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ILLUMINATI: Sexual Orientation

I could write of how the Illuminati birthed the Jesuits (1540) through their agent Ignatius of Loyola (Spain), and how the Jesuits were banned by the Pope (1773) or how afterward, the Pope was poisoned by the Jesuits. I could further explain how the Jesuits created a Bavarian chapter of the Illuminati (1776) and then took Napoleon and conquered the Catholic countries and the Pope, before using their new Pope puppet in 1815 to reinstate the Jesuits. Knowing that Illuminati and Vatican City are hooked at the hip is key.  The Beast and the Whore as some would say – and remember what happens to whores when their beastly pimp is finished with them.  This is yet to come, but we should focus on these Jesuits (Illuminati) whose cousins are the Freemasons.  Much of this has already been documented and described in far greater detail throughout this website, so I will let you refer to the former articles for much of that intriguing history and the multiple connections between those entities as described in scores of volumes of classic books and histories (that the Illuminati have not destroyed yet in their rush to get all books on the web where they can be monitored and in their hurry to buy up such books through their massive online stores). In the past, I have also written of their massive control, especially of the world’s largest global corporations, banks, intelligence operations, media and more.

I have explained how their Jesuits openly admit to being sexual perverts and they even admit that the majority of them are.  In fact, the Illuminati / Jesuit state of California, specifically San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley, is of great interest in today’s article. Why? If you are over 55 years of age, you may remember the old saying about sex perverts: “you must be from San Francisco then, eh”.  That’s the typical response to someone who was sexually perverted back in the 1970s.  The Catholics finally got their embassy back on U.S. soil for the first time since they were booted after their adherents assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

San Fran was also the home to the Jesuits’ Bank of Italy, later renamed ‘Bank of America’ and San Fran was the mother of Silicon Valley who works with the global banking community in Luxembourg to track your every word and move. Silicon Valley can control, limit and end your free speech through their many techno apps, gadgets and world wide web systems. Almost every social media app, website company, blogging company, antivirus app, parental or porn monitoring software, mobile app, smart tech, and other such tracker is found in Silicon Valley, including your WiFi router at home. Your WiFi routers are now coming with software which can filter out sites that it finds offensive to its world order of Illuminati Satanism, including Christian and conservative sites that have been around as respected members of society for many decades. Today, they are being blocked and left blocked with Trump in the White House. Trump is not your savior. Many other evils continue under Trump – just as they did under Obama and others like Bush and Clinton.  Bank of America is the bank who took most of the almost 17 trillion dollars (which Americans COULD have used to pay off the national deficit) and instead bankrolled it for themselves and for ‘bailouts’, along with their allies who happened to be foreign banks around the world.  Yes, that’s right.  The bailout money here that the Federal Reserve gave out in the USA went to foreign banks, who happened to be allies with Bank of America. This was shown through the audit of the Federal Reserve that took place recently – the first audit ever in U.S. history of the Fed.

Who allowed this? The government that Rome has almost completely bought up with a Congress of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), Democrats (communists), fascists, leftists, a Catholic-majority supreme court, and fake conservatives. Also, of interest is that Hollywood, the other hotspot in the Illuminati / Jesuit state of California, whose current governor was trained as a Jesuit ‘priest’, is the media machine who pumps out the sexual orientation agenda.  Their large global corporations do their best to implement their agenda and control the jobs of Americans. Not only do they want to control all of the American jobs, but along with it the free speech and culture of the American people by limiting what they’re allowed to say at work or reducing their opportunities to talk of GOD, thus creating an atheist state as they have in other countries in the past such as Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.  If you closely compare the culture of Soviet Russia under Lenin and Stalin to the culture of Germany under Hitler, you will see a similar culture taking place in America. So, along with limiting free speech and changing American culture, large global companies owned by the ‘powers of Rome’ also seek to implement a change in sexuality throughout the United States via their public education systems, their media, their entertainment, and their corporate cultures.

Today, I simply write to you of those massive global corporate policies regarding sexuality.  This is the typical policy that most of their companies have (seen in the photo below).

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 4.54.53 PM

Legally, they are saying as corporations, that they will hire you regardless of your ‘sexual orientation’. Let me make this completely clear as to what these companies are saying (many of the largest owned by the Roman Illuminati). If you are a:

  • Heterosexual
  • Homosexual
  • Pedophile
  • Bestiality lover
  • Masochist
  • Rapist
  • Necrophiliac
  • Any other heinous or sick perverted sexual deviation including finding sexual thrills from violence, through witchcraft or the worst possible things imaginable that turn sexuality into a thing akin to Satanism

If you are any of these, these corporations are saying they will still hire you (as long as the government doesn’t arrest you first if such ‘orientations’ such as rape violate the law – then they will have to hire you after you finish your time).  Why?  Because this is how Satanists in the Illuminati work and plan well in advance. Yesterday, it was ‘sexual orientation’.  Today, it is ‘gender identity’. Even ‘sexual orientation’ alone is enough to see the list above come to fulfillment before the laws are actually passed in the country.

Do you remember our article on how the Freemasons changed America from a Christian nation under the state constitutions of the thirteen colonies to a pluralistic society under the Federal Constitution in 1776 (around the time the Illuminati was snatching up the Catholic countries and taking power over the Vatican through Napoleon)?  Keep in mind a pluralistic society means ‘anything goes’ – witches, Satanists, human sacrifice, Muslim stonings and sharia law, and Freemasonry, Catholicism, and other Roman religions. The clause “no establishment of religion’ is what changed America from a Christian nation to a non-Christian nation (eventually a hedonistic nation).  However, even though the Romans secretly and cleverly changed the Constitution to rid America of the Christianity that formed the core of this countries’ beliefs unbeknownst to the general population in 1776, most Americans remained Christian.

