MOVIES: A peek behind the mask

Steven Spielberg And PhilosophyWhile there are many old shows, and some new, produced in Hollywood that are physically moral, many of them are not philosophically moral, a concept that I noted earlier in my life when I was contemplating a career in the movie industry.

While I understand that many today are just happy to find a show that is physically moral without all the profanity, vulgarity, obscenities, gore, and sexual promiscuity that is so common to Hollywood, I aim to alert my readers to see a movie as a philosophy like a movie producer would.  After all, in my opinion, the greatest movie producers were philosophers first and filmmakers second. The same can be said of artists and musicians. Over the years, as I have watched a television show or movie with my family, I have attempted to point out the philosophy of the production to them, so they can understand how media can be used to influence others and communicate truth in even a non-verbal manner as seen in the actions, body language, and other nuances of film.

the-tools-of-screenwritingFurthermore, there are even techniques that are used to attract and hold viewers of an opposite worldview in order to change their minds by the end of the program.  For example, Hollywood producers create an amazing and exciting story, fill it with suspense to the very end, and towards the end, they insert their godless philosophies into their movies and even fill the films with physically godless content such as nudity or cursing. Most moral and Christian viewers are so hooked by that point, they just keep watching as they give away a piece of their conscience bit-by-bit. Jesuit Alfred Hitchcock was a master of this technique.  Some producers of television series would use the same technique in another way.  They would get you hooked into a great series and then after Christians have become addicted to the clean show, they add all sorts of sodomite displays of affection or supernatural witchcraft or other vices into an episode. Or they might just preach a lot of pagan philosophy.

Early Christian film producers failed miserably at this technique.  They would preach the entire movie and people would run the opposite direction from their films.  In more recent years, Christian filmmakers seem to have thought that it was their physical morals that were keeping people away from their films instead of their awful stories and story-telling techniques, so in order to influence people with their Christian message they began to act pagan by adding profanity, rock ‘n’ roll, and other vices which is actually an “end justifies the means” philosophy. Now the unbelievers not only hate the poorly told stories and story-telling techniques used by these wannabe filmmakers, but they also think of them as blatant hypocrites, and rightly so.

images (5)However, there are some Christian filmmakers who have attempted to produce movies with an excellent story line that includes the Christian message with the most notable example being that of Sherwood Baptist Church and their motion pictures, although their musical scores are culturally and theatrically weak at times. Bob Jones University does a fair job with their musical scores for film, but their films oftentimes lack the gripping appeal of more polished movie scripts like that of Sherwood Baptist Church’s screenplays.

As a change manager, I understand the process that Hollywood has employed in order to change America from a GOD-fearing nation into a moral train wreck that is close to shooting off the metaphorical bridge into the abyss of darkness beneath.

ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL" is the famous phrase uttered by Jesuit J.R.R. Tolkien in his Roman Catholic tale of world domination in allegorical form known as "The Lord of the Rings". The most famous ecclesiastical ring in Christendom is the episcopal ring of the pope, known as the "Ring of the Fisherman", the Annulus Piscatoris, a.k.a. "The Fisherman's Ring", a.k.a. "The Ring of St. Peter".

ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL” is the famous phrase uttered by Jesuit J.R.R. Tolkien in his Roman Catholic tale of world domination in allegorical form known as “The Lord of the Rings”. The most famous ecclesiastical ring in Christendom is the episcopal ring of the pope, known as the “Ring of the Fisherman”, the Annulus Piscatoris, a.k.a. “The Fisherman’s Ring”, a.k.a. “The Ring of St. Peter”.

Christians are to critique, influence, and change our world and direct the next generation into a far more excellent culture, but instead many today are actually helping to rip apart the few remaining bits of noble, moral cultural fabric into shredded threads through their “end justifies the means” philosophy. We see this philosophy in much of the music, art, drama, and other fine arts produced by those calling themselves Christians today. In truth, the reason many of the believers have become like this is simply because they are unwilling or just lack the talent, creativity, innovation, intellect, and / or work ethic to produce creative, high quality creations. Instead of emulating the creative nature of the Creator as seen in His Creation, they choose instead to emulate the lost, spiritually dying, pagan world around them. Sadly, they only emulate the sinfulness of the world, while failing abysmally to emulate the world’s deft skill in telling stories. The result is that these so-called ‘Christian’ filmmakers produce scripts that bore and waste the time of the viewers, while filling their minds with filth. What a legacy for Christian filmmakers today, eh? We can only hope that more skilled filmmakers who have the courage to stand upon their moral convictions and Biblical beliefs will surface. Perhaps if they would spend less time head-banging to their favorite culturally debauched tunes in their churches, and spend less money on their enormous cathedrals, they would have time and money in abundance to produce quality, mind-riveting motion pictures that would assist in the evangelism of the lost.


