HITLER: Catholics and sodomite killings

18hitlercatholicnuncioDo not be surprised if in the near future, you see sodomites being killed by the Cabal in order to further their agenda.  They have their tentacles in much of the world’s power, and are behind much of the intrigue taking place today, whether it be false flags, waves of terror, or economic tsunamis.  Many of these are just around the corner, and not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

Of course, it may not be blatant killings, but one can be assured that if Hitler’s Puppet Masters did it before, they will do it again.  These Roman Kabbalists are growing in great power and are close to realizing their goals even as I write these words.

For those who have heard historical revisionism on the Nazis killing the homosexuals, be informed – read this article: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/fischer/080515 .  Excellent research – a craft well lacking these days in modern times.  Read this article and learn that the Nazis were filled with sodomites as the Jesuits are as well.  The ‘butch’ Nazi homosexuals were killing the ‘effeminate’ Nazi homosexuals, because they considered them a ‘weaker’ race.

Men will always tell their version of history.  Without men like John Fox and his “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” or similar books like “Martyrs Mirror” and other classics, would we have known the evils of Rome? Would they, who controlled the narrative of history for a thousand years, have recounted their grisly deeds to the world?

Those who control the narrative, control the minds of the people. Thus, any religion that depends upon history for its beliefs is dependent upon subjective and undependable ground for their foundation, and they will surely see their house sink when the rains of Judgment come.  Only those with their foundation upon the Rock of the Creator’s Book will survive that day.

Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions claim to believe in portions of the Book of the Creator’s Word, but all of these depend upon the miry pits of history for foundational beliefs.  Buddhism, which sounds an awful lot like Brahmanism with characteristics of Jesus added in the character of Buddha, relies primarily upon the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa, writings which were written years after the time of Christ. Buddhists must trust their souls to the historical narrative of Buddhaghosa and hope he didn’t twist history or fabricate Buddha.  That’s a lot of trust when you think about the history of ‘history’.

Similar things could be said about all world religions whose fundamental sacred source documents all claim to have been started by men and their words, although some of the men claim to have received books from ‘angels’, but remember there are also ‘fallen’ or evil angels.  Only the Bible, the Creator’s Book, claims to have been breathed by our Creator and carried by His Spirit as its many authors, the Prophets, proclaimed the Words of the Creator (carried as a surfboard is carried by a wave – that’s the actually wording in the original language of the Scriptures).  Many of these prophets lived far apart by centuries, yet their words sound as though they are from One Author.

Those who are wise will depend solely upon the Book of their Creator’s Word – a Book which is timeless in its narrative of how the Creator came to Earth as the Messiah for mankind first as the sacrificial Lamb to die in our place, so that we could receive payment for our sins if we are willing to give our lives to Him.  This same Book prophesied that the Jews would one day be taken from all over the world where they were scattered and would bring them back into their land of Israel again – this is not Zionism – this is fulfilled prophecy. This same Book, whose prophecies have been fulfilled flawlessly, says one day the Creator will come again as the Lion of Judah to Judge the wicked.

Men always tell their version of history. Many of these men are corrupt.  Franco, the fascist leader of Spain, stated that Hitler fought for Christianity.  This was his perspective of Christianity, yet it was not Christianity but Catholicism, the religion of Rome, that inspired Hitler.  Many historians are like Franco.  They write what they think based upon what knowledge they have been given, and oftentimes for their own self-serving purposes.

Most religions are similar – based upon self-serving desires for power, money, authority, and a false sense of spiritual security granted them by clergy as a way for the clergy and the state to control people and keep them obedient to the laws they pass, and to get them to be good workers.  That’s why almost all false religions are simply lessons of “do ‘good’ and go to heaven” type teachings with the state and religious authorities defining what is ‘good’, and it’s usually self-serving.  When a Puppet of the Cabal like Obama speaks of how much he wants to end violence, how much he loves children, and that these motivate him to get guns off the street, you can bet that those who believe him know little or nothing of history. It is history that tells us that he is lying and that his logic is absurd.  Yet on the other hand, history is oftentimes retold with a slant, especially in public schools which are controlled by the Cabal, in such a way that these lessons are edited from the books or spun in a way that nobody will learn the lessons of the past. Just as today’s media reports are often filled with lies, fabrications, and false accounts such as false flag operations which today seem to appear far more regularly, even so, history is the news stories of past generations and they too are often filled with fabrications.  Many times, it is the reader of history who also is skewed in their thinking. One must have wisdom in order to understand knowledge, and even then knowledge is oftentimes muddied by men’s finite and fallible attempts to relay it to the next generation or skewed by a reader’s perspective or philosophical leanings. Most often, however, it’s men’s corrupt attempts to purposefully distort history for their own religious fervor, selfish gain, power, wealth, and control.

Do not rely upon polluted tales of men, even if they claim to get their information from angels. Only the Creator has ultimate power, wealth, authority, and knowledge, so there is no bribe or need that will bend His will to change the Truth. He tells us the Truth flawlessly, … every time.



… I have heard numerous leaders voicing their fear of what might be taking place in America very soon. People with ties to intelligence are warning of what this year might be like.  World leaders are making very troubling comments and placing alerts to others. Something monumental must be happening and very soon …  READ MORE





STAGE OF ROME: Reagan’s greatest act?

Role of Reagan

 This article has been recently updated to reflect several recent discoveries. The following article is not for the naive. The decisions you make are based on information you are given.

Ever hear someone refer to themselves as a “Reagan conservative”?  What does that look like?

“Not since the days of the Roman emperors—and never in the history of the United States Presidency—has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.”  – Joan Quigley

What ‘role’ could this astrologer have played? What did her mission have to do with Reagan’s most famous ‘role’ on the stage of history? What role is Rome playing? What really happened in the Vatican II Council? Or is the Treaty of Vienna really what we should be discussing? Much has happened in the past two centuries, and most world citizens stand in the dark.

carroll righter and reagan

Carroll Righter. Astrologer.

An intelligence agent once told me: “Don’t believe most of what you hear in the media“. In that conversation, the phrase “Not everything is as it seems” was used. Many realize media conglomerates lie, but they still listen to them. They also love to be entertained by actors.  Most know that intelligence organizations lie, but they still like to watch movies about them.

What if you have not been given the right information?  What if certain men in power ranging from certain popular “conservative” politicians and ‘preachers’ are not who they say they are? The media who controls the flow of information is how most conservative Americans get their information … the same media that most of them do not trust. The information which they are given is how they make their decisions.

In the past, I have made decisions based upon the media’s trickery and false information.  They acted as if they were “opposed” to the “conservative’s choice” while still giving the “conservative” politician a place in the spotlight which made him or her look appealing to conservative voters. In the case of Reagan, they criticized him on non-essentials, but then gave people the perception that Reagan was a calm, cool “Go ahead and make my day” kind-of-guy.  Six corporations control our media as seen at this link.  Do you know who the Old World Order is and how they influence all that you hear, read, watch, and think?  Since I have come into information through intelligence agents and documentation, I have learned that the world is not what I thought it was. I realize now I have voted for numerous politicians who were never “conservative”.  They were agents of Rome.  I voted for them, because the stream of information from which I drank was contaminated.

caroline casey and reagan

“There will be more Reagan revelations in August” predicts D.C. astrologer Caroline Casey (in this photo).

The naive have a difficult time thinking that people, extremely well-versed in their brand of religious or political belief, would ever pretend to be a comrade in their religious or political endeavors.  The naive feel that if a preacher “preaches against sin” or a politician “firmly stands upon principle” that they are who they say they are.  Ironically, I have noticed Rome prefers actors for their greatest religious and political deceptions.  Little can the naive comprehend that some of their “heroes”, like sleeper agents, run through their routines and exterior motions as a pretender, a fake, a hypocrite, an actor, and a fraud.  They say and do the right things, but like Judas Iscariot, they are a “devil”.  At the right moment, they sway opinion on an election, open the door to an enemy, or worse.  This was why they endured all those years of acting like a hypocrite … to perform their deed of betrayal.

Knight of Columbus and America’s first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, actually did what he said unlike certain Presidents – at least on one point.  Sure, JFK spoke with a forked tongue on certain Roman intentions which he never kept, but when Kennedy gave answer to a question in 1960 from concerned Americans (who are today clueless of Rome’s threat and power) as seen in the article at this link, he kept his promise.  When he spoke out against a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy in the video at this link, some believe he may have been putting his life at risk.

Two and a half years later, during which time he began to attack the machinery of what we today know is that of the Roman Occult, he was assassinated. Why was Marilyn Monroe killed too? Was she really just the stereotypical morally loose Hollywood actress or was she more than that? Was she a modern day ‘Esther’? After all, she had converted to Judaism. Had she learned from intelligence sources and shared with JFK regarding Rome’s truths?  Or since JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, was heavily involved with Hollywood (including the purchase of a studio that had once been started by the founder of Paramount), had Marilyn learned the secret as to why Joseph Kennedy had lobotomized his twenty-three year old daughter Rosemary? Was it really because of mental retardation? Or was it covering up some form of abuse? Or was it due to his son’s political careers as outlandish as this might sound? Or had Rosemary left Catholicism? Or did Rosemary ‘connect the dots’ like the gentleman in the movie “Beautiful Mind”? Or was Rosemary’s conscience a possible threat since she was so innocent and free of evil? Whatever the reason, and nobody really knows at this point, Rosemary was left with the mind of a two-year old unable to take care of herself, and Joseph’s wife Rose claimed that her husband didn’t even tell her for twenty years after she had told her husband to not go through with the surgery twenty years prior.

JFK’s mom, Rose, didn’t visit Rosemary until twenty-one years after the surgery on her daughter’s brain was supposedly secretly performed, although I’m not sure how a mother could not know what was happening with her daughter for that long a period, or why she never really asked where their daughter was after Joseph secreted her off to the St. Coletta Institute for Backward Youth which was considered something of an almost medieval mental institute, which isn’t much different than a convent according to Maria Monk’s famous book. My own grandmother studied to be a nun, and her story can add additional insight to the awful disclosures of ‘Maria Monk’.

