LAST HOUR? USA, Macron, and Trump

TrumpHillaryIs Trump a bully? One says ‘no’. Another says ‘yes’.  And what was Obama? Did he not play the bully? Yet, the Trump Train supporters would deny that Trump has acted rude throughout his campaign and presidency. Obama’s supporters would also pretend that Obama was not a fascist. Many today think one party is superior or that one candidate is not controlled, bought and sold by those dark occult lords, the Knights of Rome. Today’s leaders are putting on a play for their blind citizens to boo or to cheer. And the world does not lack for those ignorant of basic history and knowledge, so deceiving mankind is quite easy for them, now that they’ve dumbed down Americans and taken the Light from their schools and replaced it with Darkness. Thinking men are rare today. Scarce indeed. Why?

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.41.35 PM

The Louvre Pyramid, subject of many occult tales of intrigue

Did not thirteen nation states, in the land now known as the United States, enjoy a lavish place in the sun for hundreds of years? Except for the handful of Catholics and Anglicans who mainly lived in the land of Mary (Maryland) and Virginia, the other colonies had few if any slaves originally. Christianity reigned throughout the majority of those slave-free colonies. Many of the slaves were brought when Romans began to overflow America in the millions during the mid-1800s after America was deceived into changing their separate nation states into one federal bureaucracy in 1776 and with the stroke of a pen, Christianity was no longer the official religion of these nation states, since the phrase “no establishment of religion” in the new federal Constitution replaced the State Constitutions. This opened the door for Catholics, witches, warlocks, Kabbalists, and Romans of every variety to flood Judeo-Christian America, bringing with them their old intolerance and hate for Biblical Christianity and Jewish people.


Roman Catholics, who had created such an intolerant and hateful environment in Europe with burnings, tortures, Inquisitions, and the like, were left behind by most of these colonists who sought for a New World free of hate. Is it any surprise then that Catholics were banned in the American colonies from holding office with the exception again of the land of Mary (Maryland)? Virginia was more Anglican (or English Catholics aka Catholics subservient to the English King instead of the pope).


Funny handshakes can grow a business in modern USA, but wipe out the spirituality of a person and their family

The thirteen nation states grew very prosperous, peaceable, and were loved and envied by the rest of the world as they formed prosperous trade routes, using tariffs and import taxes to ensure they always cared for their free people. They never sold jobs to foreigners for the lowest bidder or brought foreigners over to America to take Americans’ jobs. It was not allowed back then.  And buying foreign goods might cost you due to the tariffs or import taxes. Therefore, jobs flourished in America. Also, local America had plenteous jobs and a bountiful economy, because the massive global multinational corporations of the European Romans, led by Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights Templar or Jesuits, had not stolen away the lion’s share of the American market yet via the Roman television networks continual promotion of these giant Roman corporations.

home cheap homeWithout the massive corporations limiting free speech as they took over in the 1970s, most Americans were their own boss (instead of staring at a cubicle wall waiting for Friday to come), took time off for family as needed (instead of being told they have to punch in their very scarce PTO hours to attend important family events during the day or to be with loved ones in the hospital), spoke out for their beliefs in GOD (as global corporations didn’t tell them in the 1970s to shut up; plus, the Bible was taught very clearly and thoroughly even as recent as the 1950s in American public schools), built their businesses through spending time with their neighbors (before the plastic world of networking and social media took over with shallow relationships and fake friends), and they earned their own money – great sums of it – instead of getting to eat the crumbs off the plates of the overpaid CEOs who earn more than a large number of their workers combined.

homeIn the past, one average American in a very average job could work and have enough money to buy a car, buy a house (some homes were only $3,000 back in those days), pay bills, as well as save money for a rainy day, retirement, and college for the children. Then came along the Roman Masonic shill of Rome, President FDR with his ‘New Deal’ (a raw deal) in which he managed to jack up the cost of housing and push America into more economic woes as his Roman successors and predecessors had done as well with foolish and traitorous acts such as the Federal Reserve Act, the addition of a Social Security Number (to track Americans), the Internal Revenue Service, the Secret Police of Rome (CIA, FBI, NSA, TSA, ATF, etc), the removal of precious metals from our coins and the use of paper money (in violation of the Constitution).

