ELECTION 2016: Fraud protection

ElectionElection 2016 and its voting results could very well steer this nation into its future President and perhaps its worse era ever. The soul of a nation is at stake.

We have no doubt that Democrats will vote for communists, anti-GOD leftists, and anti-life fascists, but who will the people elect?

That’s the question on many people’s minds across our nation.

Is our voting method safe?  These days we wonder regularly if our cell phone have been hacked, so are we really going to trust this election to electronic voting machines that can be hacked?  Especially with the CIA’s history of rigging elections?

Greece used black and white balls to vote. Rome used a form of ballot.  America used paper ballots for many years which volunteers counted. Today, electronic computerized machines that can be hacked are used. Therefore, if people want to continue using machines that can be easily hacked, could we not also revert to our past tradition of a paper ballot? Or better yet, banks use coin counting machines all the time.  Could we not use some type of coin? And then we can have the coin counters do the electoral voting counts? Or even marbles could be used with a counter at the end of each tube and the final votes shown in a large transparent containers for each candidate so that literal transparency is involved.  There are many methods, but I believe a dual system of voting should be used – one manual method and one electronic method, and then the two can be reconciled.

What would be so wrong with having both manual votes and electronic votes which could be reconciled against each other to see if they match? Or will the ‘powers that be’ allow us to do this?  And if not, have we already lost our freedom in this country?

Roman_ElectionNow for me liberty, truth, and life are some of the biggest issues in our land.  Many of the other issues can be debated in the future if liberty exists; however, if we are no longer electing our government and if we are being forced against our will as a people to accept fraudulent elections, universal healthcare, socialist-communist economics, fascism and being promised lies, then I say the important issue this year is life, liberty and truth.  Don’t you want to know the truth about the actual election results rather than trusting the machines?  Do you really trust those fascists who have proven they love to force others to do their will by manipulation or coercion to give you truthful election results?

It is up to ‘we the people’ to fight for accurate election results through possible controls such as a dual process of both manual and electronic voting records that can be reconciled by accountants to ensure more controls exist in such an important event.

While Republican pragmatists are shouting that we should do a little evil so that good may prevail – an old philosophy of the Inquisitions and Crusades, by voting against your conscience for whoever might win, the media are telling us ‘who might win’, but can we trust them?   ‘Who might win’ is a little difficult to determine these days. With articles that are showing time and again that Trump is losing big time in the polls to Hillary Clinton if they were to run against each other today, while the same polls show Trump winning against the other candidates, it seems pragmatism is useless.  Another sign that pragmatism just won’t work this time around is that Rand Paul is the only candidate shown to beat Hillary Clinton in a nationwide election, yet he is trailing in the polls behind the other Republicans.  Are the polls flawed? Or rigged?  In the last decade, we’ve seen many reports of not only fraudulent polls, but also fraudulent elections with numerous methods cited ranging from hacking electronic voting machines to numbers not matching the number of citizens in a region to numerous incidents where people were caught in voting fraud from government employees to volunteers.  Who is really going to win this year?

First, I say we should vote by principle, not pragmatism, because this election is really up for grabs.   Ted Cruz and Donald Trump seem the most likely candidates, but many sources are now showing that Trump will not have the votes if you read our previous article on how the polls may not match reality, as well as the startling news written by LifeSite in the article at this link regarding the number of highly influential voices that are now speaking out to expose Trump’s Democratic leanings, religious and political liberty record, and sordid history at this late hour in the primary campaigning.

Rand PaulI believe that of the three most viable candidates who can stand against Hillary Clinton on election day are Paul, Cruz, and Trump.   Paul and Cruz are the only true Republican candidates standing for liberty and truth.  Rand Paul is the only real economic conservative.  I believe Trump is a liar, a fake, and legal and media records show that he was a supporter of Hillary and John Kerry, not just financially but vocally as well throughout history.  Trump as President would ensure that things continue as they have been going under Obama.  Those who do not respect life, liberty, and truth in their personal life will not respect your life, liberty, or keep their promises to you.  They will not ensure the voting is accurate.

Therefore, with so many RINOs on the loose and so few with the hope of beating Hillary Clinton (except for Rand Paul according to polls), in my opinion, I say that Cruz must choose Rand Paul as his Vice-President as soon as he can in the primary elections.  This means that Rand Paul must drop from the race, and then Ted must quickly move to pull him into his campaign before one of the RINOs grab him.  I am analyzing based upon logic, however, and American politics is anything but logical these days between changing times and sketchy (some would say ‘shady’) voting and polling numbers … especially with a billionaire with questionable associations in the race.