It wasn’t until the 1960s (almost two hundred years later) that the Romans were able to get America weak enough spiritually through their massive Hollywood, NYC, and other media machines to push the Bible from the classrooms of public schools in 1963.  This was another fortress of mind control built by the Illuminati in Rome.  This allowed them both control of media and education.  They have been helping to form the core of beliefs since then.  Their third leg of attack is the takeover of American small businesses.  One means by which they are doing this is through companies that provide back office services to various verticals such as banking, insurance, automotive and far more.  They are able to provide the infrastructure to a massive laundry list of companies, thus reducing costs and making it impossible for companies who refuse their shared services to compete.  More and more, dependencies are being created, security of data is being compromised through such alliances, and small businesses are being made to compete against this global corporate phenomena.  In the 1970s, we saw a huge push against free speech in the workplace as people were told to no longer display their Christian beliefs at their cubicles (i.e. citing the pushing out of prayer and the Bible from schools). Now, more and more they are pushing Americans to the point they will be forced to comply to every form of devilry that these corporations push to them in their workplaces. Furthermore, they continue to treat employees as slaves, working them harder and harder, paying them less and less.

What is next? With massive control, they continue to rule the hearts, souls, and culture of people’s everyday lives on every level of day-to-day activity. They may say “sexual orientation” today (just as they once said “no establishment of religion” in the past), and you may think that just means “homosexuality”, but what they really means is every form of sexual deviancy known to mankind. This is the future for America, and you can be sure that the Almighty Creator, who once looked down to the earth just prior to the Great Flood, is not going to sit idly and let such evil escape His attention or judgment.

This world is headed toward the final days of human rule before Messiah unleashes His judgments of plagues and tribulations more fiercely than at any prior time in man’s history. Thus, if you thought the Great Flood that wiped all of mankind out except for eight souls was harsh, just wait for what is coming next.  Death is one thing. Torture followed by death is even worse.  Repent and speak out.  Or wait for the worst time of pain, evil, and torment known to any century or millennia in human history.


BAAL: Israel’s Judaism?

We could speak of the transformation of Israel’s belief during their stay in Babylon or the transformation of their calendar after their seventy year stay in Babylon during the 600s B.C.   We could also point out the discrepancies between the Law’s (the Torah’s) description of the Passover meal ingredients and the Passover meal today in which an egg of Ishtar appears to have been added among other things.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.37.03 PM

wheel2We could look at the Menorah of seven candlesticks as specified in the Law and the Prophets (Torah and Tanakh) and wonder how it became nine candlesticks in the modern Feast of Chanukah or the Feast of Dedication.  We could also ask why the middle candle of the nine in the modern Menorah is called ‘Shamash’ when we know that is an ancient Babylonian-Akkadian sun god of Baal worship? Or why the Shamash (sun god) candle is in the middle of eight other candles (or as the Occult calls them ‘points of light’) which looks very similar to the Babylonian Occult ‘Wheel of the Sun’ from ancient times and modern Paganism and Witchcraft, the descended daughters of Babylonian Occult Mysteries?

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.51.18 AMWe could ask why the Talmud, the words of rabbis, is completely contradictory of the Law handed to Moses by GOD (the Torah)? Or why the Talmud is complete opposition to the Prophets writings (the Tanakh)? We could ask why the Star of Rephaim or Occult Mysticism appears to be displayed publicly and proudly by the State of Israel on their flag? We might question why they would even want to see this symbol on their flag after the Occult leadership, such as the Occult Roman Emperor of Germany Adolph Hitler, have used this symbol to brand the Jews, to denigrate Jews, to besmirch and soil the reputations of Jews, and to connect Jews to the Occult Evil Elite as seen in such monstrosities as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Why do Jews and Israelis even listen to rabbis who teach them to join Judaism since modern Judaism is not a belief in Torah and Tanakh, but is instead a belief in the Talmud and Baal worship? Even the term used for the return to Judaism is equivalent with ancient Hebrew’s term for returning to Baal as seen below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.29.12 PM

Yet, while modern rabbis claim that ‘baal teshuva’ means ‘master of repentance’, the ancient Hebrew language of the Torah and Tanakh exposes their lies as seen below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.25.15 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.26.19 PM

Indeed, the modern rabbis speak lies to the people as though the Jewish and Israel people have not suffered enough by the hand of lying prophets over the millennia.  However, the time for such lies is coming to an end very soon.  The time for such idolatry as their flag’s star or Passover egg and many other symbols is coming to an end. Their time of agnosticism, atheism, occultism, and so-called ‘Judaism’ (baal worship) is coming to an end.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.27.22 PM

The Jewish Prophets (Tanakh) have foretold this time, in which idolatry and false rabbis and prophets will be cut off in Israel, that is soon to come following the prophetic predictions of Israel’s future by the Jewish Prophets Ezeki-El and Zechar-Yah as read in the Tanakh (the Prophets).  In the Book of EzekiEl 37, 38 and 39 and in the Book of ZecharYah 12 and 13, we see the recent past and the near future appearing.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.30.46 PM

What do these chapters teach us? That soon the nations north of Israel and surrounding Israel will attack Israel.  What will happen? The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose name is not HaShem or G*D, but whose Name is El-Shaddai, the Great I Am, the Yahweh of Armies, will come fight for Israel in such a way as to show the nations that He is the Defender of Israel and that the only reason He allowed the Jewish people to suffer for the past two millennia was so the nations know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity, because they dealt so treacherously with the Almighty, and also they were scattered among the nations to prepare them for great glory under the reign of Messiah. ‘No pain, no gain’ as the saying goes. The Great Yahweh will annihilate and humiliate Israel’s enemies in such a majestic way that all of Israel will repent of their sins and turn to the Messiah who they rejected and will mourn with great mourning their crucifixion of Him.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.10.12 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.10.01 AM

Soon the time of the Jews final seven years will begin. These final seven years precede the thousand year reign of Messiah over them. Soon, as the time of the Jews begins again, the time of the Gentiles will come to an end as the Light of the Good News of Messiah’s Plan of Redemption has new focus upon the people of Israel.  Yes, soon Jewish people will give their hearts and lives to their Messiah of whom their Prophets prophesied for a Millennia before He came. Soon Israel will cast aside their idolatry and false-teaching rabbis. Soon Israel will have Kodesh or Holiness before Yahweh.  Soon Israel will worship their GOD whom they rejected for so many years.  Soon the Great Spirit of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth will be poured upon Israel in such a way that it will be manifest to all the earth. When this happens, ZecharYah the Prophet, in chapter 13 of his book, proclaimed that Israel will destroy the idolatry (including Occult symbolisms) from their land and root out the lying prophetic teachers from their midst (including the rabbis of Baal). You can expect a ‘New Israel’ in that they will resemble Baptist Christians more than Baalist Judaizers.

