Arrogance is blinding.

Arrogance is blinding.

Humans are arrogant, controlling, evil, and blind – at least at some point in their lives. Obviously, some are worse than others. In a sense arrogance is the chief sin. I have been arrogant, and when I have been proud, I have found that I am blind to my own sin, my own ignorance, and desire to have my own way through controlling others. In fact, wanting others to do what you think is right is fairly fascist. In this way, we’re all a bit of a fascist.

I have noticed the more evil a person is, the more arrogant they are.  The more arrogant they are, the more blind they are to their own evil, arrogance, and stupidity.  And for some reason, the more evil, arrogant, and blind a person is, the more they want to control others. Many times blind, arrogant people also love to be led by a blind, arrogant person.

'Mein Kampf written by Jesuit Father Staempfle "The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic Zentrum [Center Party overseen by Jesuit Ludwig Kaas], only five years before [1933], but most of the objectives cynically revealed in Mein Kampf were already realized; this book . . . was written by the Jesuit [controlled] Father [Bernhardt] Stempfle and signed by Hitler. For . . . it was the Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it." {10} [Emphasis added] Edmond Paris, 1965 French Historian The Secret History of the Jesuits ... read online: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e372/tlthe5th/nazi-vatican/highres_30013856copy.jpgLook at world leaders. Not only in the White House, but around the world. Not only around the world, but throughout history. Does it not seem that these laws are fully at work, and that the worst leaders are always the ones I described above, because they are so arrogant that they are not content with making stupid, sinful decisions for themselves, but they want to force them upon as many as possible. It’s the nature of a fascist. They are certain their way is so wonderful that they must stamp their “wonderful” way upon others to the misery of those under their rule. GOD sets up kings and he dethrones them, and I often think He uses our leaders as a punishment upon us when we are unrepentant towards Him.

Don’t just look at world governments, however. Look at religion as well. Are not the most fascist religions who want to kill others who refuse to “convert” to their belief also the most evil, arrogant, and ignorant?

CatechismThink about those who want to tell you what to believe. They form catechisms to force you to interpret things from their religions’ source materials the same way they do. Their leaders stand and speak for hours upon what they think rather than just reading their source of religious belief. Many are so arrogant that they do not even have a source for their beliefs. They just ramble onward about “what they think”. Can you imagine in a thousand years anyone caring what they think? Yet, sometimes these people will be the more bold to yell at you. Is this someone who is secure in their own beliefs? Is that why they want to force them upon others, because they themselves inwardly feel foolish believing them? Corporate America wants to control their workers as if they were slaves right down to their free speech (i.e. politics, religion, etc). Haters will hate, and arrogant, blind fascists will always be leading arrogant, blind people to terminate anyone who opposes their warped, sick arrogant thoughts on the universe.

download (1)Look how many Communists have killed people for refusing to follow their ideology. Look at the occult Roman fascists who all ruled during this past century – Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Franco. The blood of mankind flowed and the misery of men in poverty and under oppression rose tremendously due to these evil, arrogant men’s egotistical desires for control. Yet, they are only a handful of those fascists who came before them such as the Roman Caesars, the Popes, the Medieval Kings, and the Caliphs.

ISIS BeheadingsSome religions have killed those who disagree with them. For example, Muslims today will kill people who disagree with their beliefs. They are not alone. Catholics have killed Protestants who share the same religious source book simply because the Protestants wouldn’t do everything they wanted. Protestants have killed true Christians as well simply because the true Christians wanted to read the Bible, interpret it, and obey it according to their own consciences. The Protestant John Calvin is an example of someone who killed others who did not conform to his beliefs.Yet many Protestant leaders, like Calvin, taught salvation through sacraments, and therefore didn’t even teach the same Gospel as the Apostle Paul. In fact, in Galatians 1, the Apostle Paul said to let them be ‘anathema’ who teach a false gospel of works. This was an expression which meant that GOD would take care of them. The Apostle Paul did not endorse fascist violence against such people. Instead, he let GOD take care of these people. Almost all the apostles of Jesus Christ were martyred, but you see none of the disciples who were left taking revenge for their deaths. That’s because Jesus Christ taught them love, forgiveness, and tolerance, not hate, fascism, and revenge.

PhilippiansIf people rejected their teachings, Jesus and his disciples didn’t show forth a need to force them to convert, but rather let them choose. In fact, at times Jesus seemed to make it difficult for people to follow His teachings as if He was testing them. In other words, He only wanted those who truly wished to follow Him.  He didn’t feel the need to force His beliefs upon others or even “sell” them on His beliefs. In the end, Jesus and His disciples were killed by people who were intolerant and fascist.  Jesus was very strict in His teachings and in following the Law personally, but He never sought to force others to do the same. He let people choose their beliefs, their morals, their governments, and their eternal destinies.

