BAAL: Israel’s Judaism?

We could speak of the transformation of Israel’s belief during their stay in Babylon or the transformation of their calendar after their seventy year stay in Babylon during the 600s B.C.   We could also point out the discrepancies between the Law’s (the Torah’s) description of the Passover meal ingredients and the Passover meal today in which an egg of Ishtar appears to have been added among other things.

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wheel2We could look at the Menorah of seven candlesticks as specified in the Law and the Prophets (Torah and Tanakh) and wonder how it became nine candlesticks in the modern Feast of Chanukah or the Feast of Dedication.  We could also ask why the middle candle of the nine in the modern Menorah is called ‘Shamash’ when we know that is an ancient Babylonian-Akkadian sun god of Baal worship? Or why the Shamash (sun god) candle is in the middle of eight other candles (or as the Occult calls them ‘points of light’) which looks very similar to the Babylonian Occult ‘Wheel of the Sun’ from ancient times and modern Paganism and Witchcraft, the descended daughters of Babylonian Occult Mysteries?

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.51.18 AMWe could ask why the Talmud, the words of rabbis, is completely contradictory of the Law handed to Moses by GOD (the Torah)? Or why the Talmud is complete opposition to the Prophets writings (the Tanakh)? We could ask why the Star of Rephaim or Occult Mysticism appears to be displayed publicly and proudly by the State of Israel on their flag? We might question why they would even want to see this symbol on their flag after the Occult leadership, such as the Occult Roman Emperor of Germany Adolph Hitler, have used this symbol to brand the Jews, to denigrate Jews, to besmirch and soil the reputations of Jews, and to connect Jews to the Occult Evil Elite as seen in such monstrosities as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Why do Jews and Israelis even listen to rabbis who teach them to join Judaism since modern Judaism is not a belief in Torah and Tanakh, but is instead a belief in the Talmud and Baal worship? Even the term used for the return to Judaism is equivalent with ancient Hebrew’s term for returning to Baal as seen below.

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Yet, while modern rabbis claim that ‘baal teshuva’ means ‘master of repentance’, the ancient Hebrew language of the Torah and Tanakh exposes their lies as seen below.

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Indeed, the modern rabbis speak lies to the people as though the Jewish and Israel people have not suffered enough by the hand of lying prophets over the millennia.  However, the time for such lies is coming to an end very soon.  The time for such idolatry as their flag’s star or Passover egg and many other symbols is coming to an end. Their time of agnosticism, atheism, occultism, and so-called ‘Judaism’ (baal worship) is coming to an end.

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The Jewish Prophets (Tanakh) have foretold this time, in which idolatry and false rabbis and prophets will be cut off in Israel, that is soon to come following the prophetic predictions of Israel’s future by the Jewish Prophets Ezeki-El and Zechar-Yah as read in the Tanakh (the Prophets).  In the Book of EzekiEl 37, 38 and 39 and in the Book of ZecharYah 12 and 13, we see the recent past and the near future appearing.

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What do these chapters teach us? That soon the nations north of Israel and surrounding Israel will attack Israel.  What will happen? The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose name is not HaShem or G*D, but whose Name is El-Shaddai, the Great I Am, the Yahweh of Armies, will come fight for Israel in such a way as to show the nations that He is the Defender of Israel and that the only reason He allowed the Jewish people to suffer for the past two millennia was so the nations know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity, because they dealt so treacherously with the Almighty, and also they were scattered among the nations to prepare them for great glory under the reign of Messiah. ‘No pain, no gain’ as the saying goes. The Great Yahweh will annihilate and humiliate Israel’s enemies in such a majestic way that all of Israel will repent of their sins and turn to the Messiah who they rejected and will mourn with great mourning their crucifixion of Him.

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Soon the time of the Jews final seven years will begin. These final seven years precede the thousand year reign of Messiah over them. Soon, as the time of the Jews begins again, the time of the Gentiles will come to an end as the Light of the Good News of Messiah’s Plan of Redemption has new focus upon the people of Israel.  Yes, soon Jewish people will give their hearts and lives to their Messiah of whom their Prophets prophesied for a Millennia before He came. Soon Israel will cast aside their idolatry and false-teaching rabbis. Soon Israel will have Kodesh or Holiness before Yahweh.  Soon Israel will worship their GOD whom they rejected for so many years.  Soon the Great Spirit of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth will be poured upon Israel in such a way that it will be manifest to all the earth. When this happens, ZecharYah the Prophet, in chapter 13 of his book, proclaimed that Israel will destroy the idolatry (including Occult symbolisms) from their land and root out the lying prophetic teachers from their midst (including the rabbis of Baal). You can expect a ‘New Israel’ in that they will resemble Baptist Christians more than Baalist Judaizers.

