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HILLARY 2016: The unelection



marquis_de_lafayette_2Most of those voting for Hillary in the 2016 Election are expecting big things from her and she indeed has big things for them – just not what they expect. And don’t expect an election. It appears that the CIA has already rigged the election.  Meanwhile, both sides (Trump’s and Hillary’s camps) are claiming that the sixteen to seventeen intelligence organizations are working on THEIR side. And I must suggest that these intelligence organizations are, at the same time – especially if Trump and Hillary are on the same side in the back corridors of power as they complete the agenda of those who control the intelligence organizations – but if you’ve read the articles on this website, you already have an idea about these matters as I have perfectly described the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other machines of Rome in detail on this site for you. They want Republicans and Democrats to still love them as they play their sick shell games and stage their bloody political shows.

Let’s play a little syllogistic game, shall we?   Syllogisms go “if A=1, and B=2, and C equals A+B, then C must be 3”.  If you couldn’t follow that logic, then you probably shouldn’t be voting, but that’s another story altogether in a world where everyone is allowed to vote, including those who aren’t citizens, those who vote proxy for dead people, and those who are clueless about what the issues are and lacking knowledge of facts, history and basic analyst skills.  But I digress.

So the syllogism goes like this.

A:  Hillary committed a massive list of criminal acts while being protected by the Roman Cabal:

  • Lying in the Watergate scandal, ethical violations, and anti-Constitutional beliefs
  • Helping a pedophile who raped a 12-year old girl while placing guilt on the girl
  • Whitewater scandals and other Arkansas scandals involving drugs that were covered
  • Attacking the many rape and molestation victims of her husband
  • Vandalized and looted the White House when she and her husband left it back in 2001
  • Filegate in which political enemies’ files were sought and secret speeches she has given
  • With Bill, she produced massive body counts as admitted by hitman Larry Nichols
  • Stood by Bill as he murdered the children of Waco, Texas by burning them alive
  • Sat on her hands, enabling terrorists to kill four Navy Seals and an Ambassador
  • Took three years to produce Benghazi emails, then deleted them
  • When the emails resurfaced on a perv’s computer, she gave Comey eight days to review
  • Punishing her opponents with IRSgate; also ChinaGate, TravelGate, and PardonGate
  • Stood with Obama on Obamacare, but stood against Obamacare when running for POTUS
  • Compromised national security through placing national emails on her private server
  • Chief aide is connected with radical terrorist organizations and ideologies
  • Connected with donations from Middle Eastern countries who WikiLeaks said funded ISIS
  • Massive lies, perjury, and numerous trust, health, and colluding illegally with the media
  • Clinton Foundation pay-to-play racket, and acceptance of millions from foreign enemies
  • Close criminal friends, advocate for various criminal causes including illegal immigration
  • Hillary’s vice-president is a Jesuit priest, her husband Bill was trained by the Jesuits, and the Jesuits were known as the Masters of the Inquisition, feared even by many Roman Catholics due to the Jesuit’s occult connections, their vile black deeds throughout the centuries, and their hideous techniques of torture, mayhem, and death which our forefathers warned us would probably be the very ones to destroy the American republic. The Jesuits were also the founders of the Satanic Illuminati, the very order who originally started the Jesuits under the Illuminati’s Spanish name, the Alumbrados. The Jesuits’ dirty deeds reach to the heavens. When they arrive in a country, you know the punishing of a people is about to begin. Woe to America! Woe to the Vatican who have a Pope who is a Jesuit priest for the first time ever – and the Roman Catholics have a very, very long history.


B: Hillary’s followers are going to vote for her anyway, knowing she is a criminal.  Many will vote for a criminal felon as President of the USA for the first time in history just because she is a woman. Is this not incredibly sexist?  If Occult Rome is the current leader of the Cabal as shown in numerous articles throughout this website, and Hillary is capable of these types of evils, will she also be capable of the same type of crimes on a massive scale like Stalin, Hitler, and Bloody Mary? Once she is no longer in need of those abetting her and the people who are voting for her (who she hates as proven by her statements in her early political career), will she keep them around? Has Hillary proven herself capable of no conscience in the vilest crimes from pedophilia to murder to ghastly deeds of danger to an entire nation’s security to the alleged murder of Vince Foster? If so, is she is capable of murdering people ‘en masse’ if she finds them deplorable or ‘in her way’? Did she not have similar circumstances facing her in the past and did she not time and again commit the vilest acts to keep herself atop as ‘king of the mountain’ even if it meant violating every law and office in the land? If she does decide to go after the citizenry’s guns and create a state like unto Stalin’s with blood flowing, then how high will the body count go? Higher than the current Clinton body count? And will her Jesuit sidekick, Tim Kaine, be standing by her side as the Jesuits have throughout history, while the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Inquisitions were taking place?  Wherever you find the Jesuits creeping out of the shadows into the public eye, expect to see the blood flow. They love their shadows and crevices behind the ‘rocks’ and if they are entering the public arena, it is usually something very wickedly important that is about to be done.

jesuit-pope-53-638The Roman Cabal has always enjoyed a slaying of innocents, as well as throwing them into gas chambers. Could Hillary start with the non-Cabal sodomites, or Jews like Jake Tapper and Bernie Sanders, or political dissidents and baggage like James Comey and Huma Abedin? Impossible or just ‘wild enough’? Plato once said “know thyself”.  I say “know thy history” and especially that of the Jesuits.