tampa-troops-policestateToday, both spouses work just to barely pay their bills, and this in great part due to these massive Roman global corporations who pick and choose workers according to their beliefs and siphon off those who refuse to goose step to the beat of the All-Seeing Eye’s agenda (for those who understand such symbolism). The corporate slavery is here. GOD’s blessing is not upon America any longer and for good reason.

10 Room home for less than $3KThe Bible, GOD’s Word, was removed from public life in the 1960s. Sexual immorality replaced it in the form of ‘sex education’ throughout the schools. Prayer was replaced with teachings of evolution which stated that man has no responsibility to GOD since GOD doesn’t exist, and man can do whatever they want like an animal (since evolution stated that they came from animals). Although a handful of small businesses still exist, even those are quickly being wiped out by the new legislature and global corporatism that Trump is empowering just as his predecessors before him. Massive unprecedented numbers of Secret Police are in place at the federal level, and almost every one of them added in the past century, since the Roman Cabal got it’s claws into the U.S. government.

trumpactorToday, Trump appears to be like a big Roman actor or puppet, trained by the Jesuits, promising to do all the things that America once did in the past when Romans and Jesuits were banned from its borders. Yet, is Trump doing them? No. Is Trump a professional actor? Yes. Many promises have been made by Trump and somehow there’s always a reason he can’t perform. Is it the media who is stopping him? Can he not end the riots? Are his hands tied? Is he on a mental vacation? Is he just too busy with old-timers illnesses? Has his staff tied him down with ropes like in Gulliver’s Travels? Have the evil RINOs in Congress stopped him, since all the House and Senate are Republican? What is his excuse for not getting rid of ObamaCare, fixing the tax system, ending the rioting, implementing tariffs and import taxes, repairing the school systems, and creating real change? Why is he only signing a few bills here and there that are minor in comparison to make it look like he’s conservative? Why is he only helping his fellow CEOs of large global Roman corporations, many of whom operate out of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, those Jesuit strongholds? Why is he not outraged, as much as he pretended to be during his campaign, with the fact that all his plans seem to be blocked? Why isn’t he Tweeting about it all? Is he just locked away in a closet somewhere and his Jesuit advisers with his cabinet running the show?

RomanTrumpWhich leads us to ask why did he pick so many Jesuits and Romans to be by his side, including Catholic Pence, his Vice-President? Why did he choose Tim Dolan as his ‘prayer leader’ for his inauguration? Why was Tim Dolan the chosen ‘prayer leader’ for the March of Life earlier this year, alongside Catholic Pence? Is Trump really this incapable? Is he really this blocked by everyone? Is he really being held captive in a closet somewhere and allowed out for media events? Are they holding a gun to his back the whole time he is on camera with microphones all around him?

Or did Trump never plan to do anything but hold to the status quo for four years while the media incited the Left into a frenzy of violence against the Right? Is Trump just a place marker to show the supposed ‘incompetence, bigotry, and mysogynistic nature’ of the Right until the Romans place their own leader or world leader in the place of Trump?

hitler-and-popeYet, only the blind in the world seem to be the focus of the Roman media, mainstream or alternative. Only the rioters and negative enemies of Trump are highlighted and they continue to grow more vicious and intolerant by the day. What you don’t see in the media are the number of Trump supporters who are also sick of the left and are also becoming more angry every day. The Roman Cabal loves this as well. They love to stir the pot. The true plot of this global stage play is developing.

Trump is descended from the Drumpfe family of Bavaria (the same German Bavaria from whence Nazi Hitler, Skull and Bones, and other occult orders arose).