“The end justifies the means” is a philosophy of the Jesuits and the occult, and it is repeated in variations within their productions, organizations and propaganda machines throughout the film and television businesses. It is the driving philosophy behind many of Hollywood’s themes including that of vigilantes. In this article, I will strive to show how Hollywood has influenced our culture using vigilantes in film as an example.


Do you remember the mask used in the gratuitously violent movie series titled Friday the 13thThe character “Jason” from the popular pagan series is shown as a boy who everyone thinks has drowned due to the fornication of camp staff members who weren’t watching him when he supposedly died. This justification is used by “Jason” to become a vigilante seeking to bring justice for all, as he seeks to punish all those who commit sins of fornication as shown in the encyclopedic article at this link. The mask is seen as a method of maintaining anonymity as Jason performs vigilante “justice”.

lone-rangerMasks were worn by other vigilantes throughout history as well.  Jason’s sins are easy to spot, but how about the philosophical sins of Zorro, Marvel comic superheroes, the Lone Ranger or other modern film ‘heroes’?  The concept of a vigilante is one who works for what they view as “justice” by using a means that is outside the law. The Lone Ranger is one of the more morally complex vigilantes in history, because he was an official of the law who everyone thought was dead from the Butch Cavendish massacre. In reality, he survived the massacre and became a vigilante bringing justice to people, but not as an officially approved official of the law, but rather as a covert agent.

As an ironic side-note, many of Rome’s covert agents also use this ‘death and resurrection’ theme or illusion to create a new identify, whether it be through the Vatican Knight’s CIA and other intelligence organizations worldwide or through their superhero or vigilante movies. Star Wars uses the ‘death and resurrection’ theme, as does the Lord of the Rings and many other such films.  Joseph Campbell was a big believer in the ‘death and resurrection’ theme which he traced to ancient pagan myths.

The Lone Ranger’s jurisdiction was staged in the lawless West where law and order were not established at the time, presenting another moral complexity. Thus, the Lone Ranger character helped establish a quasi-moral hero type in early film history and introduced a more palatable form of vigilantism to Americans as an accepted avenue of justice.

Zorro and Catholic priest ally Fray Felipe2

Zorro with his ally, the Roman Catholic priest Fray Felipe in one of the older renderings of this vigilante who violated the law if it was for a “good reason”. The Vatican teaches probabilism, ‘moral’ theology, and casuistry which state that for “good reason” you can do almost anything under the heavens.

Why was such a clean-cut vigilante used in the early stages of Hollywood movie-making? Conditioning. For those younger readers who may not remember Christian America in her economic, spiritual, political and military greatness, the Lone Ranger was introduced in early motion picture history at a time when America was morally grounded in the Bible. In fact, younger readers may be shocked to learn that back in those days, the public schools were still teaching the Bible to students up until the 1960s.  Today, public schools teach children witchcraft through the Harry Potter books and movies.

Therefore, with a nation enlightened by Scripture, the American people at that time in history would not have accepted an entertainment show that overtly supported a hero who used vigilantism and guerrilla warfare tactics for a “good reason”, and they definitely would not have accepted the lies and debauchery seen in entertainment today, At least, they wouldn’t have done so at first. Yet, the hand of the Old World Order, who controlled the Hollywood industry, can be seen in this character of the Lone Ranger ever so slightly, while avoiding any overtly vigilante themes. Change must be brought about incrementally if one is to change the mind of their opposition. Thus, the smallest amount of “leaven” or compromise must be used in the beginning. The minds of one’s opposition must be slowly turned step-by-step, yard-by-yard, mile-by-mile.

v_for_vaticanThis masked hero was but the first baby step toward later Hollywood characters that illegally took the law into their own hands for justice or revenge as seen in an enormous number of their movies found in the superhero, revenge and vigilante film genre.  One of their most recent movies is the film “V for Vendetta” in which the vigilante once again wears a mask. However, this vigilante is a perverted retelling of the story of the Jesuit Guy Fawkes who tried to kill the English Parliament and the royal family as shown in the video at this link and as seen in the second part of that video series at this link. As mentioned in the video series at those links, Roman canon law forbids freedom of conscience, freedom of the press, or freedom of thought. These are all considered to be under the jurisdiction of the Pope.

