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JESUS and Superman

00 supermen

Most love the story of Superman. Superman comes to earth as a baby, grows into a humble, unassuming journalist, but with superpowers, doing good things for mankind and fighting the powers of evil with sheer force as his muscles bulged beneath his tight spandex suit. The women gasped in adoration and the men were awed by how he could pound the enemy into the ground with his powerful blows and brute strength. Superman was a ‘Mighty One’ which just happens to be the definition of ‘a god’. Most of humankind didn’t mind that Superman never was given much to drinking, swearing, lust, or vice (at least he didn’t in the original version). In fact, most seemed to respect Superman for his higher-than-average moral compass.

On the other hand, there’s the story of the Biblical Messiah that the Jewish prophets predicted and who most Christians claim they follow world-wide. The Jewish Prophet Isaiah referred to Him as the Mighty GOD, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. His name? Jesus, which is English for the Greek ‘Iesous’. He was also known by Jews as the Rabbi Y’hoshua. The Muslims called Him the Prophet ʿĪsā. On His visit to our planet, Jesus the Creator grew into a humble young, unassuming man with enormous superpowers and went around fighting evil with a different method – Love. Jesus was known for healing the lame, opening the eyes of the blind, bringing the dead back to life, and providing free food to the hungry.  Evidently, his disciple Judas Iscariot was hoping more for a Messiah with impressive strength, muscles, and a willingness to raise the sword and smite the evil Romans with brute force and powerful blows. In other words, Judas Iscariot, who eventually betrayed Jesus to those who crucified Him, was looking for someone more like Superman, Wonder Woman, or perhaps even the less powerful Barabbas the revolutionary would do.

So was it the brute strength that made everyone love the Superman style of god rather than Jesus? Was it because Jesus didn’t bonk bad guys in the head with his muscles or wear tight spandex or show off his muscles and super strength in the same kind of super humble but sexy way that Superman did? Did people consider Jesus too nice or boring? Or was it because Superman was fictitious and Jesus was real? Well, if you listen to atheists and unbelievers, they say Jesus is fictitious. Some Jews do as well. So, that hardly seems to be the reason. Was it because Jesus didn’t bonk bad guys in the head with his muscles or wear tight spandex or show off his muscles and super strength in the same kind of super humble but sexy way that Superman did? Was that really a reason … is that really a reason to hate Jesus?

I hardly think so, and the fictitious aspect doesn’t seem to fly. According to history, Jesus was a real person and not fictitious, because Tacitus, Josephus, the Apocryphal writers, the Jewish writers of the Bible, and numerous other historians all wrote about Him. Again, why hate Jesus but not Superman?

No wonder when the Creator visited mankind as a Jewish baby, He chose to be born in a manger full of animals, instead of an inn full of people. He knew humans well. He knew they were born “in sin” and were therefore insane. “In sin, insane” as one gentleman once stated to me. Wow! That seems way over the top! Is that really the reason? As another expert in mental illness explained to me, brain damage is a physical issue. Insanity is a spiritual issue, not a physical problem. The word “Psyche” means “soul” in its original language. Most people think others are insane, but what they all have in common is that they may think you are crazy, but they generally don’t think that they themselves are crazy, even when they act like it.

Unlike Superman, Jesus tried to help the sin-infected, criminally insane humans on this planet who He knew would refuse His help, hate Him and crucify Him, even after the Roman governor proclaimed that He was innocent. Wasn’t it insane for Pontius Pilate to state that this Man called Jesus, who went about healing and loving people and feeding them, was innocent and then send Him to be crucified anyway? Wasn’t it insane for the chief religious rulers in Jerusalem, who were chief teachers of Law and Order, to break numerous laws of their own canon in order to hold a ‘kangaroo’ court trial with false witnesses in the middle of the night in front of a rigged jury?

Then again, are humans today much better? Isn’t it insane when you hear that a judge has thrown his entire career away for raping a young boy? Or isn’t it insane when you hear that a surgeon has destroyed his reputation by using drugs? Or isn’t it insane when a pastor is found with a prostitute and completely violates everything he believes and everyone who had trusted him?

Superman is cherished as a super hero by most people on the planet today. Jesus is still despised today. The insane rulers of your governments and schools will ban the celebration of Jesus from public schools and public life, but not a celebration of Superman. Both are super men. Both did nice things for people. But one is fictitious and one is historical; yet, we doubt that is truly the reason why.  One of these super men told people what they wanted to hear. The other One told people what they needed to hear (although most didn’t heed his warnings).

Superman said nothing to help people spiritually even though the spiritual side of mankind lasts forever. Yet, Jesus was heavily focused on the spiritual realm and on people’s eternity in the next life.

Recently, a senior-level corporate leader shared with me his ‘almost dead’ experience (whether in the body or out of the body I do not know). He explained the amazing things that were in his experience on ‘the other side’ and had the concurrence of at least two other people he knew with almost identical stories. He told me he was fairly depressed when he revived back on this earth and realized that he was not going to be able to enter heaven yet. He was stuck on this earth filled with the pains of this Test called Life. It’s all a Test of your love (or lack thereof) for your Creator. Satan is part of that Test. He and his demons (with the aid of a lot of humans) are constantly testing you with the misery that seems to always be a part of Life. Yet, Satan always does his best to make you think that it is all your Creator’s fault; and the humans aiding Satan continue to work hard to make you think that all the evil they do is really the fault of the believers who follow the Creator. In contrast, your Creator wants you to stop believing these lies and trust Him – He who died for you. He wants you to pass this Test.

But some would ask ‘Why do we even have to go through these tests at all? Why can’t we just have a bed of roses in this life? Well, why did our Creator have to come to earth at all? Why didn’t He just provide salvation without visiting this hurtful planet? Why did He have to die for your sins? Why? The better question is ‘Who?’ Who decided to die in your place? Jesus or Satan? Oh, and Superman – he doesn’t even count since he doesn’t exist, yet some proclaim his greatness and see Jesus as a waste of time or as a story to be banned from the classroom and public forum. Many ban Jesus even still today. Some do so just to keep their friends happy. Yet life is short. It’s very temporary. Where will your friends be when you awake to a whole new eternal world in the next life? Will you awake to a painful, fiery destiny? Or an absolutely amazing one like that senior corporate leader experienced – so amazing he didn’t want to come back to this planet?

Can you explain why Jesus, who was born of the royal line of Judah and who many thought would be King, would instead give His life for mankind out of love? Have you ever seen a Superman who was also a King? Have you ever seen a King willing to die for His citizens? Most politicians that I know would run from any potential risk to their own self-aggrandizement. They don’t usually rush to take the sins of others upon themselves or die in the place of their citizenry.

