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BOSTON BOMBING: CIA connections?


An eight-year-old boy is dead … and others.

Critical thinkers do not accept or deny any report, whether it be from conspiracy bloggers or the mainstream media.  To mindlessly accept either, or any type of report for that matter, is dangerous.  We must listen to all ideas, weigh them all in our minds, investigate for ourselves, and be willing to not accept anything as fact, but ponder them all.

One of the best aggregated compilations of the facts from the incident was reported by  the UK’s Guardian in the article at this link right after the incident occurred. A more recent article with lots of photos, videos, and information on the suspects is located at this link which gives lots of photos of the potential suspects. In addition, there’s a surveillance video now showing one of the suspects at this link.  Furthermore, here’s an article at this link that tells about the latest updates on the suspects and how one is dead from a shoot-out and another one charged.  A third bombing suspect was potentially involved, but details are still unsure, although the latest is available at Glenn Beck’s site.  His exclusive story is listed at this link.   Beck also has some very interesting, eye-popping things to say on this video.  Glenn Beck says in this video that this story can determine the fate of our nation and is one of the most important things in the history of America.  In fact, he stated it is possibly the top story he has ever reported.  He said that the results of this story may mean our nation is “over”.  An even more intriguing video is found at this link.  Another interesting video is found at this link where a Michael Savage interview provides insightful information.  Other articles on the third suspect can be found at this link, at this link, at this link, at this linkthis link, and seventeen unanswered questions at this link.

white_hat_crowdMeanwhile, Congressman Jeff Duncan questioned non-elected, Obama-appointed Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, on the story and she refused to answer his questions that he was asking upon behalf of the American people who elected him. She told him it was not worthy of an answer and concluded by disrespecting the Congressman further by stating to this country’s elected official:  ”We will provide you with accurate information as it becomes available”.   You can see the interaction at the video at this link.  Evidently, Napolitano sees herself as the one-stop shop for accurate information in this country.

What should our reaction be?  Our reaction to the Boston Marathon bombings should be:

  • Compassion, assistance, sympathy and prayer for the victims and their families
  • Disgust with those who perpetrated the crimes and a desire for justice to be served
  • Critical thinking as we hear the events being reported

boston-marathon-bombingsKeep in mind that most media reports are packaged by centralized news agencies which are shipped to most of the media outlets who report the news nationwide as seen in the video at this link.  Is it just paranoid to think that the events may have been different than reported?  No.

largeCritical thinking requires us to ask questions, instead of just accepting what the anchors at news organizations are reading from packaged “canned” news services such as the AP news desk or Reuters new feeds.  At the same time, we shouldn’t jump to any paranoid conclusions either, although being paranoid is necessitas de facto for those who would survive fascists and others who war on liberty.

Suspects from these bombings should be determined and punished when found guilty.   However, we must be vigilant to ensure that this event is not used as a justification for further governmental intrusions or attacks on Americans and their Bill of Rights.

Boston-Marathon-Bombing-US-flagsWe must investigate and think, instead of just assuming that everything is as it seems, especially knowing that those who should know have confirmed that the opposite is usually true and especially when you realize that about six companies own most of the national media services.  Is it wise or naive to question whether the media might have their own agenda or may have corrupt motives?  Is it best to investigate the news for one’s self or just report a “canned” form of news without question?

boston_marathon_explosionLexington/Concord’s anniversary of a “shot heard around the world” at the start of the American Revolution was celebrated on Patriot’s Day … the same day chosen by some sick mind for the Boston Marathon bombings … a fact reported repeatedly by the media in almost every report. Was that day chosen purposefully by a crazy right-wing patriot? Or is that the perception that a certain group wanted to impress upon others?

In local news when you have reporters with good journalism skills, you tend to get the facts not heard in mainstream media.  For example, notice what was not as reported in the mainstream media, but was captured by local television station WPMI Local 15 News at this link and this video and this link.

Did you know that the CIA was connected to the Boston bombers?  You can read the article for yourself in the article at this link.  Vatican Knight of Malta William Donovan founded the CIA.

Charles J Bonaparte, grandnephew of Napoleon and founder of the FBI (photo)  Who Formed the FBI? It was a powerful Roman Catholic who was also a Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America. Charles Joseph Bonaparte.

Charles J Bonaparte, grandnephew of Napoleon and founder of the FBI (photo), a powerful Vatican Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America.

Also, the New York Times reported in the article at this link that terrorist plots were hatched by the FBI.  Was this bombing in Boston another example?   What if leftist FBI agents or officials used innocent right-wing FBI agents to plant what they were told were harmless “bombs”?  Would these innocent agents find themselves in a predicament when the bombs turned out to be fatal bombs instead of harmless? Would they be “deniable assets” and have to go rogue? What if it was a far grander conspiracy?  Why was Boston chosen? Isn’t Boston a Jesuit stronghold where the pedophile priest scandals first began?  Isn’t that where one of their most powerful colleges, Boston College, is located?  Didn’t a Jesuit write about how their most powerful Jesuits no longer serve as Provincials, but rather as presidents of their Jesuit universities in the article at this link?  Does that mean that Jesuit universities are now the power base for their operational planning?    Why did forefathers talk of the Jesuits as being one of our gravest threats?  What does this link tell us about the Jesuits?  What does this link tell us about the FBI’s use of deception?  What does this link tell us about the FBI’s willingness to kill citizens?  What if it was not someone from our country at all, but instead terrorists or foreign enemies from another country?  What would be their motive to have a few innocent pedestrians killed?  Does that make sense?  How would any foreign government benefit from such an act?  How would our own government benefit?  How would the Jesuits benefit?  Why was a lone police officer from MIT pinpointed and killed as reported at this link?  Could this really be an opportunity to publicly highlight how far over the Constitutional line that the government is now reaching through their police raids, city-block lock-downs, and other measures?  Could it even be a drill of things to come during martial law, especially if another greater incident or economic meltdown is planned?  These questions are not meant to provide answers, but asking questions like these are an essential part of remaining a free society.  Do not forget that the FBI was founded by Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the Vatican Knight and grandnephew of Catholic monarch Napoleon Bonaparte, on July 26, 1908.

Not all is well in the world, but GOD is in His heaven watching.  In the next life, the all-powerful, immortal, invisible, sovereign King of the universe will bring justice to all.  In the meantime, let’s pray for the victims and their families!  Love is more powerful and noble than hate.









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