Could Hillary start the bloodletting by going after the Republicans and agitating them with law after law against their morals, while her Roman-controlled media attempts to paint her as a ‘saint’?  Will Hillary create a body count far higher than she has ever created in the past? Could it be in the millions? Is she not capable?

May Israel look out for innocents in America, because they are one of the few nations who have not completely succumbed to the power of the Roman Cabal. The occult Roman monarchs of pagan Rome are flexing their muscles even as we speak.  Their Pope, also a Jesuit like Hillary’s vice-president, has shown that he is willing to watch with hands folded as Christians are beheaded all throughout the Middle East. His Catholic Fox News Network, owned by Knight of St. Gregory Murdoch, pretends to be on the side of the American people in this reality TV show.  Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has already stated that he expects Hillary to be elected even before the election starts due to her connections. Who is Assange really? Is he also wearing a mask in this drama as it unfolds in reality TV fashion before the world?

C: Therefore based upon ‘A’ and ‘B’, one must conclude that Hillary’s followers, allies, and media partners are as evil as she is, and are therefore capable of screaming for blood like the crowds in the Roman arenas many centuries ago. If they want to enable Hillary to snatch guns from innocent people, it must be because they want to see the blood of innocents flow. I have become more convinced of this fact by the day. It’s not because they are ignorant of history or stupid. They are just evil for the most part.  While Trump’s beliefs and loyalties are a bit more sketchy (and he definitely appears to be a Cabal member as well), Hillary is definitely a criminal felon and her ideologies and loyalties are clearly tied to the Roman Cabal and their occult, pagan elite rulers. Is “Spirit Cooking” (or a sacrifice of blood) around the corner as soon as occult Hillary, whose connections to the occult and witchcraft are all over the web even as we write this, may soon seize the reigns and begin a Reign of Terror in the United States like none ever seen since the time of the Caesars against those who believe in GOD as well?

We think so. The only question is whether the Jesuits will allow one of their own, Tim Kaine, to replace Hillary quickly (by knocking her off) or slowly through patience. With a Jesuit POTUS and a Jesuit Pope, there’s sure to be a few blood games that follow.

If you are a follower of the Messiah, born into the family of YHWH, please pray for America at this hour. Prayer changes things. Now may be the appointed time for the final events of prophecy, but it’s still wise to pray to see if we might delay the end for a bit.




STAGE PLAY: Trump, Clinton, Occult

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances”

– William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”, Act II Scene VII

donald-and-hillary-puppetsWhen one watches the world stage, something just doesn’t seem right. It reminds you of a reality television show.  Donald Trump was a reality television star, and for some reason, we feel we are still really just watching an unreal television show as he runs for election with all of his fake rhetoric, and as many of his ‘supporters’ appear to be exiting his campaign due to his ‘character issues’, issues that everyone already knew about him before he entered the race two years ago.  I’ve addressed many of my concerns in past articles.

The current video clip being paraded around for the public to see by the communist media of his crude sexual remarks seem to be a stage queue for the Cabal’s RINO Republicans to exit stage right, which appears to be the plan that the Cabal had in place all along (i.e. let Donald win the Republican nomination and then have him implode).  Donald, a Knight of Malta and Jesuit school graduate, has been executing his role flawlessly.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-33-28-pmHillary Clinton’s evil, corruption, and creepy husband make Trump look like a Sunday School teacher.

With her Jesuit vice-president sidekick, she reminds one of ‘Bloody Mary’ from European history – a real ‘Jezebel’ whose husband is reminiscent of ‘Ahab’ the pouting little boy who wants so many things he’s forbidden to have (in Bill’s case, primarily female conquests), and Hillary empowers him to violate as many women for his own pleasure as possible. This is modern feminism. Hillary is a perfect example of modern feminism as she empowers her rapist husband, and lies about so very, very many criminal allegations that have followed her for decades.

Both appear to be simply playing roles as a part of a drama that is unfolding on the stage of the world, and sometimes you may wonder if perhaps it is just that – a well-orchestrated and well-funded skit by the Roman Occult Cabal. Former Clinton aid, Larry Nichols, told a reporter that Hillary was known to attend a “witches’ church” in Los Angeles, California. Now that’s interesting.

Her supporters don’t seem to care.  Now that’s frightening, but almost not surprising in this era in which so many in America seem comfortable with lying in bed with witchcraft, sexual perversion and other forms of Satanism. Many Americans have become like crazed wolves at the taste of blood as they drank deeply of the sexual revolution in the Satanic 1960s. Most have rejected their nation’s traditional moral and spiritual norms, culture and beliefs in their race to engage in as many forms of hedonistic pleasure as their appetites desire without any thought for consequences, GOD, or the next life. Those who still retain some thought of GOD often live dualistic lives with their ‘faith’ and their hedonistic lifestyles combined in a way that allows them to drink deeply of hedonistic pleasures and pursue materialism as their debts deepen, while still considering themselves ‘faithful’ and ‘moral’. Their two main candidates, Donald and Hillary appear to be a great representation of where Americans are today.

hqdefaultThe ‘Donald’ appears to be pushed forward as the candidate of men – a playboy, wealthy CEO, and tyrannical fascist. He represents many American men today.