The temporal things that Superman did in his fictitious life matter nothing. After all, we’re talking imagination – that’s all Superman is – a product of a human’s imagination. The eternal love, hope and transformation that Jesus brought to those who love Him matters for all eternity. Jesus was intent on helping people have their minds restored from sin to a sound mind.

Was it Superman or Jesus who did the following: 1) transformed a demon-possessed man into a sound, healthy person, 2) fed hungry people not just physically but also spiritually in the same day, 3) forgave a man his sins and also healed his lame legs all at the same time, 4) rebuked the chief religious leaders for their fake, self-pious lives and hypocrisy (lots of those around even today in all sorts of religions and denominations), 5) told his biggest fans (disciples) that they must be willing to suffer for righteousness’ sake in order to be a true follower or disciple, 6) explained that people need the Holy Spirit and repentance to gain Heaven by the only Path available – He Himself, the sacrifice for man’s sins. Could this be why a great number of people despise Jesus, but love Superman?

Let’s contrast this difference between the two supermen. While Superman was all about the physical, Jesus was obviously about the spiritual and not just the physical. If Jesus’ purpose was to die for man’s sins as stated in the Bible, that would explain why Jesus, having proven His super powers during His early ministry, didn’t use them to save Himself. He was willingly going to His crucifixion. Let’s go a step further.

For the mission statement of your next ‘start-up business or for the slogan of your next political campaign, try adding the following topics: Hell-fire, sin, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, repentance, faith and lots of quoting of the Creator’s Book. You don’t wish to try it? No?

Having come from the other ‘dimension’ which we will soon know in our afterlife, the Creator wanted to warn people about how horrible the fiery torment in the next life will be for those who reject the Creator’s salvation. Want to try that with your in-laws next week? Or did you want to tell your company execs at work that their sins are a danger to their eternal future?

The Bible, which teaches these things, was written entirely by Jews. Why then do most Jews distance themselves from the Bible as well as their own Messiah (Jesus), who Pilate proclaimed as ‘King of the Jews’? The Jews didn’t want to be identified with Jesus back then and still don’t want to be, but they don’t mind being identified with Superman or Wonder Woman, who are akin to Greek or Roman gods, which their Tanakh or Bible says are an abomination to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Why would they violate their own religious beliefs?

Yet are Gentiles any better? Why do many Gentiles still insanely hate Jews? Could it be their connection with the Messiah (Jesus) and the Bible? After all, the Jews birthed Jesus and the Bible into the world. Another irony is that the Jews don’t seem to be too happy about their Son Jesus, even though the Bible is the most published Book in the World and Jesus is revered greatly by multiple billion-member religions. Most universities would be proud of such accomplishments. What is it about Jesus that makes even His own kinfolk distance themselves from Him, while loving Superman? What is it about Jesus that makes the governments of the earth so uncomfortable with Jesus that many seek to ban Him? What threat is Jesus to the powerful and rich government heads – this Person who went about feeding hungry folk and healing the sick? Why is this Man Jesus, who took time to show kindness to children and heal them, considered such a threat to children in public schools? Why are the stories of His life banned from the curriculum, schools, courts, and reading halls of many nations, even though they are the most ancient works and the most published writings on the earth? Most people love supermen and super heroes. Look at Nazi Germany where the land was crazed with the ‘uber mensch’ or super heroes just before the killings began. Sound like America? People love super heroes with super powers, because these gods in spandex are gods like what they wish to emulate – gods who exemplify their own egos and desires and what they wish they could be. They don’t wish to emulate Jesus by taking up their cross of suffering and following his pattern of selfless love.

Humans love comfort and are willing to do about anything oftentimes to get what they want. Humans back 2,000 years ago were no different. They were willing to crucify their own Creator in order to avoid having to hear Him talk anymore about the things that matter most in life – Truth. Why? Truth convicts. Jesus said it best: “Men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil.” Insanity reigned. It still does. Most wanted the true Creator GOD to go back from where He came. So He did. But not before showing us how much He loved us. And not before giving us hope, joy, love, peace, and Himself as a sacrifice for sin and a Path for us to heaven. As you can tell, that Path is very narrow. Not many travel it.

But as Robert Frost once wrote – taking the Path less traveled can make all the difference.


HITLER: Catholics and sodomite killings

18hitlercatholicnuncioDo not be surprised if in the near future, you see sodomites being killed by the Cabal in order to further their agenda.  They have their tentacles in much of the world’s power, and are behind much of the intrigue taking place today, whether it be false flags, waves of terror, or economic tsunamis.  Many of these are just around the corner, and not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

Of course, it may not be blatant killings, but one can be assured that if Hitler’s Puppet Masters did it before, they will do it again.  These Roman Kabbalists are growing in great power and are close to realizing their goals even as I write these words.

For those who have heard historical revisionism on the Nazis killing the homosexuals, be informed – read this article: .  Excellent research – a craft well lacking these days in modern times.  Read this article and learn that the Nazis were filled with sodomites as the Jesuits are as well.  The ‘butch’ Nazi homosexuals were killing the ‘effeminate’ Nazi homosexuals, because they considered them a ‘weaker’ race.

Men will always tell their version of history.  Without men like John Fox and his “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” or similar books like “Martyrs Mirror” and other classics, would we have known the evils of Rome? Would they, who controlled the narrative of history for a thousand years, have recounted their grisly deeds to the world?

Those who control the narrative, control the minds of the people. Thus, any religion that depends upon history for its beliefs is dependent upon subjective and undependable ground for their foundation, and they will surely see their house sink when the rains of Judgment come.  Only those with their foundation upon the Rock of the Creator’s Book will survive that day.

Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions claim to believe in portions of the Book of the Creator’s Word, but all of these depend upon the miry pits of history for foundational beliefs.  Buddhism, which sounds an awful lot like Brahmanism with characteristics of Jesus added in the character of Buddha, relies primarily upon the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa, writings which were written years after the time of Christ. Buddhists must trust their souls to the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa and hope he didn’t twist history or fabricate Buddha.  That’s a lot of trust when you think about the history of ‘history’.

Similar things could be said about all world religions whose fundamental sacred source documents all claim to have been started by men and their words, although some of the men claim to have received books from ‘angels’, but remember there are also ‘fallen’ or evil angels.  Only the Bible, the Creator’s Book, claims to have been breathed by our Creator and carried by His Spirit as its many authors, the Prophets, proclaimed the Words of the Creator (carried as a surfboard is carried by a wave – that’s the actually wording in the original language of the Scriptures).  Many of these prophets lived far apart by centuries, yet their words sound as though they are from One Author.

Those who are wise will depend solely upon the Book of their Creator’s Word – a Book which is timeless in its narrative of how the Creator came to Earth as the Messiah for mankind first as the sacrificial Lamb to die in our place, so that we could receive payment for our sins if we are willing to give our lives to Him.  This same Book prophesied that the Jews would one day be taken from all over the world where they were scattered and would bring them back into their land of Israel again – this is not Zionism – this is fulfilled prophecy. This same Book, whose prophecies have been fulfilled flawlessly, says one day the Creator will come again as the Lion of Judah to Judge the wicked.