Soon we will no longer have to watch Israel humiliate itself by bending over and groveling at the feet of the Islamic Imam or the Roman Pope or other haters of Israel in hopes of peace. Instead, they will look to their Messiah who gave His life for them with hope of an eternal peace and future in Jerusalem.

Yet, peace will not come without first a False Messiah and False Prophet attempting to deceive the world and even Israel. Peace will only come after Israel fights off the advances of such a world superstar Emperor of Rome. This man will not be Israel’s Messiah but a Deceiver.  Yet, the Messiah of Israel will be with Israel and protect those who truly place their faith in Him; in fact, 12,000 Jewish Messianic Believers from each of the twelve tribes (144,000 in total) will be sealed by GOD to protect them from great judgment that the Almighty is planning for evil mankind who have rejected His Son’s death on the cruel Roman cross.

Once the worst tribulation judgments of all time, past and future, is complete, the armies of the world will advance against Israel and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), that eternal city.  Messiah will appear in the clouds with His Faithful and they will strike hard with complete and utter annihilation against every unbeliever on the planet known as Earth, and in defense of the remnant of believers huddled near Jerusalem.  The Messiah will land upon the Mount of Olives splitting it in half.  The Israeli remnant of believers will run through the middle of this split in the Mount of Olives as if it is the Red Sea of ancient times, away from the armies of Satan’s worldwide dominion.  Then the armies of Earth, under their False Messiah, will receive their death blow as Messiah, the Yahweh of the Heavenly Armies, annihilates them for their great evil and rebellion against Him.

Yahweh predicted many, many, many, many times throughout the Bible that Israel would be scattered among the nations for many years, but in the time of the end, Israel would be brought back into their land which happened in 1948 (meditate upon these, atheists).  Very soon, Yahweh is ready to bring about the prophecies of His Prophets through the last and final ‘seven year period’ spoken of by Dani-El the Prophet in the Book of DaniEl chapter 9.

What did DaniEl predict? He predicted that there would be 70 Sabbath Years (or 70 seven year periods = 490 years).  DaniEl divided this 490 years as follows in chapter 9 of his Book of DaniEl:

  • 49 years from the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Seventy Years (and the command to rebuild Jerusalem) to the completion of Jerusalem’s walls.
  • 434 years from the end of the Jerusalem’s walls to the time that the Jewish Messiah would be cut off for others and for the sins of others (as predicted in the Book of IsaYah chapter 9 and chapter 53).

This equals a total of 483 years, which if one calculates the facts of  history on a timeline will take them FROM the order to build Jerusalem and TO the crucifixion of Jesus (Yehoshuah) the Messiah in exactly 483 years.

This 483 years completed still needs seven years to complete 490 years or 70 Sabbath Years.  Yet, Daniel didn’t leave out the final seven years or Sabbath Year in chapter 9. He continued.  DaniEl predicted that a prince would come from the people who destroyed the Temple (i.e. the Romans in A.D. 70).  This prince will sometime in the near future strengthen the covenant with many, but will then turn around and commit the Abomination of Desolation in the middle of the final seven years of DaniEl’s prophecy, thus completing all 490 years.  What is significant about this 490 years?  DaniEl says that this 490 years will bring in everlasting righteousness and the anointing of Messiah (i.e. King of Kings and Lord of Lords) forever and ever.

The Torah and Tanakh have predicted the Messianic King’s Reign.  The lying rabbis of Talmudic Baal worship continue today to deceive the Jewish people, but they will soon be in for a surprise when the people turn upon them and no longer listen to their lies and will not only stop feeding them money and food, but will not even tolerate their lies to be told in the State of Israel.  Look for this to happen very soon, chaverim.

The Almighty has spoken it through His Jewish Prophets and it will be accomplished. Jesus said it best:

“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law [the Torah] until all is accomplished. Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:18, 19

AGITATE: Coulter, Berkeley, O’Reilly

tactical-riot-gearLet history be your teacher.

Stop listening to the media from either the right or the left. Stop listening to your professors who feed your mind. Stop listening to your favorite YouTube channel.

Read. Read. Read. And with those words of wisdom, let me follow-up by saying, let actual history be your teacher, because I’m aware of the incredible revisionism that has taken place over the past five decades in books, textbooks, classrooms, internet, television, and cinema. I prefer to read historical records from at least 150 years ago.

What does it teach you? When a nation gets to this point in history, the fascist Romans in dark robes, who love to oppress the helpless, increase poverty, and consolidate control under their fascist leader, step forward. They are Masters of Agitation.  It’s what they do.

Hitler and church 2How do they do this?

I have stated many times before on this website that they control the right and the left, and they pit the two against each other in order to create chaos, out of which they will arise with the ‘solution’.

Their solution? More power, money, fascist control, and world domination for themselves. Where do they get this? From taking your freedom in the name of restoring order and security, from robbing you of your money and destroying your economy under the pretenses of fighting for your prosperity, and from deceiving you with their clever tactics.

So if you are foolish, you will get involved with the agitation taking place now.  Whether it is Catholic Bill O’Reilly and Catholic Stephen Colbert duking it out, or if it is Catholic Sean Hannity and Catholic Rachel Maddow attacking each other, or Catholic James Comey and Catholic Mike Pence going head to head, or Jesuit-trained Trump and the Jesuit Pope Francis and Jesuit Jerry Brown sparring with words.