Nuremberg Trials. Looking down on defendants’ dock, ca. 1945-46. (WWII War Crimes Records) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #: 238-NT-592 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 1296

Many more matters have already been written about Trump regarding his being a Knight of Malta, his fascination with Hitler’s speeches, his funding of Hillary and other Democratic leaders for years, his connections with a variety of intriguing individuals, his lineage from Roman and Merovingian dynasties, and such. Even if we have not written about the mysterious nature of how he met his wife Melania or drilled down deeper into his Bavarian, Roman, and Merovingian roots, most readers who have been following us have a good idea that Trump is not free of intrigue. Obama and Hillary are even more easily shown to be connected with the ‘powers that be’ with many still not sure of Obama’s roots or connections to Rome, Catholic parishes, or the CIA.  Even fewer probably know that an associate of Hillary had told people that she was involved in a witch coven in Los Angeles. All of these matters are stated in other articles in more detail on this website.

All the world’s a stage and the rulers are actors. Who runs the show? It’s imperative to know. Obama was a bully, but that was not his role. Trump’s role is to play the bully. Yet, they are all bullies indeed. They are fascists by creed. Their Puppet Master is dark, cruel, deceptive, and of the sickest mindset imaginable with an army of puppets wearing masks who never forgive and never forget, and play both sides so they always win.

Illuminati Macron-DoubleIn Europe, we hear of another puppet arising from France. Emmanuel Macron, a man raised by the Jesuits, those vile heads of the Inquisitions who love to control mankind and sleep with mankind, is now being compared to the other puppet Trump.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.41.05 PMWhat should we expect from a leader like Emmanuel Macron, whose very name ‘Emmanuel’ means ‘GOD with us’, especially when you learn that he was raised by the devilish Jesuits, who formed the Satanic Bavarian Illuminati, and who love their little empires in San Francisco, Hollywood, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, and Rome to name just a few of their main dens, where they run their evil global multinational corporations that enslave third world countries’ people, but pretend to be the great helpers of mankind through socialism – the same socialism that failed in Russia as babies and children were left without parents in houses, while ten or more families shared the same house.

macronDo you think America will escape such results? Keep in mind the Satanic Alumbrados (Spanish for ‘Illuminati’) are who formed the Jesuits through their mastermind Ignatius of Loyola. The Jesuits were hired as the mercenaries of the Pope in 1540, according to a former Jesuit, to extinguish the Protestant Reformation through a Counter-Reformation.

The Old Testament antiChrist who was always placed side-by-side with the future antiChrist throughout the Book of Daniel, was named Antiochus Epiphanes. ‘Epiphanes’ meant ‘GOD Manifest’ much like ‘Emmanuel’ means ‘GOD With Us’.  I do not prophesy that Macron is the antiChrist, but I do find these matters quite interesting. I also find it interesting that Amir Tsarfati, who enjoys a world-wide Biblical ministry in prophecy, also found Emmanuel Macron to be an interesting example of the antiChrist as seen in his video at this link. Macron is well-known to be tied to the Rothschild cabal. Even more chilling is the fact that his advanced universities included a thesis on Machiavelli and Hegel, two men known for their teachings on the manipulation of society for one’s own sordid purposes – a sort of master class in engineering humankind into what one desired it to be. Hegelian dialectic philosophy has been a core center to the evil philosophies, dark lords and dictators of the past couple of centuries. Machiavellianism is synonymous today with unscrupulous schemes, immoral plotting, and cunning evil craft.

Macron was born in the spring of 1977, and in the spring of 1982, popular New Age leader Benjamin Creme stated that the New Age Messiah was in the world in an astonishing advertisement in USA Today that puzzled the world. Creme stated in 2010 that the New Age Maitreya or ‘messiah’ had also experienced his first American interview. Interestingly enough, Creme’s comments were kept low-key. Prior to that year, Macron had joined the Socialist Party in 2006, married his Jesuit instructor in 2009, and plunged into a political career that was lightning flash in how quickly he rose to power in the past seven years. Could he have been the one of whom Creme spoke of having done an American interview prior to January 14, 2010?

