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CATHOLIC CANDIDATES: If knowledge is power, what’s the lack of it?

What is the danger in having Catholic candidates for President or Vice President? How are they different from other religions? W.A. Criswell addresses this question in his pamphlet below taken from the Kennedy archives.

Over forty years ago, W.A. Criswell was the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist denomination is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States with approximately 16,000,000 members.

It is no big secret that the more fundamentalist Protestants (particularly independent church groups) sometimes viewed the Southern Baptists as “less conservative” over the years, so that is why it is very interesting to read the below pamphlet by former Southern Baptist President W.A. Criswell written almost five decades ago. It’s especially interesting in light of the fact that you no longer hear messages of warning from even the more fundamental camps, and nothing at all today from Southern Baptist Presidents or other evangelicals. Their “pillar of justice” in acting as salt and light seems to have vanished from their platforms.  For most of this nation’s history, all the Protestant churches, bookstores, American history books and even some of the media were exposing the shadowy powers of the Vatican, their Jesuit officers, and their many intriguing plots and schemes.

Today, we hear nothing.

Even when Roman priests were guilty for the raping of innocent children recently and the media suggested that perhaps the Vatican should be allowed to punish her own priests as she felt best, we didn’t hear a peep from any of the denominational heads of Protestantism.  Did Rome die or give up their imperialistic mission as a powerful government and political force? Or did the Protestant leaders and pulpits lose consciousness? When each of our Presidents now kiss the hand of the Pope and take communion openly at Catholic services, there is nothing mentioned. Nada. The silence is deafening. This quiet is very unusual in light of the historical events of the past several centuries. Have we gained more tolerance or have we lost more awareness?  Oftentimes, the youth laugh and talk of “Tin Foil Hats”, “Truthers”, and anyone who talks about there being possible intrigue taking place in our government or in our world.  This naive perception is usually changed when blood begins to flow in the streets and freedoms are removed.  This cycle has repeated throughout history and is doomed, it would seem, to continue repeating itself.

Interestingly enough, both of our Vice Presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, are Roman Catholic.  Also, the only real job listed on Obama’s resume was working as a community organizer for eight Roman Catholic parishes, although he claims to have other beliefs today.  The current Supreme Court has six Justices who are Roman Catholic and three Justices who are Jewish. No Protestant Presidential candidates or Vice Presidential candidates are even running, and the Protestants are the majority religion in this nation, and almost double the Catholic population if you don’t count illegal immigrants. However, keep in mind that many of the Protestant denominations are on the verge of full communion with Rome and some have already joined Rome.  What will happen if Rome takes the majority?

Regarding any of these issues, have you heard anything from the Protestant denominational heads besides the chirping of crickets?  In fact, more time has been spent on Romney’s credentials as a Mormon than with the matter of having Catholic Vice Presidents.

And then there is the all-star Republican team found in this article that many far-right, fundamentalists endorse.  Can you see how far this country has come?  It reminds me of that old cigarette commercial slogan “You’ve come a long way, Baby”.  Our nation has come a long way.  Just as a yellow-toothed, wrinkled, and dying cigarette smoker tries to get one last puff on their cigarette through a hole in their throat as their lungs collapse on a hospital bed, even so this nation is about to go down for the count. The sad thing is that she doesn’t know it.  Even sadder is that there are no warnings from the pulpits in this land.

Criswell’s objections to the JFK candidacy took place before the era of IRS rules forbidding churches from having any influence on the election of government candidates for office. How convenient that laws were suddenly passed to make sure the Protestant voices were silenced.  Let it also be noted that Teddy Kennedy, the well-known Catholic advocate and brother of JFK, was the main promoter of the infamous “hate speech” bill.

As W.A. Criswell points out in this pamphlet below, the difference between electing a Roman Catholic POTUS (President of the United States) and a POTUS of any other religion was a simple but well-known fact in his day. The Vatican is not just a religion.  It is also a government, and a government with a history of assassinations, and removing liberty from any country into which it is given governmental power (vicariously through elected officials).  After their candidates gain power, it is only a matter of time before those countries are denied liberties, impoverished with economic disasters and fraught with revolutions. The Catholic military intelligence officers known as the Jesuits were banned from over 80 countries numerous times for their political treachery.

The Protestant roar was heard in JKF’s day and their number was probably around 80,000,000 at the time. Do you now understand why Kennedy made his speech about how Rome wouldn’t “control” him?  Rome had to be careful with their actions at that time in history when Protestants spoke out, … but today, not so much.  In this pamphlet, Criswell calls JFK a liar. Criswell also gives proof in the below pamphlet of how JFK had already placed the orders of Rome over our own national interests.  This message was broadcast by Criswell far and wide in these United States.  Read it for yourself at the bottom of this page by clicking the photos to enlarge the pictures of this pamphlet. Is it possible that our recent economic and Constitutional woes may have something to do with these matters?

Criswell was not alone.  He was continuing a tradition that many before him had undertaken in order to protect Americans from Roman influence. The minds of our forefathers and the American people, who were mainly Protestants fleeing the Old World, were still filled with fresh bloody sights of Rome’s hideous and cruel power as seen in the Inquisition.  They knew well of how close England came to Catholic takeover with the Spanish Armada and with Charles I’s attempt to sell out the English, just prior to Cromwell’s protecting force defending them.  They knew of the Gun Powder Plot to kill the English royal family and Parliament, and of the various and many assassination attempts by Jesuit agents against Protestant government officials. Our own grandparents and great grandparents saw their hand in the Civil War and the Holocaust, but our generation has not seen such evil and bloody sights.  By now, most of those historical events have been spun as non-Catholic atrocities so many times that nobody even knows the real truth about these events.  Hitler’s parents still rest in a Catholic cemetery though today.

Today we find that most people are too ignorant of history, much less the history of Rome.  Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph, wrote three books in the 1800s on the subject of the dangers of Rome seditiously attempting to destroy our republic and especially pointed out the “immigration issue” connection.  Sound familiar? The American Party was created in the 1800s to combat Rome’s massive immigration (takeover) effort. Burke McCarty wrote a book on the Lincoln assassination and reported how the real mastermind, John Surratt, a member of the Pope’s bodyguard, had to be extradited from Rome to stand trial.  John’s mother, Mary Surratt, was hung for her part in the Lincoln assassination after receiving Catholic last rites.  Regarding the conspirators who killed Abraham Lincoln, United States General Baker stated for the record:

“I mention, as an exceptional and remarkable fact, that every conspirator, in custody, is by education a Catholic.”

This is a bit of the seldom-taught history which you can still read in most library’s archives buried in older encyclopedias and historical references, but don’t expect to see it in your classroom textbooks … not even in the fundamental right-wing textbooks. That’s too controversial to print these days, even though it is one of the most critical need-to-know portions of history. Since Vatican II, the Romans have become silent and almost friendly it would appear, but don’t be fooled.  As you read the article at this link and the article at this link as well, you will understand that history often repeats itself.   Ever hear of a “calm before the storm”?  Much more can be said on this matter, but this will suffice. Beware the hand of Rome.

Here’s the pamphlet: