ELECTION 2016: The key factor

Key FactorWhat people don’t realize is that their worst nightmares are coming.   Obama’s ‘hope and change’ is akin to Trump’s ‘making America great again’.

Most of the so-called ‘conflicts’ and ‘debates’ among Republicans seem staged, much like many other supposed ‘conflicts’ and ‘problems’ over the past decade and a half.  Hillary, the Criminal of Benghazi, is made to look stately and too high above the bickering Republican men, while running against Bernie Sanders who looks as if he should be in retirement. The media read from the teleprompter what is written for them by the tiny handful of canned news services available.  I know.  I used to be one of those people reporting world and national news at the national level. Meanwhile, the populace believes what they are told in America and throughout much of the world, most of which are lies and staged deception.

Men who have sought to regain their global power for almost two centuries continue to push their globalist agenda forward on the economic front which they control, through the media which they control, through the bantering between politicians which they control, and through the ‘war on terror’ which they contrive from the high crime rate that continues to spiral out-of-control as leadership pretends their local law enforcement is incapable of stopping the ‘terror’ and request federal aid and federal troops to help their cities with their grossly incompetent leadership. Then again, is it incompetency or a clever strategy? Most don’t think that deeply today.

Imagine the dollar collapsing in a land filled with communism-socialism, and ruled by a racist fascist pushing forward a police state, while jobs and food are rare. I believe it’s coming on the heels of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

When Hillary Clinton, the Criminal of Benghazi, offers to ‘fix things’, realize that she’s in office right now and is doing nothing, except lying and adding insult to injury.  Furthermore, her followers show their party fervor by defending every lie and incompetency to their own shame and probably to Hillary’s amusement as she plays her ‘role’.  She’s another ‘Obama’ in female form.

When Trump says “Making America Great Again”, it is akin to Obama saying “hope and change”. America got from Obama enough ‘hope’ to change their nation into a land stripped of protections of liberties, including a twenty trillion dollar deficit.  I didn’t say billion or million, but trillion. Imagine what Trump’s ‘great again’ is going to cost us in freedom and money.

And it’s purposeful. The Federal Reserve used approximately 17 trillion dollars to bail out big business a few years ago when the deficit was about 16 trillion dollars.  In other words, they could have paid off the deficit and it would have been ‘end of show’.  But they didn’t. And that was on George W. Bush and Obama’s watch.  They allowed for it.

Trump and Hillary will be the same fare.

When Trump is finished with this country, it will be so divided, so impoverished, and so immoral that one might believe they are living in post-Cold War Russia where girls are forced to sell themselves in one of their many prostitution rings before they are allowed to declare themselves ‘unemployed’ by the government … just so they can eat a meal.  What a nightmare, but how horrifically ironic and fitting for Russia, a nation that booted the Bible and GOD from their schools, and where afterward sixty million were mass murdered by Stalin and other fascists.  The irony? .. in a land where people want to live immorally, they were forced to live immoral to be able to eat.  I see the same happening to America and very soon.  I’m sure Trump with his voracious appetite for women will not mind that type of environment at all, and is it not fitting that Trump’s wife is from the city of Sevnica within the land of Slovenia, a former Protestant territory that was taken over by the Third Reich and where mass graves are now found from that era and where the only church is now Catholic.  How fitting indeed that she might be the next First Lady, not only due to her hometown, but also due to her own immoral lifestyle of baring her body for food. It’s almost a harbinger.

If Hillary gets the Presidency instead, prepare for another four years of mounting deficits, and don’t be surprised if the dollar collapses.  After all, it’s been known for some time that the only thing propping up the American economy are the Asian partners who are still willing to hold their nose and use it as a bartering chip.  Even Forbes’ magazine stated at one time in recent history that the dollar is worthless and only the Asian partners are keeping the economy afloat.  They are holding out just to see if they can recover their investments in the trillions of dollars of debt that America has produced.  And if they see it’s still sinking, you can bet like any savvy investor, they will salvage what money is left and run … leaving the USA to clean up the mess.  And you can expect a police state and a republic of anarchy to then be led by another ‘Hitler’ or ‘Stalin’ type pushing forward mass executions.  After all, that’s what idiot Presidents do – just like idiot CEOs.  Just as a moronic CEO resorts to mass lay-offs when he is too stupid to create innovative products (and thereby jobs), idiot Presidents do the same … except they resort to executions . It’s the same insanity behind both.