Yet Rome’s agents and priests write unceasingly on the internet to ridicule Maria Monk or anyone who speaks out against their bloody, devilish, vile, deceptive, and horrific Occult-controlled institution. Their infiltrating, mask-wearing Jesuits continue to masquerade today with the costumes of Calvinists, Anglicans, Methodists, and many other denominations, while lying, twisting truth, securing high-ranking university and denominational positions, apologist institutions, and a list of infinite places of position and power.  When you see someone of high-ranking religious position ridiculing the testimonies of Alberto Rivera, John Todd, and numerous others who speak out against the Jesuits, or who talk down about some of the greatest historical,  theological treatises of our time such as ‘Two Babylons’ by Alexander Hislop, whose writings were backed with the libraries of Europe and bibliography sources that span several millennia and numerous languages, you can suspect that behind that mask a devious Occultist is hiding. Their favorite style is pseudo-intellectualism, sarcasm, ridicule, and deception. They are vile men, a menace to free speech and truth, a persecutor of those who do speak out, and the henchmen of Satan as they verbally assault anyone who seeks to expose their demonic lies. They sit waiting to find an indiscretion or singular fault or inconsistency or discrepancy in any who opposes them in order to pounce upon them. They are great accusers of the brethren, like their spiritual master who led a third of the angels from heaven in his rebellion.

While some may truly be Catholic, I suspect the greater share are Occult sodomites, and their sodomite culture is something that even their own membership have freely shared in their own publications as revealed in other articles on this website. No wonder this culture of sexual deviancy is so shoved down the throats of mankind today. After all, this is the sexual preference of the lion’s share of these Roman Jesuits who served as the Masters of the Inquisitions – men who used to torture non-Catholics for hours as a sport, and who today attempt to deny all of their sick actions, including denials or dilution of the deeds and the almost hundred million non-Catholics who suffered at their bloody hands. Even with the sexual abuse by priests or the Holocaust or other vile deeds fresh in our minds from the past century, they already are lying and reinventing these events. They, like other children of their Master, twist the truth on a daily basis even as the current events unfold before us regarding Israel’s so-called ‘abuses’, the so-called dangers of owning guns, and the so-called ‘terrorism’ by patriots or militia. Such blatant hatred of all who are moral and all that is good is only possible by the minds of sick, evil individuals whose are spiritually insane.  It should be no surprise when they are the ones who talk most of the problem of ‘mental illness’ or ‘hate speech’.  How ironic that the biggest culprits are the biggest ‘talkers’.

No wonder, one of their best and brightest who served as confidante to four popes, Malachi Martin, resigned from the Jesuits, and was later found dead in the stairwell of his apartment after writing books exposing their evil. He wrote in his book ‘Hostage to the Devil’ that the Catholic hierarchy was filled with demon-possessed priests all throughout their ranks, and that even the exorcists were possessed.  This is a man who also taught in the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, Italy and was taken seriously even until his unexpected, mysterious death. Many others have spoken out to say similar things. Their comments are found throughout this website and the world wide web.  You can count on their testimonies being ridiculed by those in religious and secular places of power.

Again, remember the Illuminati of Spain (Alumbrados) invented the Jesuits in 1540 as an infiltrating vehicle of the Catholic Church, and the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in turn restarted the Illuminati in 1776 after poisoning the pope who banned them in 1773, taking grand control of the Catholic Church; not that the Catholic Church, created by the Romans in the 300s, was ever more than just a state religion as seen in the Crusades.

Rosemary was the first of Joseph Kennedy’s children to die a natural death.  All of his other children seemed to die of strange events as even Rose, Joseph Kennedy’s wife, pointed out. As I said earlier, Joseph Kennedy was heavily involved with Hollywood (including the purchase of a studio that had once been started by the founder of Paramount). A few years after JFK’s assassination, the Jewish film director Roman Polanski was asked by Paramount‘s Robert Evans to produce the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby‘ only a few years after JFK’s assassination and after Rose Kennedy says she learned of what her husband had done to Rosemary. Did Rose Kennedy think she had married the ‘devil’? Who can tell, but  JFK was said to have been fond of Rosemary and took her on a special tea-dance date when they were young siblings. If something was amok in ‘Dodge City’ and he learned about it or if it was rather information on his father’s ‘dealings’ from the stock market crash of 1929 to other information reported by Brooklyn Mafia boss Frank Costello or if it was information about the ‘powers that be’ manipulating him or secrets that would have made him disillusioned in his religion or religious family, then any or all of these may have contributed.  The Mafia’s connections with both the Roman Occult and the Roman Church were well known.  Did JFK learn that the Occult now held the puppet strings of the ‘Church’ his family had so admired? Was JFK’s speech and his ‘promise kept’ due to what he had learned from Monroe, who some speculated was his mistress?   We may never know all the facts, but for some reason he began to speak out against and dismantle the Roman Occult after Marilyn’s death, which seemed odd for someone so tight under the covers with the men of Rome.

Some of the facts in the remaining portion of this article may prove helpful.  Other articles on this website showing the distinction between the Roman Occult and the Catholic Church, such as the one on ‘New Rome’ at this link or the one on the Dragon ‘eating a woman’ at this link, may also be of assistance. Of course, as we mentioned before (to learn more, read the article at this link), the following promise was kept by JFK.

QUESTION: “On the question of an Ambassador to the Vatican”
KENNEDY’S ANSWER: “I am flatly opposed to appointment of an Ambassador to the Vatican. Whatever advantages it might have in Rome – and I’m not convinced of these – they would be more than offset by the divisive effect at home.” – (Look magazine, Mar. 3, 1960)

In 1984, Ronald Reagan did for Rome what JFK did not do, and now “this country will never be the same again”.  Rome has their ambassador now. Reagan was also one of the notorious Bohemian Grover members as seen at this link.

President%20Reagan-AAccording to Wikipedia, Bohemian Grove is a massive homosexual orgy-fest with a Satanic-like ritual which is practiced by this cult-like club of elitists in which human sacrifice is imitated in mock rituals and according to some reports actual rituals.

Ronald Reagan was:

  • The first President to allow the Vatican to have an embassy/ambassador in the U.S.
  • Credited (with Pope John Paul II) for the fall of the Iron Curtain / Berlin Wall.
  • Accused of raping a girl in 1952.
  • The first President to take the oath of office facing the sun obelisk of Masonry which was predicted years earlier by a former Jesuit who said this would happen when Rome gained full power over the United States: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_inauguration
  • Accused of being complicit with the CIA in the murder of a DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camerana as seen in the article at this link
  • Accused of selling arms to the Iranians a few years after they had taken our embassy officials hostage
  • Said to have aspired to be a member of the Communist party by his own official biographer, but was told that he would serve Communism better covertly outside the party
  • Said to have been a Protestant, but Reagan’s parents lie buried in a Catholic cemetery in East Los Angeles, California.
  • Claimed to be for Israel, but when he had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust death camps and memorials, he instead chose to visit the cemetery where Germany’s most criminal Nazi warriors were buried, a controversy known as the Bitburg Controversy which was little reported by the press who supposedly hated his conservative values.

Before Ronald Reagan gave the Vatican an embassy, the Vatican was allowed only a delegation/delegate and even this delegation was not allowed until after the Civil War. Why? Eight Catholics had conspired to kill Lincoln, and once they were able to get their agent, Andrew Johnson, into the White House, they quickly took power as is described at this link.  Lincoln’s wife stated in a letter at the aforementioned link that she suspected Johnson’s hand in the affair. Another link will give further details for the more inquisitive reader, especially since Rome’s agents have infiltrated numerous organizations, universities, and religions, even when their creed is truthful and right.

Joan quigley and reagans

Photo of the Reagan’s chief astrologer, Joan Quigley, who ordered their every movement according to Donald Regan, White House Chief of Staff for Reagan (in his memoirs “For The Record”)

Let me give you an example. For the most part, conservative evangelicals proclaim themselves to be ‘strong against Rome’ typically, but there are those who exert their supposed image of conservative Christianity to change the facts about Lincoln’s assassination as can be seen in this Salem Web Network article which quotes Catholic authors for its “sources” and is owned by Salem Communications, a company headed by a man who is connected to high-ranking leadership in the “fundamentalist” Christian camp. Those who have researched their history can see the gross perversions that this Salem online article makes against those who fought the tremendous power of the foreign government of Vatican City.

Those who research will also see that Salem, in spite of their alignment with fundamentalist leadership, also has articles supporting Billy Graham and an array of leaders that most fundamentalists would stand against.  So why are there “fundamentalists” who support these men or keep company with those who do?  Why don’t they just join the more “evangelical” ranks?  Personally, I am not evangelical or fundamentalist.  I am a simple follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings in the Bible.

Why do I ask ‘why’? And why the sudden rant about religious leaders?  Because it’s important to establish that regardless of how trusted the ‘camp’, whether conservative evangelical or RINO or some other trusted group, there are actually misinformation agents and infiltrators for old Rome. There are hypocrites and frauds.  Regarding frauds, I myself voted for Reagan at the time of both of his Presidential elections.

“What?! Did Reagan deceive us all? Why would Reagan deceive us all?” I can hear someone saying this as they drop their coffee on to the floor. Someone who  considers himself to be a patriot, freedom-lover, and a person who always chooses the ‘right thing’ in religion and politics may be allowing their fury to rush to their face at this very moment as they read this article or on the other hand, they may be ‘writing me off’ at this moment in favor of the traditional narrative.  That’s why we must read and be more protective of our minds in future days.  In future days, it may be a matter of life and death for you and your family.


An unusual fasces image, with the axe on the outside of the bundle of rods.

Wasn’t Reagan always transparent? In spite of his insistence that he was a Protestant, Ronald Reagan’s parents are buried in a Catholic cemetery (just like Hitler’s parents), as can be seen at this link which lists those buried at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles. Why would Reagan hide this? Who did Reagan serve? Was it really the Catholic Church? Or had the Catholic Church been replaced in 1929 with a ‘look-alike’? Or was it actually 1815?  Who is the Vatican? The Vatican is a Roman religion known as the Holy See, and a government known as Vatican City, and that is all I will say for now.

The symbolism of the fasces found now in the Capitol’s main legislative hall suggests strength through unity. While a single rod is easily broken, a bundle of rods is very difficult to break (bundled power rather than separated powers; i.e. consolidated corporate, government, and elite power into one man). During times of emergency (i.e. martial law), the Roman Republic might choose a dictator (fascist) to lead for a limited time period (i.e. executive orders paving the way).  A dictator was the only magistrate to be granted capital punishment authority within the Pomerium during Roman times (as was seen by Catholic / occult dictators like Stalin, Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, and more).  Reagan was the President who greatly  increased the use of executive orders.