Benjamin Creme was a New Age powerbroker, known for communicating with Spirit Masters (demons). Keep in mind that Jesuit father Teilhard de Chardin is known to be the father of the New Age Movement. More on this can be read in our partner blog’s website in an article on the similarities between the monotheistic Charismatic movement that originated with Rome and the a-theistic or polytheistic New Age movement that also originated with Rome. Macaron is a Sicilian name that originated from the same southern Italian area from which the Mafia arose. It’s meaning is derived back even further from the Gaelic language.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 3.55.37 PM

gerard bouffardThe fact that Emmanuel Macron at seventeen years of age, before the age of majority, told his forty-year old Jesuit instructor that he was going to marry her, should be concerning as it reminds one of bizarre relationships found in Rome and the Illuminati, who are allegedly behind the massive pedophilia rings around the world. The reports on Podesta, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and others is only a small drop in the bucket if you look at the massive history of the Jesuits and Rome for such activity and realize that the Illuminati are a group of Satanic Romans who reside in Rome and perhaps even in Vatican City if the reports of former Jesuit Malachi Martin and a host of other Cabal whistleblowers can be trusted such as Svali, former Guatemalan bishop Gerard Bouffard, and many other ex-Romanists whose testimonies were well-known over the past couple of centuries. So many facts at this moment could be presented and even a massive abundance of them if others within the Cabal risked their lives to share them, but would humanity even listen? How much have they listened to those who have blown the whistle?

Is Emmanuel Macron the ‘little horn’ that arises from the Dragon, that AntiChrist of Revelation? I don’t think any of us know for sure, and we would be foolish to make predictions, as such predictions would be additions to Scripture which are forbidden.


Soros is a Nazi Collaborator who helped exterminate the lives of his own ethnic people, the Jews. Soros represents many Jewish people in America on the left who are self-serving and evil. They hate Israel, hate GOD, hate decency, hate morality, and hate any Truth that is placed before their deranged minds.

Yet, there are the Jews represented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu throughout America as well. These Jews are brilliant, productive, tolerant, kind, innovative, and are helping America succeed in the world. Today, not only are Jews in America helping to transform many areas of human life, but Israel is coming up with cures to cancer, methods to irrigate crops using the humidity in the air, almost miraculous medical inventions, and amazing innovations on a daily basis. Do you ever see these inventions in the American media? I don’t hear much of anything throughout any of the media of the ‘left’ or the ‘right’ of the Roman networks. If any of the thousands of amazing Jewish or Israeli inventions are ever mentioned, they never state that they are Jewish or Israeli inventions. This brand of Jews, unlike the Soros variety, are a positive influence upon mankind. Why? Even if they still don’t acknowledge their own Messiah yet (Yehoshua Immanuel ben Yoseph aka Jesus Christ), they do still look to the Torah and Tanakh (the Bible’s Old Covenant or Testament).  And the Bible, which was printed in the language of the common man helping to end the Dark Ages, has always been known for bringing about industrial revolutions, enlightenments, and inventions, technologies, and progress that has been unforeseen.

Macron and Jesuit teacher-wife

Young student Emmanuel Macron, who married his forty-year old Jesuit instructor, who is seated here beside him at the Jesuit school

Most Americans, however, do not want the Bible in their schools much like Russia also banned the Bible during the Cold War when the socialism of the communist party of Russia collapsed economically. What more do you expect in America in the near future? Trump will not make a difference as a puppet on the strings of the Roman Cabal. Only GOD can bring prosperity and enlightenment. GOD must bless America, not Trump (of the Bavrian Drumpfes). If you want to see how low Americans are in terms of history, just look at those who call themselves ‘Christians’. Early Christians would open their mouths wide in horror to see these Americans who claim to be Christians today.



