HITLER: Catholics and sodomite killings

18hitlercatholicnuncioDo not be surprised if in the near future, you see sodomites being killed by the Cabal in order to further their agenda.  They have their tentacles in much of the world’s power, and are behind much of the intrigue taking place today, whether it be false flags, waves of terror, or economic tsunamis.  Many of these are just around the corner, and not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

Of course, it may not be blatant killings, but one can be assured that if Hitler’s Puppet Masters did it before, they will do it again.  These Roman Kabbalists are growing in great power and are close to realizing their goals even as I write these words.

For those who have heard historical revisionism on the Nazis killing the homosexuals, be informed – read this article: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/fischer/080515 .  Excellent research – a craft well lacking these days in modern times.  Read this article and learn that the Nazis were filled with sodomites as the Jesuits are as well.  The ‘butch’ Nazi homosexuals were killing the ‘effeminate’ Nazi homosexuals, because they considered them a ‘weaker’ race.

Men will always tell their version of history.  Without men like John Fox and his “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” or similar books like “Martyrs Mirror” and other classics, would we have known the evils of Rome? Would they, who controlled the narrative of history for a thousand years, have recounted their grisly deeds to the world?

Those who control the narrative, control the minds of the people. Thus, any religion that depends upon history for its beliefs is dependent upon subjective and undependable ground for their foundation, and they will surely see their house sink when the rains of Judgment come.  Only those with their foundation upon the Rock of the Creator’s Book will survive that day.

Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions claim to believe in portions of the Book of the Creator’s Word, but all of these depend upon the miry pits of history for foundational beliefs.  Buddhism, which sounds an awful lot like Brahmanism with characteristics of Jesus added in the character of Buddha, relies primarily upon the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa, writings which were written years after the time of Christ. Buddhists must trust their souls to the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa and hope he didn’t twist history or fabricate Buddha.  That’s a lot of trust when you think about the history of ‘history’.

Similar things could be said about all world religions whose fundamental sacred source documents all claim to have been started by men and their words, although some of the men claim to have received books from ‘angels’, but remember there are also ‘fallen’ or evil angels.  Only the Bible, the Creator’s Book, claims to have been breathed by our Creator and carried by His Spirit as its many authors, the Prophets, proclaimed the Words of the Creator (carried as a surfboard is carried by a wave – that’s the actually wording in the original language of the Scriptures).  Many of these prophets lived far apart by centuries, yet their words sound as though they are from One Author.

Those who are wise will depend solely upon the Book of their Creator’s Word – a Book which is timeless in its narrative of how the Creator came to Earth as the Messiah for mankind first as the sacrificial Lamb to die in our place, so that we could receive payment for our sins if we are willing to give our lives to Him.  This same Book prophesied that the Jews would one day be taken from all over the world where they were scattered and would bring them back into their land of Israel again – this is not Zionism – this is fulfilled prophecy. This same Book, whose prophecies have been fulfilled flawlessly, says one day the Creator will come again as the Lion of Judah to Judge the wicked.

Men always tell their version of history. Many of these men are corrupt.  Franco, the fascist leader of Spain, stated that Hitler fought for Christianity.  This was his perspective of Christianity, yet it was not Christianity but Catholicism, the religion of Rome, that inspired Hitler.  Many historians are like Franco.  They write what they think based upon what knowledge they have been given, and oftentimes for their own self-serving purposes.

Most religions are similar – based upon self-serving desires for power, money, authority, and a false sense of spiritual security granted them by clergy as a way for the clergy and the state to control people and keep them obedient to the laws they pass, and to get them to be good workers.  That’s why almost all false religions are simply lessons of “do ‘good’ and go to heaven” type teachings with the state and religious authorities defining what is ‘good’, and it’s usually self-serving.  When a Puppet of the Cabal like Obama speaks of how much he wants to end violence, how much he loves children, and that these motivate him to get guns off the street, you can bet that those who believe him know little or nothing of history. It is history that tells us that he is lying and that his logic is absurd.  Yet on the other hand, history is oftentimes retold with a slant, especially in public schools which are controlled by the Cabal, in such a way that these lessons are edited from the books or spun in a way that nobody will learn the lessons of the past. Just as today’s media reports are often filled with lies, fabrications, and false accounts such as false flag operations which today seem to appear far more regularly, even so, history is the news stories of past generations and they too are often filled with fabrications.  Many times, it is the reader of history who also is skewed in their thinking. One must have wisdom in order to understand knowledge, and even then knowledge is oftentimes muddied by men’s finite and fallible attempts to relay it to the next generation or skewed by a reader’s perspective or philosophical leanings. Most often, however, it’s men’s corrupt attempts to purposefully distort history for their own religious fervor, selfish gain, power, wealth, and control.

Do not rely upon polluted tales of men, even if they claim to get their information from angels. Only the Creator has ultimate power, wealth, authority, and knowledge, so there is no bribe or need that will bend His will to change the Truth. He tells us the Truth flawlessly, … every time.