Reagan opened the gates of America to a dangerous foreign government, the Vatican, and he did it from the inside as seen in his establishment of the Vatican embassy in our country (shown at this link), his unprecedented close and secretive relationship with the Pope as seen at this link, and has been well-known as the most occult-driven President in the history of America (similar to the Catholic occult fascist Hitler) which even Obama noticed as stated at this link (although Obama is not one to be talking).

jeane dixon

Jeane Dixon article which tells details of the Reagan administration: http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/1520/psychic_in_the_white_house.html

It’s doubtful that the Vatican has ever been Catholic since they were given back their land by the Occult Romans via the Concordat with Adolph Hitler.  Roman Catholic lands were confiscated when Napoleon conquered all Papal States, shortly after the Illuminati was formed.  Then Prince Metternich created an alliance with the other leaders of ancient Rome’s territories to create the Congress of Vienna and one of the first league of nations that appeared to be the root of the modern European Union.

The Roman Occult is back, and I believe they have been rising ever since 1815.  The year 1815 is when the Papal Empire (‘Holy’ Roman Empire) was officially dissolved.  It’s also when the Jesuits were restored (keep in mind the founder of the Jesuits was said to have been part of the Spanish ‘Alumbrados’, the original Illuminati, hired by the Pope in 1540 to war against the Protestants).  The year 1773 preceded all of this when the Jesuits were banned by the Pope.  The year 1776 is when the Illuminati was restored by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, Germany.  Remember the city of Bavaria. It, like Paris, is central to the Roman Occult.  Hitler was from Bavaria. Skull and Bones was based upon the Bavarian Death Society.  The American Bush political dynasty, John Kerry, many CIA leaders, and powerful men around the world were members of Skull and bones. The CIA, formed out of the machinery of the second World War, used the Skull and Bones society as a recruiting ground.

The newspaper ‘Suddeutsche Zeitung’, who received the first publishing license from the United States administration in that area right after World War II, was located in Bavaria. It was also the first newspaper to publish the scandal of the Panama data leak which exposed many of the Roman Occult’s enemies. The Papacy made an agreement or Concordat with Bavaria, Germany in 1817, and another with occult France in the same year. Almost, all agreements or concordats thereafter were similar, in that they began to forcibly prostate the Catholic Church at the foot of the secular rulers of these occult countries, and even those around the world. Around the start of World War II, the occult in Europe leadership had metaphorically ‘rubber stamped’ concordats or agreements with the former Yugoslavia, fascist Italy, fascist Spain, fascist Austria, and fascist Nazi Germany. In return, the Roman Occult of the Caesars now had their ‘puppet child’ in place to play its important role in the Vatican II Council as well as many other affairs involving persuasion of voters regarding politicians, social issues, and matters of freedom and the Constitution.

The Roman Occult had finally brought its creation of A.D. 324, the Catholic Church, into submission as its very devoted (if not enslaved) ‘son’. One of the largest jobs of this new ‘Church’ since 1815 was that of garnering votes for the rulers of these occult empires to keep them in power as can be read in detail for those who care to read these histories. The concordats were almost blatantly obvious in this particular role of the new ‘Church’.  Today, there’s a reason for ecumenicism.  With the Roman Occult at the helm of the Vatican and its ‘Catholic bond-woman’, they desire for all denominations to symbolically ‘sleep’ in their bed – a bed filled with the same beliefs and practices of early Rome, and thus early Babylon from which Roman beliefs and most international pagan religious beliefs had traveled (i.e. scattering of the Tower of Babel).

The year 1776 is also when the Roman Occult were busily hijacking both the thirteen colonies of America and turning them into the “United States of America’, as well as when they were doing the same to France.  We see in writings from the late 1700s and 1800s such as books like John Robison’s ‘Proof of a Conspiracy’, as well as official Freemason correspondence such as volume five of London’s illustrated weekly newspaper ‘The Freemason’, that the Roman Occult were swiftly taking over Freemason lodges and many other organizations.

Why did economists call Reagan’s policies “voodoo economics“?  Unlike prior conservative economic policies that were based solely upon lowering spending, regulations, and taxes, Reaganomics used potions and formulas that bedazzled the truly economic intellectuals of his day. Most conservatives yawned and said that economists were just liberal for applying the term “voodoo” to Reagan’s policies. Little did they know that the economists would be proven right.

Reagan was slowly redefining the scorecards for economics, so that America looked successful when America was actually about to descend into an economic nightmare made possible by his initial actions, but furthered by Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  Reagan and Barry Goldwater were two of the first RINOs, but most today are naive of this fact. Reagan’s policies also helped to create corporatism or corporate fascism, which eventually would lead to people thinking that “capitalism” had failed when in reality it was not capitalism that failed but corporatism.  Corporate fascism is similar to the feudal system of the Roman Catholic era which, coupled with communism, eliminated the middle class into kings and serfs.


While allied to the Catholic Romans who mix Baal and Bible beliefs, the real powers of Rome and Vatican City are the occult Romans who are solely into Baal worship.  The Vatican is even said by their own high-ranking insiders to be infiltrated by the occult as can be read in books like In God’s Name by David Yallop, numerous Malachi Martin books, and the testimonies of a number of high-ranking Vatican officials.  Hitler was an occult Catholic.

Fascism, corporatism, Marxism, liberation theology, and feudalism all have one thing in common – Rome. Roman powers have been transforming and destroying America’s economy for the past few decades, and as a result creating a poorer New America.   Biblical evangelical Christianity created true capitalism and charity as was seen in Old America.  In comparison, Old America thrived. New America is sagging and about to implode. Vatican theories based upon control and greed have never worked. Why are we surprised after a thousand years of the Dark Ages?  Do these Jesuit Marxists and Catholic fascists really think their theories will work this time?  Do they really need to be shoved down the throats of the world … again?


For thousands of years, Rome has maintained a form of government that is complex.  It’s a fascist-led republic which lauds socialist-communism (under the guise of “Catholic charity to the poor”) as can be seen in their old Roman empire and in their religious Catholic empire as well.  In the papacy and Curia, you see the fascist-led republic.

In the feudal system (which lasted for a millennium during the Dark Ages), you see socialist-communism (which is the same as their Catholic liberation theology which is said to have influenced the rise of Marxism). Thus, we see how their fascist-communist ways have crept into America over a period of years as described in other articles on this blog.

The democratic, theocratic commonwealth of the American colonies which empowered the people was gradually replaced by Rome’s covert agents (known as the Freemasons who descended from the Knights Templar Order).  These men crept into the American colonies and used fear and war to form a federal government in 1776, further suppress States’ Rights in 1865 after the Civil War, and then increase Executive Orders in the 1900s.

Pope-John-Paul-with-Predident-ReaganRonald Wilson Reagan issued more Executive Orders over the past fifty years than any other President of the United States.  His ignominious deeds during the Iran-Contra affair are well-known.  What may be less known is his connections to the Communist Party which he reportedly attempted to join during his years in Hollywood.  Supposedly, he never did, but knowing the Jesuits’ connection to both Communism and Fascism (including Nazism) and their duplicity, how would we know if he was an agent? Especially if his job was to infiltrate the White House?


Agreement between Ronald Reagan and the Vatican

If you were a communist Vatican Knight seeking to infiltrate the highest office of the world’s most powerful and free nation, wouldn’t you act as the poster child for freedom-loving, flag-waving Protestant Republicans in order to acquire your target?  Wouldn’t you hold hands with Billy Graham, quote the Bible, and speak against communism and fascism, especially if you were a trained actor? Or would you just tell everyone that you’re a communist, fascist Catholic Knight of occult belief who has attended Satanic rites at the Bohemian Grove and who wants to appoint fascists and communists into your highest offices and make peace with that Jesuit stronghold known as the Soviet Union?

Would you tell them that you can’t wait for your Vice President’s son to shred their Bill of Rights and that you look forward to the day that blood will flow in their streets? Did not Reagan hand the Vatican the power that they wanted as clearly seen in the accompanying photo of his agreement with them which was practically the death warrant of this republic? As reported by the Daily Kos in the article at this link, did not the Congress under Reagan’s leadership also repeal the 1867 Act (that was meant to penalize the Vatican because of their attempt to assassinate Lincoln a couple of years prior to that act being passed)? Were Reagan’s and the Vatican’s policies almost identical as shown in the article at this link? Who really created Reagan’s policies?

downloadHave you wondered how Reagan so effortlessly tore down the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain with just his helpful sidekick Pope John Paul II? Did you ever wonder how Reagan and Gorbachev could become such great friends?  Did you really think Reagan and the Pope won Gorbachev over with a “prayer breakfast” and an empty threat of “Star Wars” technology?  Did you ever wonder why America began giving Russia billions of dollars after the “Cold War” in order to “aid them”?  Who needs friends when you have generous enemies like that, right?

“St Francis is, for me, the alter Christus, another Christ. His story fascinates me and has played a fundamental role in my life”. He added, “It was through St Francis that I arrived at the Church, so it was important that I came to visit his tomb”.  – Gorbachev

Lincoln assassination - no money for Rome anymore - passed February 28 1867This Congressional Act, featured in the photo to the right, was legislated right after the Vatican assassinated Abraham Lincoln. This is the Act that Reagan’s Congress repealed, so that Reagan might give the Vatican an embassy and ambassador in the USA for the first time since this Act of 1867.

Have you ever read of the Vatican Knight Bill Donovan’s role in the Bolshevik Revolution and how he was later used to start the OSS which later became the CIA using Nazi scientists and intelligence officers? Did you ever stop to consider that the “coup d’etat” that installed Boris Yeltsin was really Soviet propaganda carried out by Russian troops at the request of the Vatican once Reagan had the trust and the helm of the formerly Protestant American Empire? Did you know that Yeltsin was a member of the CFR long before he supposedly took Gorbachev’s place?

Did you ever consider why Gorbachev was allowed to live in the United States without any suspicions and why he was twice made “Person of the Year” by Time magazine, the propaganda machine of the Pope, founded by Henry Luce, the Knight of Malta and Skull and Bones member (just like George H.W. Bush)?  Who else was chosen “Person of the Year” by Time magazine? Ronald Reagan was, as shown in the article at this link.  Why did the “Cold War” really end during the Reagan years?  Was Russia really no longer a threat? Or was it the United States who was no longer a threat?

shah2Why did the Shah of Iran, who was installed by the CIA, really make American embassy personnel into “hostages”?  Why did Carter’s attempt to free them really fail? Why did Reagan’s attempt to free them miraculously succeed just a few months later? What type of control did the left-wing CIA have over the oil fields of Iran, and what about the former CIA Director George H.W. Bush’s connections to the oil crisis which raised gas prices to unprecedented levels during Carter’s Presidency?  Or what about the Federal Reserve’s hand in the economic turmoil during the Carter administration?

