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Political Connection is a unique, fresh perspective on the global political and economic landscape.

In summary, Political Connection is all about 1) defining the problems of injustice in our government and world, and 2) promoting justice by suggesting a solution for these problems.

As the founder of Political Connection, I love to lower my mind into the well of knowledge, gather all the information available, and then analyze it for patterns.  The Truth fascinates me. I thirst for it. I search for it. When I discover Truth, I enjoy using the power of words to expose Lies by teaching and giving evidence or proof of a thing in order to champion solutions of Justice.

Our logo represents the truth that the pen is mightier than the sword.

You make decisions everyday based upon the information you are given from the media, your school textbooks and teachers, your religious leaders, your government, and others.

  • What if they are all giving to you what was given to them?
  • What if the information flow is tainted?
  • What if you aren’t being told everything … or anything as it really is?

We must be aware that information control can distort proper conclusions and destinations. Share information freely. Protect your mind. Think.

Yours Pseudonymously,

Emet Deiknyo Cromwell VII