Mass genocide by the Roman Pontiff's orders. The St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre in 1572 was a targeted group of assassinations followed by a wave of Roman Catholic mob violence, both directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants), during the French Wars of Religion.

Mass genocide by the Roman Pontiff’s orders. The St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre in 1572 was a targeted group of assassinations followed by a wave of Roman Catholic mob violence, both directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants), during the French Wars of Religion.

The fifth of November referenced in that movie is a direct connection to the Gunpowder Plot orchestrated by the Jesuits who were led by Guy Fawkes as seen in the article at this link. In fact, Guy Fawkes Night is still celebrated in some countries on the fifth of November. Unless you are a Vatican lover, there’s no reason for you to cheer for these Jesuit shills who pretend to be a hero of the people in that movie.  Also, such revisionism is one of the signatures of the Vatican spies known as the Jesuits who love a lie and who are known for their influence over educational conglomerates in turning history on its head. After all, the Jesuits were masters of education for the past five centuries. The Jesuits also love and imitate the vigilante archetypes who assassinate and kill for a “cause” as can be seen throughout their history of assassinating Protestant Kings and murdering innocent people such as the mass killing of the Huguenots in the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre or the Inquisitions of the past millennium or holocausts, revolutions, and other sordid acts. Is this not why they were banned from eighty-three countries and multiple times in some cases?


The Lateran Treaty was signed between Hitler and the Vatican. This socialistic deal benefited both the Romans and their cherished but deniable asset, Hitler.

Even in recent years, we see Rome’s hand in the Bolshevik Revolution, in the Nazi German party, and in many other atrocities (with some of the more covert actions more difficult to prove). Since these Romans hate freedom and love vigilante killings, one wonders if they have been behind many of the shootings that have taken place in the past decade in the United States within schools, theaters, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere in an attempt to remove guns from the citizens.  After all, Pope Benedict called for the disarming of citizens. Are you surprised?  Did they not perpetrate the same heinous laws on the citizens of Nazi Germany?  These men also love revenge, and thus the use of the term “Vendetta” in that movie is appropriate. Does the Vatican, led by its first Jesuit Pope, still seek vengeance on the British for the execution of Jesuit Guy Fawkes and his comrades for their treasonous actions? Perhaps? Are they also going to seek revenge against the formerly Protestant nation of the United States which was once the superpower of the earth, but that is quickly sinking into oblivion after the Vatican obtained an embassy in the U.S. almost three decades ago? Rome has a history of revenge as seen in their reactions to the countries of Germany, Japan, and many others who banned them. What do you think they plan to do to the United States and the UK who fought them more than any other countries in the world?

The Lone Ranger's ally, Catholic Priest Father McKim, played by William Farnum

The Lone Ranger’s ally, Catholic Father McKim, played by William Farnum

Notice also that the Lone Ranger is allied with the Old World Order of Rome as he seeks assistance from the village Catholic priest Father McKim throughout this old series. An additional note of interest is that William Farnum, who played Father McKim in that series, began his career onstage playing alongside Edwin Booth, the brother of the assassin and Freemason John Wilkes Booth, who conspired with eight Catholics to kill Lincoln as shown in the article at this link. Booth was just another vigilante of Rome. The Lone Ranger’s alliance with a man of Rome is just like the vigilantes Zorro and Robin Hood who both sought the alliance of Roman Catholic officials.

Robin Hood's Roman Catholic ally, the Friar Tuck

Robin Hood’s Roman Catholic ally, the gluttonous Friar Tuck

Robin Hood had his Friar Tuck.

Zorro had his Father Felipe.

Rome’s mark is on each of their characters and on the Hollywood community. Each decade, they pushed the envelope of American morality further to the left, all the while wearing the masks of Freemasonry, Hollywood, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and even more shrewd and deceptive masks such as intelligence organizations, religious power structures and more.

Is it acceptable to mock Almighty GOD through programs like Bruce Almighty or to mock Jesus through programs like Saturday Night Live in the Hollywood community of celebrity elites which include a lion’s share of Catholics and Freemasons?

zorro1Such mockery is common among their community, but it’s not acceptable to mock the Roman Pontiff as seen in the article at this link.