Men always tell their version of history. Many of these men are corrupt.  Franco, the fascist leader of Spain, stated that Hitler fought for Christianity.  This was his perspective of Christianity, yet it was not Christianity but Catholicism, the religion of Rome, that inspired Hitler.  Many historians are like Franco.  They write what they think based upon what knowledge they have been given, and oftentimes for their own self-serving purposes.

Most religions are similar – based upon self-serving desires for power, money, authority, and a false sense of spiritual security granted them by clergy as a way for the clergy and the state to control people and keep them obedient to the laws they pass, and to get them to be good workers.  That’s why almost all false religions are simply lessons of “do ‘good’ and go to heaven” type teachings with the state and religious authorities defining what is ‘good’, and it’s usually self-serving.  When a Puppet of the Cabal like Obama speaks of how much he wants to end violence, how much he loves children, and that these motivate him to get guns off the street, you can bet that those who believe him know little or nothing of history. It is history that tells us that he is lying and that his logic is absurd.  Yet on the other hand, history is oftentimes retold with a slant, especially in public schools which are controlled by the Cabal, in such a way that these lessons are edited from the books or spun in a way that nobody will learn the lessons of the past. Just as today’s media reports are often filled with lies, fabrications, and false accounts such as false flag operations which today seem to appear far more regularly, even so, history is the news stories of past generations and they too are often filled with fabrications.  Many times, it is the reader of history who also is skewed in their thinking. One must have wisdom in order to understand knowledge, and even then knowledge is oftentimes muddied by men’s finite and fallible attempts to relay it to the next generation or skewed by a reader’s perspective or philosophical leanings. Most often, however, it’s men’s corrupt attempts to purposefully distort history for their own religious fervor, selfish gain, power, wealth, and control.

Do not rely upon polluted tales of men, even if they claim to get their information from angels. Only the Creator has ultimate power, wealth, authority, and knowledge, so there is no bribe or need that will bend His will to change the Truth. He tells us the Truth flawlessly, … every time.



… I have heard numerous leaders voicing their fear of what might be taking place in America very soon. People with ties to intelligence are warning of what this year might be like.  World leaders are making very troubling comments and placing alerts to others. Something monumental must be happening and very soon …  READ MORE





SATANISTS: Cover stories?

Occult Satanists, like their Master, that Puppet Master of Deception with the ultimate ‘intelligence’ falsities, appear to be getting their “cover stories” all ready for the end of time. Could one of their stories indicate what the Roman Occult leaders plan to do to the United States of America? … READ MORE

ELECTION 2016: The key factor

Key FactorWhat people don’t realize is that their worst nightmares are coming.   Obama’s ‘hope and change’ is akin to Trump’s ‘making America great again’.

Most of the so-called ‘conflicts’ and ‘debates’ among Republicans seem staged, much like many other supposed ‘conflicts’ and ‘problems’ over the past decade and a half.  Hillary, the Criminal of Benghazi, is made to look stately and too high above the bickering Republican men, while running against Bernie Sanders who looks as if he should be in retirement. The media read from the teleprompter what is written for them by the tiny handful of canned news services available.  I know.  I used to be one of those people reporting world and national news at the national level. Meanwhile, the populace believes what they are told in America and throughout much of the world, most of which are lies and staged deception.

Men who have sought to regain their global power for almost two centuries continue to push their globalist agenda forward on the economic front which they control, through the media which they control, through the bantering between politicians which they control, and through the ‘war on terror’ which they contrive from the high crime rate that continues to spiral out-of-control as leadership pretends their local law enforcement is incapable of stopping the ‘terror’ and request federal aid and federal troops to help their cities with their grossly incompetent leadership. Then again, is it incompetency or a clever strategy? Most don’t think that deeply today.

Imagine the dollar collapsing in a land filled with communism-socialism, and ruled by a racist fascist pushing forward a police state, while jobs and food are rare. I believe it’s coming on the heels of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

When Hillary Clinton, the Criminal of Benghazi, offers to ‘fix things’, realize that she’s in office right now and is doing nothing, except lying and adding insult to injury.  Furthermore, her followers show their party fervor by defending every lie and incompetency to their own shame and probably to Hillary’s amusement as she plays her ‘role’.  She’s another ‘Obama’ in female form.

When Trump says “Making America Great Again”, it is akin to Obama saying “hope and change”. America got from Obama enough ‘hope’ to change their nation into a land stripped of protections of liberties, including a twenty trillion dollar deficit.  I didn’t say billion or million, but trillion. Imagine what Trump’s ‘great again’ is going to cost us in freedom and money.

And it’s purposeful. The Federal Reserve used approximately 17 trillion dollars to bail out big business a few years ago when the deficit was about 16 trillion dollars.  In other words, they could have paid off the deficit and it would have been ‘end of show’.  But they didn’t. And that was on George W. Bush and Obama’s watch.  They allowed for it.

Trump and Hillary will be the same fare.

When Trump is finished with this country, it will be so divided, so impoverished, and so immoral that one might believe they are living in post-Cold War Russia where girls are forced to sell themselves in one of their many prostitution rings before they are allowed to declare themselves ‘unemployed’ by the government … just so they can eat a meal.  What a nightmare, but how horrifically ironic and fitting for Russia, a nation that booted the Bible and GOD from their schools, and where afterward sixty million were mass murdered by Stalin and other fascists.  The irony? .. in a land where people want to live immorally, they were forced to live immoral to be able to eat.  I see the same happening to America and very soon.  I’m sure Trump with his voracious appetite for women will not mind that type of environment at all, and is it not fitting that Trump’s wife is from the city of Sevnica within the land of Slovenia, a former Protestant territory that was taken over by the Third Reich and where mass graves are now found from that era and where the only church is now Catholic.  How fitting indeed that she might be the next First Lady, not only due to her hometown, but also due to her own immoral lifestyle of baring her body for food. It’s almost a harbinger.

If Hillary gets the Presidency instead, prepare for another four years of mounting deficits, and don’t be surprised if the dollar collapses.  After all, it’s been known for some time that the only thing propping up the American economy are the Asian partners who are still willing to hold their nose and use it as a bartering chip.  Even Forbes’ magazine stated at one time in recent history that the dollar is worthless and only the Asian partners are keeping the economy afloat.  They are holding out just to see if they can recover their investments in the trillions of dollars of debt that America has produced.  And if they see it’s still sinking, you can bet like any savvy investor, they will salvage what money is left and run … leaving the USA to clean up the mess.  And you can expect a police state and a republic of anarchy to then be led by another ‘Hitler’ or ‘Stalin’ type pushing forward mass executions.  After all, that’s what idiot Presidents do – just like idiot CEOs.  Just as a moronic CEO resorts to mass lay-offs when he is too stupid to create innovative products (and thereby jobs), idiot Presidents do the same … except they resort to executions . It’s the same insanity behind both.

