GUN RUSE: Obama and his Oregon sideshow?

index3Is the recent Oregon ‘militia’ story just a ruse being used to make legitimate militia look silly? And to ridicule those who justly see the Second Amendment as giving the right to bear arms to people as a protection from a tyrannical government? And on the very week that Obama is threatening Americans with new gun restrictions? Is it just a distraction so Americans won’t notice what Obama is doing to the gun laws without the approval of Congress? If you have seen the recent USA Today report at this link on the most recent episode of the Bundy boys pretending to be Militia, you may be wondering what is happening in our country.

I say the “Rats of Rome” are busy.

index2I am reminded of the old saying: “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, boys”.   In other words, if the Bundy boys really are militia men who care about our freedom, they should surely wait until there is a clear-cut breach of their rights before reacting.  Instead, they seem to be always shouting out “calling all militia, calling all militia” like regular goat herders or a kid with a new megaphone as a present who loves to hear his own voice.  It’s as if they wish to draw the militia out nation-wide for Obama’s secret police to see upon every whim that they have or personal grievance.  Why would they run up to Oregon to assist a couple of men who didn’t ask them to help and who disavow them as being associated with them? Well, it’s Obama’s week to play the fascist.

index4Obama has been rubbing his hands together all winter as he has prepared to imitate the Vatican’s sidekick, Adolph Hitler, and sure enough the Jesuit Pope Francis has been making his rounds lately throughout America as well.  As always, these occult men of Rome always seduce the populous much like Balaam did Israel in ancient times with immorality and hedonistic pleasures, overcoming them morally and spiritually, just so they can then conquer them physically.  Their trap is set and ready to be sprung upon the American people, just as they did upon Germany almost three-quarters of a century ago.  Will it work?

bible banned

The Bible is banned from classrooms. Do we wonder why America is drowning without a prayer?

Well, it just might.  After all, America is filled with murders, greed, perversions, atheism, and have booted GOD, His Word, and prayer to Him out of their children’s schools and their public lives and buildings.  They no longer sing “GOD Bless America” since they are convinced they no longer need Him, but I daresay that if America is to survive what is coming upon this Land that they have two choices:  1) Prepare for another bloody Nazi Holocaust in this country, or 2) Repent from their wickedness while there is time.


However, there’s still a Truth with which Obama has to reckon … I hope.  There are many Christians in this land still.  How many are just as hedonistic as the pagans around them?  Probably a lot.  However, there are some who still attempt to honor GOD with their lives, and if those Christians start praying for their less fervent Christian neighbors to repent and pray, and more and more Christians start turning from their rockin’ shaman music, porn, greed, occult shows, and sinful pleasures, and start praying for GOD to intervene in their lives and land, GOD may yet stay His wrath that must be brimming to the full when He glances at our land.


Malachi Martin, top Vatican whistle-blower

Remember Sodom?  For ten righteous souls, He would have saved it.  Per capita, however, I’m not sure how many people that would require to be living in repentance and prayer, but I hope and pray that we have enough in this land to pray through this bout with the Devil as his men are getting ready with their gun-disarming, socialist-communist, blood-lust, Vatican agenda in this land.  Keep in mind that many Catholics agree with this analysis of their Pope and the Vatican after seeing through much of what has happened in the past century with Germany’s Holocaust, and Malachi Martin, one of their best communicators and confidante to four Popes, speaking out over the past three decades about the Occult practices in the Vatican.

yallopAlso, David Yallop was asked by top Catholic insiders to document the death of Pope John Paul I by the evil Occult powers in Rome (according to what Yallop as an investigative journalist said was digitalis poisoning in his New York Times bestseller of the 1980s titled ‘In GOD’s Name’) – these same Occult men who were using the Vatican as their vehicle multiple times throughout history, once again seem to be on full burn as they get ready to shovel their punishments on to another nation as they have during the French Revolution, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the innumerable massacres, the assassinations, and the numerous other horrors described in many, many articles throughout this blog.

Will America survive the coming nightmare?  GOD is in His heaven, and He knows.  He waits to see who is willing to repent and pray.  Only He can save us.  Having glimpsed at the power of occult Rome, believe me when I say that GOD is our only help and hope.  Prayer by repentant believers is more powerful a weapon than any weapons the real Militia could raise against a tyrannical government.  Let’s be hasty to pray first, rather than like the Bundy boys who seem to be timing their latest showboating with Obama’s announcing of gun control.  Does this build credibility for the real purpose of the Second Amendment which is to protect the lives of innocent women and children from the raping, overreaching, looting, heinous devilry of a fascist government? A dispute over whether someone should burn brush over the other side of someone’s boundary line is not to be compared to the occult fascists who love to make gun laws, so they can then enter homes and do their dirty deeds without resistance.

Masons - BundyI hope the Bundy boys and Obama are not in cahoots, but keep in mind that the Bundy boys have fairly sketchy connections with a powerful secret brotherhood through his ancestor William Abbott – a brotherhood in which they’ve belonged for quite a long time and that has worked together with occult Rome in the past under the covers.

War RoomWith the popularity of the recent movie “War Room“, I have no doubt that there are some who realize that prayer and repentance are key in this battle waging in this nation.  What a great reminder that movie gives to us, just in time for such a pivotal struggle for the spiritual and physical life or death of a nation.  Our enemies are not flesh and blood.  Our enemies are the Spiritual Enemy of our souls and his fiendish legions of devils – these evil spirits who are now celebrated by Hollywood in numerous shows, internet sites and in public school classrooms, and who are pushed upon the youth in the place of prayer, Bible reading and GOD.

Armor of GODWe are watching a national staged deception and physical takeover play out before our eyes, but it is playing in the spiritual realm first.  And if America collapses, the rest of the world will fall like dominoes. Why do you think the Enemy has been mercilessly pounding America first with hedonism, idolatry, fornication and disbelief first?  Who was once the beacon of the Gospel at one time in history?  Who is now a hammer of imperialism and pagan culture instead? Still there are the Faithful who are praying – and hopefully praying for other Christians to start praying so that their prayers are multiplied.  Join in standing in your house with hands raised and praying for your city.  GOD has the real power in this universe, but we must pray with clean hands, the Spirit within, and a willingness to follow Jesus the Messiah wherever He leads us. Are we willing as a nation to humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways?

What is our best hope? Our only hope?  Repent.  Believe in the GOD of the Bible.  Pray, and pray hard!