Calvi deathLook at Freemasons who kill their own members if they suddenly have a conscience or suddenly have a change in beliefs. Look at the Crusades, the Inquisitions, and the many wars which resulted from one country attacking another country that had different beliefs. Some have attacked others for simply having a different skin color. The Bible teaches that all humans are one race. Period. Charles Darwin taught that humans are from different evolved races. Hitler took Darwin’s beliefs to the next level and proclaimed that his race was superior and began killing what he considered to be inferior races … just like a fascist. Yet, rather than learning from history, today’s corporations require people to group themselves into separate races on supposedly “equal” opportunity employment sections of job applications as a way of reinforcing Hitler’s mistaken beliefs in races. What is a race? Is it the national origin of a person? Is it the genealogy of the person? Is it the color of their skin? What about the twins who were recently born – one looked “black” and one looked “white”? Are they a different race from each other? Why do people hate each other? It’s senseless unless you realize that humans are incredibly arrogant and want to feel they are not only better, but they want to force their ideas and even what they consider their ethnicity upon the world.

Arrogance2That brings us down to ourselves. Have you ever felt you had the right opinion? Have you ever raised your voice when someone voiced an opposing opinion? Or when someone said something that made your religious or moral (or immoral) views sound wrong? Or when someone said something critical of a piece of art you painted? Or a favorite song or music group of yours? Have you ever felt the need to play your music loud from your car as though you feel that everyone needs to listen to the same music you like? Have you ever argued with your brother or sister and lost your temper? Or with your dad or mom? Or with your boss or co-workers? Although it is not wrong to have an opposing view and to discuss or even debate issues with a reasonable amount of charity between yourself and others, have you ever felt that you crossed the line to the point that you felt yourself losing your temper or feeling the need to prove the other person wrong in arrogance? If so, you are a fascist. You may not be the same degree of fascist as the next guy or the person in office presently in the White House, but you are still a fascist.

ArroganceThe truth is that sin and especially the sin of pride is the reason for fascism. Satan was once an angel in the heavenly armies of GOD, but one day he decided that he deserved more than he had. He wanted GOD’s throne. Why? My theory is that he felt he could do a better job than GOD in his arrogance. And it seems throughout history that Satan has done all he can to wrest governments from the hands of godly nations, so that he can show everyone what a great ideologist and ruler that he is by using his own occult men to overthrow governments in clandestine secrecy.  What is the result? Bloodbaths, fascism, communism, arrogant dictators, poverty, slavery, imploding economies, and more bad news.

pope-headline1Wouldn’t you think that Satan would finally get a clue that his ways just aren’t superior to GOD’s ways? Well, that’s the nature of arrogance. It’s an awful thing to look at a person or persons who think they know it all and who force their way upon others until everything begins to collapse. And then not getting a hint of a clue, they launch the same failed ideologies upon another country and another generation and another country and another generation.

shredded-300x284Three of the best governments in history, filled with freedom and prosperity, have been that of ancient Israel which reached a golden age of world history, Reformation England upon which it was said the sun never set and the Pilgrim’s America which became the power of the world. These three civilizations all came to power through a respect and belief in the Bible. All three of these civilizations were gradually taken over by the men of Bel. The results were seen in A.D. 70 for ancient Israel. The results are being seen presently in England and America. We can only hope that the words in admiration and respect for the Bible by Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently spoke to the United States Congress, is indicative that his nation is about to become a new golden civilization again as we look at the tattered economies, out-of-control crime, and misery around us on this planet. War is another form of fascism in which some countries wish to force their ideologies upon other countries.

Freemason - deathThe Bible is true. Men really are sinful. Without GOD and His Word, we are just a bunch of fascists who will destroy each other. If a nation repents, people will recognize their own arrogance, will stop acting stupid, and will allow the Bible back into society again before it’s too late. Laws and especially the Law of GOD is simply for the good of mankind. Much of civil law today is simply realizing that our rights end where our neighbor’s nose begins instead of trampling our neighbor’s rights for our own ego or pleasure. A better summary of Ultimate Law and Order is what Jesus said – love GOD and love others as you would yourself (also known as the Golden Rule). Wouldn’t it be nice if our government leaders lived the Golden Rule? Yet, our leaders are oftentimes a reflection of ourselves – true representatives of what we have become as a society or nation.

freedomAlthough GOD may not agree with our beliefs or actions, GOD allowed us all to have a will to choose our own beliefs, actions, and attitudes. Is that not tolerance defined?

Humility, Truth and Freedom are the enemy of Fascism. Ignorance blinded by arrogance and forcing its insanity, poverty and slavery upon the world is never a pleasant thing to experience or to watch.

Fascism is Pride’s intolerance of Truth.

Today, Evil is intolerant but accuses Good of intolerance – such irony. Yet, if you place Good and Evil into the same room, the time will come when Good will have to defend itself from Evil, because Evil is never happy with just being Evil – Evil eventually wants to force itself upon another.

The fact that this world is at enmity with Christ is just another proof that the Bible is true. The Bible literally says this. This world will let Islam, Satanism, Communism, or Voodoo into classrooms in the name of multi-cultralism, but not Jesus Christ. They will allow children to read books on witchcraft, Islam, communism, sex, and perversion, but not the Bible.

One day things will change. Fascism will be banished. When that day arrives, the humble, loving, forgiving, and kind-hearted Jesus Christ and His Word will no longer be despised by the many fascists of planet Earth. Instead, He will reign on His throne forever. Truth will reign, and Freedom will live eternally.  Jesus Christ will balance the scales of Justice for all. No child will be left behind. No economic promises will be broken. His name will no longer be banished by fascists. His Word will no longer be banned from classrooms. And He will reign forever and ever. Hallelujah!

“Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” – Philippians 2:9-11

“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” – Revelation 11:15