Soon we will no longer have to watch Israel humiliate itself by bending over and groveling at the feet of the Islamic Imam or the Roman Pope or other haters of Israel in hopes of peace. Instead, they will look to their Messiah who gave His life for them with hope of an eternal peace and future in Jerusalem.

Yet, peace will not come without first a False Messiah and False Prophet attempting to deceive the world and even Israel. Peace will only come after Israel fights off the advances of such a world superstar Emperor of Rome. This man will not be Israel’s Messiah but a Deceiver.  Yet, the Messiah of Israel will be with Israel and protect those who truly place their faith in Him; in fact, 12,000 Jewish Messianic Believers from each of the twelve tribes (144,000 in total) will be sealed by GOD to protect them from great judgment that the Almighty is planning for evil mankind who have rejected His Son’s death on the cruel Roman cross.

Once the worst tribulation judgments of all time, past and future, is complete, the armies of the world will advance against Israel and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), that eternal city.  Messiah will appear in the clouds with His Faithful and they will strike hard with complete and utter annihilation against every unbeliever on the planet known as Earth, and in defense of the remnant of believers huddled near Jerusalem.  The Messiah will land upon the Mount of Olives splitting it in half.  The Israeli remnant of believers will run through the middle of this split in the Mount of Olives as if it is the Red Sea of ancient times, away from the armies of Satan’s worldwide dominion.  Then the armies of Earth, under their False Messiah, will receive their death blow as Messiah, the Yahweh of the Heavenly Armies, annihilates them for their great evil and rebellion against Him.

Yahweh predicted many, many, many, many times throughout the Bible that Israel would be scattered among the nations for many years, but in the time of the end, Israel would be brought back into their land which happened in 1948 (meditate upon these, atheists).  Very soon, Yahweh is ready to bring about the prophecies of His Prophets through the last and final ‘seven year period’ spoken of by Dani-El the Prophet in the Book of DaniEl chapter 9.

What did DaniEl predict? He predicted that there would be 70 Sabbath Years (or 70 seven year periods = 490 years).  DaniEl divided this 490 years as follows in chapter 9 of his Book of DaniEl:

  • 49 years from the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Seventy Years (and the command to rebuild Jerusalem) to the completion of Jerusalem’s walls.
  • 434 years from the end of the Jerusalem’s walls to the time that the Jewish Messiah would be cut off for others and for the sins of others (as predicted in the Book of IsaYah chapter 9 and chapter 53).

This equals a total of 483 years, which if one calculates the facts of  history on a timeline will take them FROM the order to build Jerusalem and TO the crucifixion of Jesus (Yehoshuah) the Messiah in exactly 483 years.

This 483 years completed still needs seven years to complete 490 years or 70 Sabbath Years.  Yet, Daniel didn’t leave out the final seven years or Sabbath Year in chapter 9. He continued.  DaniEl predicted that a prince would come from the people who destroyed the Temple (i.e. the Romans in A.D. 70).  This prince will sometime in the near future strengthen the covenant with many, but will then turn around and commit the Abomination of Desolation in the middle of the final seven years of DaniEl’s prophecy, thus completing all 490 years.  What is significant about this 490 years?  DaniEl says that this 490 years will bring in everlasting righteousness and the anointing of Messiah (i.e. King of Kings and Lord of Lords) forever and ever.

The Torah and Tanakh have predicted the Messianic King’s Reign.  The lying rabbis of Talmudic Baal worship continue today to deceive the Jewish people, but they will soon be in for a surprise when the people turn upon them and no longer listen to their lies and will not only stop feeding them money and food, but will not even tolerate their lies to be told in the State of Israel.  Look for this to happen very soon, chaverim.

The Almighty has spoken it through His Jewish Prophets and it will be accomplished. Jesus said it best:

“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law [the Torah] until all is accomplished. Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:18, 19