What was the real reasons that Carter seemed like such a dismal President?  Why did Reagan seem like a conservative’s dream come-true?  If Reagan really did win the “Cold War”, then why is there a communist in the White House today (i.e. Obama), why is there now socialized healthcare, why is Putin considered a hero of freedom by Americans due to the NSA’s asset Snowden supposedly “blowing the whistle”, why did Putin also receive Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” award, and why are our Bill of Rights starting to look like the former Soviet Union’s?  If you can answer all of these questions to your own satisfaction, then feel free to continue believing whatever the media tells you.  Continue sitting in the comfort of your home without fear.

Edmund_Morris Pulitzer prize winning biographer of Reagan

Edmund Morris, Pulitzer prize-winning biographer of Ronald Reagan

Reagan’s official biographer and graduate of Rhodes University, Edmund Morris, had this to say about Reagan:

“Morris explained in many interviews that his book’s unique narrative form — a memoir written by a close observer of whom Reagan is never really aware — was a literary device reflecting the essentially thespian nature of his subject. Reagan, he said, was an enigma to anyone who sought to explain him by orthodox means. Widely beloved, the man had no close friends; seemingly passive and gentle, he yet exerted unstoppable force; although his id was formidable, he had no personal vanity. “He was truly one of the strangest men who’s ever lived,” Morris told Lesley Stahl on CBS’s 60 Minutes. “Nobody around him understood him. I, every person I interviewed, almost without exception, eventually would say, ‘You know, I could never really figure him out.’”

Howard FastHis biographer also wrote on page 158 of Reagan’s official biography, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, these disturbing lines which Howard Fast, a member of the Communist Party USA and the author of three-score books including Spartacus and Being Red, shared with him:

“Happened after he got to Hollywood. Reagan got carried away by stories about the Communist Party helping the dispossessed, the unemployed, and the homeless. Some of his friends, people he respected, were Party members. So he turned to them. Said he wanted to become a Communist … Eddie (Albert) sat up all night persuading Reagan he’d be of more use to the Party outside than inside … Ask Eddie … Better still, talk to Sy Gomberg. One of the best memories in the industry. Ask him. He’ll tell you all about it.”

reagan - communismNotice that Eddie said that Reagan would “be of more use to the Party outside than inside“. Equally disturbing is that Eddie Albert, star of the TV show ‘Green Acres’ and co-star with Ronald Reagan in the movie ‘Brother Rat’, was also a Communist. Why so? Eddie Albert worked for the United States Army in the intelligence division as seen in the article at this link.

Richard Heffner, host of the Open Mind, interviewed Howard Fast as seen in the article and video at this link and the video at this link.  Fast stated the same to him regarding Reagan’s Communist desires.  Was Reagan a covert agent of the Communists and ultimately the Vatican?

The two quotes below are a tribute to the fascist corporatism of Reaganomics that empowered the filthy rich, multinational corporations of the tyrannical, globalist Vatican Knights.

8054 Vatikan Heiliger StuhlReagan’s fascist, elitist economic policy was the extreme opposite of the radical communism that he also was said to have loved as a youth. Neither of these feudalistic systems of the Dark Ages are good for a nation’s economy. Both are great for Rome. Is it any wonder that he also gave them their first embassy, reversing America’s ambassadorial relations with the Vatican for the first time since the assassination of Lincoln by Rome’s hand.

“The U.S. balance of payments deficits have multiplied three-fold since the 1980s, and now typically run between 2.5 and 5 percent of GDP.” – Forbes Magazine

“Ever since “trickle-down economics” took effect, America can no longer afford to built a huge dam, a massive highway system, or put a man of the Moon.” – The Economic Populist

Few will see through Reagan and his subtle advancements of fascism, communism, Romanism, and corporatism. Few understand why he was said by his official biographer to be a man with no close friends and even fewer will see why he chose Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II to be two of his closest comrades,

stronnieJFK sparked the implosion. Reagan fueled it. Obama is fanning it. In the end, most will never see these truths. They all still remember the media’s portrayal of Reagan saying “tear down this wall” in Berlin or their portrayal of him as the Rambo-styled “go-ahead-and-make-my-day” President. Almost no Americans will connect the dots and analyze the world scene enough to ask “If we conquered communism, why is a communist now in the White House?”. America needs more thinkers and readers and less TV viewers and talkers. Yet this is the very reason that America’s greatness is fading. Her pulpits and political podiums lost sight of Truth, because the families in America wanted entertainment more than Truth and chose such religious and political leaders for themselves.

Now this plague of blindness is nation-wide throughout every aspect of life.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king [In regione caecorum rex est luscus].” – Desiderius Erasmus, Adagia (III, IV, 96)

Erasmus is known for his translation of the Greek New Testament. He was quite aware of how Romans loved to blind people for their own power and exclusive access to knowledge. The Roman occult, under guise of a religion of pagan rosaries and crucifixes, had kept the Bible in Latin so that most people couldn’t read it, and even their Latin copies were corrupt. The Roman “Church” even went so far as banning the Scriptures with severe penalties for the reading of it, including death for many.

Erasmus discovered how corrupt the Latin texts were when he began to collect Greek texts of the New Testament (which was originally written in Greek); therefore, he was able to make a Greek text that was far superior than the Latin texts.

The Roman occult seems to have developed their own version of Erasmus’ phrase which was a perverted inversion of the original meaning. They seemed intent upon doing the opposite – keeping the people blind and being themselves the “one-eyed man” who could then control the masses.  H.G. Wells, one who belonged to occult Fabian Society, stated the following phrase centuries after Erasmus’ quote was well-known.

pirateflag2“In the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King”. – H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells was a “free thinker” like his father, but was more crafty than his father in that he spoke in metaphors of the things he knew but was unwilling to share with the masses who the occult sought to control. Instead, he seemed to speak in metaphors of  the occult’s power to see what the masses couldn’t – he metaphorically wrote of what was taking place in the back, dark corridors of power. Without betraying the “society” to which he belonged, he tantalized the public with his metaphorical writings much like Hollywood does today in their movies, giving lots of hints but hiding all the details which would allow them to understand the Truth.

Sadly, those who can see past the media and its lies and realize what is being done and planned in secret covens, lodges and circles are treated as Wells’ father – as “free thinkers” or “conspiracy nuts” or “fanatics”. The occult must make the wise look this way in order to secure their fascist, global kingdom.

H-G Wells

H.G. Wells

Ironically, Wells was himself a “blind man” when it came to Truth. All his knowledge of the occult’s plans were nothing compared to the great Truth of Scripture which he failed to be able to see as shown in his life. Even “inside” the powerful elite groups such as the Fabian Society where he could see “the gears and wheels” of how the world works, Wells could never see the eternal corridors of power which the Creator controlled, including the Truth about life and his own soul’s destiny.

In his short story “The Country of the Blind”, Wells writes of how one man Nunez discovered a valley filled with blind people who were cut off from the rest of the world. Their understanding of the world was fantastic in the most moronic sense of the word. They even encouraged Nunez to have his own eyes removed due to his fascination with “sight” and what these blind people considered his “outlandish” ideas of “how the world looked”.

In the end, Nunez flees the town, only to  see a disaster of falling rocks headed to the town. Nunez turns back to warn these blind town people, but they refuse to believe him. Others refused to listen in their blindness since Nunez’ sight was considered “imagined”. Ever hear a Fox News or CNN host talk about “conspiracy theorists” or “extremists”?


Ronald Reagan and Communist Hollywood

Yet, the Roman occult knows that these “conspiracy theories” are actually TRUE. Still, in order to secure their temporal power on earth, their massive powers of media tell the public that those with inside knowledge, old historical documents, critical thinking and analytical minds are “nutty” for seeing what is taking place.

In a world of blind men, the one-eyed man is still considered odd as he is shouted down by the occult’s massive media conglomerates and is considered a fanatic by the masses. Not much has changed. However, I would disagree with Erasmus and H.G. Wells when they say “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. Actually, in the land of the blind, the brainless, blindest, but cleverest liar is king. The one-eyed wise man is despised, ignored, and booted. That’s the thing about blindness.

How many will actually understand this article? I hope many, but I fear very, very few will comprehend the truth contained in this article.

What do we know for sure?

reaganReagan talked very, very conservative. Reagan was interested in joining the Communist Party at one time. Reagan consulted witches. Reagan’s parents were Catholic.  Reagan gave the Vatican their first embassy and was close friends with the Pope and Gorbachev. The CIA, led by Catholic Knights and founded by powerful Catholic Knight William Donovan, imported Nazis into our country during a project called Operation Paperclip.  The CIA was not only founded by a Catholic Knight, who was awarded by the Vatican for his intelligence services, but it was also stocked with Nazis from its inception as shown in the article at this link. Former insiders stated that Reagan and the CIA were complicit in the death of a DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camerana as shown in the article at this link.  Reagan’s Iran-Contra affair was just one of an enormous number of interventionist war-mongering via the CIA that Reagan fueled. Reagan probably set several records for being the most fascist of all prior U.S. Presidents in both his executive orders and his use of the military and CIA in pushing forward his foreign policies and agendas on the rest of the world.

The book ‘The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century” available at Amazon introduces eye-opening historical information to Americans about how powerful fascism and Nazis have become in America.  The roots of American fascism in our plutocracy, from robber baron days to Reichstag fire to the World Trade Center atrocity and “Homeland Security” and its many new departments and tentacles, is to be found in this 700-page documentary of the Roman Occult oligarchy’s century-long project for world dictatorship. The book includes interesting evidence that Ronald Reagan was tied to the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird.  Is this why he was so interventionist? Is this why Reagan grew the CIA and military so enormously and also chose the former CIA director as his Vice President? Is this why Reagan may have slipped up and told Yitzhak Shamir about having been in person to photograph the Auschwitz camps when Reagan was supposedly still assigned by the military in the States during that period?  Is this why Reagan was perceived as sympathetic to Nazis in the Bitburg Controversy?  A scandal that never erupted in American media or newspapers who are largely owned by the Romans? Is this why I saw a gentleman in priestly attire trying to convince people that Reagan could not have been in Germany taking photos of the Nazi death camps and who in the same article attempted to deny the Holocaust even happened?  Is this why the Bush family and Wall Street were said to be tied to the Nazis and the funding of their operations including the I.G. Farben plant that created the gas that took enormous numbers of human lives?

Am I painting a clear picture of how long the Occult Romans’ various groups, including the Nazis, have been growing? Of how long they’ve had control of the White House?  Well, the roots go far further back than you can imagine.