False Christs are being connected to the Vedic religions; the Vedic religions mothered Hinduism, Brahmanism (the mother of Buddhism), and other Asian religions. ‘Team AntiChrist’ is preparing the world. Vedic people are possibly descendants from the Baal-worshiping Israeli Dispersion (circa 1740 B.C.).

Is it our job to sugarcoat all of these matters? To ignore them or to be kind and loving to people who traffic humans and children and kill little babies for their own evil pleasures? Well, as Lights of the Messiah, we must show love to all humans and desire all to come to the Messiah and His great salvation, whether they be Jesuits, witches, or Illuminati. At the same time, we must expose darkness and seek justice on this planet as salt. GOD ordained government and its job is to bring justice through punishment to evil perpetrators. Its job is not to be the evil perpetrator or to aid and abet those who do. Those who hate the Truth will call those of us who expose darkness and seek for justice by names such as ‘fearmongerers’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘haters’, ‘fake news’ and a long list of hateful names. Their rhetoric does not dissuade us from helping those who are the victims of such evil organizations and the cabal who presides over them. We will not desist from pointing our finger at those responsible or exposing darkness for this is our duty as believers. Those who wear huge crosses around their neck, have massive followings of people, and tell you that we just need to love everyone and ignore such atrocities and horrors in our world will only ensure that you experience new horrors and ultimately the horrific and swift judgments of GOD Himself.

American ‘Christians’ wear tattoos, swim mostly naked with each other, listen to shaman rock music (which originated from witch doctors in West Africa) in their ‘services’, and fornicate regularly without any real fear of judgment. Mass numbers of them struggle with drugs and prescriptions for false ‘mental disorders’ (which were created by the Jesuit Nazis, both the drugs and the disorders). They trust in the very psychiatry which was created as a replacement for Christianity. They commit adultery at a pace that astounds the non-Christians and entertain themselves with nudity, witchcraft, and every form of abomination. They have become like the Roman Catholics who once mass-murdered their ancestors, even adopting many of the Catholic holidays, liturgy and man-centric sermons instead of the reading of the Bible, their emphasis on pouring money into more buildings, as well as the Roman theological beliefs that were formed from a core of Baal doctrines re-labeled with Christian names and sprinklings of Scripture. Like the Laodicean congregation in Revelation chapter three, they also have no clue how they look to Almighty Yahweh at this very hour.

Think of the American evangelists who left all they owned to live among pagan, primitive savages during the 1800s to share the Gospel with those who had never heard. Think of how they had spent their lives learning another language and tossed aside their own inconveniences to suffer, be martyred, and share the Good News of how the Messiah Yehoshua came to earth as the Creator of the Universe to die in the place of lost men, so they could give their lives to Him, receive His Holy Spirit with a simple prayer, and by faith believe that the sacrifice of the Messiah could pay their way into heaven without any need of human works.  They found many of these savages living in a failing economy, with multiple piercings and tattoos, listening to shaman music, running around mostly naked, and completely clueless about how their sinful lives were breaking GOD’s heart.

Wine is a mocker

Fast forward to modern American ‘Christianity’ where her church members are found living with a failing economy, with multiple piercings and tattoos, listening to shaman music, running around mostly naked, and completely clueless about how their sinful lives are breaking GOD’s heart.

How dark is the mind of mankind at this late hour. They came out of the Dark Ages when the Bible was printed in the common man’s language, but today they are even darker than those Dark days, because now knowing the Truth, they have rejected it and are quickly plunging lower and lower and lower by the day in their morals and their minds have followed their morals straight into the dark abyss of primitive pagan thinking.