In spite of her protecting her own rapist husband and destroying the lives of his victims, Hillary appears to be primed as the candidate of women with her pretense of ’empowering women’, activism for children, and attacks upon ‘the Donald’ as being a horrid playboy (as though nobody knew that already), a characteristic which drives feminists crazy and into the political bed of Hillary.

I apologize for those who may not understand what I’m about to say in this article, so a little historical background is necessary, a good portion of this has already been discussed and documented in great detail throughout the rest of this website.


To summarize some of what has already been documented on this website and to get new readers up-to-speed, the CIA was founded by a Vatican Knight of Malta, “Wild Bill” Donovan, who started it with the assistance of a number of Catholics and a core team of occult fascist Nazi intelligence officers including the Reinhard Gehlen Orb, an important elite unit of the Nazi leadership. May it be remembered that Hitler’s Nazi Party had signed a concordat with the Vatican and Rome before Hitler’s fascist reign of terror began which ended the lives of millions of people.  The CIA also used Rome as it headquarters in its early years of its infancy during the second world war.  Eric Jon Phelps, author of “Vatican Assassins” also well-documented the connections of the CIA’s founder to the start of the Bolshevik Revolution which plunged Russia into communism and the reign of terror of communist Stalin who was reported to have executed around sixty million people.  A former Jesuit priest defector also connected the Jesuits of Rome to the assassination of the Czar and his family at the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution and the birth of communism.

hitler-jesuitTherefore, with Roman and CIA connections in both the Nazi and Communist camps, we see the world staged for the events which took place over the past ninety years. Today, the Republican Party greatly resembles the fascists of Europe and the Democratic Party resembles the communists of Europe.  Both Nazi and Communist parties were also starting in America prior to their appearance in Europe, according to some sources, and were connected to Wall Street and other Roman organizations.  However, the Republican and Democratic Parties seem to have become more like the fascists and communists of Europe in the past thirty-five years, which coincides with when Ronald Reagan abolished the legislation that had made it impossible for the Vatican to have an embassy in the United States.  This legislation, which Reagan abolished, was passed right after the Lincoln assassination and its purpose was to protect Americans from the Vatican after they were seen to have been behind a plot by eight or more Roman Catholics to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. The Act passed back then kept the Vatican from having an embassy in the USA.

Well, to be technical, the Vatican was not formed until Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Italy’s fascist dictator Mussolini signed a concordat with the Roman Catholic empire, so the Act that Reagan abolished was really to protect Americans from the Roman Catholic Empire, an empire that had been power for centuries and today is still longing for its power back again.

roman_legion_at_attack_10The FBI was founded by Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French conqueror who almost single-handedly took the nations under the Pope’s influence and handed them off to the Roman monarchs of Europe, while giving them control back over the papacy.  Since those early years in the 1800s, the Vatican has signed many concordats ensuring that the powers of Europe were no longer under the jurisdiction of the Vatican, but instead granting great power to the monarchs of Europe, setting the stage for the European Union to rise from the ashes of the ‘Holy’ Roman Catholic empire – an empire that officially ended in 1815, the same year the Jesuits were reinstated after being banished by the Pope in 1773.  Also, keep in mind that the year after the Jesuits were banished that the Pope was found dead of poisoning. Two years after his poisoning in 1776, the Illuminati was founded by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt at the same time the federal powers of the United States was created, enabling its monopolistic control over all the States at one time – States that were once all ‘Christian’ but which became pluralistic with one fell swoop of the federal Constitutional pen.  The Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola, a Spanish warrior thought to be a leader in the Alumbrados (Spanish for “Illuminati”) according to one Jesuit’s biography of him.  Ignatius was thought to be an apostate Jew who was converted to Catholicism, but he appeared to hold a far more cabalistic variety of Roman Catholicism (i.e. thus, the term “Cabal” comes from Cabalism or Kabbalist belief).  He attended the same school that John Calvin attended, another man thought by some to be a Converso.  Thus, the rabbit hole runs deep.

donald-and-hillaryAll of this being said, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have worked as allies in the past.  Both have connections to Rome as described in part in other articles on this website.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have a long list of crimes that have been pinned upon them throughout the years as seen in the New Clinton Chronicles, as well as in our daily news if anyone cares to read the details of what Hillary has been doing with emails, Benghazi, and many other matters related to sensitive topics related to national security and the defense of the United States. Anyone who does not see the long miles of chronology surrounding the corrupt, criminal Clintons is not awake with their eyes opened.  Obama, whose past jobs include working for a front organization with the CIA known as Business International and working as a Catholic fund-raiser for eight Catholic parishes, seems just as corrupt as Hillary, the alleged choice of George H.W. Bush (speaking of the CIA), former head of the CIA and former vice-president and President of the United States.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-49-00-pmWhile I have written on Donald Trump’s leanings in past articles, including his connections to the Roman Occult or “powers-that-be”, I find Hillary Clinton’s connections even more disturbing. With Hillary Clinton’s recent ‘pay-to-play’ debacle in which she has been accused of using her political office to further her own ‘piggy bank’, we see a bit of irony in the following Wikipedia quote that seems to indicate her father was a very similar type of person.