Ted Cruz is probably the only sane candidate, but it looks like the media is out to destroy him.  The media has their orders – their canned news … thanks to the ‘Puppet Masters’ of Rome who stand to benefit from the demise of the USA, while relaxing in their Jacuzzi tubs with their Euros. It’s no secret that the U.S. Dollar has slowly devalued behind the Euro over the past couple of decades in which the Romans continue to push their global domination strategies forward in America.

Even if Trump doesn’t win, he has pushed America toward being a more divided, fascist, hate-filled society in an almost ‘Jerry Springer’ fashion as he turned the Republican debates into fiascos – and one might say it was quite purposefully so. How can Trump get away with sounding like an imbecile while getting ratings?  The media backs him. That’s how.  What does this say about the populace? Most are glued to their television sets and internet browsers adoring the billionaire star of “The Apprentice”. They will awaken soon from their TV fantasies to realize a very poignant and sinister reality is facing them when their dollar is worthless, their Big Pharma drugs are no longer available by prescription, and a dictator is telling them when and where they can use the toilets.

This land is in grave danger. Trump’s hints towards violence at his rallies are no accident. The nation is being conditioned.  The media are reporting the rascist comments and violence at Trump’s rallies at every turn, and almost as if they are looking to feed the frenzy, instead of prevent it.  They are reporting on guillotines, giant concentration camps, joint military-law enforcement exercises on U.S. soil, mass surveillance violations, and numerous other Constitutional violations as if it flaunt it in the face of the citizenry and as if to see if the citizens will do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the media is offering no positive coverage to Cruz (perhaps because he’s now not of any value to their globalist agenda), and they’re saying there’s no need for a contested convention.  After all, we should trust them.  They’re the media with a halo encircling above them.

If Americans can’t see the nightmare ahead of us or how frightening the Trump or Hillary presidencies will be, then perhaps you’ve just realized the key factor in Election 2016.

Americans have become metaphorically ‘blind’.  How does one become this blind? Is it just from staring at their television and internet screens blankly in almost hypnotic fashion for so long?

This present generation of Americans have not forgotten the Bible and past history.  They just haven’t been taught them. Their parents or grandparents agreed to have the Bible removed in the 1960s and they have apathetically sat upon their hands while their history textbooks were revised as well, whilst continuing to send their children to the state schools to be taught whatever the state wants to teach them – career-oriented topics such as how people are descendants of monkeys and pigs, how GOD is dead, the dangers of reading the most published Book on the planet and how it must stay a forbidden book especially in public, and that globalists, communists, witches and sexual deviants are your heroes.

Even if our website and this particular article weren’t being censored and hidden from view by search engines like Google and social networks like WordPress by those afraid of Truth, still most people who did read this article would probably not even get it’s message.  Most don’t even know history or the Bible or ‘right from wrong’ anymore.  Most are bent on self-destruction and don’t even realize it.  This is what happens to a nation that forgets GOD.  He lets them wander into the darkness.   And not just a nation, but a world.  A blind people wandering through the darkness seldom see the giant pitfall off the cliff ahead.

When we look at Trump, we see a billionaire who not only is blind to the Bill of Rights, but who says whatever he thinks people want to hear, and he definitely represents America thoroughly with his voracious greed for immorality, money, booze, and power, his apathy and indifference towards Scripture and GOD, and his self-centered, hateful, spoiled, and unmannerly attitudes towards the treatment of others.  Instead of love and justice and the fear of GOD, Trump instead displays practical atheism, greed and pride, just as most of his followers.  In many ways, many Americans deserve him.

Then we look at Hillary who represents the social justice and religious-in-name-only types in America (also known as socialists). These know-more-than-thou rebels who despise the wisdom of their parents’ generation of freedom and free enterprise.  Ironically, her father was a fervent Republican who despised Communism.  Hillary’s mother didn’t really care as much about politics … she just couldn’t wait for Hillary to stop working and spend more time with her.  Hillary seemed completely complacent toward either of her parents – much like Americans today.  Most elderly parents and children are forgotten today as people ramble on towards their temporal ambitions or pleasures or other trivial pursuits that usually aren’t nearly as important as the people in their lives.  Hillary, the rebel daughter, looks to carry on the immoral agenda and lies of her husband, and the communist initiatives of her predecessor as her father turns over in his grave.  In this way, both Bill and Hillary are probably also fair representatives of America’s gullible, blind rebellious children who also value their career and sexual escapades more than their families and blindly embrace whatever their parents despised. It’s not a brave new world.  Just the same old self-centered one.  This generation just has more technology to implement and fulfill their evil desires as Aldous Huxley foresaw.

Cruz, who is our only viable solution at this point for freedom and at least a small glimmer of hope for freedom, has recently been shown as a teenager on a video, obviously spawned by his enemies, in which Cruz is shown as a kid joking about bikini girls and world domination, and thus he fairly represents most Christians who aren’t serious about what is happening in their world today, but instead spend way too much time on entertainment and often that of bikini girls and rock ‘n’ roll.  However, Cruz does not appear to be that way today, and to be fair to Cruz which one of us are without sin?  Then again, the media never is fair to Cruz, neither does the media pull the ‘beam out of its eye’ whilst pulling the mote from someone else’ eye.  It’s just not in their culture statement. And keep in mind that the media are never fair to anyone who actually lives the values that Jesus lived, although they have made exceptions for the Bush boys and other fake RINOs who defame the name of Jesus by pretending to be Christian to get votes from the unsuspecting, naive religious crowd.

Can Cruz salvage our nation from the wreckage left by the past several Republican and Democratic Presidents, many of whom may have been CIA assets at one time as shown in other articles on this website?   Can Cruz sway the average entertainment-addicted American, or will they find Cruz too boring, conservative, and non-sensational as their favorite TV show or movie? Will the public ever hear of Cruz again except in a negative fashion now that Trump seems to have gotten more electoral votes (if we truly believe the voting process wasn’t hacked or rigged)? Is Cruz really the answer ultimately? While he may be the best of the candidates at this moment, the ultimate answer is for the American people to spiritually awaken.

Will Americans be like an ‘air-head’, naive teen girl in high school who doesn’t want the boring, faithful, hard-working type, but instead chooses the irresponsible, self-centered jerk who ignores her?  Will Americans elect a leader who will leave America ‘high and dry’, much like a sophomore girl in high school impregnated by an idiot who is wildly popular among his peers simply for running a pigskin ball from one end of a field to another?  It’s amazing how stupid humankind can be when the Bible is taken from them, and with it the Light of Wisdom.