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-9-52-26-pmAlmost everyone on the right and the left who are fighting each other at present are either Catholic or were trained by Catholic Jesuits, including Trump, two of his children, Pence, Bannon, and others on the ‘right’, as well as another vast multitude of the same on the ‘left’. It reminds me of the General’s words, quoted on this website before, who stated that he found it exceptional that all of Lincoln’s nine assassins and conspirators were Roman Catholic by education. Quite a coincidence?

They want you to get involved. They want a civil war to erupt, so they can clamp down with fascism. You hate Trump? Resist the Left. You hate Hillary? Resist the Right. Resist both the Right and the Left, because if you do your homework, you will find it is one huge well-rehearsed Skit that is fake. That’s why there’s so much fake news. They want to use the “fake news” as a reason to police free speech. They want to silence the grassroots media and destroy the first amendment. In fact, the majority of the leadership and strongholds of the Right and the Left want this.

There are but a tiny handful of government officials who don’t.  And they are kept gagged by the media, relegated to the darkness of media blackouts, and considered outliers, extremists, or irrelevant by both the Right and the Left who control the narrative happening before you. These are usually the few government officials who aren’t in the pocket of the Roman Cabal if you check their backgrounds as I often have.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.50.18 PMWhy do you think Jesuit Jerry Brown, governor of California, has been so involved in ensuring the narrative continues to play out in California through such staged events as the Berkeley ‘anti-fascist’ violence. Do normal humans commit violence against others? No. Only fascists do. If someone says it is right to commit violence against peaceful speech simply because the speech maker is an alleged ‘fascist’, you should run. You are being played. The Jesuits teach it is right to do wrong in order to do right. This is Satanic thinking, and condemned by the Bible. Both the Right and the Left are pitting their followers against each other.

We’ve seen this Satanic philosophy of “the end justifies the means” play out in Rome’s Crusades, Inquisitions, the Holocaust, and many other acts of fascism and horror.  Rome’s men were the prime fascists of the past millennia. The Bible said “Love your enemies. Bless those who curse you. Do good to those who despitefully use you without a cause.”  The Roman Cabal says “Kill the heretic. Never forgive. Never forget. Conquer by any means necessary, regardless of how evil you have to become to win.”

Freemasons-1Their fascists Franco, Hitler, Pol Pot, Starcevic, Mussolini – just to name a few – massacred millions. Yet, they love to pretend that they fight fascism.  In reality, they create the fascists through their ‘pretend fighting’ of fascism.

Have their connections not been shown to organizations like “AntiFa”, “Anonymous”, the KKK, Freemasonry, and other dark organizations. It’s not a right or left thing – it’s a Roman thing. Some might call it a self-fulfilling prophecy as ‘anti-fascists’ commit violence to stop what in their mind is a fascist, and in actuality create fascism through their own intolerance of the Right’s speeches.

However, I don’t call it a self-fulling prophecy.  Knowing history as well as I do, I call it a cleverly laid plan of the Dark Knights, the Jesuits, the Illuminists, and those men of the Roman Cabal.

Jerry-Brown-at-VaticanJesuit Jerry Brown has the power to stop the Berkeley violence. What is being said, however, is that the lower-level police are not happy that they are being told to stand down while innocent people are hurt by the ‘antifascists’ throwing explosives, bricks, and seriously injuring peaceful protestors or even innocent bystanders. Who is telling their bosses to have the hard-working law enforcement officers stand down? Could it be Jerry Brown, the Jesuit of Rome and Governor of California? When peaceful protestors are told not to come armed, and then well-organized “antifascists” suddenly appear with weapons and explosions, while the police immediately disappear, it sounds like something right out of a chapter of history – a chapter of Roman history. Perhaps the ‘Bartholomew Massacre’ will do as a reminder from history – beware promises of peace when armed thugs stand behind the person making them.

And now we hear that the feds might ‘have to get involved’ with federal troops. I hear the sounds of fascists pounding their drums and getting prepared for another Roman nightmare in the United States. Don’t blame Trump or the Right alone. They can’t pull off this operation without the violence of the Left.

tampa-troops-policestateThe agitation is between the evil people on the Left and the evil people on the Right. I believe the masses in America do not want any of this. They just want peace, prosperity, and freedom. But this is what happens when a people refuse to kneel before GOD and acknowledge Him.  GOD can no longer bless a nation that hates Him. With the absence of He who is holy, good, kind, peaceful, loving, and righteous, the vacuum is filled by those dangerous and deceptive forces and people who are the very opposite. No longer do Americans sing “GOD Bless America”, and so He doesn’t. The Romans have stepped into power to ‘bless’ them instead.  In this nation, founded by Christians and Jews who fled from Rome’s persecution, Catholicism is now the majority religion in the Supreme Court, the majority religion in the Congress, and a Jesuit is the chaplain. The White House administration is packed with them.

jonh-adams-700x459John Adams, a member of my family tree, once warned of the Jesuits as being extremely dangerous to this republic. Marquis de LaFayette, who assisted George Washington as an ally, stated that if the republic of the United States was ever destroyed, it would probably be by the hands of the Jesuits – Jesuits like Governor of California, Jerry Brown, who loudly feigns to secede from the republic, while asking for more federal aid from Washington, D.C. and at the same time, helping to stoke the riots in Berkeley by allowing the law enforcement officers to stand down as violence occurs repeatedly, time and again, against the free speech of innocent people. The Jesuits were so known for their agitation, civil unrest, and intrigue that they were booted out of eighty-three countries and often repeatedly. The pope even banned them in 1773.  Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph, warned that the Romans would invade the United States through immigration and take it over in three separate books. Morse’s telegraph is the father of the telephone, television, internet, and much more. We were warned, and have seen his words come true. This is history for those who care to read it, instead of listening to the latest shallow drivel coming from the Roman media or their state-controlled classrooms.

