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NEVER TRUMP: Third party?

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Ted Cruz

As I analyze what has happened today as Trump appears to be headed for the Republican nomination, it seems senseless, but could it actually be brilliant?  Could the ‘Puppet Masters’ have so cleverly orchestrated the ‘chess board’ of this past year’s political strategy that we didn’t even imagine the deft of their hand?  Why do I say this?

Let me briefly theorize some thoughts.  After all, it doesn’t hurt to think beyond the norm in these days of intrigue.

What if the ‘Puppet Masters’ have control of the Republican Party Convention? What if they purposefully and simultaneously ran Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich against Trump in order to split the conservative vote so badly that a Trump win would be inevitable, placing the most left wing RINO into the nominee slot on purpose. Why would they do this? What if they have already anticipated a Trump win.  How would this further their agenda? What if their goal all along was to run a third party?  What if they already have another Reagan-type in the corridors of power who they plan to run as their ‘Savior’ who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security again? Could this be why they had Trump saying such off-the-wall statements? Could this be why they have Hillary the Criminal of Benghazi running against him?  One would think that a third party candidate would win by a landslide.  After all, a conservative third party candidate would be running against two far left candidates – Trump and Hillary – and would blast the socks off of them as these two would split their own vote and create their own demise.

This is so reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany.  The people united behind their ‘Savior’ Hitler and you see how that turned out.  Perhaps I’m just cynical.  Perhaps we do need a third party candidate who is very strong. It would be grand if he was a freedom-defending, love-and-justice type of candidate who would lead America back to where she should be again. Let’s get back to theorizing.

Could all of the Republican and Democratic candidates be in on such a conspiracy? Or is this just one of the kookiest conspiracy theories ever imagined?  Or perhaps the Republican Party Convention isn’t really a group of Puppet Masters, but just brilliant planners who are really going to give us a great third party candidate run against these two thugs, Hillary and Trump.  Or is this too much for which to hope? Meanwhile, this election is either one of the greatest tragedies in American history (second or perhaps even tied to Obama’s multiple wins and America’s present twenty trillion dollar deficit) or it could be the precursor to a more conservative candidate getting into office and extending the life of this land if an extremely well-spoken conservative, liberty-lover were to run.

Or it could be one of the most brilliant but vile strategies of the ‘Puppet Masters’ to date if in fact they have planned all of this and they plan to run a charismatic ‘Messiah’ dressed in the guise of goodness and greatness as a third party candidate … when in reality, he is far more evil than Obama, Trump, and Hillary combined.  He could easily win with the liberal vote being split between Trump and Hillary as long as he said all the right ‘conservative’ things to deceive the masses.  Who can tell with the Puppet Masters, but one thing is for sure … usually a land’s leaders are a reflection of the people, and there’s only one way back to healing in this land, and it starts with us as a people kneeling.

“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  – 2 Chronicles 7:14



2015: Small Businesses Challenges

Overcome the problemsOkay, so here’s my analysis of Can Capital‘s recent press release regarding the challenges they see facing today’s small businesses.

First, who are small businesses? They are you – you the citizens who live in your small town, village, or city – who provide the products and services that you need or want to live on this planet.

Who are they not? The large multinational, globalist (and oftentimes foreign-owned) corporations who provide more services to the local markets than YOUR local or regional small business, and who also keeps money in the pockets of our increasingly corrupt politicians and media.

Cap Capital stated the following as challenges this year for small businesses:

  1. Competition
  2. Changing Environment (i.e. over-regulated)
  3. Minimum Wage and other Employee Laws
  4. ObamaCare
  5. Digital marketing and e-Commerce

I really wasn’t surprised by their report. I believe their fifth and final point is debatable, because many small businesses actually may do better without much internet marketing or digital resources, depending upon the size of their town and the nature of their businesses.

Would globalists benefit if small businesses were pushed into the sea? If they took over most villages’ markets, would it help them? And if many are foreign-owned, do their loyalties lie with your nation or their own? If they are growing and monopolizing local markets, then who is causing this?   WE are.  We purchase their products, because they are nice and shiny and cost less, thanks oftentimes to the globalists’ third world sweat-shops.