Reagan chose the former CIA Director and Skull and Bones member, George H.W. Bush, as his Vice-President. Reagan restored normal gas prices, freed the hostages from Iran’s “death grip”, and then sold arms to Iran a few years later (in order to illegally negotiate with Iranian terrorists – something he told others they should never do).  Reagan and the Pope talked Communist Russia into laying down their arms and cancelling the “Cold War” with an amazing but unknown “method” of persuasion.  They then had the Berlin Wall torn down. Today, Communist Barack Obama is in the White House and our Bill of Rights are shredded, while Russia is taking the moral high ground. Reagan was an actor who was used to following scripts. These are the facts.

reagan and jeane dixon

Ronald Reagan and Jeane Pinckert Dixon (psychic to the President)


SATANISTS: Cover stories?

Occult Satanists, like their Master, that Puppet Master of Deception with the ultimate ‘intelligence’ falsities, appear to be getting their “cover stories” all ready for the end of time. Could one of their stories indicate what the Roman Occult leaders plan to do to the United States of America? … READ MORE

ELECTION 2016: The key factor

Key FactorWhat people don’t realize is that their worst nightmares are coming.   Obama’s ‘hope and change’ is akin to Trump’s ‘making America great again’.

Most of the so-called ‘conflicts’ and ‘debates’ among Republicans seem staged, much like many other supposed ‘conflicts’ and ‘problems’ over the past decade and a half.  Hillary, the Criminal of Benghazi, is made to look stately and too high above the bickering Republican men, while running against Bernie Sanders who looks as if he should be in retirement. The media read from the teleprompter what is written for them by the tiny handful of canned news services available.  I know.  I used to be one of those people reporting world and national news at the national level. Meanwhile, the populace believes what they are told in America and throughout much of the world, most of which are lies and staged deception.

Men who have sought to regain their global power for almost two centuries continue to push their globalist agenda forward on the economic front which they control, through the media which they control, through the bantering between politicians which they control, and through the ‘war on terror’ which they contrive from the high crime rate that continues to spiral out-of-control as leadership pretends their local law enforcement is incapable of stopping the ‘terror’ and request federal aid and federal troops to help their cities with their grossly incompetent leadership. Then again, is it incompetency or a clever strategy? Most don’t think that deeply today.

Imagine the dollar collapsing in a land filled with communism-socialism, and ruled by a racist fascist pushing forward a police state, while jobs and food are rare. I believe it’s coming on the heels of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

When Hillary Clinton, the Criminal of Benghazi, offers to ‘fix things’, realize that she’s in office right now and is doing nothing, except lying and adding insult to injury.  Furthermore, her followers show their party fervor by defending every lie and incompetency to their own shame and probably to Hillary’s amusement as she plays her ‘role’.  She’s another ‘Obama’ in female form.

When Trump says “Making America Great Again”, it is akin to Obama saying “hope and change”. America got from Obama enough ‘hope’ to change their nation into a land stripped of protections of liberties, including a twenty trillion dollar deficit.  I didn’t say billion or million, but trillion. Imagine what Trump’s ‘great again’ is going to cost us in freedom and money.

And it’s purposeful. The Federal Reserve used approximately 17 trillion dollars to bail out big business a few years ago when the deficit was about 16 trillion dollars.  In other words, they could have paid off the deficit and it would have been ‘end of show’.  But they didn’t. And that was on George W. Bush and Obama’s watch.  They allowed for it.

Trump and Hillary will be the same fare.

When Trump is finished with this country, it will be so divided, so impoverished, and so immoral that one might believe they are living in post-Cold War Russia where girls are forced to sell themselves in one of their many prostitution rings before they are allowed to declare themselves ‘unemployed’ by the government … just so they can eat a meal.  What a nightmare, but how horrifically ironic and fitting for Russia, a nation that booted the Bible and GOD from their schools, and where afterward sixty million were mass murdered by Stalin and other fascists.  The irony? .. in a land where people want to live immorally, they were forced to live immoral to be able to eat.  I see the same happening to America and very soon.  I’m sure Trump with his voracious appetite for women will not mind that type of environment at all, and is it not fitting that Trump’s wife is from the city of Sevnica within the land of Slovenia, a former Protestant territory that was taken over by the Third Reich and where mass graves are now found from that era and where the only church is now Catholic.  How fitting indeed that she might be the next First Lady, not only due to her hometown, but also due to her own immoral lifestyle of baring her body for food. It’s almost a harbinger.

If Hillary gets the Presidency instead, prepare for another four years of mounting deficits, and don’t be surprised if the dollar collapses.  After all, it’s been known for some time that the only thing propping up the American economy are the Asian partners who are still willing to hold their nose and use it as a bartering chip.  Even Forbes’ magazine stated at one time in recent history that the dollar is worthless and only the Asian partners are keeping the economy afloat.  They are holding out just to see if they can recover their investments in the trillions of dollars of debt that America has produced.  And if they see it’s still sinking, you can bet like any savvy investor, they will salvage what money is left and run … leaving the USA to clean up the mess.  And you can expect a police state and a republic of anarchy to then be led by another ‘Hitler’ or ‘Stalin’ type pushing forward mass executions.  After all, that’s what idiot Presidents do – just like idiot CEOs.  Just as a moronic CEO resorts to mass lay-offs when he is too stupid to create innovative products (and thereby jobs), idiot Presidents do the same … except they resort to executions . It’s the same insanity behind both.

Ted Cruz is probably the only sane candidate, but it looks like the media is out to destroy him.  The media has their orders – their canned news … thanks to the ‘Puppet Masters’ of Rome who stand to benefit from the demise of the USA, while relaxing in their Jacuzzi tubs with their Euros. It’s no secret that the U.S. Dollar has slowly devalued behind the Euro over the past couple of decades in which the Romans continue to push their global domination strategies forward in America.

Even if Trump doesn’t win, he has pushed America toward being a more divided, fascist, hate-filled society in an almost ‘Jerry Springer’ fashion as he turned the Republican debates into fiascos – and one might say it was quite purposefully so. How can Trump get away with sounding like an imbecile while getting ratings?  The media backs him. That’s how.  What does this say about the populace? Most are glued to their television sets and internet browsers adoring the billionaire star of “The Apprentice”. They will awaken soon from their TV fantasies to realize a very poignant and sinister reality is facing them when their dollar is worthless, their Big Pharma drugs are no longer available by prescription, and a dictator is telling them when and where they can use the toilets.

This land is in grave danger. Trump’s hints towards violence at his rallies are no accident. The nation is being conditioned.  The media are reporting the rascist comments and violence at Trump’s rallies at every turn, and almost as if they are looking to feed the frenzy, instead of prevent it.  They are reporting on guillotines, giant concentration camps, joint military-law enforcement exercises on U.S. soil, mass surveillance violations, and numerous other Constitutional violations as if it flaunt it in the face of the citizenry and as if to see if the citizens will do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the media is offering no positive coverage to Cruz (perhaps because he’s now not of any value to their globalist agenda), and they’re saying there’s no need for a contested convention.  After all, we should trust them.  They’re the media with a halo encircling above them.

If Americans can’t see the nightmare ahead of us or how frightening the Trump or Hillary presidencies will be, then perhaps you’ve just realized the key factor in Election 2016.

Americans have become metaphorically ‘blind’.  How does one become this blind? Is it just from staring at their television and internet screens blankly in almost hypnotic fashion for so long?

This present generation of Americans have not forgotten the Bible and past history.  They just haven’t been taught them. Their parents or grandparents agreed to have the Bible removed in the 1960s and they have apathetically sat upon their hands while their history textbooks were revised as well, whilst continuing to send their children to the state schools to be taught whatever the state wants to teach them – career-oriented topics such as how people are descendants of monkeys and pigs, how GOD is dead, the dangers of reading the most published Book on the planet and how it must stay a forbidden book especially in public, and that globalists, communists, witches and sexual deviants are your heroes.

Even if our website and this particular article weren’t being censored and hidden from view by search engines like Google and social networks like WordPress by those afraid of Truth, still most people who did read this article would probably not even get it’s message.  Most don’t even know history or the Bible or ‘right from wrong’ anymore.  Most are bent on self-destruction and don’t even realize it.  This is what happens to a nation that forgets GOD.  He lets them wander into the darkness.   And not just a nation, but a world.  A blind people wandering through the darkness seldom see the giant pitfall off the cliff ahead.

When we look at Trump, we see a billionaire who not only is blind to the Bill of Rights, but who says whatever he thinks people want to hear, and he definitely represents America thoroughly with his voracious greed for immorality, money, booze, and power, his apathy and indifference towards Scripture and GOD, and his self-centered, hateful, spoiled, and unmannerly attitudes towards the treatment of others.  Instead of love and justice and the fear of GOD, Trump instead displays practical atheism, greed and pride, just as most of his followers.  In many ways, many Americans deserve him.

Then we look at Hillary who represents the social justice and religious-in-name-only types in America (also known as socialists). These know-more-than-thou rebels who despise the wisdom of their parents’ generation of freedom and free enterprise.  Ironically, her father was a fervent Republican who despised Communism.  Hillary’s mother didn’t really care as much about politics … she just couldn’t wait for Hillary to stop working and spend more time with her.  Hillary seemed completely complacent toward either of her parents – much like Americans today.  Most elderly parents and children are forgotten today as people ramble on towards their temporal ambitions or pleasures or other trivial pursuits that usually aren’t nearly as important as the people in their lives.  Hillary, the rebel daughter, looks to carry on the immoral agenda and lies of her husband, and the communist initiatives of her predecessor as her father turns over in his grave.  In this way, both Bill and Hillary are probably also fair representatives of America’s gullible, blind rebellious children who also value their career and sexual escapades more than their families and blindly embrace whatever their parents despised. It’s not a brave new world.  Just the same old self-centered one.  This generation just has more technology to implement and fulfill their evil desires as Aldous Huxley foresaw.

Cruz, who is our only viable solution at this point for freedom and at least a small glimmer of hope for freedom, has recently been shown as a teenager on a video, obviously spawned by his enemies, in which Cruz is shown as a kid joking about bikini girls and world domination, and thus he fairly represents most Christians who aren’t serious about what is happening in their world today, but instead spend way too much time on entertainment and often that of bikini girls and rock ‘n’ roll.  However, Cruz does not appear to be that way today, and to be fair to Cruz which one of us are without sin?  Then again, the media never is fair to Cruz, neither does the media pull the ‘beam out of its eye’ whilst pulling the mote from someone else’ eye.  It’s just not in their culture statement. And keep in mind that the media are never fair to anyone who actually lives the values that Jesus lived, although they have made exceptions for the Bush boys and other fake RINOs who defame the name of Jesus by pretending to be Christian to get votes from the unsuspecting, naive religious crowd.

