Political Connection is a unique, fresh perspective on the global political and economic landscape.

What does the mainstream media not tell you?  Look for it on this site.

In summary, Political Connection is all about 1) defining the problems of injustice in our government and world, and 2) promoting justice by suggesting a solution for these problems.

As the founder of Political Connection**, I love to lower my mind into the well of knowledge, gather all the information available, and then analyze it for patterns.  The Truth fascinates me. I thirst for it. I search for it. When I discover Truth, I enjoy using the power of words to expose Lies by teaching and giving evidence or proof of a thing in order to champion solutions of Justice.

Our logo represents the truth that the pen is mightier than the sword.

You make decisions everyday based upon the information you are given from the media, your school textbooks and teachers, your religious leaders, your government, and others.

  • What if they are all giving to you what was given to them?
  • What if the information flow is tainted?
  • What if you aren’t being told everything … or anything as it really is?
Wordpress Family Award

WordPress Family Award

We must be aware that information control can distort proper conclusions and destinations. Share information freely. Protect your mind. Think.

Yours Pseudonymously,

Emet Deiknyo Cromwell VII


**Even though our articles are free commentary and news falling under the Fair Use Act, we do not desire to offend anyone or use their copyrighted photos on this site. Therefore, please comment on our ‘About’ page including name of article and name of photo if for some strange reason you see a copyrighted photo on this site and we will remove it.  Thanks!


144 thoughts on “About

  1. prettyoddandsuch

    I find it extremely interesting that my main purpose for getting on WordPress today was to write about symbolism. Not so much point out the symbolism but to have othera question their surroundings, and I find that you follow me. I do not believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. I also have researched for years and have been hypervigilent about what’s being presented to me. I believe people who search for the truth like you and try to let others know it too, are blessings from God. I do not know if I will ever write about it myself or I will just speak about God, but I commend you. God bless, I will be looking forward to your findings and insights.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks so very much for your kind and encouraging words! I also agree that there are no coincidences and that all happens for a reason. I love seeking the truth and am very happy to meet another Truth Seeker as well. GOD holds the Truth and His Words are our Key. His Spirit opens the Door for those who want to learn the Truth. Thanks again for taking time to write such a nice comment. May GOD bless you as well as you follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

  2. jwpjwp

    Maybe you know all about what I am pointing out …. maybe not ….

    “An American Requiem:God, My Father and the War that Came Between Us” by James Carroll is an enlightening book regarding RC and relationship with American military from WW 2 through Vietnam.
    Mr Carroll writes that his father was within a day or so of graduating from RC seminary, and about to be made a priest,…
    when his father was tapped by a RC cardinal for special duty.
    His father was not made a priest,…
    rather he was made a FBI agent. Hi level enough to get to know J.Edgar Hoover himself.

    After seven years with the FBI, about the time WW2 started,
    his father was released from the FBI and inducted into the US Air Force.

    Without so much as going through OCS, he was made a GENERAL in the USAF.

    At least a part of his work was examining the records of candidates for promotion.
    Think about it. check it out


    1. politicalconnection Post author

      I know exactly what you’re pointing out. You are right on track. Not everything is as it seems. Rome is rising. The RC power structure which they inhabit is but one of their many shells. Their masks are many.

  3. MB Productions

    Been fallowing you for some time Mate and you are featured on my platform of many sites (rightwiththeship) in the ‘Writers Guild’ section (side bars) a theme of ‘working on the condition’ to bring us on a True North Course. I’ve been creating a recognition of folks working from the core that help in this matter and is only earned, watch for your’s soon and congratulations Mate. The full page resides at rightwiththeship blogspot under tab ‘Ship Honors’.

    God’s Speed

  4. annarosemeeds

    Very interesting blog. You are very intelligent and highly informed. As a Catholic, I do not agree with everything, but I think that you bring up some great points and am interested in them.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks, Anna Rose! 🙂 My own grandparents came out of Catholicism (my grandmother had studied to be a nun at one point before she discovered a fetus dead in the toilet of a convent), so I know your background in Catholicism gives you a greater investment and perhaps keener insight at times into some of the research and articles on this site. I can honestly say that wherever Truth leads me, I want to go. It has placed me at variance with religious leadership of most denominations and brought me at odds with leadership from all political parties. However, helping the people who suffer at the hands of such leadership is my main motivator. I believe that knowing Truth is worth the research and sacrifices that I have made personally and professionally to light this torch for all to see. I encourage everyone to start their own Truth quest. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. contructiveconservative

    Interesting. I may not agree with everything but we certainly have enough to work together. Haven’t had a chance to read too many of your articles, but I will try to fit the in.

    Good luck and know that the only ones with even a chance of saving this country are the conservatives.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks for taking time to drop by my blog, constructiveconservative. GOD is the only One who can save us, and He promises to heal us if His people called by His name repent in humility and prayer, seeking His face and turning from their wicked ways. Sadly, most of those called by His name are too busy or don’t care … for now. When persecution begins, they will.