I refuse to watch SNL due to their evil and blasphemous programming. SNL allowed Jesus to be blasphemed repeatedly, using the excuse that nothing was off limits for their comedians, but on the other hand, they immediately issued an apology when Sinead O’ Connor simply tore a photo of the Pope onstage. Why such a fuss over a person tearing up a photo of a man? Besides Sinead was protesting child abuse, so why should SNL feel any need to apologize, especially when, on the other hand, they mock Jesus who lived an innocent life, died for us and treated children with great respect?


Sinead O’Connor tore a photo of the Pope to the horror of Saturday Night Live’s producers who immediately issued an apology.

Why? Because the god of the Romans is not truly Jesus Christ.  They use the Christ of the Bible merely as a mask to hide their true beliefs of Roman paganism and its ages’ old empire ruled by their Pontiff and white-robed Caesar. Also, did you know that Robin Hood was always portrayed as a Catholic in the old tales as seen in the article at this link? If the truth be known, the Vatican is itself wearing a mask.  In reality, its beliefs are not much different than ancient pagan Rome’s beliefs.  They have simply placed a mask of Christianity over the face of Roman Baal paganism.

Phil Hartman mocks Jesus Christ in a Saturday Night Live production.

Phil Hartman mocks Jesus Christ in a Saturday Night Live production.

As one very aged historical professor once told me “Secular Rome faded as Ecclesiastical Rome rose to power”.  Indeed, it certainly appears that Secular Rome donned the mask of Ecclesiastical Rome, and thus many of their tales of superheroes and vigilantes throughout history have reflected their reprobate view that they are the “good guys” seeking vengeance on the “bad guys”. In reality, they are sordid occult wizards seeking revenge on those who stand in the way of their quest for world domination.

Gandalf and his fellow wizards in the Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf and his fellow wizards in the Lord of the Rings.

We see the Jesuit J.R.R. Tolkien elonquently articulate the occult Jesuit’s quest for world domination in his Lord of the Rings trilogy (which is actually not a trilogy but a series of five books including The Silmarillon, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and the Return of the King). In this series of books, you will see there are three types of wizards: white, gray, and black. Gandalf turns from being a “gray” wizard to a “white” wizard after his fall into the abyss which aligns with the Occult’s popular “death and resurrection” theme. The naive see this as a type of Christ’s entering the abyss of hell and his resurrection. The Occult know differently as they have used this theme quite often in their ceremonial rituals in covens and lodges. Also, keep in mind that J.R.R. Tolkien is an occult Jesuit. An intriguing prophecy that relates to the Occult’s “death and resurrection theme” is the prediction in the Book of Revelation that the Beast (or False Christ or Anti-Christ) will have a deadly wound that is healed and which will afford the final False Prophet the opportunity to lead the world in worshiping and giving glory to the final False Christ.

Vatican - EU merge currencyOn a grand scale, the Occult used this “death and resurrection” theme with Rome itself. Supposedly, they plunged into the “abyss” in 476 A.D. as Occult Rome faded, but in reality it was the resurrection, or in more appropriate Baal terms the reincarnation, of Occult Rome as the Ecclesiastical Roman Empire which included Catholic control and world domination. After the publishing of the Bible and the enlightenment of mankind from its Words, we see Rome stepped back into the shadows, but in recent years Rome is flexing its muscles as seen in the convergence of the economic currencies of the European Union and Vatican state as well as a plethora of world events and organizations that flow from the fountainhead of Rome. Now it has a powerful shadow government worldwide and great control of almost every aspect of society as shown in other articles on this website.

Those who have read my article at this link and my article at this link are aware of the two faces of the Vatican, the black occult “face” and the white Catholic “face” (Catholicism itself being an occult belief system with Christian names added and a veneer of Christianity masking it).


Those who are knowledgeable of the Jesuits understand that their Jesuit General is known as the black pope.  The pope who resides in St. Peter’s basilica is known as the white pope. I find it interesting that Pope Francis is both a Jesuit (black occult Roman nobility) and a Pope (white occult Roman nobility).

Who is the gray pope?


The article at this link gives a great deal of research on who they believe is the gray pope. Could they be right? Or is the gray pope really just a shadow leader who controls things as an invisible shadow of the black war-mongering pope of the Jesuits and the white peace-making pope of St. Peter’s Basilica? Does a “gray pope” even exist? Ultimately, GOD knows and the Occult Elite behind all this mayhem on earth also know as does their master, Satan.