Assistancy portraits with Fr. Adolfo Nicolas

Assistancy portraits with Fr. Adolfo Nicolas

The ancient days of Rome are upon us. The Roman rats are running everywhere. Today, Rome is having a problem with rats in the number of six million. That’s double the population of humans in Rome, it is said. Is there some divine meaning here? Is this a depiction of the correlation between the spiritual realm and the physical realm? I find it ironic.

Some know them as the founders of the Alumbrados, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Knights Of Malta, Skull And Bones, Bilderberg Group, Rockefellers, KKK, Soros Leftists, Rothschild family, Nazis, Theosophists, Kabbalists, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Wiccans, Witches, Warlocks, Satanists, the Club of Rome, or the Roman Cabal.

I see them as the unholy fathers of Rome, France, New York, London, and Washington, D.C., who headquarter in Rome for now. I see the Cabal’s top leaders as being full of demons as Malachi Martin noted in his book ‘Hostage to the Devil’, and these world leaders are about to push forward a man to the world full of Satan, who I believe will eventually destroy Rome in the near future (as implied in Revelation 17) after his fellow cohorts have used it for their sordid purposes. Do they think this will hide their dirty deeds?

HarmageddonAn Army is coming that will blow their house down, led by the King of all Kings! They will need their full robotic capabilities, intelligence orgs, industrial magic, military complexes, armies, and space/aeronautic capabilities. Their massive caverns they have built in the earth will not help or hide them. Soon the Illuminati will die forever!

Drugs cannot comfort them or change their behavior. They are not evolving, but devolving. Psychiatry was their creation to replace GOD and the Bible. Looks like most humans about into their lies, but that is expected in the land of the blind. Most in the world probably hate Trump but that is his job, in my opinion. He was trained by the Jesuits as were two of his children. Most in the world probably hate Israelis, but ironically, history tells us Israelis have interbred or conquered most of the world since 740 B.C., which means you, my reader, are probably part Israeli.

Oh that men were not so ignorant, blind, and so easily cloned and brain-washed by other evil men. Man’s nature is fallen and seeks selfishness rather than selflessness. They shout ‘brainwashed’ at anyone who seeks to do right, but they themselves are the ones brainwashed and usually by their atheistic public institutions of education or in the murky, filthy vomit-like entertainment floating on the internet or television. The one-eyed man in the land of the blind still is king. But that’s all crazy talk to mankind, since they’ve probably never even heard of Erasmus who originally said that. Yes, it wasn’t H.G. Wells, although most probably haven’t heard of him either. Ignorance of history is rampant. Most of it isn’t even taught anymore and hasn’t been for years. Rare is the soul who actually digs into those ancient volumes, and rarer still is he who learns from them. Do you know history enough to know the occult knights behind the rise of the Nazis invented psychiatry, evolution, and the Pharma industry (nine of the major companies were Nazis)? Most won’t fact check that. Pagans are morally insane and get all their beliefs from the internet and TV. Have you ever seen pagan savages in their primitive environment loving history or the Bible? I haven’t either. So don’t be surprised that most Americans don’t love it either. They may have been given an amazing civilized environment by the founders of the thirteen nation states before them, but don’t expect the modern pagan Americans to maintain it. Expect it to begin crumbling very soon.


Catholics celebrating Easter

The Roman Catholics pretend to fight for life, but their larger health organizations had no problem with joining Obama’s fight against life with only a handful of their multiple health agencies refusing to be involved. Why did my grandmother find a fetus in the toilet of a convent when she went to sign up to become a young nun if the stories of mounds of aborted babies in Catholic tunnels are not true? What do you think is taking place between the priests and nuns at these convents then? Thankfully, Mother Superior was out of the office that day. My grandmother eventually found the Messiah and believed in Him instead of fake religions and their leaders, driven by opportunity, greed for power and money, and false assurances of salvation through doing ‘good works’ for their power infrastructure and ‘service’ for their massive programs.


Evolution: The tale of how monkeys become black men, eventually Asians, and resulted in white men. No wonder the Europeans loved this myth so much.