Should small businesses despair? While globalists have most of the markets, they also tend to waste greatly and “big” is much harder to manage and keep accountable. Therefore, local small businesses can do the work better, more efficiently, and the real awesome part?  Whatever you spend in your local economy turns into more prosperity for you and your local citizens and also into more jobs for you and your local citizens.

I have walked across the floors of a large global bank located in the United States. I had access to many of their buildings and worked in their teams for years. You could walk and walk and walk across one floor alone lined with cubicles and see hundreds of workers. I did so once and every name I saw on the cubicles were from a certain Asian country.  Our teams hired executives and managers from foreign countries as well, They also outsourced much of their work to companies in foreign countries. In other words, we are seeing millions of jobs being given to foreigners both in our country and out of our country. These are some of the largest corporations in the world which many of you reading this article support with your dollars every day, and they are outright giving YOUR jobs to other countries. You are not benefiting, but many of you continue to support them. This is not hearsay – I’ve seen this first hand as manager in corporate America for many, many years.

If we limit globalists to one region and close down our borders (i.e. axe the “Free Trade” agreements), you will see jobs flow back to our country and to your city.  Globalist Corporations today are a landscape of socialism in that many of their workers have “cooler breaks” all day while others work night and day; yet, everyone still gets paid the same. Small businesses have more accountability.

FINAL SUMMARY – the government should eliminate the following

  • Minimum wage laws
  • Leftist regulatory laws
  • Free-Trade agreements
  • Obama-care
  • Global Footprints (limit corporations to one local region)
  • Unemployment and Social Security (privatize this)
  • Thousands of wasteful government offices
  • The fake “War on Terrorism” (i.e. un-Holy War)
  • Homeland Security (unneeded fascism)
  • The NSA (unneeded fascism)
  • The TSA (redundant of local law enforcement)
  • The IRS (unneeded fascism)
  • The Federal Reserve (unneeded fascism)
  • The CIA (redundant of military)

Then the economy will flourish. Many of these things, Ron Paul wanted to do. No wonder the globalists hated him.  We have few left who want to really change the way things are today.  Rand Paul is not identical to his father, so we will see whether he runs for office and how he stands on such issues. Best wishes in 2016, America!

It’s not that we don’t know what should be done, but it is that there are more powerful fascists in the world who want to control everything about our lives.  One step in the right direction is to support local businesses instead of your favorite “BIG brands”.  It’s not a solution, but it’s a start.

POLITICAL THEORY: Which school are you?

Observing a glass filled halfway with water, which are you?.

  • Pessimist – “Half empty”
  • Optimist – “Half full”
  • Realist – “That’s half a glass of water”
  • Idealist – “How could we change the world for good with this water?”
  • Opportunist – “Let’s call it “Mineral Water””
  • Communist – “Share YOUR water with those of us who are MORE equal (the rich) … or DIE”
  • Socialist – “Let’s help others – BY LAW you must share YOUR water with those without”
  • Philanthropist – “Let’s help others who have no water by giving our portion”
  • Capitalist – “I’ll pay you for it and then give it a name and a bottle and sell it for double”
  • Corporatist – “I’ll buy it, then deplete the city’s water supply and sell it for double”
  • Nihilist – “The water doesn’t really exist”
  • Nutritionist – “The water has dioxins, fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia in it”
  • Environmentalist – “The water has so many chemicals, it could hurt the plants”.
  • Scientist – “The glass is filled half with water and half with air, so technically it’s completely full”.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Dollar about to fail?

Forbes Magazine has now begun to say what many other authors have said for a couple of decades now, so you know the fail of the dollar is imminent. Forbes Magazine does a great job of detailing just how this “fail” looks.  I would advise you to prepare immediately if you haven’t already started. What brings value? Food, guns, property, precious metals, and … well, you know the drill.  You can read the article at this link.