Ted Cruz is probably the only sane candidate, but it looks like the media is out to destroy him.  The media has their orders – their canned news … thanks to the ‘Puppet Masters’ of Rome who stand to benefit from the demise of the USA, while relaxing in their Jacuzzi tubs with their Euros. It’s no secret that the U.S. Dollar has slowly devalued behind the Euro over the past couple of decades in which the Romans continue to push their global domination strategies forward in America.

Even if Trump doesn’t win, he has pushed America toward being a more divided, fascist, hate-filled society in an almost ‘Jerry Springer’ fashion as he turned the Republican debates into fiascos – and one might say it was quite purposefully so. How can Trump get away with sounding like an imbecile while getting ratings?  The media backs him. That’s how.  What does this say about the populace? Most are glued to their television sets and internet browsers adoring the billionaire star of “The Apprentice”. They will awaken soon from their TV fantasies to realize a very poignant and sinister reality is facing them when their dollar is worthless, their Big Pharma drugs are no longer available by prescription, and a dictator is telling them when and where they can use the toilets.

This land is in grave danger. Trump’s hints towards violence at his rallies are no accident. The nation is being conditioned.  The media are reporting the rascist comments and violence at Trump’s rallies at every turn, and almost as if they are looking to feed the frenzy, instead of prevent it.  They are reporting on guillotines, giant concentration camps, joint military-law enforcement exercises on U.S. soil, mass surveillance violations, and numerous other Constitutional violations as if it flaunt it in the face of the citizenry and as if to see if the citizens will do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the media is offering no positive coverage to Cruz (perhaps because he’s now not of any value to their globalist agenda), and they’re saying there’s no need for a contested convention.  After all, we should trust them.  They’re the media with a halo encircling above them.

If Americans can’t see the nightmare ahead of us or how frightening the Trump or Hillary presidencies will be, then perhaps you’ve just realized the key factor in Election 2016.

Americans have become metaphorically ‘blind’.  How does one become this blind? Is it just from staring at their television and internet screens blankly in almost hypnotic fashion for so long?

This present generation of Americans have not forgotten the Bible and past history.  They just haven’t been taught them. Their parents or grandparents agreed to have the Bible removed in the 1960s and they have apathetically sat upon their hands while their history textbooks were revised as well, whilst continuing to send their children to the state schools to be taught whatever the state wants to teach them – career-oriented topics such as how people are descendants of monkeys and pigs, how GOD is dead, the dangers of reading the most published Book on the planet and how it must stay a forbidden book especially in public, and that globalists, communists, witches and sexual deviants are your heroes.

Even if our website and this particular article weren’t being censored and hidden from view by search engines like Google and social networks like WordPress by those afraid of Truth, still most people who did read this article would probably not even get it’s message.  Most don’t even know history or the Bible or ‘right from wrong’ anymore.  Most are bent on self-destruction and don’t even realize it.  This is what happens to a nation that forgets GOD.  He lets them wander into the darkness.   And not just a nation, but a world.  A blind people wandering through the darkness seldom see the giant pitfall off the cliff ahead.

When we look at Trump, we see a billionaire who not only is blind to the Bill of Rights, but who says whatever he thinks people want to hear, and he definitely represents America thoroughly with his voracious greed for immorality, money, booze, and power, his apathy and indifference towards Scripture and GOD, and his self-centered, hateful, spoiled, and unmannerly attitudes towards the treatment of others.  Instead of love and justice and the fear of GOD, Trump instead displays practical atheism, greed and pride, just as most of his followers.  In many ways, many Americans deserve him.

Then we look at Hillary who represents the social justice and religious-in-name-only types in America (also known as socialists). These know-more-than-thou rebels who despise the wisdom of their parents’ generation of freedom and free enterprise.  Ironically, her father was a fervent Republican who despised Communism.  Hillary’s mother didn’t really care as much about politics … she just couldn’t wait for Hillary to stop working and spend more time with her.  Hillary seemed completely complacent toward either of her parents – much like Americans today.  Most elderly parents and children are forgotten today as people ramble on towards their temporal ambitions or pleasures or other trivial pursuits that usually aren’t nearly as important as the people in their lives.  Hillary, the rebel daughter, looks to carry on the immoral agenda and lies of her husband, and the communist initiatives of her predecessor as her father turns over in his grave.  In this way, both Bill and Hillary are probably also fair representatives of America’s gullible, blind rebellious children who also value their career and sexual escapades more than their families and blindly embrace whatever their parents despised. It’s not a brave new world.  Just the same old self-centered one.  This generation just has more technology to implement and fulfill their evil desires as Aldous Huxley foresaw.