Why do you think Hitler went after certain races? Occult evolution taught that whites were superior and they had a chart that they deceptively used to prove the same – that’s history – not the bunk coming out of the mouth of American professors and even pastors like unto the filthy, disgusting, sick, demented media that is absorbed in their land on a daily basis. The Uber mensch of the Nazis was celebrated long before Hitler as seen in Also Sprach Zarathrustra by Strauss.  Most don’t even know these facts. They just have ball bats to beat others who have a different opinion – they live enslaved by ignorance and hedonism, but live free of facts.

Bill Nye - michael faradayThese Aryan supremacist Romans believe they’re the zenith of mankind. What hogwash! Their ‘science’ today is akin to the ancient myths. They believe we came from rocks … or monkeys … or amoeba … or a big explosion … or nothing … or energy smaller than an atom … and who knows which theory will be next. Will they soon propose that aliens created us? And will it be millions of years ago or billions? And how many millions or billions or even trillions? They even pride themselves that their so-called evidence keeps changing. Can you imagine a defendant in a courtroom taking glory in the fact that his evidence keeps changing?

bible preservation over milleniaThey still fight hard to disprove the Bible which has not changed its story in almost four thousand years. When the Bible was published in the language of the people, many of these myths were disproven, but now these same pagans who believed the myths are attempting to take credit for modern scientific discovery. However, even Bill Nye slipped up and stated that his favorite scientist was Michael Faraday. He obviously wasn’t well-read enough to realize that Faraday was a believer in the Bible. To these modern pagan in the world, freedom is all about living worse than animals and free of facts. Even rats don’t go after their own kind or their own young. Speaking of those who go after their own kind and their young, the Pope wearing his Dagon dunce cap is symbolic of the masses.  But most probably don’t even know what I just wrote or what it means. Many today would read these words above and say “seek psychiatric help immediately”, because today in America, to have learned facts from intelligence operatives and to know history and the Bible, is akin to being mentally ill. That sums up western civilization today.

Isaac NewtonRemember what happened in other lands where the Bible flourished, but was then extinguished? America has probably had far more opportunity than them. If you think the days of Russian pogroms and mass murders of sixty million were awful or the atrocities of Nazi Germany were nauseating, what do you think America’s judgments will soon be? I say ‘soon’, because I believe they are very soon. Those modern Americans who believe in evolution, which teaches monkeys became black people who became Asians who became white people, and who have fornicated so much and at such young ages that they’ve mass-murdered almost sixty million babies are not to be compared to Stalin who murdered sixty million people. Stalin was one person. Millions in America have participated in the murders, not of adults but of helpless babies.

GuillotineThink about the horrors in history of GOD’s judgments upon wicked people such as those He allowed to happen to Israel for her sin. People were eating their own babies to survive. Men had their eyes put out. Think about how appropriate many of the judgments were and think about how America will soon be.

Are you a believer in the Messiah or have you rejected Him and His Word? Are you one who assimilates the culture of the heathen and the Roman Catholics just because your pastor, congregation or other ‘big ministries’ allow such things to be done or have you stood alone to do what is right in obedience to the Creator and His Word?


Mass Graves Holocaust

The Holocaust’s mass killings and burials that took place in our past century and yet denials have already begun. When they begin in America, will they also be denied in a century from now?

Trump is no savior. Trump is a mirage to the morally outraged. He may not be another Hitler, but his role seems to be that of status quo – a pause before the storm. Repentance starts first with followers of Messiah and those who claim to be the same. If they are unwilling to stop their syncretic assimilation, then do not expect anything to change in America’s present downward spiral.

America must turn back to GOD. They must once again read his Word in their daily lives, education, and public places. Christians send their children to educational institutions that refuse to acknowledge GOD or read His Word and wonder why their children act like their pagan classmates and leave Christianity.