The Bible was published several centuries ago, and the world became a hubbub of new inventions, scientific discoveries, new industries and jobs, cultural advances, and freedom.  It was a drastic change from the previous millennia of impoverished peasants, superstitions,  inquisitions, flat-world papists, enslavement, mediocrity, and dull-minded people.  But people became prosperous and forgot GOD. And that’s where we are.  The key factor in Election 2016 will be ‘blindness’, because it is GOD’s way of showing the world that America’s blessings were due to the early colonies’ emphasis upon the Light of the World and the Light of the Word – these two were what enlightened minds and brought fulfillment, hope, and change of the greatest kind to families in a young New World centuries ago … until the Romans wrecked it by removing the Light from their classrooms and homes, and replacing them with the hypnotic glowing light of the big screen. The era of loving homes, friendly neighbors, people working hard and living within their means, and the simple life is gone.

‘Blindness’ will defeat us this coming autumn election unless people turn again to GOD and bring His Word back into their public lives, classrooms, and homes again.  The key factor of ‘blindness’ is why most will never understand what is written above, and why most will elect leaders who will destroy them.  Is this a positive article? No. Then again, perhaps it’s time that a spoonful of reality be fed to those sitting in darkness close to Death; however, the spoonful must be accepted, and a generation addicted to ‘eye candy’ and carnal pleasure will probably never read this article, and those who do may never understand it.

Don’t lose hope!  This isn’t the real life.  The next life is and it will be a time of Justice for all – a time for payback.  And that’s great for some and really dreadful for others.  Have you read the Bible from start to finish?  If so, encourage someone to read the Bible today and pray for our nation. The Bible is a Light to the nations. Those nations who banish this Light do so to their own peril. Our Hope is in the LORD who created heaven and earth. Human kingdoms come and go, but His Word will stand forever. Long after Trump, Hillary, and Obama answer at the judgment throne for their conduct, Jesus will still be reigning eternally.  Right wins out in the end.  Evil will be punished.  The Truth and those who embrace the Way, the Truth, and the Life will be the winners!  Will that be you?


ISRAEL: Their future is in their past

yellowstarWhat does Zionism, the Dragon, the Occult, the Final Solution, a 1948 Israel, Jewish Holocaust orphans, a future burning of Rome, and the Caesars have to do with each other?

Israel is becoming the focal point of the world.  In the media, Israel is taking a beating. Why?  Are there root causes to what Europeans have called the “Jewish problem”?  Are there reasons for why they have attempted the “final solution”?

Since 1948, has Israel not shown kindness to their enemies? Have they not bent over backwards at times to make the world happy, and even shown respect to the families of terrorists who attempt to harm them as they recently displayed when giving one of the terrorists back to his family for burial after he walked into a public Israeli tourist spot and started firing his gun at innocent civilians?  Is not Israel accused of taking land from other nations? Yet, does not history show that other nations attempted to annihilate Israel and that Israel took land from them as part of the spoils of war?  Is this wrong? Historically, is this not how war works?  Has not Russia recently moved into Ukrainian territory? And have not many other nations done similar things throughout recent and past history?

JDL NEVER AGAINI recently read a Jewish columnist attempting to understand why Israel is treated differently.  They concluded that Israel is a ‘rosh’ or ‘head’ that influences all the other nations.  That reminded me a lot of Joseph telling his brothers that he dreamed of them bowing down to him … and we all know how that ended.  In other words, I don’t think this was the wisest way to explain the current climate in which Israel is being treated differently.  I read another article by what appeared to be a veteran and very cerebral journalist that seemed to go on forever as he was attempting to make sense of the obvious bias in the media that he experienced firsthand against Israel. He couldn’t understand the extreme bias in favor of the Palestinian people – a people, state, and flag that really didn’t exist until after Vatican II took place in the 1960s.  Is there any logic in a so-called ‘state’ for a people that didn’t exist prior to the 1960s and who mainly came from surrounding Arab states as seen in the recent formation of a state flag for them and government?   Why is this?

HarmageddonSome may surmise that the United Nations is a lot like Pharaoh.  They gave Israel their freedom only to regret it after Israel became a state in 1948. Much like Pharaoh, they are now in the middle of hopping on their chariots and chasing after Israel to cut them off in a corner of the desert using a fake Palestinian state, the jealousy and millennia-old hatred of the surrounding nations, their media machines  and a wagging UN finger to do so.  May I remind the world of a simple truth.  The Red Sea.  Ever heard of the Battle of Armageddon?

So why the hatred of Israel? And why, as mentioned in this in-depth article at this link, does it seem that the hate is not only for Israel but also for the Jews around the world? That article makes a great point – why do American Jews sometimes live in a state of denial? They seem to think that if they just adopt the Gentiles’ values and hatred of Israel, then they can be immune from anti-Semitism?  They seem to be naive to the fact that, like it or not, they are Jews, and that people hate Jews for just being Jews, and they hate Israel because Israel is a nation of Jews.  Why the insane hatred of Jews?  Again, the article linked above does a great job of digging deep into that topic, so I will let you read it for more insight and move onward to other ground for now.


Amir Tsarfati, a Christian and a Major in the Israeli Defense Forces, has shown from two different religious perspectives, both a Christian and a Jewish perspective, that the Bible clearly declares Israel as being the birthright of the Jews.

Scores of Bible passages can be quoted to show that GOD gave the land of Israel to the Jews, but that won’t satisfy non-Christians or non-Jews, so let me ask a question. How many countries can boast that their ancestors actually purchased the land in which they live? Abraham purchased Hebron, Jacob purchased Nablus, and David purchased Jerusalem. Yet, Jerusalem is the most contested of the land which Israel owns in some people’s minds. Furthermore, Jews lived in Israel for a millennia or more before the Romans dispersed them; also, the United Nations voted to give modern Israel to the Jews.

Is hatred not senseless? Especially for a people who appear to go overboard to do “the right thing” in war, in peace, and in business?  However, now let me introduce the children of the Dragon to help us make sense of this hatred.