marquis_de_lafayette_2Yet, even as I write this, the children of Rome are busily writing on their blogs and social media of how the Jews are to blame, as they continue to grow in great multitudes throughout the United States, educated at the many schools of papists, Jesuits, and Romans, those ancient haters of Jews. Remember it was the Romans who removed the Jews from their ancient land in A.D. 70 and burned their temple to the ground, and it is the Romans’ network of media, global organizations, and people who today are still grumbling about the Jews having their homeland back again, and telling lies about Israel, while supporting the terrorists who threaten Israel.

secrethistoryThe Romans also hate the evangelicals. Why? The common connection between Jews and evangelicals is the teachings of GOD found in what evangelicals call the Old Testament, and what is called the Torah and Tanakh by the Jews. The Bible teaches order, lawfulness, kindness, mercy, love, freedom, and charity, which goes against all the fascism, chaos, lawlessness, bigotry, perverted sex, enslavement, and impoverishment associated with Rome’s long history. Also, the western world was heavily influenced by the Bible’s values of love and kindness. Thus, the modern generation of atheists, hedonists, and foreigners who have invaded the USA, either legally or illegally, most of whom support the Democratic Party, but some who also support the Republican Party, are dead set against Christian values.

vaThus, values of love and kindness are being replaced by these antiChrist children who spew out hate and intolerance toward Christians, their Bible, and their ideals of love, kindness, lawfulness, and respect for life and marriage. America is quickly becoming like the Old World who hated Christians, the Bible, and its ideals. Why else would Christians’ Bible be removed from school, in spite of the fact that it is they who founded the United States in 1620, built the most prosperous and powerful country in the world during that time (as proven in the victory of the American Revolution and subsequent wars), and whose religion was the official religion of the USA until the pluralistic Freemason Constitution of 1776?

Una de las novedades de la Tienda Cofrade 2013

Catholic or KKK?

Funny thing about that Roman Constitution of 1776 in the USA – it’s clause of “no establishment of religion” allowed Romans to hold office for the first time in many colonies. The colonists weren’t intolerant of Romans; you see, the early Christian colonists knew the Romans’ bloodlust for power and their history of murdering Christians and Jews in the Old World, and the colonists did everything in their power to keep them from taking over the early colonies. As seen in the failing economy, shredded freedoms, and enormous problems of hate, crime, and violence in the USA, Rome has managed to get her claws into this once prosperous, glorious land of opportunity, who was for many years an ally, trade partner and friend to the nations around the world.  Then came Rome. Romans were always good at exploiting minorities like Jews, South American Indians, and blacks, and loved their slaves and empire building such as seen in the Paraguay reductions and their robbery of Los Angeles and California from the Indians.

propagandaThe Romans use the Left to commit violence against the Right, so that the Right might consolidate their power into one man (the President) who then becomes a fascist who sends out the military to restore order. The Roman fasces symbol of fascism now appears in Congress near where the Speaker presides as a sign of who has taken over our land after the Lincoln assassination coup d’etat.

homo priests at homo pride marchUsing the military to restore order is what is being promoted right now in the media, by who I believe are well-intentioned people, because they believe they’ve been given no choice. And perhaps they haven’t, but this is how fascists are brought to power. The Roman Jesuit governor heading a state can stand down his police, while the Jesuit-trained President in the nation’s capitol can send out the federal shock troops.

Shock_TroopsThe leadership of the Right and the Left work together behind closed doors with funny handshakes, dark hoods, bloody oaths, secret organizations, covert actions, lots of money, dark powers and forces, and mindless, frenzied religious and political clones who know not their history.

Hope and change is found in your Creator alone. Without repentance and a mass return to Him, the United States will not survive. As the Messiah of Israel said two thousand years ago, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and such division is an ancient Roman war strategy.

CRAFT: Trump, Nazis, Israel?

janus-xcfOftentimes, we fail to stop and logically see the ‘big picture’, because we are so fascinated by what appears before our eyes on the news each day.  However, the eyes are used to both tantalize and deceive the mind through distraction, the cornerstone of illusion.

The two-headed Janus of Roman origin has seemingly been a major strategy utilized by the Roman Cabal throughout the centuries – two sides with two faces controlled by one elite global owner. Has the Roman Cabal suddenly decided to no longer control the world and hand the most powerful position in the world to Trump?

I think not.

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-5-32-20-pmWhat craft is at work? Is it craft so dark and blackened from the light of day that not even those in “high places” know? Oh, those in high places know far more than they should about you, your family, your friends, your relationships, how you react, how your voice sounds, how you look, where you live, where you work, what you like to eat, and so forth. Keep in mind that even as Trump promises to citizens, conservatives and Christians that he plans to make America great again, the Silicon Valley team continues to further the work of the Nazi collaborator Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM. His Wikipedia article tells of “the coveted Order of the German Eagle medal that Watson received at the Berlin ICC meeting in 1937, as evidence that he was being honored for the help that IBM’s German subsidiary Dehomag (Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft mbH) and its punch card machines provided the Nazi regime, particularly in the tabulation of census data (i.e. location of Jews).  If you think the Nazis have stopped, you need to read this article about Operation Paperclip which describes how the Nazis instead were brought to America and handed almost every powerful position they could desire as they brought to life Big Pharma, NASA, and that powerful shadow government that makes Obama’s so-called “shadow government” look like child’s play. Make no mistake about it.  The Nazis’ defeat was an illusion as those in power and in places of intelligence know. They found themselves a new home in the United States. This is not conjecture or conspiracy, but cold hard facts as you can read for yourself at the articles from the government, a university, an eyewitness, the BBC, and other sources located at this link and this link and this link and this link and this link.