Can Cruz salvage our nation from the wreckage left by the past several Republican and Democratic Presidents, many of whom may have been CIA assets at one time as shown in other articles on this website?   Can Cruz sway the average entertainment-addicted American, or will they find Cruz too boring, conservative, and non-sensational as their favorite TV show or movie? Will the public ever hear of Cruz again except in a negative fashion now that Trump seems to have gotten more electoral votes (if we truly believe the voting process wasn’t hacked or rigged)? Is Cruz really the answer ultimately? While he may be the best of the candidates at this moment, the ultimate answer is for the American people to spiritually awaken.

Will Americans be like an ‘air-head’, naive teen girl in high school who doesn’t want the boring, faithful, hard-working type, but instead chooses the irresponsible, self-centered jerk who ignores her?  Will Americans elect a leader who will leave America ‘high and dry’, much like a sophomore girl in high school impregnated by an idiot who is wildly popular among his peers simply for running a pigskin ball from one end of a field to another?  It’s amazing how stupid humankind can be when the Bible is taken from them, and with it the Light of Wisdom.

The Bible was published several centuries ago, and the world became a hubbub of new inventions, scientific discoveries, new industries and jobs, cultural advances, and freedom.  It was a drastic change from the previous millennia of impoverished peasants, superstitions,  inquisitions, flat-world papists, enslavement, mediocrity, and dull-minded people.  But people became prosperous and forgot GOD. And that’s where we are.  The key factor in Election 2016 will be ‘blindness’, because it is GOD’s way of showing the world that America’s blessings were due to the early colonies’ emphasis upon the Light of the World and the Light of the Word – these two were what enlightened minds and brought fulfillment, hope, and change of the greatest kind to families in a young New World centuries ago … until the Romans wrecked it by removing the Light from their classrooms and homes, and replacing them with the hypnotic glowing light of the big screen. The era of loving homes, friendly neighbors, people working hard and living within their means, and the simple life is gone.

‘Blindness’ will defeat us this coming autumn election unless people turn again to GOD and bring His Word back into their public lives, classrooms, and homes again.  The key factor of ‘blindness’ is why most will never understand what is written above, and why most will elect leaders who will destroy them.  Is this a positive article? No. Then again, perhaps it’s time that a spoonful of reality be fed to those sitting in darkness close to Death; however, the spoonful must be accepted, and a generation addicted to ‘eye candy’ and carnal pleasure will probably never read this article, and those who do may never understand it.

Don’t lose hope!  This isn’t the real life.  The next life is and it will be a time of Justice for all – a time for payback.  And that’s great for some and really dreadful for others.  Have you read the Bible from start to finish?  If so, encourage someone to read the Bible today and pray for our nation. The Bible is a Light to the nations. Those nations who banish this Light do so to their own peril. Our Hope is in the LORD who created heaven and earth. Human kingdoms come and go, but His Word will stand forever. Long after Trump, Hillary, and Obama answer at the judgment throne for their conduct, Jesus will still be reigning eternally.  Right wins out in the end.  Evil will be punished.  The Truth and those who embrace the Way, the Truth, and the Life will be the winners!  Will that be you?


NEVER TRUMP: Third party?

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Ted Cruz

As I analyze what has happened today as Trump appears to be headed for the Republican nomination, it seems senseless, but could it actually be brilliant?  Could the ‘Puppet Masters’ have so cleverly orchestrated the ‘chess board’ of this past year’s political strategy that we didn’t even imagine the deft of their hand?  Why do I say this?

Let me briefly theorize some thoughts.  After all, it doesn’t hurt to think beyond the norm in these days of intrigue.

What if the ‘Puppet Masters’ have control of the Republican Party Convention? What if they purposefully and simultaneously ran Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich against Trump in order to split the conservative vote so badly that a Trump win would be inevitable, placing the most left wing RINO into the nominee slot on purpose. Why would they do this? What if they have already anticipated a Trump win.  How would this further their agenda? What if their goal all along was to run a third party?  What if they already have another Reagan-type in the corridors of power who they plan to run as their ‘Savior’ who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security again? Could this be why they had Trump saying such off-the-wall statements? Could this be why they have Hillary the Criminal of Benghazi running against him?  One would think that a third party candidate would win by a landslide.  After all, a conservative third party candidate would be running against two far left candidates – Trump and Hillary – and would blast the socks off of them as these two would split their own vote and create their own demise.

This is so reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany.  The people united behind their ‘Savior’ Hitler and you see how that turned out.  Perhaps I’m just cynical.  Perhaps we do need a third party candidate who is very strong. It would be grand if he was a freedom-defending, love-and-justice type of candidate who would lead America back to where she should be again. Let’s get back to theorizing.

Could all of the Republican and Democratic candidates be in on such a conspiracy? Or is this just one of the kookiest conspiracy theories ever imagined?  Or perhaps the Republican Party Convention isn’t really a group of Puppet Masters, but just brilliant planners who are really going to give us a great third party candidate run against these two thugs, Hillary and Trump.  Or is this too much for which to hope? Meanwhile, this election is either one of the greatest tragedies in American history (second or perhaps even tied to Obama’s multiple wins and America’s present twenty trillion dollar deficit) or it could be the precursor to a more conservative candidate getting into office and extending the life of this land if an extremely well-spoken conservative, liberty-lover were to run.

Or it could be one of the most brilliant but vile strategies of the ‘Puppet Masters’ to date if in fact they have planned all of this and they plan to run a charismatic ‘Messiah’ dressed in the guise of goodness and greatness as a third party candidate … when in reality, he is far more evil than Obama, Trump, and Hillary combined.  He could easily win with the liberal vote being split between Trump and Hillary as long as he said all the right ‘conservative’ things to deceive the masses.  Who can tell with the Puppet Masters, but one thing is for sure … usually a land’s leaders are a reflection of the people, and there’s only one way back to healing in this land, and it starts with us as a people kneeling.

“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  – 2 Chronicles 7:14


NEW ROME: Rising

When did ancient occult Rome begin its rise in the world again?

It is doubtful you will read an article like this one anywhere in the world, although some may deal with similar topics. Much of what is said in this article is the culmination of many years of study and deep research.

If you aren’t steeped in history or if you have read only this article and not many of the others on this website explaining a great host of organizations and events that are far more than what the average citizen realizes, you may be shocked by what you read in this article.  Therefore, be sure to acquaint yourself with other articles in this site that carefully and slowly document the long trail of mystical intrigue that began almost four thousand years ago in Babylon, grew into a giant with the Roman Empire, and is looming over us today in various forms from slavery to intelligence organizations to massive global enslavement under the guise of a New World Order that is actually an Old World Order attempting to recover its power.

pope paul 1

Consider the true history of the past two thousand years.  Imagine that the Roman Empire was faltering due to issues such as the advance of the Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, the divisions between the Eastern and the Western Roman Empires, and the rise of Christianity.  Imagine what a Roman Emperor might do in such an environment.  He just might resort to strategy – a strategy that might mitigate all three.  In other words, he might make the Roman Empire become ‘invisible’ from the advancing Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, create a religion to unite the East and the West while giving Christianity a symbolic nod.   Thus, the Roman Empire by ‘getting religion’ and specifically a syncretic hybrid religion that mixed traditional Roman pagan sun worship with Christianity was the answer.  Hiding behind the veil of an Unholy Roman Empire, the Romans were able to maintain their empire secretly from A.D. 476 until A.D. 1815 when the Roman Empire’s charade ended … or at least in secret.   It was at the Congress of Vienna when Prince Metternich and his allies throughout Europe united to create the seeds of what would later become the European Union. However, at the heart of this movement was a prior core movement.  This movement was at one time known as the Alumbrados (Spanish for ‘Illuminati’), an organization thought to be descended from such groups as the Druids, the Gnostics, the Sol Victus adherents, the Knights Templar, and other Elite Occult Men of Rome’s Infamous Roman Empire which supposedly disappeared in A.D. 476.  In reality, the lines weren’t so easy to see at times, because the Popes didn’t exactly rejoice at the thought of sharing power with these Roman Occult leaders who seemed desirous of taking up their Roman Empire authority once again after the Triple Threat of Barbarians, Muslims, and Protestants were starting to fade into more verbal disagreements than real military power in 1815.

jesuitsThe Popes had hired Ignatius of Loyola in A.D. 1540 at the height of the Protestant Reformation.  The Pope asked this powerful retired Spanish warrior, who was thought to be a leader among the Alumbrados, to take the helm of the Roman Catholic Militia and spearhead the Counter-Reformation aimed at destroying the Protestant Reformation, a revolution against papal sovereignty over Europe.  Ignatius of Loyola agreed.  Thus, any Catholic attempting to understand why Ignatius, who proudly spoke of his conversations with a beautiful reptilian Serpent in his room, was accepted by the Popes (who claimed to be religious and moral) may now have a better glimpse into the possible circumstances that were transpiring at that time in history.

