CENSORSHIP: WordPress or Google?

In the past thirty minutes, I published an article on the Iowa caucuses today and after filtering my Google search on articles published in the last hour and with my website as the search criteria, I noticed that the article wasn’t showing in Google’s results.  Did WordPress censor it? Or did Google?  And if this is happening, it may explain a lot about how media works today in America.  See my screen capture below and you will see that only three results were shown for a search for our website, and two of the results were advertisements.  Our site is being censored.  Notice that Fox News, those fake conservatives, are showing in the results.

Those of you who are subscribed and who are still being allowed to receive alerts regarding my articles, please be aware of this new fascist approach to journalism and fight it!  Speak out, lovers of Truth and Freedom! Your freedom of speech is at stake!

Fascism in WordPress or Google