“Rodham [Hillary Clinton’s father] entered politics once. Hoping to work his way into Richard J. Daley‘s Democratic Party political machine in order to capitalize on a downtown investment he had made, he ran for Chicago alderman as a Democratic-leaning independent in 1947, but was decisively beaten by someone running on the regular Democratic line.[6] According to some family members, this episode led to his strong dislike of the Democratic Party for the rest of his life.[6]

Do you not find it odd that Hillary Clinton is a leader in the Democratic Party today?  Also, knowing that Hillary’s father hated Democrats, we read in the article at this link:

“Hugh E. Rodham, father of Hillary Clinton, understood these warnings, no doubt leading him to truly believe, and apparently share with his son-in-law, President William Jefferson Clinton, “Democrats are one step short of Communism.”

We also read at this link:

“Rodham’s early political development was shaped most by her high school history teacher (like her father, a fervent anti-communist), who introduced her to Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative

Yet, Hillary Clinton also worked for communists as part of her early career.   We read at this link:

“That summer she interned at the Oakland, California, law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.[50] The firm was well known for its support of constitutional rightscivil liberties, and radical causes (two of its four partners were current or former Communist Party members);[50]

freemason-pendantsOne must wonder why Hillary Clinton seemed so aggressive and vehemently opposed to her own father’s political beliefs? Had he not been there for her as a young girl? Had he done something to her when she was a child? Why was she on a path of fury that seemed directed against everything in which her father believed? Also, why did Hillary Clinton seem to be so adamant that little children should have rights like adults as seen in her most cornerstone legislative works which is known as part of her greatest legacy.  From the time she entered politics, she not only stood against everything that her father believed, but she fought for the rights of children and against the abuse of children and women as seen in her organization Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families that she created early in her career and also in her Adoption and Safe Families Act later in her career, as well as her speech “Women Rights are Human Rights” spoken by her at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.  Why is this?

how-bill-and-hillary-clinton-met-featuredAt the same time, why was she so attracted to an abusive man like Bill Clinton? Did he remind her of her father? Is this why she seemed to detest her father’s beliefs and at times even Bill Clinton, while still remaining connected to both men? Is this why someone keeps running negative articles against Donald Trump that seem to imply that Trump has a weird relationship with his daughter? Could it be Hillary’s campaign that is running these articles? Could these negative articles about Trump be a product of Hillary’s own negative family experiences, because her assumption is that all men must be like her own father (i.e. and thus, Trump must be like her own father)? After all, we see Trump’s daughter and other children acting very well-adjusted and normal. Why did Hillary leave her parents’ home and immediately go out and join the Democratic Party when we see her father’s loathing and extreme dislike of the Democratic Party?  Why did she immediately join an office filled with communists when you realize her father’s own hate for communism? Or if Hillary was known by her former aide, Larry Nichols, to attend a witches’ church in Los Angeles, is it possible she was a generational witch and her father was playing one role of “anti-Communist, anti-Democrat”, while she was playing a different and opposite role for the Cabal? None of my comments are accusations directed towards anybody, but I do believe these questions need to be answered in order to more fully understand who Hillary Clinton really is today.

jesuit-pope-53-638What we do sense is that Hillary Clinton seems comfortable with the values of the communist party, and the anti-American, anti-Constitutional values of those who have hated America for decades.  The real irony is how much she pretends she is for the American constitution and against Putin, while anyone with the ability to read can learn that Hillary’s own communist values align directly to Russian Putin’s values, as well as other communist nations such as China and Korea who she pretends to dislike. As anti-American as a Communist is, Hillary’s anti-Constitutional beliefs are probably even more dangerous.  To remove guns from citizens is akin to Hitler’s era and the first step of a despotic government before they begin to massacre the masses and dig mass graves for the millions of “deplorable” citizens they plan to murder. One who gives up their guns should plan to die next.  This is not conspiracy-thinking or extremism as the communist, fascist media will state with a poker face – it’s just what history has taught those of us who still read and acknowledge the unedited historical record.


Vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine is a Jesuit.  Jesuits led the Inquisitions and tortured many women while using techniques like water-boarding, so it should not surprise you that the CIA was created by the Jesuits. Jesuits use ’causes’, ‘activism’, and other charades to fool people into being their ‘foot soldiers’. Their cries for ‘women’s rights’ are to shroud their own inhumane, cruel, and vile abuse of women and children.  Even today, they still are paying fines (instead of facing real punishment) for their perverted sexual aggression on those in society who are weaker and unable to defend themselves.

The fact that Hillary’s vice-president is a Jesuit is of equal concern, especially considering her poor health and criminal activities.  What if Hillary died or was incapacitated or was arrested?