The answers are not always easy to learn when so many of those in power want to remain “Anonymous” to avoid accountability for their deeds.  Speaking of “Anonymous“, does that not lead us back to the subject of masks?  In fact, that revolutionary group of individuals use the very mask from the movie “V for Vendetta“.

Shriner Freemason Will H. Hays, controlled the Hays Production Code for Hollywood which became the MPAA

Shriner Freemason Will H. Hays, controlled the Hays Production Code for Hollywood which became the MPAA. Hays was also a Knights Templar and a Knights of Pythias.

As vigilante films continued over the next several decades, Rome’s powerful Hollywood industry strayed deeper and deeper to the left with each film they produced over the past century. The old adage about cooking a frog through gradual incremental increases of heat is very apt in how old Rome used Hollywood to change the morals, spiritual attitude, and worldview of a nation.  The early motion picture leadership was totally in bed with Rome as seen in the article at this link.

Their first movies in the first quarter of the 1900s seemed geared at slowly giving America’s non-Christians a taste for unbridled hedonism through jazz, adultery, evolution, situation ethics, and other moral corruption that was taboo in the United States. Because of their direct and blatant appeal to steer the non-Christians into the waters of promiscuity and anti-GOD rhetoric, most Christians denounced the motion picture industry.

Shriner Freemason and Knights Templar Will Hays assisted in Hollywood’s efforts to quell the protests of Americans by pretending to monitor the morals of the films through the Hays Production Code which eventually evolved into the MPAA approval board.

Jesuit Alfred Hitchcock, an Old World Order director who pushed the limits of respectability. Some directors found ways to get around the rules; an example of this is in Alfred Hitchcock's 1946 film Notorious, where he worked around the rule of three-second-kissing only by having the two actors break off every three seconds. The whole sequence lasts two and a half minutes.

Jesuit Alfred Hitchcock, an Old World Order director who pushed the limits of respectability. Some directors found ways to get around the rules; an example of this is in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 film Notorious, where he worked around the rule of three-second-kissing only by having the two actors break off every three seconds. The whole sequence lasts two and a half minutes.

The Hays Production Code was a reflection of the American values at the time which Hollywood was forced to respect for a season.  If the Code was used today, almost all the movies and television shows in America would have to be deleted from airplay including some of the G-rated shows.  Movies in those days were not allowed to contain sensuality, violence, sensual dress or dancing, implications of extra-marital affairs (male and female actors had to sleep in separate beds even if they were ‘married’ in the show), and were forbidden from glorifying sinful activities or people and were banned from being graphic or detailed in content such as the killing of a human being. In fact, no gratuitous or purposeless use of violence was allowed, In summary, movies couldn’t be gratuitous, graphic, or glorifying in their use of sinful activity.  America, you’ve come a long way and not a good way. Your sin is showing … in your economics, your loss of freedoms, and your out-of-control crime.

The Hollywood community in the second quarter of the 1900s appeared to woo the morally conservative Christian Americans using shows that were appealing to them, and through them they effectively and incrementally moved Christians slowly toward the left regarding the same vices as they had done with the non-Christians in the first quarter.

Jazz player Benny Goodman's photo from 1943 - jazz was introduced to Americans through television

Jazz player Benny Goodman’s photo from 1943 – jazz was introduced to Americans through television

In this way, the Christians followed the non-Christians in their choices by about two decades.

During the latter portion of this second quarter, you see shows like the Andy Griffith show bringing Christians to celebrate the wonders of television which had only been recently invented. At the same time, because of Andy Griffith’s influence among church folk, he was able to gradually condition American Christian’s thinking to glorify the glamour of Hollywood, Freemasonry, drinking, dancing, smoking, lying, and his common theme of bending the rules for a “good reason” (all of which were promoted with the light humor and deep family appeal that made the show so loved by Christians and non-Christians alike).

Barney with CigarRegarding Season 1 Episode 6 entitled “The Runaway Kid”, we read’s review of the episode as follows:

“This episode represents a common theme in the The Andy Griffith Show – having to break or bend the rules sometimes in order to achieve a greater good. Andy is often at odds with Barney because of this very thing, Barney wanting to go by the book and Andy choosing instead to go by the heart. Andy must convince Opie to do what is morally right even though, in order to do it, he must break the rules. In a later episode,Andy on Trial, Barney would convey this ideal in one of the shows truly great moments.”

louis-d-brandeisThe underlined words in bold from the review above are the very motto of the Jesuits who taught situation ethics and who spawned most of the ethics and formation of the world’s major intelligence agencies according to the research of those who know their history and have researched the matter. Their motto has been and continues to be “the end justifies the means” which is the very motto of Satan which GOD abhorred so much that He punished anyone who lived by this philosophy with death or severe judgment.

