MOVIES: A peek behind the mask


Steven Spielberg And PhilosophyWhile there are many old shows, and some new, produced in Hollywood that are physically moral, many of them are not philosophically moral, a concept that I noted earlier in my life when I was contemplating a career in the movie industry.

While I understand that many today are just happy to find a show that is physically moral without all the profanity, vulgarity, obscenities, gore, and sexual promiscuity that is so common to Hollywood, I aim to alert my readers to see a movie as a philosophy like a movie producer would.  After all, in my opinion, the greatest movie producers were philosophers first and filmmakers second. The same can be said of artists and musicians. Over the years, as I have watched a television show or movie with my family, I have attempted to point out the philosophy of the production to them, so they…

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