We would have a Jesuit President as the world’s most powerful political leader, while having a Jesuit Pope as the world’s most powerful religious leader. 

The Jesuits are known as one of the most powerful organizations of the many faces of the Roman Cabal and they were the masters of the Inquisition during the Medieval and Renaissance times up to around 1815, but have since earned even more of a horrific reputation for assassinations, civil wars, anti-semitism, guerrilla warfare, deception, attacks on freedom, and an attempt to place countries under the rule of the Vatican.  The Jesuits hide behind religion but they are more of a secular tentacle of the occult Romans ever since Napoleon ended the reign of the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire and handed them over on a silver platter to the monarchs of Europe around 1812.


In other words, their reputation for cruelly torturing women in the most sadistic and perverse manners has not changed over the years. Even today, the CIA is one of their most powerful machines, and we still see water torture being used, a technique perfected by the Jesuits during the Medieval era upon women. Is this the ‘women’s rights’ that Hillary promises? The right to be water-boarded if you as a woman speak out against the political corruption that you see as women in previous eras were by the hands of those same Jesuits?


Since that time of the inquisitions, the Roman Catholic empire has simply rubber-stamped whatever European monarchs want and assisted them in winning the votes and affections of the Catholic people. In my opinion, today’s current Roman Catholic empire has become a sock puppet for the old occult Roman Empire of the Caesars ever since Napoleon conquered the Catholic nations and the Pope’s headquarters at the beginning of the 1800s.


Even as we speak, the Jesuits and the Democratic Party share many of the same pursuits and values as they both continue to make the American people believe that Islamic terrorism is not a threat, that they are against CIA torture, and that America needs to give her wealth to other nations in the name of social justice.  In truth, the Jesuits created the CIA and love to torture people. They use Muslims for their own Roman strategic military purposes, and they want to see America poor (not for social justice, but just because they want Europe to benefit from America’s poverty).


The Jesuits teach the young, naive, gullible youth in their many institutions to support ‘good causes’ and to become activists, but the youth are not told what the ‘end game’ of these ’causes’ which the Jesuits use as compartmentalized chess moves.  As spoken in other articles on this website, the ‘moral’ and the well-intended motives of religious and conservative people are often used by the Roman Cabal through deception and treachery to fulfill their heinous and evil designs, simply by assigning ‘righteous motives’ to the myriads of tasks and activist causes they instruct their youth to pursue.  In reality, these tasks or causes are simply another step in the wicked plans of those devils representing themselves as ‘priests’.  However, it’s impossible for their adherents to see this, because they compartmentalize everything, thus keeping the ‘left hand’ from knowing what the ‘right hand’ is doing.

Portrait of Richard III of England

Trump and Hillary are connected to English occult royalty. Trump is also connected to the occult kingdom of Bavaria, Germany as are many other political dynasties in America.

All of this said, other articles on this website have shown the connections between the CIA and our last five Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush (via his father’s connections), Obama, and Hillary Clinton (via her husband’s connections). Other articles on this site have also shown the family, religious, and organizational connections between many of the above-mentioned leaders with Trump and Hillary sharing the same family lineal connections to English royalty. The article at this link is one of many articles that explain this shared lineage by Trump and Hillary. What many do not realize is that both Trump and Hillary are connected to one of the most influential Satanists who ever lived, King Edward III in whom the power over the witches of England was consolidated in similar manner as that of the Caesar and the Caesar’s later replacement, the Pope.


“The Bride of Satan” by John Chambers explains that the mutually shared ancestor of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is King Edward III.

Just as the Caesar and the Pope both retained the title of Pontifex Maximus as monarch of their Roman Empires, a title which referred to their headship of the warlocks and priests of Rome in addition to their title as a royal king and warrior knight, even so King Edward III was almost identical in his holding of a title similar to that of the original Warlock of Warlocks, Nimrod, who was King, Warrior Knight, and Wizard Priest.

King Edward III’s office as Chief Wizard of the witches of England was known as the Order of the Garter that he created and headed. The origins of King Edward III’s retention of this position and more background on this important fact can be seen in this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link.

What you may not realize is that witches pass their craft down from generation to generation as ex-witches have explained.  Do you remember the late ex-witch David J. Meyer who explained an amazing number of details about witches in America before he mysteriously died a few months after speaking out on a popular radio program.  His death reminds me also of that of Randall Baer who also lived within the powerful elite Occult circles of the planet as told in his book “Inside the New Age Nightmare“.  There’s also Malachi Martin who mysteriously fell down stairs in his NYC apartment to his death after exposing the Cabal’s takeover of the Vatican, and Sherman Skolnick’s mysterious death in his apartment after exposing the Cabal’s many shenanigans, including their secret police in the form of the CIA and FBI, as well as their henchman like the Bush family, the Clintons, and the presidential candidate Obama at that time (who I was told had information on the sodomite lifestyle of Obama in Chicago) which could have been released when Obama first ran for the office of POTUS back in 2008 had Skolnick still been alive.   There’s also the mysterious disappearance of Svali who had exited the Illuminati to become a believer in Jesus Christ, only to go missing a few months after doing a national radio interview exposing the Cabal as well. The list could go on for some time.