Hollywood continues to promote anarchy, socialism, communism, and the hedonistic lifestyle that weakens a nation.

Hollywood continues to promote anarchy, socialism, communism, and the hedonistic lifestyle that weakens a nation.

In a society that allows citizens to break or bend the rules as they feel is “right”, the result is anarchy. This is the theology of the Old World Order that drove the Inquisitions, their destruction of the freedoms of the press, conscience, and speech (as written in their canon laws), and their assassinations of other world leaders. In order to further their cause, they were behind the creation and shenanigans of the CIA. The CIA’s sordid deeds and deceptive webs have caused reputational damage to America and, according to Ron Paul, the CIA’s illegal activity in foreign lands was the very reason for the 911 attacks.

kiss - satan musicThe third quarter of the 1900s began with the sexual revolution of the 1960s as the non-Christians were now introduced to Satanic rock groups, pornographic magazines, sexually gratifying television shows, and other lurid and profane subjects.

The fourth and final quarter of the 1900s saw the Christian population enjoying the same crass entertainment as the non-Christian population. The first Christian rockers even took the Satanic music of the 1960s into their sanctuaries and admitted that it was the devil’s music, but stated that they were using it for GOD (in violation of GOD’s teaching in the Bible).

rockNot only did the first Christian rock groups admit to doing this, but I even saw the southern gospel group called “The Kingsmen Quartet“, loved by many Southern Baptists, on television saying the same exact thing. Today, Christians enjoy occult rock music, books on witches like Harry Potter and wizards like those in Lord of the Rings or in the Chronicles of Narnia, and the same R-rated entertainment and lifestyle as their non-Christian neighbors. In fact, most Americans are pretty much the same, whether nominally Christian or not – all glued to their favorite entertainment programs, which they emulate in every part of their lives, whether it be the internet porn or the sodomy or the Satanic entertainment that is poured into their minds daily.

The Jesuit General and the Jesuit Pope - the black and white wizards of ancient Roman magic.

The Jesuit General and the Jesuit Pope – the black and white wizards of ancient Roman magic.

Education and communication are powerful tools to change people.  The Jesuits were masters of education throughout the past five centuries and they have used their forte to indoctrinate an entire nation. Not only were government schools infested with blatant anti-GOD rhetoric, including the removal of the Bible and prayer, but the Roman occult elite attacked Americans in their homes through movies, television, video games, comic books, novels, music, and the other communication tools adored by almost the entire nation.  Public schools and television were the two greatest influences on Americans, in my opinion, during the latter part of the 1900s. Most recently, the internet has become one of the most influential communication and education tools of the past fifteen years.

What happened to the FCC during all of this?  Did you know that almost all of our government department heads of the FCC, FDA, education and more have been infested by those loyal to Rome?  That’s what F. Tupper Saussy documented in his book “Rulers of Evil” several years ago.

Masks are symbolic of those who wish to either hide their identities, to communicate a certain idea, or to identify with a certain ideology or group.

Did you know that the ancient use of masks appears to be linked to the shamans or witch masters of ancient occult paganism? If you read the articles at this link and this link and this link (page 106) and this link, you will see that the shamans use their masks to communicate with the spirit world.  Is the use of masks by robbers, vigilantes (aka superheroes), and those who wish to be anonymous due to their illegal activities?  

There is a collection of terra cotta masks in the museum of Mozia. One of the masks, like this one shown in an article of the Wooster Geologists at this link, was used in  human sacrifice ceremonies, primarily of children.

There is a collection of terra cotta masks in the museum of Mozia. One of the masks, like this one shown in an article of the Wooster Geologists at this link, was used in human sacrifice ceremonies, primarily of children.

In this encyclopedic article, you learn that not only were shamans some of the first to use masks, but that they link it to Adam and Eve in the garden who hid from GOD or who wanted to be “anonymous“. The decadent Carnival of Venice is also introduced in that article with explanations of how the fornicators and hedonists wished to remain “anonymous” as well.  Why do so many of Rome’s heroes in history and in their Hollywood productions wear masks? Also, note the similarities between such occult folk tales as the Marvel comic superheroes and the myths of the gods of Rome as someone noticed as shown in the article at this link. Have you also noticed how many of Rome’s gods are being highlighted in movies and TV programs lately? Have you noticed how their Knights and Gladiators and kingdoms are being highlighted? Are we being conditioned to return to the ancient, barbaric, fascist, communist, blood-thirsty era of the Roman Empire? I believe so. 