  6. triciajots4jesus

    Yours [blog] seems to represent a lot of thought and research. I agree 100% with a statement you made to musicis2words–” If there’s any help to be found, it’s definitely not in the bureaucracy of religions, but rather in the Creator who came to earth to die for our sins when we were out of hope … and His Book.” Our triune God alone is our hope.

      1. politicalconnection Post author

        The trauma and torture may be from demonic means. The answer is found in Jesus Christ, but be sure you’re praying to the true Christ of the Bible. There are many false ones including the false christ of Catholicism. Just as a seed and egg are used by GOD to bring forth physical life, the Spirit and His Word, the Bible, can bring forth spiritual new birth. Have you read through the Bible asking the Spirit to help you understand? If not, please do so right away. I will pray for you right now, friend. It is through the Word and the Spirit that lives are changed, and the prayers of GOD’s children such as I can make a difference.

  7. Subhan Zein

    I commend you for raising global awareness on this issue. I think this is an important topic to tackle and I wish you the very best of luck with it. Blessings and love to you ♥

  8. musicis2words

    Hi there… I am very grateful that I happened to receive these two comments about candy canes in my inbox. I haven’t been to wordpress in a while & so I might not have seen the article if it wasn’t commented about. I felt your article was quite interesting & the cash register photo was great.

    Anyway, I feel deeply that most of the federally sanctioned holidays are pagan in origins… including Christmas & easter & are so obviously about the winter solstice & spring equinox….

    But regarding the candy cane, I might offer one possibility… the candy cane & the barber shop cane are both reminiscent of the maypole when the ribbons are drawn around it.

  9. musicis2words

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your exposing of the Jesuit catholics. If people only knew how insidious much of their behaviors are… how they actually sell children into slavery, how they sacrifice people through their paganistic rituals and mind control… if people saw the whole truth, they’d be so sickened by it, that they would be compelled to do something, which is why I think many people refuse to see what is truly happening beneath the façade that is presented to the general public.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      You’re welcome, musicis2words! So many people have been exploited, scarred, and crushed by Rome’s powerful Jesuits and leaders. The flames of their judgment awaits them. Most do not realize that this life is not a time of justice. The next life is. This life is a test. The next life is the real thing. Only Jesus Christ can give courage, love, and healing to those hurt by the occult machine sacrilegiously parading as “Christianity” in Rome. One day, He will crush them and they will never rise again. Until then, they will deceive, rape, steal, kill, and dominate the world scene. The test is hard, but those who overcome through Christ will receive a life far more blessed than any pleasure on earth could ever hope to be. In the meantime, I am doing my best to expose their lies and dark deeds to the public who know little or nothing of those who affect their economy and who ruin lives every day. Grace to you, my friend! 🙂

      1. musicis2words

        Well, I appreciate your expose articles & any references and/or resources you may have to offer.

        Sad thing is that, as a victim of trafficking (through a catholic adoption agency), experimentation (obvious & provable implants), the corresponding coverup, & blacklisting/smear campaign, I am unable to find help for what has been & what is still being done to me, not from Vatican Crimes, not from the ACLU, not from anyone. I have prayed about it, but only get more torture through the use of these implants among other “black ops”.

        It is truly insidious.

      2. politicalconnection Post author

        First of all, I wouldn’t ask the ACLU or Vatican Crimes for help or trust them in any way.

        Hope and help are available though. I remember a friend of mine telling me almost twenty-five years ago that he was reading about six chapters in the Bible each day. At the time, he had heard of how Jesus’ death on the cross had paid for the sins of mankind and allowed for restoration between the Creator and anyone who was willing to accept His payment for sins and receive the Holy Spirit. My friend had repented, prayed and asked Jesus Christ to save Him from his sins. Shortly afterward, he joined the Navy and that’s when he began reading six chapters in the Bible each day. He grew so much. I still remember (like it was yesterday) a statement he made. He told me the Bible has the answer to just about everything in the world. It was a very profound thought. If there’s any help to be found, it’s definitely not in the bureaucracy of religions, but rather in the Creator who came to earth to die for our sins when we were out of hope … and His Book. No religious men or psychologists or other men can change our lives in the way that our Creator can. He can calm the troubled sea and the troubled soul. He can turn the victims into advocates for other victims. He can heal the hurting heart and the wounded body. He has healed mine. I could trust Him with my very life … and I did. He has never failed me. He can do the same for you. The Bible is His way of speaking to us. He can replace your old life with a totally new one. Men of all religious systems have disappointed me … but not Him. Grace, peace, and blessings to you, my friend. May the love of GOD overwhelm you in a way that you have never known. My prayers are with you, musicis2words!

  10. leighla93

    I’m glad there’s a blog like yours around. For one it’s Christian which is totally cool. I’m not very much into politics, but nonetheless your blog is very interesting and informative. I’ll be reading up on your posts! 😀 God bless you! – Sheela


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