Witchcraft is generational, and this is quite intriguing when you realize that the head of all witches throughout England is the ancestor of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Are we making accusations? No.  But we encourage you to ponder these matters in your heart.

Think through how the media loved Trump when he was running against the rest of the Republicans alongside of him, but how once they got him to be the Republican’s candidate, they immediately started bashing Trump, finding dirt on him, using dirty tricks against him, and praising Hillary. This should tell any logical individual that the Elite want us to elect a communist-fascist like Hillary Clinton into office for President. Whatever they want is usually the opposite of what Americans need. Currently, Hillary claims to know what America needs, but in the meantime, she and her prince Obama are doing nothing to stop the federal debt of 20 trillion dollars from climbing any higher as they continue to work to advance communism in America.

6a019102dea107970c01bb08277013970d-800wiThis Roman dramatic “play” which is actively being perpetrated on the rest of us on the stage of the world is all smoke and mirrors and is ultimately to further the agenda of the Roman Cabal.

Is Hillary the ‘good candidate’? No.

Is Trump the ‘good candidate’?  No.

Are any other party candidates ‘good candidates’? No.

And this is what they mean to do to the American people.  They plan to force them to choose between deplorable candidates as a mockery of the election process. They choose who gets on the election ballots, who gets the electorate’s attention, who wins the hearts of the people through their media machine, and then the people are made to feel they are “electing” someone as they have to choose one of the Cabal’s candidates.

cosbytrump_thumbOf all the candidates on the ‘stage’ today, the independent candidates have no way of winning and they’re as bad or worse than Trump or Hillary anyway.  Of the choices between Trump and Hillary, we know that Hillary is a criminal, is incredibly corrupt, has protected her rapist husband, has done her own shenanigans, and has done a miserable job in her thirty years of living off the government as a politician.  Why should the Americans give her the opportunity to do any more? She, like Obama, has no real-world business experience. Both she and Obama remind me of friends of mine who never really worked in the “real world” but who took up jobs teaching in university how to “run businesses” when they’ve never done it themselves.  Theory is one thing.  Reality is another.  That’s why nobody should trust Hillary, in addition to her serious criminal charges, her Communist beliefs akin to Putin’s, and her inability to fulfill the promises she makes.

george-washington-illuminati-in-the-usaTrump, on the other hand, is probably a horrible example of a leader, but he’s never been given the opportunity to run a country, and at least he’s not a proven criminal like Hillary, although he’s definitely not a great role model.  While he has made comments that reflect his poor character as a playboy, he still has yet to achieve the status of Hillary’s husband who raped women, activities that Hillary defended and empowered.  Even if Trump is another candidate of the Cabal,  he does have more real-world business experience than Hillary and has the job skills to ‘fix’ much of the economic issues in America. Will he? That’s another question entirely. I personally doubt it. Plus, it’s not entirely up to him to run the country.  He must work with those in Congress, many of whom are servants of the Cabal in both parties, Republican or Democrat.   Even now, like a cleverly written stage play, the Cabal’s RINO Republicans are pretending to exit the Trump campaign in order to force the American public to accept the Cabal’s preferred communist candidate, Hillary Clinton.

If one is to choose one of the Cabal’s two candidates, which should you choose?


Hillary is a communist like old Rome. Trump is a fascist like old Rome. The rest don’t matter (though they are ‘leftists’ like Rome too).  It’s like having Stalin (Hillary) and Hitler (Trump) running against each other.

Well, Hillary tells us for sure that she’s going to install a Supreme Court Justice who will snatch guns like Adolph Hitler and her current plan has clearly outlined how she will destroy our economy and nation to shreds on every front. Trump is promising he won’t (though we can’t trust him).

Therefore, with the Cabal giving us this choice between a proven criminal who definitely is going to drop America into the toilet and a sketchy playboy who says he won’t, then logic says what?

NEW ROME: Rising

When did ancient occult Rome begin its rise in the world again?

It is doubtful you will read an article like this one anywhere in the world, although some may deal with similar topics. Much of what is said in this article is the culmination of many years of study and deep research.

If you aren’t steeped in history or if you have read only this article and not many of the others on this website explaining a great host of organizations and events that are far more than what the average citizen realizes, you may be shocked by what you read in this article.  Therefore, be sure to acquaint yourself with other articles in this site that carefully and slowly document the long trail of mystical intrigue that began almost four thousand years ago in Babylon, grew into a giant with the Roman Empire, and is looming over us today in various forms from slavery to intelligence organizations to massive global enslavement under the guise of a New World Order that is actually an Old World Order attempting to recover its power.