The Hebrew word “masak” (מָסָךְ) is spelled with the Hebrew letters representing our English “M”, “S”, and “K”.  The vowels were added later as Hebrew turned more modern and sought to conform to the worldwide dominance of the Romantic languages. In other words, does not “MSK” sound an awful lot like “mask”?

the maskCovert‘ or ‘hidden’ or ‘covered’ is the basic gist of this Hebrew word and its similar variations. Does this pattern of covering and masking not occur repeatedly throughout the occult’s history? The very word occult” means “hidden“. Their shaman wizards wear masks. Their superheroes wear masks. In their hedonistic festivals, they wear masks. They create secret societies, fraternities, and even intelligence organizations worldwide who thrive off of smoke and mirrors and masks or disguises. They are masters of the lie, deceit, and magick. In Hollywood, you will see movies like “The Mask” starring Jim Carrey, who plays the lead role as a man who is a “nice guy” wearing a Satanic mask that represents Loki, the Norse night god of mischief. When he has on the mask, he has the ability to do supernatural things, including killing people for the cause of “good” in standard vigilante fashion.

Shaman mask used by the witch masters of paganism to communicate with demonic spirits

Shaman mask used by the witch masters of paganism to communicate with demonic spirits

In Star Wars, there are several masked individuals, but most notably the masked Darth Vader. While Darth Vader appears to represent black magick, Luke Skywalker appears to symbolize white magick.  Such occult magic is purely Satanic.  Wizards, witches and magic are not black and white according to the Bible.  They are all black. There are no such thing as “good spells” in which a wizard or witch uses magic to conjure demons to do their bidding.

Star Wars was the product of George Lucas, who started in life as an anthropology major under the occultist Joseph Campbell’s mentorship, who gives complete credit for his religious and philosophical worldview to Campbell as seen in this video and this video and this link and at this online government exhibit. This final online exhibit represents a hybrid view of Campbell’s “Power of Myth” philosophy and Lucas’ allegorical tale of Star Wars which represents Campbell’s worldview of Babylonian Baal paganism whose father is Satan, not GOD.  The “force” are the demonic spirits of the occult with which the occult communicates in their seances, which possesses their mediums, psychics, astrologers, fortune tellers, and by which they enchant their music. When you hear a Christian say “the force be with you”, you can understand how utterly reprobate, ignorant, and lacking in discernment Christians today have become. It’s truly pitiful that many of them claim the Bible as their source of faith, but don’t seem to know what the Bible says or how to apply it to their world around them. More Christians need to be able to discern the philosophies in movies and also communicate their own worldview through film.  Sadly, most Christians aren’t even capable of discerning that Harry Potter is wicked, even thought Potter claims to be a witch which most non-Christians even know is forbidden by the Bible.

Campbell, a former Catholic turned occultist, is a perfect representative of the many Catholics who leave Catholicism and join the occult.  Many Catholics land somewhere between Catholicism and occult belief, and there are many flavors of them. Campbell, a world traveler and brilliant researcher, noticed that Catholicism really is just an offshoot of the occult, and left the Catholic religious system in order to join what he realized was Catholicism’s ‘mother religion’. In fact, Campbell’s worldview reflects the belief that Catholicism and all other religions stemmed directly from their roots of Babylonian Baal worship.

Darth Vader utters his symbolic phrase: "I am your father"

Darth Vader utters his symbolic phrase: “I am your father”

I would caveat that the belief system of the Bible is one system that actually did not originate from Baal worship, but actually preceded it. In fact, a comparison of the Biblical and Baal belief systems reveals that Baal appears to be an inversion, or better worded a perversion, of the Biblical belief system. When Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker “I am your father”, we are then curious as to what Lucas envisioned by this phrase.