In chapters 7 and the latter third of chapter 11, the prophet Daniel in the Bible prophesies of a final false messiah who would be of a kingdom that comes after the Grecian kingdom.  Today, we know that as the Roman Empire.  Furthermore, in the last couple of verses of Daniel chapter 9, we read that a people would come to destroy the temple of Jerusalem, and that this false messiah would come from that people – the Romans.  Historically, we know for a fact that the nation who destroyed the temple of Jerusalem was the Roman Empire mentioned in that chapter.  We are further told in the Book of Revelation in chapters 13 and 17 that this same beast, who we now know as the Roman Empire and which Daniel described with seven heads and ten horns, is a red dragon on whose back a woman is seen riding.  Another article on our website seen at this link goes into detail about the woman riding on the beast’s back, so we will refrain from detailed explanation.

danielimageWe are also shown in those Biblical chapters of the Book of Revelation that a False Messiah who is the leader of the Roman Empire (or Red Dragon) will rise up, and that another beast looking like a lamb (but speaking just like the Dragon) will rise as well to give glory to the False Messiah.  A lamb in the Bible is symbolic of the people of GOD in both the Tanakh or Old Testament and the New Testament as well. In other words, this beast is not a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, but seemingly a ‘dragon in sheep’s clothing’.   In other words, two Romans will rise – one who is evidently appearing as one of GOD’s own, while really being of Rome and of Satan – a man who most believe is the false prophet mentioned in Revelation chapters 16, 19, and 20 who is seen standing beside the false messiah. The other former beast of the two, or the false messiah,  is also said to be an eighth king of the Roman empire who was originally “of” or “from” seven other kings mentioned by John the apostle in chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Roman EmperorsJohn describes these seven kings as “five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short space.”   Julius Caesar is not typically included by most of the sources I viewed in the list of Roman emperors since he and the Triumvirate that followed weren’t officially emperors, although they did lead Rome.  Thus, the official list of Roman emperors as seen on Wikipedia and other similar sites start the emperor list with Augustus Caesar which is logical.  Thus, at the time of John’s writing, it seems probable that the phrase “five are fallen” referred to the five Caesars of the Roman empire who had died – namely Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.   It is also possible that the “one is” could be a reference to the Caesar Vespasian who was the emperor who came out on top after four different leaders wrestled for the office of the emperor after Nero’s death.  This would place the writing of the Book of Revelation at A.D. 68-69 which would coincide with recent scholarship that now places the writing of the Book of Revelation prior to A.D. 70.   If true, this would leave the possibility that the “other is not yet come” as being a reference to Caesar Titus, the general who actually destroyed the Jewish Temple in A.D. 70 as referenced earlier in Daniel chapter 9 and the Roman general and Caesar who brought the time of the Jews to an end, making way for the “time of the Gentiles” mentioned by Paul the apostle.  This “time of the Gentiles” Paul said was a mystery revealed only during his time which would last until the “time of the Gentiles” was fulfilled, which would then usher back in the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy and what many refer to as the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (in other words, time of Israel’s trouble). 

indexGeneral Titus, history states, continued for only a short space of about three years after becoming emperor (i.e.  the seventh king was said to continue for a “short space”).  Many other emperors followed Titus, but since they came after the fall of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jews, we see the period of the Jews as having ended at A.D. 70 and we believe this is why John the apostle then jumps into the future when Daniel’s “last seven years” will occur (which is when the timeline for Israel and this eighth emperor and false messiah is thought to start again).  After all, it can be reasoned that this is the time when the prophetic clock is considered to start ‘ticking again’.  Thus, the seven Roman emperors or kings who lived just prior to when Israel was dispersed in A.D. 70 and the eighth king coming in the future (when the “clock” of Daniel’s final seven years resumes) seems like a fairly logical and easy conclusion. Also, while many talk of the ‘twelve Caesars’, keep in mind that the extra five are Julius Caesar the Dictator who wasn’t a true emperor, Domitian who came after A.D. 70 as did many other emperors after A.D. 70, and the three who didn’t win out against Vespasian during the “year of the four emperors” which appears to be the year of John’s writing – these five are the ones who do not appear to be logically a part of the seven kings of Rome.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Occult-Holiday-Liberty-Semiramis-Sol-InvictusIf this is accurate, and we leave room for much speculation on this passage as there are many varied scholarly views on these matters, then the eighth emperor or final false messiah king of the future could be either from or of one of these seven emperors by bloodline or could even be one of these Caesars risen from the dead (because Revelation also states that this final false messiah Roman emperor would come from the bottomless pit and go into perdition, although it could be in the future final seven years that he rises from the dead out of the bottomless pit).  Some have questioned whether this future Caesar will be Nero, because he already burned Rome once.  Would it be surprising if he burned it again? Also, the future Caesar Messiah is said to war on the saints – again, another thing that Nero did, but most of the emperors also did this. Or is the future Messiah Roman Caesar really an emperor of the blood lineage of the Caesars who is going to be assassinated in the final seven years and come back from the dead to the amazement of the world? And could this be why so many secret societies trace their bloodlines?  Either way, it will be amazing to see either scenario – 1) an ancient emperor risen from the dead in the near future who becomes a world Roman emperor again,  or 2) a future Roman emperor descended from the Caesar’s blood line who becomes the future False Messiah, and who then after an assassination wound to his head, rises from the dead to the amazement of the world.

134265773Regardless, we see that the seven heads of the red Dragon were most probably historical in nature, according to what was written of them, while the ten kings are most likely in the future.  Why?  John the apostle writes “And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”  We are also told that these ten kings give their power to the beast one hour so that he can destroy the woman or harlot that was riding on the back of the Dragon.  I will let you read the previously mentioned article linked above that tells more details about that woman, but suffice it to say she appears as a religious city that reigns over the kings of the earth, dressed in scarlet and purple, holding a big golden cup (which some believe is Eucharistic), and sitting on seven hills – sounds an awful lot like the Roman religious system to me who actually did reign over the kings of the earth (and who is said to still do this), but again – read the article.  If this is so, then the future false messiah Caesar will burn the Roman religious city to oblivion as seen in chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Why would the Roman Caesar Messiah do this to the Roman Catholic system? Perhaps he will blame her for all the secret conspiracies and mass murders that the Roman Occult used the ‘harlot’ to execute throughout the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust and more?

A Knight, whose uncle had helped the Nazis migrate to the United States, who had seen Hitler’s knight uniform, and who was a mid-level member of a secret society that is connected to the Roman occult leadership, once told me that his fraternity (i.e. Caesarian occult Romans) are wed to the Roman Catholic leadership as a ‘marriage of convenience” (his words not mine). What happened historically when a Caesar got tired of his wife? He killed her, much like a pimp with a harlot, and this is the very picture of Revelation chapter 17.

ancient-romeDoes this mean we are soon to see the Roman Occult burn the Roman Catholic religious city? Is this either Vatican City or Rome or both?  Very possibly.  I would even say very probably. Some would argue that this harlot represents the original woman on its back of Semi-Aramis of Babylonian origins, but the colors of scarlet and purples, the golden cup, and the seven hills are very difficult to find anywhere in Babylon today (which is modern-day Iraq).

Could this False Messiah Caesar come from America or Europe who burns this city known as ‘Babylon the Great’? Most likely.  Could he have a sketchy birth certificate and past if he truly is ascended out of the bottomless pit?  It’s a possibility.  Or could he be descended from the line of the Caesars?  Another possibility. Could he even be one of the candidates in America running for the office of President? Again, we are reduced to mere speculation.

