CRUZ: Why he bombed

I had written an article before Ted Cruz bombed the South Carolina Primary telling you what Ted Cruz needed to do. Well, Ted Cruz did not announce early that he is choosing Rand Paul for his running mate. That’s right – Cruz needs more of the ‘outsider’ votes.  Rand Paul recently stated that his campaign was hurt most by Donald Trump who cut into his ‘outsider’ votes.  Thus, since Trump beat Cruz in South Carolina, my predictions in that article are proving correct.  Cruz lost in the South Carolina primary, and I expect him to continue  losing unless he chooses Rand Paul. Here is the link to the article that I published before the SC Primary.

Donald_TrumpDid Cruz ever really want to win the SC Primary?  Was he there just to split the conservative votes with Carson, so that Trump could win? How did Trump ever win in South Carolina? Are South Carolinian citizens inebriated or have they lost their ability to reason? Who is ‘who’ these days in politics? What has our nation become? Are we this dull in our thinking? Are all the politicians corrupt?  Have the majority of the citizenry completely given themselves over to fascism, communism, pagan Romans and their Old World Order‘s values and culture? Are the machines being hacked? Who would ever have thought that conservative South Carolina would have voted for a strip club owner and lying three-time adulterer like Trump who probably has bed far more women than Bill Clinton and who has consistently supported Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and other far left wing politicians both financially, politically and verbally. Wasn’t it South Carolina who was wanting to impeach Clinton for sleeping with an intern?  How ‘far the mighty have fallen’.  I’m seriously wondering if South Carolina residents have lost their minds or if the ‘powers that be’ hacked the electronic voting machines.

Trump recently attacked free speech as he prepares for his Nevada caucus. “In the old days,” Trump stated, protesters would be “carried out on stretchers.”  He made the remark in response to a protester at his rally. Why should a protester be taken out on a stretcher? Because in Trump’s mind, everyone must agree with him and nobody is allowed to protest.  This is the mind of a fascist.  Once you realize that Trump has admired Hitler’s rhetoric for many years and even had a book of his speeches at the head of his bed as seen in this article from Business Insider, it all makes sense.

I have very low (if any) expectations from the 2016 Elections other than ‘bad news’.  We are always given ‘their candidates’ and we have to hold our nose and choose one in this era of fake conservative Fox News, crony politicians, and Roman control of our government.  If Cruz really is a genuine conservative and not a RINO like his predecessors who talk about the Bible in order to exploit us further, we can only hope he’ll awaken at some point to basic logic and choose Rand Paul before he continues to lose all the elections, and we find ourselves with a full-fledged fascist in control of our government such as Trump, Sanders, or Clinton. Only time will tell.