star-wars-darth-vader-and-luke-skywalkerWas Lucas using Darth Vader to portray the fact that dark occult Baal worship is what fathered Catholicism as Joseph Campbell taught? Or was he portraying the Biblical GOD as the father of Satan as occult masters teach with Vader representing the “Dark Father” and Luke Skywalker symbolizing the light-bearing angel (or in Luke’s case, the bearer of the light sword)? Since both of these views reflect the teachings of occult paganism, and since Lucas freely admits that his mentor in writing the Star Wars trilogy was Campbell (Lucas himself stated that the name “Darth Vader” was chosen because it sounded like “Dark Father”) the truth is that both of these thoughts represent Lucas’ beliefs, whether or not he states what he specifically intended Darth Vader to symbolize.  Thus, even though his actual belief system concurs with the dark viewpoint I have described in my two questions above, I doubt that Lucas will ever tell people that his films represent such a dark, sinister view of life due to the millions of dollars he would lose in revenue. After all, within occult circles, deception reigns.

joseph-smith-freemason FINALIn fact, the Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers and sons of the Father in heaven. Do not be surprised, however, because the Mormons were started by Joseph Smith and continued by Brigham Young.  Both were high-ranking occult Freemasons as shown in the article at this link. Furthermore, the Freemasons were a creation of the Knights Templar as shown at this Freemason webpage at this link, in the book at this link, and also in the article at this link.   I have also written on this subject in the article at this link. Of worthy note is the fact that in the posthumously published book Philosophical Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion (1749), Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsey, the famous Freemason, states that “every Mason is a Knight Templar.”  

Rome's shills

Rome’s shills

Those Romans are clever and it appears that their fingerprints are all over many of the religions, secret orders, global world authorities, multi-national corporations, media and entertainment conglomerates and powerbrokers of the world today.  

A few photos of their world power can be seen in the article at this link.

They are masters at wearing masks and are known to create Trojan horses and to even infiltrate their fiercest enemies, whether they be of governments, religions, or corporations. Is it any wonder that Mormon Mitt Romney, Catholic Paul Ryan, Catholic Joe Biden (whose son worked for the Jesuits), and Barack Obama (whose only real job on resume was working as the fundraiser for eight Catholic parishes) were your choices for President back in 2012?  

Is it any wonder that they, and previous politicians, all sound the same and act alike once they get into office?


Fascist, socialist Rome’s feudal values are seen throughout American politics.

Notice that Jesus was the Savior of the world and He did not come wearing a mask. Jesus could have been a vigilante like Barabbas, but He chose instead to humbly play the ultimate Martyr and earn His title as the Judge of all mankind instead. Notice that men crucified their only Hope and they set free the vigilante.  Not much has changed in today’s government elections and pulpits. One day, Jesus will openly judge all those vigilantes, like the occult’s many flavors such as Vatican Jesuits, Freemasons, Knights, Theosophists and the group Anonymous who seek their own vendettas. He will judge all those promoters of supermen and a super race, like Hitler, Darwin, and modern New Age masters. 

orgin_of_secret_societies-invertHe will judge all those Old World Order dark occult wizards and knights and Roman powerbrokers who have hidden behind a mask of Christianity, and behind the mask of family TV shows, denominations they infiltrated, and a host of other facades that appeared innocent to the public, but that were used to fulfill their blood oaths as Roman occult leaders. The “force” will not be able to help them at that dark hour in their hopeless lives.

Hollywood abhors Christian preachers, but she has shown through the years that she respects and loves Rome's priests.

Hollywood abhors Christian preachers, but she has shown through the years that she respects and loves Rome’s priests.

They will no longer be able to play their games of smoke and mirrors as they do currently with intelligence organizations, government positions and department heads, and global organizations that they use as masks such as the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, and wars that date back to the times of the Crusades and Inquisitions, as well as back to the time of the blood-thirsty Caesars.

On Judgment Day, there will be nowhere for them to hide. Those who don’t understand all the matters that I address in this article should read other articles on this website and also research such mysteries, to which I have hinted in this article, for themselves. The Truth is available for those who seek. I would suggest you begin with many of the hyper-linked phrases in this article, and check out things that I’ve said with old historical manuscripts and books that date pre-1865. Why that date? Read the article at this link.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."- Revelation 13:16-17

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”- Revelation 13:16-17

Those who do good deeds have no desire to hide their faces with a mask or hide in windowless lodges or take blood oaths or keep their societies’ inner workings and beliefs and membership a secret.

Jesus lived his life openly, spoke truthfully, gave graciously, and loved freely. He didn’t hide or feel a need to wear a mask to protect Himself from the Pharisees and high priests of His day, even though He knew they wanted to kill Him. He was the essence of Love and Truth, a transparent Friend to mankind. That’s why men crucified Him. That’s also why He could not be held down in a grave, but rose again.

Love wins in the end!  The Judge has spoken. It has been written. It will be done.