ILLUMINATI: Sexual Orientation

I could write of how the Illuminati birthed the Jesuits (1540) through their agent Ignatius of Loyola (Spain), and how the Jesuits were banned by the Pope (1773) or how afterward, the Pope was poisoned by the Jesuits. I could further explain how the Jesuits created a Bavarian chapter of the Illuminati (1776) and then took Napoleon and conquered the Catholic countries and the Pope, before using their new Pope puppet in 1815 to reinstate the Jesuits. Knowing that Illuminati and Vatican City are hooked at the hip is key.  The Beast and the Whore as some would say – and remember what happens to whores when their beastly pimp is finished with them.  This is yet to come, but we should focus on these Jesuits (Illuminati) whose cousins are the Freemasons.  Much of this has already been documented and described in far greater detail throughout this website, so I will let you refer to the former articles for much of that intriguing history and the multiple connections between those entities as described in scores of volumes of classic books and histories (that the Illuminati have not destroyed yet in their rush to get all books on the web where they can be monitored and in their hurry to buy up such books through their massive online stores). In the past, I have also written of their massive control, especially of the world’s largest global corporations, banks, intelligence operations, media and more.

I have explained how their Jesuits openly admit to being sexual perverts and they even admit that the majority of them are.  In fact, the Illuminati / Jesuit state of California, specifically San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley, is of great interest in today’s article. Why? If you are over 55 years of age, you may remember the old saying about sex perverts: “you must be from San Francisco then, eh”.  That’s the typical response to someone who was sexually perverted back in the 1970s.  The Catholics finally got their embassy back on U.S. soil for the first time since they were booted after their adherents assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

San Fran was also the home to the Jesuits’ Bank of Italy, later renamed ‘Bank of America’ and San Fran was the mother of Silicon Valley who works with the global banking community in Luxembourg to track your every word and move. Silicon Valley can control, limit and end your free speech through their many techno apps, gadgets and world wide web systems. Almost every social media app, website company, blogging company, antivirus app, parental or porn monitoring software, mobile app, smart tech, and other such tracker is found in Silicon Valley, including your WiFi router at home. Your WiFi routers are now coming with software which can filter out sites that it finds offensive to its world order of Illuminati Satanism, including Christian and conservative sites that have been around as respected members of society for many decades. Today, they are being blocked and left blocked with Trump in the White House. Trump is not your savior. Many other evils continue under Trump – just as they did under Obama and others like Bush and Clinton.  Bank of America is the bank who took most of the almost 17 trillion dollars (which Americans COULD have used to pay off the national deficit) and instead bankrolled it for themselves and for ‘bailouts’, along with their allies who happened to be foreign banks around the world.  Yes, that’s right.  The bailout money here that the Federal Reserve gave out in the USA went to foreign banks, who happened to be allies with Bank of America. This was shown through the audit of the Federal Reserve that took place recently – the first audit ever in U.S. history of the Fed.

Who allowed this? The government that Rome has almost completely bought up with a Congress of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), Democrats (communists), fascists, leftists, a Catholic-majority supreme court, and fake conservatives. Also, of interest is that Hollywood, the other hotspot in the Illuminati / Jesuit state of California, whose current governor was trained as a Jesuit ‘priest’, is the media machine who pumps out the sexual orientation agenda.  Their large global corporations do their best to implement their agenda and control the jobs of Americans. Not only do they want to control all of the American jobs, but along with it the free speech and culture of the American people by limiting what they’re allowed to say at work or reducing their opportunities to talk of GOD, thus creating an atheist state as they have in other countries in the past such as Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.  If you closely compare the culture of Soviet Russia under Lenin and Stalin to the culture of Germany under Hitler, you will see a similar culture taking place in America. So, along with limiting free speech and changing American culture, large global companies owned by the ‘powers of Rome’ also seek to implement a change in sexuality throughout the United States via their public education systems, their media, their entertainment, and their corporate cultures.