pope paul 1

Consider the true history of the past two thousand years.  Imagine that the Roman Empire was faltering due to issues such as the advance of the Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, the divisions between the Eastern and the Western Roman Empires, and the rise of Christianity.  Imagine what a Roman Emperor might do in such an environment.  He just might resort to strategy – a strategy that might mitigate all three.  In other words, he might make the Roman Empire become ‘invisible’ from the advancing Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, create a religion to unite the East and the West while giving Christianity a symbolic nod.   Thus, the Roman Empire by ‘getting religion’ and specifically a syncretic hybrid religion that mixed traditional Roman pagan sun worship with Christianity was the answer.  Hiding behind the veil of an Unholy Roman Empire, the Romans were able to maintain their empire secretly from A.D. 476 until A.D. 1815 when the Roman Empire’s charade ended … or at least in secret.   It was at the Congress of Vienna when Prince Metternich and his allies throughout Europe united to create the seeds of what would later become the European Union. However, at the heart of this movement was a prior core movement.  This movement was at one time known as the Alumbrados (Spanish for ‘Illuminati’), an organization thought to be descended from such groups as the Druids, the Gnostics, the Sol Victus adherents, the Knights Templar, and other Elite Occult Men of Rome’s Infamous Roman Empire which supposedly disappeared in A.D. 476.  In reality, the lines weren’t so easy to see at times, because the Popes didn’t exactly rejoice at the thought of sharing power with these Roman Occult leaders who seemed desirous of taking up their Roman Empire authority once again after the Triple Threat of Barbarians, Muslims, and Protestants were starting to fade into more verbal disagreements than real military power in 1815.

jesuitsThe Popes had hired Ignatius of Loyola in A.D. 1540 at the height of the Protestant Reformation.  The Pope asked this powerful retired Spanish warrior, who was thought to be a leader among the Alumbrados, to take the helm of the Roman Catholic Militia and spearhead the Counter-Reformation aimed at destroying the Protestant Reformation, a revolution against papal sovereignty over Europe.  Ignatius of Loyola agreed.  Thus, any Catholic attempting to understand why Ignatius, who proudly spoke of his conversations with a beautiful reptilian Serpent in his room, was accepted by the Popes (who claimed to be religious and moral) may now have a better glimpse into the possible circumstances that were transpiring at that time in history.

As one Knights Templar told me, the marriage between the Roman Occult and the Catholic Church was what he called ‘a marriage of convenience’.  Though steeped in Occult doctrine with a little Christianity sprinkled throughout, the Catholic Church had always been known to adopt the religion of whatever country their Jesuit ‘missionaries’ decided to conquer. This was how they started.  They combined Roman sun worship and Christianity.  Today, as one Jesuit stated, they combine this original hybrid mixture of the world’s two oldest religions with whatever religion happens to be in a country, such as Buddhism, Islam, or Voodoo.  Religions such as Candomble and Santeira are examples. Malachi Martin’s book on the Jesuits told how the Catholic Church was betrayed by the Jesuits.

finalMalachi Martin, having been a former Jesuit himself, was a prolific writer, the confidant of four popes, and one of the best communicators for the Vatican regarding the takeover of the Vatican by exterior forces including the Jesuits. His books were written from the 1960s until the late 1990s after which he was found dead on his stairwell in NYC, supposedly from a ‘stroke’.  Much mystery seemed to swirl around his death, but just as in the cases of Pope John Paul I and many other mysterious deaths mentioned on this website, nobody knows for certain how he truly died. Ironically, Malachi Martin had written on these powers, as well as the threats made against one Cardinal who was ‘almost pope twice’ and the sinister assassination of Pope John Paul I.  Martin had detailed ritual abuse, Satanic sacrifices, and the Satanic possession of the Vatican for over three decades starting in the 1960s. Many Catholics today still cling to the Vatican, swiping aside the rank and weight of Malachi Martin’s words, choosing tradition instead of the facts much like many other religions and denominations who have likewise been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Occult. Religions are not alone – governments have been given the same treatment. Did not John Robison in his book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” explain how these pagan Occult Romans wanted to destroy all governments and religions from the earth?   And why? In order to create their one world government and religion in their absence.

vaAnd now the interesting news.  After the Roman Empire hid behind papal, religious garments in A.D. 476 and managed to survive the threats facing them for years with this ‘trojan horse’ strategy of incredible proportions, the more powerful Caesarian families such as the Borgias, Medici, and Alumbrados influences came to the forefront as the Popes engaged in a life and death struggle with the religious debates of the Counter-Reformation.  The Popes, after all, were reluctant to give back their power to the Caesarian families as seen in the death of Jacques de Molay, who had led the Knights Templar until the Popes saw them as a threat to power.  However, the Jesuit Order was a more clever disguise as they allied themselves to the Catholic Church.  And eventually, the Pope banned the Jesuit Order in 1773.  In reaction, a Jesuit priest named Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati (the English name for the Occult ‘Alumbrados’). Between the time that the Pope banned the Jesuits in 1773 and the founding of the Illuminati in 1776 by a Jesuit, this same Pope was poisoned.  The new face of ‘America’ was also formed from the original thirteen colonies in 1776 by a small segment of powerful Freemasons, taking the first step toward removing state rights and state Constitutions that were centered around the Bible and the Christian faith. One of the Occult’s first steps was to create ‘no establishment of religion’, thus purging the Christian foundation from the Constitution at the very outset. However, the Occult knew that the Christians greatly outnumbered all others in the New World known as the United States of America, and so they waited for a century before pushing their plan forward step-by-step as they hid in the shadows.

