prove a good reason for needing it

20 Early Warning Signs …

20 More Signs …

Why is everything being outsourced from America to other countries by the large multi-national corporations? Is there a reason they don’t want the world dependent upon America for goods and services? What event is being planned? Why are some of America’s billionaires moving out of the country as seen in the article at this link? What do they know that you don’t know? With the silver removed from all of our coins back in the 1960s as the article at this link explains, the deficit increasing by trillions each year, the paper money virtually worthless, the citizens uncertain if the gold that once backed the U.S. paper money is even in the country, and a communist in the White House, now just might be the time to get concerned. What do you think? Does the Old World Order have a plan they’re about to execute? Do you have a contingency plan? In times like these, it will take more than just physical preparations, so be sure to click the “Most Important Article” at the top of our site.

UPDATE! as of 03-26-2014

7th prominent banker jumps to his death