As one Knights Templar told me, the marriage between the Roman Occult and the Catholic Church was what he called ‘a marriage of convenience’.  Though steeped in Occult doctrine with a little Christianity sprinkled throughout, the Catholic Church had always been known to adopt the religion of whatever country their Jesuit ‘missionaries’ decided to conquer. This was how they started.  They combined Roman sun worship and Christianity.  Today, as one Jesuit stated, they combine this original hybrid mixture of the world’s two oldest religions with whatever religion happens to be in a country, such as Buddhism, Islam, or Voodoo.  Religions such as Candomble and Santeira are examples. Malachi Martin’s book on the Jesuits told how the Catholic Church was betrayed by the Jesuits.

finalMalachi Martin, having been a former Jesuit himself, was a prolific writer, the confidant of four popes, and one of the best communicators for the Vatican regarding the takeover of the Vatican by exterior forces including the Jesuits. His books were written from the 1960s until the late 1990s after which he was found dead on his stairwell in NYC, supposedly from a ‘stroke’.  Much mystery seemed to swirl around his death, but just as in the cases of Pope John Paul I and many other mysterious deaths mentioned on this website, nobody knows for certain how he truly died. Ironically, Malachi Martin had written on these powers, as well as the threats made against one Cardinal who was ‘almost pope twice’ and the sinister assassination of Pope John Paul I.  Martin had detailed ritual abuse, Satanic sacrifices, and the Satanic possession of the Vatican for over three decades starting in the 1960s. Many Catholics today still cling to the Vatican, swiping aside the rank and weight of Malachi Martin’s words, choosing tradition instead of the facts much like many other religions and denominations who have likewise been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Occult. Religions are not alone – governments have been given the same treatment. Did not John Robison in his book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” explain how these pagan Occult Romans wanted to destroy all governments and religions from the earth?   And why? In order to create their one world government and religion in their absence.

vaAnd now the interesting news.  After the Roman Empire hid behind papal, religious garments in A.D. 476 and managed to survive the threats facing them for years with this ‘trojan horse’ strategy of incredible proportions, the more powerful Caesarian families such as the Borgias, Medici, and Alumbrados influences came to the forefront as the Popes engaged in a life and death struggle with the religious debates of the Counter-Reformation.  The Popes, after all, were reluctant to give back their power to the Caesarian families as seen in the death of Jacques de Molay, who had led the Knights Templar until the Popes saw them as a threat to power.  However, the Jesuit Order was a more clever disguise as they allied themselves to the Catholic Church.  And eventually, the Pope banned the Jesuit Order in 1773.  In reaction, a Jesuit priest named Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati (the English name for the Occult ‘Alumbrados’). Between the time that the Pope banned the Jesuits in 1773 and the founding of the Illuminati in 1776 by a Jesuit, this same Pope was poisoned.  The new face of ‘America’ was also formed from the original thirteen colonies in 1776 by a small segment of powerful Freemasons, taking the first step toward removing state rights and state Constitutions that were centered around the Bible and the Christian faith. One of the Occult’s first steps was to create ‘no establishment of religion’, thus purging the Christian foundation from the Constitution at the very outset. However, the Occult knew that the Christians greatly outnumbered all others in the New World known as the United States of America, and so they waited for a century before pushing their plan forward step-by-step as they hid in the shadows.

final2Shortly after the creation of the Illuminati, we see the Roman Empire rising again – not the Catholic Church – but the Roman Empire.  We see the beginnings in the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte, who like the Jesuits wed himself to the Catholic Church, only to conquer all the Catholic papal states.  Here the beginning of Rome’s rise begins, followed by the Congress of Vienna mentioned earlier.  In the back corridors of power, much intrigue has been taking place.   In the late 1700s, we read the book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” by a powerful Freemason who takes the penname John Robison.  Robison explains that the lodges in that very time in history during the late 1700s were being taken over by Jesuits and others of like mind.  One note regarding Napoleon.  It was his grand nephew, a Knight of Malta, who started the FBI in America. It was another Knight of Malta, Bill Donovan, who was said to be instrumental behind the forcing of the Bolshevik Revolution, the resulting ‘Cold War’, and the founding of the OSS and CIA.

With the formation of the Illuminati, the New America and the New France starting in 1776, the conquering of the Papal States by Napoleon who was seemingly used by Metternich to do the ‘dirty work’, the emergence of the Metternich Roman powers, the Congress of Vienna, and the dissolution of the Unholy Roman Empire in 1815, and the resulting Kingdom of Italy a few decades later, the Roman Occult with all of her Gnostics, Knights, Freemasons, Illuminati, Druids, Witches, and Dark Masters were set to rise, and rise they did through leaders in various influential aspects of society.  Government awas not the only place they chose to dominate as can be seen in the leadership of Madame Blavotsky, Immanuel Kant, Franz Mesmer, Carl Jung, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Emanuel Swedenborg, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marie Curie, the Ghost Club, Mary Todd Lincoln, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ancient Druid Order, Modern Freemasonry, William Blake, Charles Dickens, Ordo Templi Orientis, Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Charles Cardell, Brothers Grimm, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, Georg Hegel, Bahá’í Faith, the Fabian Society, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Emil Kraepelin, Bahá’u’lláh, Ellen G. White, Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner, Karl Marx, Karl Barth, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Dickens, Mary Baker Edd, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Charles T. Russell, William Butler Yeats, Aliester Crowley, George Watson MacGregor Reid, occult Knights of various orders, and many other powerful individuals and groups who began their ascent in earnest during the 1800s.   Their effects were felt in the 1900s like a mighty thunderous earthquake.

Earlier in 1540, we read of how the Ignatian network absorbed the Knights such as the Knights of St. John, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, and many, many more.  In this acquisition, the Roman Occult gained much power, with or without the knowledge of the popes regarding their long term goals and strategies.

occult conspiracyWith the Roman powers slowly using others to accomplish their goals, such as the French Resistance movement in the French Revolution and the American Revolutionaries and the world wars and many other clever ruses to annihilate their enemies, we arrive in the 1960s where they have unleashed their hedonism upon the world.  Everywhere we see Roman hedonism abounding as in the days of gladiators, occult witches, and covert Roman military strategies and organizations that range from socialist Nazi fascists to radical Communists.  A book titled “Occult Conspiracy” by Michael Howard gives one a poor spiritual understanding, but a very clear historical understanding of how the world works as it explains the Occult’s role in such wars as those mentioned above, as well as the role of Occult secret societies in Russia, France, America, Germany, and more.  Men such as Benjamin Franklin, who belonged to the Hellfire Club, and other Occult Freemasons are mentioned.  I believe the top leaders of the Occult are guided by the forces of evil.  In other words, the ‘powers that be’ are literally the forces of evil ruled by ‘the prince of this world’, who according to the Bible, has blinded the minds of men – the same ‘prince’ who offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow to him. All those elaborate lies on YouTube, Facebook, news sites, and Hollywood movies are ways to teach lies to mankind, and two of the biggest is that ‘GOD is a liar’ and ‘Satan was really out for mankind’s good’.  These lies are dressed in different ways, but the same lie found in the Garden of Eden is still spun today – that we were really in a ‘prison’ in the Garden of Eden and that Satan set us free. How is this even possible to believe; after all, the Garden of Eden was free of death, toil, tears, evil, and loneliness?  Because Satan is a master of the lie.

While there appear to be many, many front organizations of the Occult, and many leaders in each party, philosophy, and on each side of the issues of the day who rail against each other when in reality they are all working together using agitation, civil unrest, fear, and covert deception to ultimately push humankind against the Truth of Scripture, there appears to be some organizations that are more key than others.  For example, as you read Howard’s book mentioned above, you will notice the secret Occult societies located all around the world appear connected to the intelligence organizations of countries.  If you read Eric Jon Phelps’ book “Vatican Assassins”, you will see that he appears to push forward the same thinking – that many of the world’s intelligence organizations are controlled by the same men.  While Phelps points more toward the Catholic Church and Howard points toward the Occult, the truth I believe is that the leadership of both are one and the same – the Roman Occult.  If the occult creates intelligence organizations, and uses them to replace the governments and to take over the media and other major aspects of civilization, why do we find many moral and conscientious people in their employment?  This is one of their ‘fingerprints’ and one of their best shields from being discovered.  They deceive even the most moral of humankind and use them for their foul purposes, while building a reputation for charity, good works, and ‘saving the world’.  They let their followers feel they are fighting for a good cause.  In truth, the Occult employs good causes and moral people, while their ultimate goal is of the darkest and most vile purposes – a purpose they cloak behind much ‘smoke and mirrors’ through ‘cover stories’ or in other words they tell their followers they are doing ‘xyz’ for the reasons of ‘abc’ and that they must ‘save the day’ by following their plan and practices which may include giving up security and liberty or doing wrong in order to do ‘right’ and other such bunk.  In reality, these evil powers know their true purpose is vile all along, but this purpose isn’t shared, and even the action plans are only shared on a ‘need to know’ basis and only in the compartment or department that needs to know.  It’s like a movie director who knows the entire script, but uses a different cameraman, actor, and set for each phrase of the script, so that nobody really knows the whole script – only pieces. They all feel they are doing a ‘good thing’.

This background is essential in understanding where we are today as the CIA (formed by a Knight and a core of Nazis shuttled into America through Operation Paperclip), NASA and Big Pharma (also created by the same Occult men from Nazi Germany),  and many of the world’s most powerful government and corporate banks and entities are just a handful of the many tentacles of Rome’s rising empire – an empire that is slowly looming from the shadows in the past decade.

proofsIf you wonder why the political parties all seem the same or why JFK was killed or Lincoln or Princess Diana or an entire array of other questions that seem strange or perplexing, then look to the Roman Occult masters.  Today, even the Pope’s position has been replaced by a Jesuit.  Your candidates are all connected to their organizations and have been for decades … those with knowledge of these matters can see the hand of Rome throughout the years.

And how is Trump’s run for office connected to the rise of ancient Rome in the world again? Or is it? Is he their Trump card who they’ve been saving? Or is he just Hillary’s ace? Or is he really just the harmless, stammering elderly man filled with faux pas comments on every hand as he appears?  How would anyone remain CEO or maintain business allies for long if they acted like Trump? So is Trump just acting? And if so, why? Or has Trump’s team done demographic and survey analysis and decided this is how he needs to act? Or is this really a plan to push Americans more toward fascism, while giving the world the false impression that ‘conservative’ equates to fascism?  Or is his act part of their dialectical Hegelian philosophy of creating the problem and the solution? Of creating a thesis and anti-thesis in order to push forward their real goal – the synthesis?  Why are so many men of Rome connected to Trump and to the Clintons and many of the other leaders who are opposing each other right now? Why does more and more anti-semitism, rascism, and fascist hatred seem to be on the rise? Or is this just the impression we’re given by the media so that many will conform to such a mindset since many do what they think others are doing? Be sure to visit our partner website, Biblical Connection, where many of the so-called ‘evangelicals’ supporting Trump are exposed as being sympathetic to Rome and perhaps even infiltrating men of Rome and not truly evangelical at all.

After reading this article from Bloomberg View and seeing the growing #NeverTrump movement, one may wonder how Trump won South Carolina by such a landslide. In the above linked article alone, you will see a vast and diverse list of Republicans who are all opposed to Donald Trump.  How is Trump winning if many of the Republicans from various parts of the party are so opposed to him?  Is it the media? Is it something far more sinister?  Or is Trump’s rise among Republicans a charade by powerful men? Or are all of the candidates being offered to Americans supposed to be laughable? Are all of these candidates just a way for the world to laugh at America and turn their attention to Europe for leadership?


Is Trump, as crazy as he acts, still being given media attention just because he was trained like his pal Bill Clinton by that secret and globally powerful militia, who once presided over the Inquisitions of Europe, known as the Jesuits? Or is the Illuminati behind him?  Or is it Catholic Fox News who is making him so popular? Or are they all related? Is Trump acting the part of a court jest on purpose? And what does this say about his followers?