Today, I simply write to you of those massive global corporate policies regarding sexuality.  This is the typical policy that most of their companies have (seen in the photo below).

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 4.54.53 PM

Legally, they are saying as corporations, that they will hire you regardless of your ‘sexual orientation’. Let me make this completely clear as to what these companies are saying (many of the largest owned by the Roman Illuminati). If you are a:

  • Heterosexual
  • Homosexual
  • Pedophile
  • Bestiality lover
  • Masochist
  • Rapist
  • Necrophiliac
  • Any other heinous or sick perverted sexual deviation including finding sexual thrills from violence, through witchcraft or the worst possible things imaginable that turn sexuality into a thing akin to Satanism

If you are any of these, these corporations are saying they will still hire you (as long as the government doesn’t arrest you first if such ‘orientations’ such as rape violate the law – then they will have to hire you after you finish your time).  Why?  Because this is how Satanists in the Illuminati work and plan well in advance. Yesterday, it was ‘sexual orientation’.  Today, it is ‘gender identity’. Even ‘sexual orientation’ alone is enough to see the list above come to fulfillment before the laws are actually passed in the country.

Do you remember our article on how the Freemasons changed America from a Christian nation under the state constitutions of the thirteen colonies to a pluralistic society under the Federal Constitution in 1776 (around the time the Illuminati was snatching up the Catholic countries and taking power over the Vatican through Napoleon)?  Keep in mind a pluralistic society means ‘anything goes’ – witches, Satanists, human sacrifice, Muslim stonings and sharia law, and Freemasonry, Catholicism, and other Roman religions. The clause “no establishment of religion’ is what changed America from a Christian nation to a non-Christian nation (eventually a hedonistic nation).  However, even though the Romans secretly and cleverly changed the Constitution to rid America of the Christianity that formed the core of this countries’ beliefs unbeknownst to the general population in 1776, most Americans remained Christian.

It wasn’t until the 1960s (almost two hundred years later) that the Romans were able to get America weak enough spiritually through their massive Hollywood, NYC, and other media machines to push the Bible from the classrooms of public schools in 1963.  This was another fortress of mind control built by the Illuminati in Rome.  This allowed them both control of media and education.  They have been helping to form the core of beliefs since then.  Their third leg of attack is the takeover of American small businesses.  One means by which they are doing this is through companies that provide back office services to various verticals such as banking, insurance, automotive and far more.  They are able to provide the infrastructure to a massive laundry list of companies, thus reducing costs and making it impossible for companies who refuse their shared services to compete.  More and more, dependencies are being created, security of data is being compromised through such alliances, and small businesses are being made to compete against this global corporate phenomena.  In the 1970s, we saw a huge push against free speech in the workplace as people were told to no longer display their Christian beliefs at their cubicles (i.e. citing the pushing out of prayer and the Bible from schools). Now, more and more they are pushing Americans to the point they will be forced to comply to every form of devilry that these corporations push to them in their workplaces. Furthermore, they continue to treat employees as slaves, working them harder and harder, paying them less and less.

What is next? With massive control, they continue to rule the hearts, souls, and culture of people’s everyday lives on every level of day-to-day activity. They may say “sexual orientation” today (just as they once said “no establishment of religion” in the past), and you may think that just means “homosexuality”, but what they really means is every form of sexual deviancy known to mankind. This is the future for America, and you can be sure that the Almighty Creator, who once looked down to the earth just prior to the Great Flood, is not going to sit idly and let such evil escape His attention or judgment.

This world is headed toward the final days of human rule before Messiah unleashes His judgments of plagues and tribulations more fiercely than at any prior time in man’s history. Thus, if you thought the Great Flood that wiped all of mankind out except for eight souls was harsh, just wait for what is coming next.  Death is one thing. Torture followed by death is even worse.  Repent and speak out.  Or wait for the worst time of pain, evil, and torment known to any century or millennia in human history.