hitler-jesuitObama’s “shadow government” and agitators could be the stimulus used to create a state of martial law in the United States, and many conservatives and Christians might even think it justified; yet, this may be their own demise.  When law enforcement consistently “stand down” and watch while fights erupt such as has been taking place time after time over the past couple of months with blood spilling, vandalism occurring, and fist fights or worse taking place right in front of so-called “officers of the law”, one would think that the government of Trump and the “shadow government” of Obama want the violence to continue without restraint by law enforcement officers.  In fact, couldn’t this be exactly what they want by allowing law enforcement to stand passively aside such as seen in the video at this link? Is another Civil War close at hand? In fact, is it not being encouraged in many ways as Trump seems supposedly “unable” to bring about law and order, while Obama’s anarchists run wild without any opposition by those who we pay to bring law and order to our streets? Or is it Jesuit Jerry Brown, Governor of California, who is to blame as seen in the video at this link where comments are heard by citizens that “a revolution is needed” and that “next time” they are going to bring weapons? And if Jesuits are really Satanists as the article at this link explains, is anyone surprised that violent communists, fascists (who call themselves ‘anti-fascists’), Marxists, and other evil thugs are running the streets disrupting lawful and peaceful assemblies when you realize that the Jesuits are both Democratic and Republican? The reason question again is where are the law enforcement officers paid by taxpayers to arrest those who disrupt others’ lawful and peaceful assemblies? And why does Trump seem so helpless about it all?

Have you heard of IBM’s DeepQA project? Or their artificial intelligencia ‘Watson‘? Or Google’s DeepMind? Or other artificial intelligence projects? Why such interest in artificial intelligence in the amount of billions of dollars? What do you think the purpose could be of such technology? Do you remember when Obama announced that enormous sums of money would be used to study the human mind by DARPA?  Could they be analyzing mankind across America and the world? When you know that IBM’s Thomas J. Watson invented the first computer to locate Jews for extermination, do you think they might be spotting Christians, conservatives, Jews, independents, mentally challenged, physically handicapped, citizens with cancer genes or other so-called “defects” or political dissidents on Facebook or YouTube or other social apps for extermination? Why do you think Google’s DeepMind is working with medical data? Could Silicon Valley be building an army of drones that can map all of these artificial intelligence data factors together in order to kill off those who might stand in the way of a known Nazi goal? The Aryan super race? What does that mean to minorities who they loudly exclaim are their “favorites” around the world? Why does Hollywood seem to sound so Roman and gung-ho over ‘artificial intelligence’? What would the world look like if it was all “white” governed by a group of Nazi techs, scientists, military, and robotic armies programmed by artificial ‘intelligence’?

obama-to-cede-control-internet-icann-united-nations-933x445Did your high school computer teacher explain that the first computer from IBM should really be attributed to Thomas J Watson, a Nazi collaborator for the purpose of locating Jews for extinction? I doubt it.  Were you told that the internet was created as ArpaNet by agencies like DARPA and AARPA in conjunction with the CIA? Or that the CIA was founded by a Knight of Malta, William Donovan, and a core of Nazis? Or that the FBI was founded by a Knight of Malta, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the grandnephew of that Roman tool, Napoleon Bonaparte? Or that their unofficial headquarters during World War II was Rome near Vatican City?  Too many lies in the classrooms and so little teaching of truth by which to avoid future historical blunders.  But that’s how it has been ever since the Civil War took place and many of the honorable men in America lost their lives as Roman immigrants were shipped in the millions as their replacements.

icann-global-560x369Did not Samuel F.B. Morse, the father of the telegraph (and in a sense the telephone, television, and internet) warn us in three of his books of this Roman strategy of war to take over America through immigration? Has Rome changed? And has this entire technology explosion served the purpose of these Nazis with their Roman fasces, sickle, hammer, and swastika of sun worship?  Thus, with few teaching such facts about the origins of this technology in the Nazi’s service, the world has bitten into the fruit of social media without hesitation.

dont-let-your-ads-get-blockedSilicon Valley has more than the Nazi’s concept of artificial intelligence, but they also have the capital of social media there in San Francisco, the unofficial Jesuit birthplace of America’s sodomites, Bohemian Grove elitists, hippie communes, occult temples, New Age, hard rock (including Garcia and Hart’s occult band ‘Grateful Dead’), and the CIA’s LSD (promoted by Garcia’s DeadHeads).  Social media apps, which love to filter, censor and destroy free speech, originate in Silicon Valley and include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, PicsArt, InstaGram, Wikipedia, Apple products, Dell products, Norton AntiVirus, McAfee AntiVirus, and parental filters K9 and SafeEyes. Included also is WordPress (which I’m using for my website currently) which may explain why my articles are getting filtered out and blocked, so if you do see this article and enjoy it, be sure to share.

Donald TrumpA fuller listing is included at the bottom of this article, although I would surmise an enormous number of companies could be added, especially when you include many of the creators of mobile apps and other assorted technology.  You will notice that there are some Christian and conservative websites that are now completely blocked by much of Silicon Valley’s technology.  Why hasn’t Mr. Trump, who attended the Jesuit’s Fordham University, done anything about this? Great question.

Trump RatAs I have written during the elections and even now, all that we see in politics today is quite the stage show. I exposed both Trump’s inclinations for Hitler’s speeches, his connections to the powers-that-be, and so forth, as well as the evils of Hillary Clinton and her Jesuit Vice-President candidate, Tim Kaine.  Most Americans are completely ignorant of the history of the Jesuits, who wear multiple masks as stated by U.S. President John Adams, and they are oblivious to the incredible danger that many of our forefathers warned would take place if the Jesuits took power. However, if you are one of those who have read the deep history of the Roman Cabal, their Jesuits and Freemasons and many other organizations who control all the political parties of the U.S. Republic, of which I’ve hinted throughout various articles on this website (and listed sources where you can dig deeper into their history), you should know that not everything seems to be as it should be in this land.

donald-trump-make-america-greatTake a look for example at the new Trump administration.  Rather than sharing the information that I know on these matters, let me instead share another writer’s page found at this link who has come to the same conclusions as me, to show that others ‘get’ what is happening and so that I do not duplicate what he has already done – as I agree with the connections that he has assigned between the Jesuit Roman Cabal and the Trump family and the Trump administration’s leadership.