Forbes - Apocalypse

WORLD BANK: Former attorney tells all

Karen HudesHave you heard of the former attorney for the World Bank for twenty years who is now telling all as a whistle-blower? If not, you really need to become acquainted with Karen Hudes and what she is saying about the “powers that be” including some of their organizations and their ties to Rome. Watch these videos to get the scoop! Don’t expect to see this in the mainstream media who she exposes either, but check out her official website as well as found at this link.

hqdefaultThe U.S. currency is close to crashing, and the Jesuits are named by her as part of the corruption.






hqdefault (1)

$50,184: The salary of a sloth

california ratesHow is your tax money being spent? Is it possible for unscrupulous, lazy, immoral people in the United States to make money by not going to work?

Read the article at provided in the article at this link in which they were trying to dismiss the fact that our government is making wealthy those who sleep all day in their bed. While finds a particular email, telling about the waste in government, to be inaccurate, and while quotes the accurate rates provided by the State of Illinois, I would like to take those same accurate rates that they have provided and show how our government is irresponsible, corrupt, and wasteful in rewarding the slothful for their aberrant behavior.

Imagine this scenario based upon actual foster parent salary data from the state of Illinois:

childrenGrandma calls the Department of Child & Family Services, and states that her unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her ten kids. DCFS agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care. Grandma then volunteers to be the foster parent, and receives a monthly check for each child based upon the foster parent salary data located at this payment rates link.

the-food-stamp-presidentAccording to these rates published by the State of Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and shown in a chart at the end of this article, monthly payments for licensed relative home care correlate to the age of the child.

welfareWhat’s the total yearly income for this grandmother according to the official pay rate chart assuming there are two children in each age bracket?

$50,184.00 and nobody has to go to work!

In fact, they get more money if there is no husband/father in the home. In other words, our corrupt government rewards people for being lazy and irresponsible with their marriage. Do you wonder why the government seems to attract politicians who are lazy and irresponsible with our freedoms, money, and values?

These deadbeats also receive free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a monthly card entitling them to free groceries and a voucher for 250 free “Obama phone” minutes each month. This does not include WIC and other welfare benefits that they are “entitled” to receive.


$ / Mth

# of children

Total $$ / Mth

0 – 11 mo

 $           384.00


 $          768.00

1 – 4 yrs

 $           392.00


 $          784.00

5 – 8 yrs

 $           409.00


 $          818.00

9 – 11 yrs

 $           435.00


 $          870.00

12+ yrs

 $           471.00


 $          942.00

Total monthly cost to taxpayer

 $      4,182.00


 $    50,184.00

Are you alarmed? If you are, be sure to share this article with all of your social networking friends using one of the “Share” options below.

CRISIS: Economic apocalypse coming?

bankers-deadBe prepared. Isn’t that the boy scout’s motto?  Well, right now might be a very good time to prepare yourself.  Can things get worse than the 2008 debacle? Read the following four articles just reported in the past few days and then you tell me if the 2008 economic tremor may have been just the sound of the ice loosening – a tiny tremor in comparison to the tsunami-sized avalanche which may be right around the corner?

moneyHaving been a ‘whistle-blower’ myself in one of the world’s largest financial corporations, I can tell you that the public seldom learns most things that happen within the walls of giant corporations and banks. What is so important that men in power would murder to hide it from the citizenry? What is the reason that banks would deny allowing you to take your money out of your own account?  If this sounds unprecedented beyond even the 2008 economic downturn, have you considered that it just might be?

week42_072Four Prominent Bankers Found Dead Within Six Days, All Ruled ‘Suicides’

Bank refuses to give customers their money unless they can prove a good reason for needing it

20 Early Warning Signs …

20 More Signs …

Why is everything being outsourced from America to other countries by the large multi-national corporations? Is there a reason they don’t want the world dependent upon America for goods and services? What event is being planned? Why are some of America’s billionaires moving out of the country as seen in the article at this link? What do they know that you don’t know? With the silver removed from all of our coins back in the 1960s as the article at this link explains, the deficit increasing by trillions each year, the paper money virtually worthless, the citizens uncertain if the gold that once backed the U.S. paper money is even in the country, and a communist in the White House, now just might be the time to get concerned. What do you think? Does the Old World Order have a plan they’re about to execute? Do you have a contingency plan? In times like these, it will take more than just physical preparations, so be sure to click the “Most Important Article” at the top of our site.

UPDATE! as of 03-26-2014

7th prominent banker jumps to his death