POLITICAL THEORY: Which school are you?

Observing a glass filled halfway with water, which are you?.

  • Pessimist – “Half empty”
  • Optimist – “Half full”
  • Realist – “That’s half a glass of water”
  • Idealist – “How could we change the world for good with this water?”
  • Opportunist – “Let’s call it “Mineral Water””
  • Communist – “Share YOUR water with those of us who are MORE equal (the rich) … or DIE”
  • Socialist – “Let’s help others – BY LAW you must share YOUR water with those without”
  • Philanthropist – “Let’s help others who have no water by giving our portion”
  • Capitalist – “I’ll pay you for it and then give it a name and a bottle and sell it for double”
  • Corporatist – “I’ll buy it, then deplete the city’s water supply and sell it for double”
  • Nihilist – “The water doesn’t really exist”
  • Nutritionist – “The water has dioxins, fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia in it”
  • Environmentalist – “The water has so many chemicals, it could hurt the plants”.
  • Scientist – “The glass is filled half with water and half with air, so technically it’s completely full”.