Would Rome give away their enormous power and monopolization of this planet after having their CIA supplant and replace governments around the world in preparation for their global false messiah who they hope will bring world peace and globalization?  This is the ‘big picture’ that requires logic.  Before you assume that GOD has blocked the Cabal and allowed Trump to reign, keep in mind that our minds are prone to attribute things to GOD that He has not done.  Could GOD have allowed the righteous a bit more time before their time of influence is completely over on planet earth, thanks to this final leg of strategy being implemented by the Roman Cabal? Yes.  Does that mean that Trump is a great guy and not part of the Roman Cabal?  No.  Was Trump a better pick than Hillary? I believe ‘yes’ for reasons noted in previous articles.  Abortion would be one example.

hqdefaultKnow the times and seasons.  This is essential.  Israel is in the land as the Bible prophesied would take place at the time of the end.  The earth has been around for about six thousand years.  A thousand year reign of Jesus Christ would create a millennial sabbath.  Meanwhile, Russia, Iran and her Middle East allies are sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the opportunity to pounce upon Israel. Israel has been frightened by Obama to the place that they are now enthralled by Trump who appears to be pro-Israel with a daughter who converted to Judaism.

And Trump is known to be a real ‘deal-maker’.  He also has eight years ahead of him.  Do you remember what the prophet Daniel stated? Could it apply to Trump?

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease …” – Daniel 9:27a

nytimesThe AntiChrist is a real deal-maker too.  He makes a deal for seven years.  Am I saying this is definitely Trump who has the trust of the Israeli Prime Minister who is desperate for the support of the United States?  Not necessarily, but it is a possibility when you also take into consideration the following thoughts.

Trump’s connection to Israel, especially through his son-in-law, could result in a Jewish Rabbi becoming his “false prophet” as many speculate.  Also, Trump has a very interesting lineage which very few people know.  If you understand the history of how the Satanic occult has been promoting the concept that Jesus had a child with Mary Magdalene for several decades now, then you should realize that the Merovingian lineage is thought to be the lineage of this blasphemous so-called “relationship” between the Christ and Mary Magdalene.   For more on this, you may read the Wikipedia article at this link.

ladygagastsjamescathederal_thumbTrump is of the Merovingian dynasty.  Trump is also said to have Jewish blood.  However, this seems very sketchy, although this will allow Trump to gain more goodwill among the Jews, something which he seems very good at doing if you read this Jerusalem Post article at this link. The fact that Trump has been endorsed by both Jews and by Aryan supremacists alike should tell you just how good Trump really is. And speaking of the most infamous Aryan supremacist, Adolph Hitler, Trump was also born in the occult region of Bavaria, Germany, just like Hitler.  I have written much of Bavaria on this website. Is this a sort of proof regarding Trump? No, but it is food to ponder.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-1-07-07-amAnother fact that most do not know about Trump is that he shares lineage with Hillary Clinton.  Both are descendants of King Edward III who founded the Order of the Garter.  The Order of the Garter has an interesting history as the Queen Witch of the United Kingdom was supported by King Edward III and this Queen Witch was basically replaced by King Edward III once he created his Order of the Garter according to various sources.  John Chambers who wrote “The Bride of Satan” stated that all 33rd Degree Freemasons reported to the Order of the Garter.  There is even some proof that Trump might be related to the Flavian dynasty of the Caesars.  Did you ever read Revelation 17 on the 8th head that is of the 7th?  Some connect this 8th head (antiChrist) to the Flavian dynasty (7th head).  Is this accurate? Who can tell? Are genealogies over a period of two thousand years reliable? Who knows? Is Trump going to be a routine President or a nightmare? Again, nobody knows for certain.

federal-agenciesWho is Trump? Why is he a European who seems so interested in courting the Jewish people in Israel? Is this a legitimate concern or just paranoia?

A better question. Is Trump really going to make changes like he said? Will he really make any moral changes? Or only financial ones? Has Trump ended the activist Supreme Court decision that allowed sodomites to marry (against the will of the people)? Will he really end the tyrannical organizations that the occult Nazi Romans have placed all throughout this land? Or is the whole thing a smokescreen?  Will Trump do away with the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberg Group, CFR, ATF, NASA, the international PizzaGate networks, the CIA, the FBI, the other multiple agencies of domestic soldiers that Obama added to the already bursting government militias, such as the TSA, Homeland Security, and heavily armed local law enforcement divisions who have been given many federal weapons, technology, and ammunitions? If so, then why has Trump already begun to create his own domestic soldiers, the ICE warriors?

fbi1America went from having the military and the police in this land to now having the FBI (which Sherman Skolnick used to call the Secret Police), FBI Citizens (citizen snitches mentioned by Jesse Ventura on his conspiracy show), militarized law enforcement such as Sheriffs, Marshals, Rangers, all the above-mentioned domestic soldiers, seventeen layers of the Vatican CIA’s shadow government, plus multiple supporting agencies such as DARPA, the NSA, NASA, and far more.  In other words, never before in the history of the United States have there been so many domestic soldiers who defy the Posse Comitatus Act which is designed to protect U.S. Citizens from tyrannical regimes which the Jesuit Occult Satanists love.

gropeNow we hear of a so-called “shadow government” of Obama.  The Roman CIA is far more of a shadow government than anything Obama could create.  As mentioned before on this website, Obama is allegedly a CIA puppet himself (i.e. one article shows the connections between the Presidents from the last 3.5 decades with the CIA). Is Obama working with (or some might say “against”) Trump to provoke a state of martial law in the USA? Has Trump won the trust of the American people enough for them to tell him to go ahead and declare martial law, an act that most Americans never would have let Obama do? Have you noticed how the Jesuit Governor Jerry Brown in California has aided the entire stage show of violence and riots such as those at University of California Berkeley? Did you notice how GOD allowed mass flooding throughout California that slowed the riots? Was GOD letting Jesuit Jerry “taste the rainbow” that his fellow Jesuit sodomites love to blasphemously use as a symbol of their fraternal abominations?

a-secrI say that most of what you are seeing is smoke and mirrors. Beware the Pied Piper.  Watch for the distractions of the Magician’s hand.  Don’t fall for the great Stage Play of the century.  Even though the masks look real, the nation looks divided, and the American government appears to be having more  strange happenings in the media and in the streets of this land than ever in its history, watch for the common thread to them all – the hand of the Roman Occult with its masks of Freemasonry, Jesuitry, Skull and Bones, witchcraft, Aryan supremacy and Romanism.  If you look close, you will see they are behind the many puppets like Trump, Soros, Obama, Hillary, Pence, Kaine, and more.  They distract and destroy. That’s what they do.