However, with NATO in place, we see what appears to be two legs of the Roman Empire – America and Europe – as it straddles the Atlantic Ocean and if a Roman leader did emerge to unite the world through peace, then he could very well burn this city (who reigns over the kings of the earth and sits on seven hills) to the ground with the help of ten other kings who as John the apostle stated have “received no kingdom as yet“.  Although at that time period in history, the ten kings had received no kingdom as yet, we also may deduce that they still have no kingdom as yet, because this final  False Messiah Caesar does not appear to have fulfilled the prophecies given regarding a future False Messiah Caesar, especially since we are told that Jesus will descend from heaven and destroy this False Messiah Caesar.  Thus, we look to the future.

map_nato_021120Meanwhile, back to the subject of Israel.  How does this relate to Israel?  Well, in Revelation chapter 12, we are told that a woman who greatly resembles the dream of Joseph about the Israeli nation (sun, moon, stars) is shown giving birth to a male child who greatly resembles Jesus the Messiah of the writings of the Gospels in the New Testament.  Then we are shown that this red Dragon is powered by none other than Satan himself.  Many believe Satan will possess the False Messiah Caesar due to a number of implications throughout the Book of Revelation.  Thus, it makes sense that Satan and the Roman Empire are both identified together with this Dragon as seen in the Book of Revelation and in the Book of Daniel.  This Dragon is seen persecuting the woman who gave birth to the Jewish Messiah, Jesus the Master Rabbi.  In fact, the Dragon is seen outraged as he goes after the Jewish people.  Why?  As Paul the apostle stated, the Jewish people are the ones through whom GOD gave us both the Old and New Testaments or the words of the Creator.  The Jewish people are the ones who birthed the Messiah Jesus.

I-Say-Never-AgainThe Jewish people are only being temporarily blinded, as Paul notes in his letter to the Romans, and can be easily grafted back into their own Messianic ‘olive tree’ in the future, and he also hints at the prophet Ezekiel’s prophecy (Ezekiel 39) in which the people of Israel will have the Spirit of GOD poured upon them and will believe in Jesus the Messiah in great numbers as all of Israel will be saved in one day.  That hasn’t happened yet, but with the Jews back in Israel as of 1948, it is now a real possibility.  Ezekiel 39 seems to place the timing of this revival of Jews at the end of the battles of Ezekiel 38 and 39 which could happen very, very soon, since almost every nation mentioned in those battles are currently getting prepared for attack upon Israel (as seen in the article at this link). Several of these countries already have their tanks, weapons and troops just miles away from Israel’s border at this very hour – some say that it could be a ruse to get close to Israel’s borders – others say differently.  Time will tell.

gargoyles-gnomes-griffins-oh-myIn Daniel 11, we are given a great gem of knowledge.  Daniel 11 gives us a detailed description of a prophecy that can now be seen in history as perfectly fulfilled in every detail.  It describes what would happen from Alexander the Great’s empire being split among his generals all the way to the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who many consider to be an Old Testament shadow of the coming anti-Christ as detailed in Southern Baptist pastor Walter K. Price‘s book In the Final Days.  This is because around verse 36 of Daniel 11, we suddenly see Daniel switching from a detailed account of Antiochus IV to an account of an anti-christ figure that does not describe Antiochus IV’s historical actions but rather another figure who is assumed to be the coming ‘prince’ mentioned in the final verses of Romans 9 (or the future anti-christ).

galeriusAnother help in understanding Daniel chapter 11 is that Daniel 7 talks of this same future anti-christ, while Daniel 8 talks of the Old Testament anti-christ shadow who we now know was Antiochus IV.

In other words, it seems very purposeful that the virulent dictator of the Chanukah (Hanukkah) story is a picture of the coming one world False Messiah Caesar.  In Daniel’s prophecies, we thus see a very clear shadow through Antiochus IV of how the coming False Messiah dictator will behave.  Part of that story in Chanukah includes evil Jews (even religious ones in the form of Menelaus the evil high priest), who want to emulate and assimilate the pagans around them, who work together with Antiochus IV to exterminate the moderate, conservative, and righteous Jews. Even today, through the Vatican’s bank guardians known as the Rothschild family, we see similar relationships in place.

survivorsThus, there does appear to be evil occult Jews who are in bed with the Roman Occult Dragon, and who are working to destroy the majority of other Jews just as the Antiochean story seems to foreshadow of the future Anti-Christ (or False Messiah). A theory exists that the Roman Occult via Hitler killed many Jewish parents and then took the Jewish children to be trained into agents of Rome.  Whether you believe such matters or not, I did read an article years ago in which Israel was still demanding to know the names of all the children who were carted away by Romans to other countries.  As far as I know, nobody still knows what happened to these Jewish children.  Were they trained into anonymous agents of Rome without identification (i.e. Social Security Numbers, national IDs, etc).  Remember how GOD promised the Jews that those who blessed them, He would bless? And those who cursed them, He would curse?  Can you imagine how the Occult might think strategically to fight that promise by taking into their custody Jewish children who they could use to fight the Jews (thus neutralizing the ‘curse’ at least in the mind of the Occult)?

images4Regardless of whether the Roman Occult has procured Jewish Holocaust orphans or used Jewish people in their plans, anyone with any knowledge of the Jewish people know that while Zionism to some may be these occult Jews who gave money to amass Jews in the land of Israel, Zionism to others is a fulfillment of GOD’s Word which says scores of times throughout the Old Testament or Tanakh that GOD would bring the Jews back into their land again after being scattered throughout the nations of the Gentiles.  Thus, regardless of who might be ‘secretly’ behind the Zionist movement, Zionism is all about the Jews having their homeland of Israel again, and that is a fulfillment of the words of the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth. In fact, Zionism alone fulfills scores of Scriptures throughout the Bible.  Those things that men do for evil, GOD can use for good as He did with Joseph in Egypt many millennia ago.

images2All of this said, I find it sad that one popular fundamentalist leader blatantly stated on television in an interview that he was not for “Zionism”.  However, I later discovered the secret and massive Masonic connections that this man and his ancestry had, which explained a great number of things to me, such as his adoption of Catholic music, art, holidays, and culture, while at the same time loudly condemning Catholicism in an almost hateful manner.  In other words, hateful condemnation only builds sympathy for the one being condemned.  This is not an indictment of all fundamentalists or evangelicals, because many, if not most of them proclaim the Truth about Roman heresy with love and firm conviction. A great number of them also support Israel and have no Masonic affiliations.

