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GEORGE BUSH: A Hillary Clinton fan?

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-14-40-pmFollowers of papists, fundamentalist militants, commies, leftists, and fascists all share one similar characteristic – they never think for themselves. This website is devoted to encouraging people to think within the realms of facts not opinion, using sources of truth, as opposed to the many clones around us these days who just believe what they’re told.

Having written in the past about the true nature of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and many more who have lied to the American people about who they are, and having written about the eerie connection between the Bush family and the Kennedy family as seen in the article at this link, I find it ironic that CNN published a news article that supports all that I’ve written regarding the relationships between all the above people as seen in the article at this link, including Bush’s plans to vote for Hillary Clinton … and you wonder why he lost to Bill Clinton in 1992 after directly violating his most famous campaign promise (“read my lips – no new taxes”) just before the ’92 election. As I wrote recently in an article on “NEW ROME: Rising“, it’s all one big family of occult Romans.

Mankind is being treated to heavy smoke and a myriad of mirrors these days, but the wise will see through the smoke and past the mirrors.  Most however will not.


JFK’S SON: Assassinated? By whom?


Has John F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of George magazine and the son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, been telling us all along who killed his father?

Would a child who never got to know his father just let his father’s “unknown” assassin go free without investigation? Or would he look for answers and even create his own media outlet to ensure he could get the truth out to people, since he knew most media outlets are controlled?

Is it possible, that before he died, John F. Kennedy, Jr revealed the identity of the person who led the assassination of his father, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  Is it the person who the video at this link implies and suggests?  Did John John cleverly find a way to tell us who assassinated his father? Why did he really call his magazine by the name of “George”?  Do the two photos on this page give you a hint?  Be sure to review the video at this link.

If the CIA Nazis are a creation of the Jesuits and the Vatican (i.e. read the rest of this website), and if the CIA’s former director, shown in one of the photos on this page and a former POTUS, was calling the shots, then why would they kill the first Catholic President? The Vatican and the Pope are the heart and soul of Catholicism, aren’t they?  They are Catholic, right?  As one conversation with a former CIA operative established for me: “Not everything is as it seems”.

One must never be naive when it comes to power and money. This is why it’s essential you read articles on this site such as these:



COVERT AFFAIRS: CIA, Obama, Nazis, and Israel

ciaHere’s a logic equation for you to solve based upon the following eleven purported facts reported in recent news.

Do you know the possible future events that may soon transpire? Be sure to click each hyperlink to read each news source.

  1. Obama is CIA as his father, grandfather, and three Presidential predecessors were
  2. Obama is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. CIA backs Muslim Brotherhood who are destabilizing region South of Israel
  4. CIA are behind Syrian rebels who are destabilizing region North of Israel
  5. CIA are behind 20,000 S2A Missiles handed to Syrian rebels who empowered ISIS
  6. CIA are behind Ukraine rebels and Russia sends multiple warships West of Israel
  7. CIA are behind Al-Qaeda whose branch ISIS is destabilizing the area East of Israel
  8. Obama attended Catholic school and was fundraiser for eight Catholic parishes
  9. Hitler’s parents and top administrative officers were Roman Catholic as was Hitler
  10. Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, and hundreds of other Nazis formed the CIA’s core
  11. Jpost cia nazisCIA started by Donovan, a Vatican Knight who recruited the Vatican as chief asset in 1943 and used the Vatican as a headquarters in Italy (although would it not seem more logical that the Vatican Knight, William Donovan who founded the CIA, was the asset of the Vatican and not vice-versa since he was their Knight?)

Based upon the above information, what insights, predictions, or analysis occur to you?


CIA MOLE: The ultimate infiltration


Click each hyperlinked word below to see further information. 


In context of the transparency of the nation’s highest office, the CIA’s website contains an interesting quote from years ago regarding eight of the Presidents:

“What we discovered was that the CIA had provided pre-inaugural intelligence support to all eight presidents elected since the Agency was founded, but had no systematic records of those efforts.”

Since the CIA was founded in July of 1941 by Colonel William Donovan who was appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, there have been thirteen Presidents (including FDR).  Most recently, we have seen some indication that these Presidents may be heavily in bed with the CIA or perhaps even assets.

Jack Wheeler died of a suspicious death shortly after he revealed that Bill Clinton was a CIA asset who did their bidding.  

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Roger Morris, and Richard Poe all claim similar…

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OBAMA & THE CIA: Who runs our country?


According to Wayne Madsen, our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, Jr. is also a CIA creation.  I say also, because it appears that he is not the only CIA employee to be the POTUS for the past couple of decades.  Wayne Madsen has worked as an awarded Navy Officer, a Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Officer, a National Security Agency (NSA) asset, an international intelligence journalist, and has heavy connections with the intelligence community, including the CIA.

Jack Wheeler died of a suspicious death shortly after he revealed that Bill Clinton was also a CIA asset who did their bidding.  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Richard Poe both claim the same thing.

We already know that George H.W. Bush was the CIA director at one time.  The fact that his son also served as President is then no surprise.


bookIf all the above…

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OBAMA & OSAMA: A novel thought


Remember the old “funny papers” or comic strips that came out in the Sunday morning’s newspaper?  They used to have a section where you were asked to look at two photos and compare them to see if you could spot the differences between the two.  Well, I’ve got a similar project for you.  It’s a bit of tongue in cheek humor for your day.



  1. Compare the space between the eyes of Obama and Osama.
  2. Compare the lips.
  3. Compare the wrinkles going from the sides of the nose to around the mouth.
  4. Compare the eyebrow thickness and location.
  5. Compare the type of hair.
  6. Compare the shape of the face.
  7. Compare the flare of the nostrils (in spite of the angle difference).
  8. Compare the size of the forehead.
  9. Compare the little bags of flesh under the eyes.
  10. Do they look like they could have had the same father and mother?
  11. Do they…

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OSAMA: Have you seen this in the media?


Did you know that Osama is said to have been a CIA asset in our Afghan effort against Russia?

For the unenlightened who think that Fox News, CNN, or other mainstream media are reporting the truth, please consider the following article from the newspaper. Here’s a photo of the Osama that the media applauded back in 1993, including the UK’s newspaper “The Independent”.  Here’s their article online from Monday, December 6, 1993.

They may not report history, but they can’t change it.  Or will they?

Osama Bin Laden

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