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-6-12-02-pmYour only hope, America, is found in repentance and returning to the GOD you have scorned. Thankfully, He will forgive you and restore you as He is longsuffering and very, very kind even though you do not deserve it.

What remains to be seen is whether Americans, and especially American Christians, are willing to leave her evil ways and turn again to the One who gave His life for them on the cross to pay for their sins, so they might live free of sin.  II Chronicles 7:14 has the formula for national success, and thus we know that no President will make America great again. Intellectualism or economic prosperity won’t save America. Only GOD can do that – the same GOD who was pushed from the public classrooms of America in 1963. I see little repentance, but only the clouds of GOD’s wrath incoming. May Americans repent very soon before they find themselves without a nation.

Here is a full listing of the companies located in Silicon Valley, many of whom are spying upon Americans and mapping relationships and intelligence data that they extract from them, all in the name of “security” (including social media data that can be fed into their artificial intelligence engines):

  • logo3Com (acquired by Hewlett-Packard)
  • 8×8
  • Actel
  • Actuate Corporation
  • Adaptec
  • Adobe Systems
  • Adobe Systems
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Aeria Games and Entertainment
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Akamai Technologies (HQ in Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  • Akyumen[57]
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Altera
  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
  • Amdahl
  • Anritsu
  • Apple Inc.
  • Apple Inc.
  • Applied Materials
  • Applied Materials
  • AstraQom
  • Asus (headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Atari
  • Atmel
  • BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle Corporation)
  • Broadcom (headquartered in Irvine, California)
  • Brocade Communications Systems
  • antivirus-logos-courtesy-computertrainingcentres-com-400x271-webBusiness Objects (acquired by SAP)
  • Cadence Design Systems
  • Chevron
  • Cisco Systems
  • Cisco Systems
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Dell (headquartered in Round Rock, Texas)
  • E*TRADE (headquartered in New York, NY)
  • eBay
  • eBay
  • Electronic Arts
  • EMC Corporation (headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts)
  • Extreme Networks
  • safe-eyesFacebook
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Flex (formally Flextronics)
  • Foundry Networks
  • Fujitsu (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan)
  • Google
  • Google
  • GoPro
  • Groupon (headquartered in Chicago, IL)
  • Harmonic, Inc.
  • HCL Technologies (headquartered in Noida, India)
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
  • HP Inc.
  • IBM Almaden Research Center (headquartered in Armonk, New York)
  • IBM Watson
  • Informatica
  • Infosys (headquartered in Bangalore, India)
  • Intel
  • k9Intel
  • Intuit
  • Intuit
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Juniper Networks
  • Juniper Networks
  • KLA Tencor
  • Lam Research
  • LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Logitech
  • LSI Logic
  • LSI Logic
  • Lucasfilm
  • Marvell Semiconductors
  • Maxim Integrated Products
  • Maxtor (acquired by Seagate)
  • McAfee (acquired by Intel)
  • Memorex (acquired by Imation and moved to Cerritos, California)
  • MetricStream
  • Micron Technology (headquartered in Boise, Idaho)
  • Microsoft (headquartered in Redmond, Washington)
  • Move, Inc.
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • National Semiconductor
  • National Semiconductor
  • NetApp
  • NetApp
  • Netflix
  • Nokia (headquartered in Espoo, Finland)
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks (headquartered in Espoo, Finland)
  • Nook (subsidiary of Barnes & Noble)
  • Nvidia
  • Nvidia
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Olivetti (headquartered in Ivrea, Italy)
  • Opera Software (headquartered in Oslo, Norway)
  • Oracle Corporation
  • iphone-6Oracle Corporation
  • Palm, Inc. (acquired by Hewlett-Packard)
  • Panasonic (headquartered in Osaka, Japan)
  • PARC
  • PayPal (it has been demerged from eBay)
  • PicsArt
  • Pixar
  • Playdom
  • PlayPhone
  • Qualcomm, Inc. (HQ in San Diego, CA)
  • Quanta Computer
  • Quantcast
  • Quora
  • Rambus
  • Riverbed Technology
  • RSA Security (acquired by EMC)
  • SalesForce
  • Samsung Electronics (headquartered in Suwon, South Korea)
  • Samsung Research America (headquartered in Suwon, South Korea)
  • SanDisk
  • SanDisk
  • Sanmina-SCI
  • Sanmina-SCI
  • SAP AG (headquartered in Walldorf, Germany)
  • Siemens (headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Germany)
  • Sony (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Square, Inc.
  • SRI International
  • Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle Corporation)
  • Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle Corporation)
  • SunPower
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Symantec
  • Symantec
  • Synopsys Inc.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (headquartered in Mumbai, India)
  • Tesla Motors
  • Tibco Software
  • TiVo
  • TSMC
  • Twitter
  • Uber (company)
  • VA Software (Slashdot)
  • Verifone
  • VeriSign
  • Veritas Software (acquired by Symantec)
  • Visa
  • Visa Inc.
  • VMware
  • VMware
  • WalmartLabs
  • WebEx (acquired by Cisco Systems)
  • Wells Fargo
  • Western Digital Corporation
  • Wikipedia
  • Xilinx
  • Yahoo!
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelp, Inc.
  • YouTube (acquired by Google)
  • Zynga
Military research also takes place there: