COVERT AFFAIRS: CIA, Obama, Nazis, and Israel

ciaHere’s a logic equation for you to solve based upon the following eleven purported facts reported in recent news.

Do you know the possible future events that may soon transpire? Be sure to click each hyperlink to read each news source.

  1. Obama is CIA as his father, grandfather, and three Presidential predecessors were
  2. Obama is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. CIA backs Muslim Brotherhood who are destabilizing region South of Israel
  4. CIA are behind Syrian rebels who are destabilizing region North of Israel
  5. CIA are behind 20,000 S2A Missiles handed to Syrian rebels who empowered ISIS
  6. CIA are behind Ukraine rebels and Russia sends multiple warships West of Israel
  7. CIA are behind Al-Qaeda whose branch ISIS is destabilizing the area East of Israel
  8. Obama attended Catholic school and was fundraiser for eight Catholic parishes
  9. Hitler’s parents and top administrative officers were Roman Catholic as was Hitler
  10. Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, and hundreds of other Nazis formed the CIA’s core
  11. Jpost cia nazisCIA started by Donovan, a Vatican Knight who recruited the Vatican as chief asset in 1943 and used the Vatican as a headquarters in Italy (although would it not seem more logical that the Vatican Knight, William Donovan who founded the CIA, was the asset of the Vatican and not vice-versa since he was their Knight?)

Based upon the above information, what insights, predictions, or analysis occur to you?