Education is a path to the mind.

rock-jesusThese same parents do not work at keeping their children away from shamanic pagan rock ‘n’ roll (produced in great part by Romans and even in the so-called Christian rock genre which is a form of not just shamanism but blasphemy for combining GOD’s name with rock music – ‘rock’ being a word for sexual fornication) or its blasphemous or pagan lyrics. These so-called Christians allow their children to view every form of evil entertainment, filthy websites, and other such media (and most parents do it themselves), and wonder why their children talk, sing, and act like heathens.

Media is a path to the mind.


Star Wars – the occult tale of George Lucas, disciple of occult master Joseph Campbell in which they present their hopes for an occult kingdom soon

These same so-called Christian parents also fail to have their children read and memorize the Bible, which the Scripture says keeps young people from sin and renews their mind, and the parents wonder why their children are into sin and have a mind that focuses only on the material and sensual, devoid of Scriptural beliefs. They carry their children to the Roman cathedrals for a paid religious cleric to share man-made sermons instead of reading the Bible openly, and they wonder why their children have beliefs that are based in opinion and have little basis in the Old and New Testaments.

Without Christians repenting of their pagan mimicking of the heathen culture, lifestyle and entertainment around them and their great disobedience of GOD, America will surely crumble, and oh the horrors that will follow.

Neither do I think most so-called ‘Christians’ know their own evil as they seem to have become so reprobate as to see the rare souls left who refuse pagan assimilation and who follow the Messiah as mentally ill or ‘evil’.  They have rejected GOD and they now exalt, promote, and reward evil as though the evil were ‘good’, and they persecute, punish, and seek to exterminate good as though the good were ‘evil’.


Not knowing their own evil, do you really think they will see the coming judgments of GOD, the All Powerful Sovereign Judge of mankind who sends unbelievers to a fiery, eternal lake of fire? Do they even have a fear of Him? Or do they think His grace has replaced His judgment as many false teachers in their land teach today. Oh no, grace is for those living faithful in Christ, not for those who flaunt their sin with no fear of GOD. By faith, we leave sin behind. By faith, as Hebrews 11 tells us, we are able to resist the temptations and tests of life. By faith, we can avoid the coming judgment by being found inside of Christ and living in obedience to Him. Those who shipwreck their faith, or who think they are in Christ when they are not, have much to fear.


Roman Catholic fascist Ante Pavelić’s Ustashi troops are seen here beheading a man as they cleansed the former Yugoslavian territory of non-Catholics.

I do wonder if the job of the cruel Roman Cabal is that of exacting judgment upon GOD’s people when they are living in disobedience to Him. Isn’t that how Babylon and Assyria were used by GOD towards the end of Israel’s existence almost two thousand years ago? Yet, GOD punished Babylon and Assyria after He used them to exact cruel judgments upon His disobedient nations of Israel and Judah. If GOD is about to punish the Romans for their great and many evils over two thousand years, would it not be a parallel that He will first exact cruel judgments upon His disobedient people in America who have been given so much prosperity and great blessings in hearing His Word for centuries in great abundance? I do believe the time of the Gentiles is about to end, and the clock on Israel’s last seven years (found in the Book of Daniel chapter nine) is about to tick off. I see a great abundance of signs, fulfilling boatloads of Scriptural prophecies that our present world is how it would be in the last days.

images (3)Do not think you will escape the coming judgment in America if you are an American Christian, because I have no promise to you that you will. We can hope that if we live in obedience to Christ that He will allow us to escape as Lot escaped Sodom, as Noah escaped the Flood, and as Daniel, Jeremiah, and other prophets were able to side-step the great judgments of their day. However, keep in mind many martyrs who did not in Scripture and outside of Scripture. Imagine the horrors of judgment that are reserved for a nation like America who has been so blessed with Bible truth and prosperity, and who has rejected the Creator who blessed them and have no shame or moral regret for how they continually scoff at Him and at those who represent Him as though they have done no wrong.