Well, it’s more complex and intriguing than you might think.  In fact, the key word in all of the bags of tricks being handed down by the Roman Occult Empire these days is that of ‘sketchy’, ‘uncertain’, ‘mysterious’, ‘intriguing’, and ‘shadowy’ at best. Rumor seems to indicate that something is in the wind this coming year.  Some conjecture that it’s coming from the sleeve of Obama. Others think it’s Hillary.  Some think it’s Trump.  Or could it be something else altogether like the economy?  Are all of these just a distraction?

Here’s an example of how connected all of these occult families from Europe are.  Donald Trump’s grandfather’s real name is Friedrich Trumpf who was born in the Roman Imperial Village of Kallstadt.  Johann Heinrich Heinz was also born in this Imperial Village located in the heart of the Occult kingdom of Bavaria. Johann’s Catholic great, grandson died in a mysterious plane crash. His Catholic wife married Catholic Secretary of State John Kerry, the Skull and Bonesman.  Bavaria is where the Illuminati was formed, and was where Catholic Adolph Hitler emerged as well as many members of the Roman Occult.  Skull and Bones secret society in Yale University is said to be one of the main nests from which the CIA recruits their candidates.  Skull and Bones is said to have been formed by Occult Bavarian members of the Illuminati, and is considered to be a ‘sister secret society’ to the very society to which Hitler belonged.

imagesI have a Knights Templar acquaintance who has seen Hitler’s Knight uniform. Guess who else came from Skull and Bones and who were also connected to the Nazi CIA?  Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush (the latter who was knighted by the Vatican). The Bush family were said to be connected to the financing of the Nazis, as were many on Wall Street, and the Kennedy family are said to have made their fortune when Joseph Kennedy was one of four men who short-sold their stock, creating the ‘Great Depression’.  Maria Shriver is of the Kennedy dynasty and she married Arnold Schwarzenegger whose dad was said to be a Nazi. Maria attended the Jesuit school, Georgetown, which Donald Trump’s son and Bill Clinton also attended.  Donald Trump attended a different Jesuit school, Fordham University as well. We could go onward for some time, but it’s all one happy family indeed. Many of these Occult Romans are Catholic, but at the core, they are Caesarian.  They have used the consciences of the Catholic people who have a strong desire to please the Papacy to forward their agenda of Roman Imperialism and Occult takeover. Catholics unknowingly are being used to prepare countries for the Occult to conquer by ridding lands of guns as Occult Catholic Hitler also did in order to prevent the populace from defending themselves.  Hitler was Occult by religion and Catholic by political alliance and as a way to sway the consciences of his followers. Hitler’s parents were Catholic too.  The wedding in 1540 between the Popes and the Alumbrados (Jesuits) had a huge impact upon Catholicism. We see this in the Inquisitions.

illuminatiWe also see this in the Crusades in which the Knights Templar, predecessors to the Alumbrados or Illuminati, were also in bed with the Popes.  One might at first see this as the Occult infiltrating the innocent, naive Catholic Church, as the Occult has infiltrated most governments and religions, but as far back as we can see even to Roman Emperor Constantine I the Not-So-Great, we see the Catholic Church was different. They are the mask of Imperial Rome – their prostitute as it were.  Constantine formed the foundation of the Catholic Church and made himself the Head of it, and the Head of it he is; for the line of the Emperors are the real power behind the Catholic Church which they use as a way to manipulate the consciences of moral people by dangling heaven before their eyes like a carrot, only to ask them to give up their guns, embrace socialism and fascism, and to bow to the every whim of the Roman Occult, including the execution and murder of innocent civilians who the Romans say are guilty of vice and crime (when in reality, the Occult knows them to be innocent believers devoted to the Creator).

romsol-standard1And think about the spying capabilities of a clergy compared to a government. The Vatican tells their one billion adherents that their loyalty must first be to the Pope and secondly to their country. The Pope is considered both the king of a secular empire, Vatican City, and also the head of a religious empire, the Unholy See.  As leader of one of the world’s largest religions, his secular empire has advantages beyond other world empires. Thus, this ‘marriage of convenience’ is a partnership like none other between the Occult and Catholic Church, a church that the Roman Occult created … and thus, we see how metaphorically ‘Luke Skywalker’ was fathered by ‘Darth Vader’ in occult terms.  After all, Occult Joseph Campbell’ disciple George Lucas made that famous series of movies known as ‘Star Wars’.  The ‘Stars’ are the gods or the demons with ‘light sabers’, those fallen angels or watchers who followed Satan and they have been involved in the Empire’s many shenanigans.  And I’m referring to the Roman Empire, not the one of Lucas’ metaphorical tale. Tolkien the Jesuit had his own trilogy but with the same Empire in mind. Tolkien’s reference to seven Nazgul is very telling as seven is the number of GOD.  Those who are wise must realize that Tolkien was painting the Occult as the heroes in his tales, and GOD as the villain.  These Occult men are looking for their King to return – the False Messiah known as Anti-Christ.   C.S. Lewis, who was ‘converted’ to a variation of Romanist religion by Tolkien, had his own metaphor for their Roman King – he called him ‘Aslan’ which in Turkish means ‘Lion’ and is represented by ‘Leo’ in the occult Zodiac.  In Rome, the Lion of the ground and the Eagle of the air were used as the symbols of Rome’s dominance over the world.

The Legion’s Aquila would be defended to the death …  for a Legion, the “Aquilifer” bore the Aquila-Eagle, while the “Imaginifer” carried the Imago of the Emperor …  the Vexillarius is wearing maile (hamata) body armor and a very impressive lion pelt over his helmet.  A Lion (leo) pelt is thought to have been generally worn only by the Aqualifer, Signifer or Vexillarius of a legion/legio unit.”


Hercules, Occult Hero

Babylon, founder of the Occult religion, was also represented by the Lion.  In a sense, Rome was carrying on the Occult standard handed down to them by Babylon, then Media-Persia, and Greece. Mythology was the bible of the Occult, based upon the original religion led by Nimrod in Babylon, and thus we see Hercules (a mythological character based upon the religion of Nimrod) would also wear the lion’s head as his symbol of dominance as a mighty warrior. In occult terms, a god was a ‘hero’.  This word emanated from the word ‘zera’ or ‘zero’ which was the ancient word for ‘Seed’, which some conclude was a reference to the Seed of Messiah. Thus, heroes or gods were considered versions of ‘messiahs’.  In Ancient Greece, Olympic winners were considered gods or heroes who were given great honor and privilege above all other citizens.

Another famous symbol of Rome seen carried by their standard bearers was that of the ‘Draco’ or dragon.  This occult symbol is also seen in the Occult Zodiac as well.  You also see lions and dragons on the renovated Ishtar Gate of Babylon even today.

World dominance was transferred from Babylon to Persia-Media to Greece to Rome as depicted in various dreams and visions by Daniel the Prophet in the Bible. Each of these kingdoms were known for their Occult beliefs or Baal-worship. In a sense, they fulfilled an ancient pagan concept known as the passing of the torch (as seen in the Olympics) or the ‘eternal flame’.  In other words, this ‘torch’ appears to be the true powers that be – the fallen angels as seen in Daniel’s prophetic book where the ‘Prince of Persia’ is a fallen angels that fights against one of GOD’s angels. In this prophetic narrative, we see how fallen angels are identified with rising world kingdoms as Persia was rising in the world at that particular time.

Rome has many of the same attributes and symbolism as Babylon, but they have shown far more resilience in duration and strategy over the past two thousand years.


In all of this we see how the Roman church is but an arm of the powerful occult, and the consciences of Catholics are manipulated and used for the secret intents of the Occult Masters of the old Roman Empire.  The Occult Masters have evil plans, but they use misplaced religious fervor to achieve them by offering them religious motivations, deceptive reasoning and ‘cover stories’ for why certain things should be believed or enacted.  Therefore, you may now see how Hitler himself may have uttered the following comment:

“And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew. I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.” – Mein Kampf

BAPHOMET CROWLEY MIT MALTESER KREUZIs it any surprise that Trump sounds rascist?  Although Trump claims to be a Presbyterian, his lack of any real knowledge about the Bible or Presbyterian beliefs was evident this past year when he was asked basic questions about the same.  At the same time, he is a Knight of Malta and a Jesuit graduate. What is he really?  Thus, with this information in hand, one must ask who’s who in the Republican race.  If Republicans really wanted a conservative candidate to win, then why are Carson and Catholic Rubio still running? Doesn’t this split the vote that would vote for Cruz against the far left-wing Trump?  Then again, I recently was told by a learned political researcher that Ron Paul had issues with Ted Cruz.  Ron Paul is a military vet and a lover of freedom and the Bill of Rights.  It is said that the Roman elite at the Congress of Vienna stated that they sought to destroy America’s Bill of Rights, and by all appearances, they seem to be winning.  If Ron Paul has issues with Cruz, then what does that leave us? But Cruz is the only one garnering enough votes to fight Trump who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, I read that Cruz and his wife have very Illuminati-styled connections in their history. Cruz is connected heavily with the Bush cabal, Goldman Sachs who is seen by some to be an intelligence front, and the New World Order’s agenda as seen in his resume. Heidi Cruz’s education and past positions appear to be quite eye-opening. Heidi is also connected to Goldman Sachs, and was as an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as a member of the Independent Task Force on North America that in 2005 published a report entitled “Building a North American Community” which would remove the U.S.A.’s sovereignty, and she eventually became the director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council. Therefore, we are in one fine mess in America.

Even Ron Paul‘s allegiances are very sketchy these days as we find more and more that everyone on the candidate stage these days is a shill, which would also make us heavily question if Rand Paul is also a fake conservative, who is really just pushing the campaign for the drug cartels wanting to legalize illegal drugs.

Donald TrumpWill Cruz solve our problems? We may never know if he is a shill or the real deal if Rubio and Carson continue to block him from beating fascist Trump.  I doubt that anyone will solve our current problems.  I see the huge shadow that most do not see – the Roman Empire – and it is looming large these days as seen in DARPA technology, NSA mass surveillance, a Nazi gun-snatching and police state environment, and far more.  And even the Catholic Church should be ‘en garde’, because when Occult Rome is done, even they may be burning in flames once they offer no more use to their Roman Masters. We see a hint of this in Revelation chapter 17 as the governmental Beast of Rome turns on the prostitute riding its back and burns it with flames.

Nope, … Washington, D.C. won’t save us.  They’re the problem, not the solution.  Our only hope for the moral, economic, and fascist nightmare we see is the One who once blessed this nation and made it great when America thrived.  Only He whose name is no longer allowed in our government buildings and schools can save us.

May GOD help America.