CHANGE: The time is now!

obama-economyGas prices are rising, home values are lowering, and our unemployment and food stamp families are at an all-time high.

While American families continue to lose their homes at historical rates, and the national deficit has grown into an economic tsunami of unprecedented proportions, the only thing upon which Americans can currently depend is that the misery index will continue upward in ways that make the Great Depression look like an American holiday in comparison. When the economy that America has been given by Obama resembles a car that is completely ‘totalled’, will Americans finally see the difference between media reports and reality? Will they set aside partisanship to follow Truth?

When workforce dropouts have reached over 50 million, you know that Obama wasn’t kidding when he stated that he was going to fundamentally change America.

No more RINOs

The powers of Rome, in their 1815 Congress of Vienna, vowed to destroy the American Republic and its Bill of Rights. Their CIA radically changed America behind the scenes. Will America fight back for her Biblical heritage? Or will they sink still holding to their porn, sodomy, abortion, entertainment, sports distractions, sex, drugs, and alcohol? Will they show the courage of their WWII veterans who fought evil? Or will they continue in such evil themselves? Will they pray to the GOD who their forefathers worshiped? Or have they forgotten him? What will happen to America?

It’s time for America to remove the current Congress and send a message to President Obama. We don’t want your change! And then when our new Congress impeaches President Obama, it’s time to unite Independents and conservative Republicans into one party and send the RINOs of the Republican Party a message – “You’re history!”.


Are Americans with their new morals willing to let Obama turn America into another Nazi Germany and Communist Russia combined? Or will they remember their heritage and return to it in time?

We need a new Independent Republican party that will radically transform the current American landscape in such a way that it once again resembles the United States for which so many American soldiers died – the blessed, GOD-fearing, economically-prosperous America whose people honored the Bible in humility, and who believed in hard work not handouts, in freedom not fascism, in the Bill of Rights not journalist-suppression, gun-grabbing, Big Brother fear-mongering, media monopolies, banking bailouts, senseless wars, and a vast array of scandals that far outnumber all the previous scandals in the United States COMBINED!

It matters not if Obama has the elections rigged, the CIA in his pocket, the military brass culled, the economy in ruins, and the “powers that be” in full support behind him and around him on every side.

I still believe that if the American people awaken and again remember the Creator who made them great, and repent of their present sins and return to the old American paths and principles of Biblical morality, freedom, and economics that made our country the greatest nation in the world, then there’s no force in earth or hell that can stop the American people from returning to their heritage of “In GOD we trust” and thereby also returning to their songs of “GOD Bless America”!!!

IwoJima_flagIt will take the same thing it took our forefathers who arrived upon the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts almost four hundred years ago – faith in GOD, humility, perseverance, hard work, vigilance, blood, sweat, and tears, but if our children are to have a future in this nation, it is time for us to rise to the challenge at hand. It will take the same character, love, and determination as the men at Iwo Jima and the beaches of Normandy so that freedom and faith might live!

The Normandy invasion that turned the tide against Hitler's might. Are Americans still the type of people who would oppose a Hitler or who would stand off against a traitor within their gates? Or have they fundamentally changed into the type of people who supported Hitler? The question looms before us.

PHOTO: The Normandy invasion that turned the tide against Hitler’s might. Are Americans still the type of people who would give their lives to oppose Hitler and his Nazi culture of abortion, euthenasia, sodomy, fascism, socialism, racism, entertainment propaganda, Bible bans, and Vatican concordats or is that what Americans have become themselves? Will they repent and stand against the traitors within their gates? Or will they let them continue to fundamentally change America into the type of people who supported Hitler? The question looms before all Americans. America’s soul is at stake.

I believe our time to make a difference will soon run out if we do not act! It is time to fight for that future with the understanding that we cannot continue to live in the morally bankrupt way that we have lived and to realize that sometimes the best wars are waged with inward change first using Truth not weapons, with pulpits not political platforms, with families not corporations, with community and political actions not social networking words, with prayer not pragmatism, and with Repentance not Reformation! If America is to have a future, the time for CHANGE IS NOW!!!!

Does Obama truly represent America?

Does Obama truly represent America?