Cruz, who is our only viable solution at this point for freedom and at least a small glimmer of hope for freedom, has recently been shown as a teenager on a video, obviously spawned by his enemies, in which Cruz is shown as a kid joking about bikini girls and world domination, and thus he fairly represents most Christians who aren’t serious about what is happening in their world today, but instead spend way too much time on entertainment and often that of bikini girls and rock ‘n’ roll.  However, Cruz does not appear to be that way today, and to be fair to Cruz which one of us are without sin?  Then again, the media never is fair to Cruz, neither does the media pull the ‘beam out of its eye’ whilst pulling the mote from someone else’ eye.  It’s just not in their culture statement. And keep in mind that the media are never fair to anyone who actually lives the values that Jesus lived, although they have made exceptions for the Bush boys and other fake RINOs who defame the name of Jesus by pretending to be Christian to get votes from the unsuspecting, naive religious crowd.

Can Cruz salvage our nation from the wreckage left by the past several Republican and Democratic Presidents, many of whom may have been CIA assets at one time as shown in other articles on this website?   Can Cruz sway the average entertainment-addicted American, or will they find Cruz too boring, conservative, and non-sensational as their favorite TV show or movie? Will the public ever hear of Cruz again except in a negative fashion now that Trump seems to have gotten more electoral votes (if we truly believe the voting process wasn’t hacked or rigged)? Is Cruz really the answer ultimately? While he may be the best of the candidates at this moment, the ultimate answer is for the American people to spiritually awaken.

Will Americans be like an ‘air-head’, naive teen girl in high school who doesn’t want the boring, faithful, hard-working type, but instead chooses the irresponsible, self-centered jerk who ignores her?  Will Americans elect a leader who will leave America ‘high and dry’, much like a sophomore girl in high school impregnated by an idiot who is wildly popular among his peers simply for running a pigskin ball from one end of a field to another?  It’s amazing how stupid humankind can be when the Bible is taken from them, and with it the Light of Wisdom.

The Bible was published several centuries ago, and the world became a hubbub of new inventions, scientific discoveries, new industries and jobs, cultural advances, and freedom.  It was a drastic change from the previous millennia of impoverished peasants, superstitions,  inquisitions, flat-world papists, enslavement, mediocrity, and dull-minded people.  But people became prosperous and forgot GOD. And that’s where we are.  The key factor in Election 2016 will be ‘blindness’, because it is GOD’s way of showing the world that America’s blessings were due to the early colonies’ emphasis upon the Light of the World and the Light of the Word – these two were what enlightened minds and brought fulfillment, hope, and change of the greatest kind to families in a young New World centuries ago … until the Romans wrecked it by removing the Light from their classrooms and homes, and replacing them with the hypnotic glowing light of the big screen. The era of loving homes, friendly neighbors, people working hard and living within their means, and the simple life is gone.

‘Blindness’ will defeat us this coming autumn election unless people turn again to GOD and bring His Word back into their public lives, classrooms, and homes again.  The key factor of ‘blindness’ is why most will never understand what is written above, and why most will elect leaders who will destroy them.  Is this a positive article? No. Then again, perhaps it’s time that a spoonful of reality be fed to those sitting in darkness close to Death; however, the spoonful must be accepted, and a generation addicted to ‘eye candy’ and carnal pleasure will probably never read this article, and those who do may never understand it.

Don’t lose hope!  This isn’t the real life.  The next life is and it will be a time of Justice for all – a time for payback.  And that’s great for some and really dreadful for others.  Have you read the Bible from start to finish?  If so, encourage someone to read the Bible today and pray for our nation. The Bible is a Light to the nations. Those nations who banish this Light do so to their own peril. Our Hope is in the LORD who created heaven and earth. Human kingdoms come and go, but His Word will stand forever. Long after Trump, Hillary, and Obama answer at the judgment throne for their conduct, Jesus will still be reigning eternally.  Right wins out in the end.  Evil will be punished.  The Truth and those who embrace the Way, the Truth, and the Life will be the winners!  Will that be you?