REPUBLICANS 2016: Their only hope

My Approved PortraitsUPDATE (02/21/2016):   Ted Cruz did not announce early that he is choosing Rand Paul for his running mate. Rand Paul recently stated that his campaign was hurt most by Donald Trump who cut into his ‘outsider’ votes.  Thus, since Trump beat Cruz in South Carolina, my predictions below are proving correct.  Cruz lost in the South Carolina primary, and I expect him to continue  losing unless he chooses Rand Paul. Below is the article that I published before the SC Primary.  

With Rand Paul dropping out of the Presidential race and he being the only Republican candidate who has beaten Hillary Clinton in the polls, the Republicans should think long and deep about the November elections and their only hope.

This election is like no other in past history to my knowledge.  It may be the first of its kind in the past four hundred years of U.S. history.  In the past, we had more of a debate over numerous issues ranging from social to religious to security to economics.  This year the main issue is that of survival.

Will we survive economically, spiritually, and remain a free nation?  Does Truth, Life, and Freedom matter any more in America?  With Rand Paul dropping from the race as the only candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton in the polls, and as the only economic and Bill of Rights conservative, one wonders what is next.

Ted Cruz appears to have momentum beyond any other Republican candidate in beating Hillary Clinton in the fall, but even he doesn’t fare so well in the polls against Hillary.  How will he get the Democratic and independent votes that he needs?  Ted Cruz claims to stand for liberty and the Bill of Rights, yet he has made compromises on issues of liberty such as the mass surveillance of Americans by the NSA.  He is a war hawk and also more compromising on other pieces of the Bill of Rights; yet compared to the other candidates on the stage, he looks like a … Republican.  Yes, all of the others look like fake Democrats.  At least the Democrats do what they say – they create tyranny, a police state, a war machine, fascism, communism, enslavement of Americans, massive debt in the trillions, and totalitarian control even over what children can eat in school. However, that’s not what most enlightened Americans want.  Yet, with Rand Paul dropping out of the race, we’re left with only one semi-conservative candidate, Ted Cruz.  I realize he talks ‘prayer’, the ‘Bible’, and such, but we’ve seen similar things from other Republicans like Bush in the past who we learned later were just pretenders. Who Ted Cruz chooses for his Vice President will tell us all who he really is – a pretender or not.  If he chooses a Democrat in disguise, then that’s against the Christian values that he claims to have.  If he chooses the only other person who shares his values, then that shows us he is probably the ‘real deal’.

It’s hard to vote for someone who appears to waffle on issues just based upon what they say.  I prefer to vote for someone who shows their Christian values in their actions – actions that push forward liberty, the Bill of Rights, economic frugality, and other Biblical principles that made America great.  So what’s the answer?  Can Ted Cruz win in November of this year?

I believe the Republican party only has one hope of winning.  Ted Cruz can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the polls, although he performs much better compared to Trump who, according to one poll, performed the worst against Hillary compared to all other Republicans.  Marco Rubio is a stalwart Democrat in the guise of a Republican and trailed third place in Iowa.  In other states, he may fare far worse. Therefore, with Trump and Rubio both leftists in guise of Republican garb and no appearance of beating Hillary, Cruz is the only option for those who want to rid themselves of the Democratic agenda of communism, enslavement, shredding the Bill of rights, destroying freedom, twenty trillion dollars of debt, mass government surveillance, continual wars, and fascist policies.  Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying these things, but welcome to America in the new millennia … sadly.  How can Cruz then hope to win in the fall against Hillary?  What’s the Republican’s only hope?

They must capitalize upon the borderline voters.  The Democratic ‘liberty voters’, the libertarians, and the independent “Tea Party” patriots are the ones who helped Rand Paul to win against Hillary in online polls.  Therefore, I have one simple strategy that would win Ted Cruz the election in my opinion.  He needs to choose Rand Paul as his Vice-President early in these primary elections.  This would bring him the three groups that we just mentioned.  His election would be far more powerful than any of the other candidates’ campaigns.  However, he had better beat the other candidates to it or he’s sunk in my opinion.

While this is the only hope of Republicans winning in 2016 in my estimate, it is not the only hope of Americans.  Our only hope is in our Creator who made this nation one of the greatest in world history.  He has created us equal and ordained us with certain GOD-given rights that surpass any man-made ordinances.  He is the One who has ultimately set forth liberty, life, truth, and love as the standards by which men must live.  A return to Him is our only hope.  And the Republican’s only hope is also in Him, but I believe a part of this is the Republicans’ acknowledgement of their Creator in their actions by following GOD’s principles.  Therefore, what better way to do this than for the Republican’s only viable candidate, Ted Cruz, to choose a candidate like Rand Paul who appeals to both Democrats and Republicans alike for his love of freedom, truth, life, and love. Otherwise, if Republicans just offer Democrats in disguise, most people will choose the genuine Democrat over the fake one.