Child-survivorsAll of this said, in the Book of Romans and in the Book of Revelation chapter 12, we see the real reason that many hate not just Israel, but Jews in general.  They gave us GOD’s Word.  They gave us the Messiah Jesus.  They are hated by the Dragon (i.e. Satan and Occult Rome).  Therefore, it is natural for the children of the Dragon (unbelievers) to hate the Jews.  Thus, this mystery that so many Israeli writers are trying to understand really isn’t a mystery.  Children of the Dragon will hate children of the Israeli woman, because this is all a spiritual war.  The stark reality is that people hate the GOD of the Bible, regardless of whether they give lip service to a ‘god’ that they have crafted from the Bible or mythology or their imaginations. Thus, people who hate GOD will hate the elect spiritual people of GOD (Christians) and the elect ethnic people of GOD (Jews). And when we speak of Christians, we do not speak of the Roman state religion who stole the name ‘Christians’ to use for their pagan religion whose core is Bel worship and that wrapped itself in Christian labels as the Caesars (and later Papal Caesars) usurped the place of Jesus, proclaiming themselves the “Head of Christianity” and the Substitute of Jesus (Vicar) on earth.  Such a religion is a counterfeit and idolatrous.

Statue-of-Liberty-Sun-God1Knowing that children of the Dragon typically and insanely hate Jews; therefore, if a Jewish person is to find a haven of protection, they are better off trusting in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and moving to Israel.

Why?  Because the children of the Dragon are growing more and more intolerant every day, and the United States who once were children of the Messiah Jesus (at least in name) for centuries are no longer children of Jesus (the Jewish Messiah).  Many are completely and utterly children of the Dragon today regardless of how insane it may seem.

nazi experimentsSanity is of the mind, not the brain, so unlike many of the Nazi scientists who experimented on Jews during the Holocaust and who used their research to start many of today’s ‘Big Pharma’ companies and who also helped to develop the psycho-babble environment that nurtures the heavy use of pharmacology in America today, the Bible shows that ‘mental health’ is really ‘mind health’.  Your spirit has a mind. Your body has a brain. In fact, the term ‘psyche’ is the Greek word for ‘soul’. In other words, the scientists who proposed ‘psychology’ were just creating faith in pseudo-science as a way to replace faith in the Bible or GOD. Why? Because a Nazi or nihilist who doesn’t believe in the spiritual realm and only believes in the material or physical has to have a way of explaining ‘evil’ too, since they deny the supernatural or spiritual realm. Thus, they place their faith in pseudo-science such as the quackery of Freud who believed sexual anxiety was a prime basis for the ‘mental ills’ of the world. There’s a big difference between drugs and medicine.

Prescription-Drug-AbuseWhile there may be physical illness of the brain which requires medicine, much of today’s ‘mental illness’ is spiritual illness of the spirit’s mind which requires spiritual cures.  Instead, the establishment gives them drugs as a substitute, and the effects can be seen everywhere as this mass experiment over the past century is not only failing, but creating an environment in which drug dependency and insanity are running rampant throughout the nation. A nation like this is easy to control.

In conclusion, the children of the Dragon do not care if Jews are liberal, conservative, haters or lovers of Israel, or assimilating paganism.  The children of the Dragon only see Jews as ‘Jews’.  And for this, they are hated by most.  The Jews should reach out to the GOD of the Bible once again and trust in their Messiah who came as a Lamb to save the sins of the people (the Greek “Jesus” or the Hebrew “Joshua” actually means ‘he will save His people from their sins’).  Why? Because Isaiah 53, Psalm 2, Isaiah 9, and many other passages prophecy  of the Messiah Jesus (close to three hundred Scriptures of the Prophets to be precise). This same Messiah who was seen by His apostles ascending into heaven from the Mount of Olives is returning, not as a Lamb, but as a Lion of Judah to war against the nations who surround Israel.  There is no world leader today who will be able to stand up to Rabbi Jesus the Messiah. He is the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty GOD, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Man of Sorrows, and the Lamb Who Opened Not His Mouth As He Went To The Slaughter to heal us with His stripes – all these were names which the Jewish Prophet Isaiah spoke of Him.

wandering-jew1914The ‘Wandering Jews’ seem restless. They remind me of a mother who had a fight with her son over the surprise gift he gave to her. It wasn’t what she expected or wanted. She is walking around with a big smile on her face, but sulking inside.  All her neighbors think her son is great, but even they are tiring of this big break-up, and many are starting to ignore both the mother and the son.

The Jews gave us the Messiah and His story.  Then they rejected the One who astounded the field of probability and statistics by fulfilling almost three hundred of the Jewish prophets’ predictions.  Until Israel finally welcomes her Messiah back into her life, the rest of the world is going to have to deal with this entire ordeal as the Messiah attempts to win back His ethnic people, while in anger and pride, she continues to reject Him.  Thankfully, the Messiah is faithful.  He will pour His Spirit out upon the Jews, and they will believe, and at a time when most Gentiles are falling away from the faith.  From twelve Jewish tribes, GOD will seal 144,000 Jewish Christians in their foreheads to protect them from the wrathful judgment that He pours out upon the world during those final seven years. GOD is faithful to His Christian Bride. He is faithful to His Jewish Mom. When Jesus came as a Lamb, Israel wasn’t expecting this.  They rejected Him as a Child they didn’t want. They wanted Him to be a Lion to save them from Rome.  He was a Lamb who came to save them from their sins – how humiliating for them, they may have thought.  But they didn’t see their own prophets had already prophesied this in Psalm 22, Isaiah 53, and in almost 300 Tanakh Scriptures passages.

imagesThe Messiah is faithful. This is the futuristic true tale of a mother who rejected her Son and treated Him miserably, but He forgives her anyway and returns as a Lion at war against Rome and her allies just in time to save his mother from a horrific and permanent death. In the Battle of Armageddon, we will see the children of the Dragon surrounding the children of the Israeli woman of Revelation chapter 12 when suddenly from the heavens, her Son, the Jewish King, the Rabbi, the High Priest, and the Messianic Hope will appear with His children in the heavens descending upon the evil children of the Dragon to protect His ethnic people who once rejected Him (like Joseph’s brothers rejected him), but who will come back to Him after the Spirit’s pouring out upon them in the near future.  Jesus’ fellow Jews will welcome Him to their defense. He will land on the Mount of Olives and split it.  He will plead with the nations and He will war upon behalf of His people Israel. Nobody … not Russia, Palestine, Europe, America, China, the Middle East … nobody will push the Jews from Israel again. Period.  GOD has said it.  It will be done.


CHRISTMAS SONGS: That aren’t Christmas songs

Biblical Connection

Jingle_BellsDid you know that Jingle Bells is not actually a Christmas song, but a Thanksgiving song as explained in the encyclopedia article at this link?

Did you know that Sleigh Ride was never written for Christmas as this encyclopedia article states? Did you know that the term “birthday party” was later changed by some musicians to “Christmas party” to make it sound more Christmas, but even today people still sing “birthday party” and consider the song to be a winter seasonal selection for any event as explained about the composer’s intent in this article? The lyrics were written by a Jewish man named Mitchell Parish (Michael Hyman Pashelinsky) who is buried today in the Jewish Beth David cemetery.

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