final2Shortly after the creation of the Illuminati, we see the Roman Empire rising again – not the Catholic Church – but the Roman Empire.  We see the beginnings in the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte, who like the Jesuits wed himself to the Catholic Church, only to conquer all the Catholic papal states.  Here the beginning of Rome’s rise begins, followed by the Congress of Vienna mentioned earlier.  In the back corridors of power, much intrigue has been taking place.   In the late 1700s, we read the book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” by a powerful Freemason who takes the penname John Robison.  Robison explains that the lodges in that very time in history during the late 1700s were being taken over by Jesuits and others of like mind.  One note regarding Napoleon.  It was his grand nephew, a Knight of Malta, who started the FBI in America. It was another Knight of Malta, Bill Donovan, who was said to be instrumental behind the forcing of the Bolshevik Revolution, the resulting ‘Cold War’, and the founding of the OSS and CIA.

With the formation of the Illuminati, the New America and the New France starting in 1776, the conquering of the Papal States by Napoleon who was seemingly used by Metternich to do the ‘dirty work’, the emergence of the Metternich Roman powers, the Congress of Vienna, and the dissolution of the Unholy Roman Empire in 1815, and the resulting Kingdom of Italy a few decades later, the Roman Occult with all of her Gnostics, Knights, Freemasons, Illuminati, Druids, Witches, and Dark Masters were set to rise, and rise they did through leaders in various influential aspects of society.  Government awas not the only place they chose to dominate as can be seen in the leadership of Madame Blavotsky, Immanuel Kant, Franz Mesmer, Carl Jung, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Emanuel Swedenborg, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marie Curie, the Ghost Club, Mary Todd Lincoln, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ancient Druid Order, Modern Freemasonry, William Blake, Charles Dickens, Ordo Templi Orientis, Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Charles Cardell, Brothers Grimm, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, Georg Hegel, Bahá’í Faith, the Fabian Society, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Emil Kraepelin, Bahá’u’lláh, Ellen G. White, Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner, Karl Marx, Karl Barth, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Dickens, Mary Baker Edd, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Charles T. Russell, William Butler Yeats, Aliester Crowley, George Watson MacGregor Reid, occult Knights of various orders, and many other powerful individuals and groups who began their ascent in earnest during the 1800s.   Their effects were felt in the 1900s like a mighty thunderous earthquake.

Earlier in 1540, we read of how the Ignatian network absorbed the Knights such as the Knights of St. John, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, and many, many more.  In this acquisition, the Roman Occult gained much power, with or without the knowledge of the popes regarding their long term goals and strategies.

occult conspiracyWith the Roman powers slowly using others to accomplish their goals, such as the French Resistance movement in the French Revolution and the American Revolutionaries and the world wars and many other clever ruses to annihilate their enemies, we arrive in the 1960s where they have unleashed their hedonism upon the world.  Everywhere we see Roman hedonism abounding as in the days of gladiators, occult witches, and covert Roman military strategies and organizations that range from socialist Nazi fascists to radical Communists.  A book titled “Occult Conspiracy” by Michael Howard gives one a poor spiritual understanding, but a very clear historical understanding of how the world works as it explains the Occult’s role in such wars as those mentioned above, as well as the role of Occult secret societies in Russia, France, America, Germany, and more.  Men such as Benjamin Franklin, who belonged to the Hellfire Club, and other Occult Freemasons are mentioned.  I believe the top leaders of the Occult are guided by the forces of evil.  In other words, the ‘powers that be’ are literally the forces of evil ruled by ‘the prince of this world’, who according to the Bible, has blinded the minds of men – the same ‘prince’ who offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow to him. All those elaborate lies on YouTube, Facebook, news sites, and Hollywood movies are ways to teach lies to mankind, and two of the biggest is that ‘GOD is a liar’ and ‘Satan was really out for mankind’s good’.  These lies are dressed in different ways, but the same lie found in the Garden of Eden is still spun today – that we were really in a ‘prison’ in the Garden of Eden and that Satan set us free. How is this even possible to believe; after all, the Garden of Eden was free of death, toil, tears, evil, and loneliness?  Because Satan is a master of the lie.

While there appear to be many, many front organizations of the Occult, and many leaders in each party, philosophy, and on each side of the issues of the day who rail against each other when in reality they are all working together using agitation, civil unrest, fear, and covert deception to ultimately push humankind against the Truth of Scripture, there appears to be some organizations that are more key than others.  For example, as you read Howard’s book mentioned above, you will notice the secret Occult societies located all around the world appear connected to the intelligence organizations of countries.  If you read Eric Jon Phelps’ book “Vatican Assassins”, you will see that he appears to push forward the same thinking – that many of the world’s intelligence organizations are controlled by the same men.  While Phelps points more toward the Catholic Church and Howard points toward the Occult, the truth I believe is that the leadership of both are one and the same – the Roman Occult.  If the occult creates intelligence organizations, and uses them to replace the governments and to take over the media and other major aspects of civilization, why do we find many moral and conscientious people in their employment?  This is one of their ‘fingerprints’ and one of their best shields from being discovered.  They deceive even the most moral of humankind and use them for their foul purposes, while building a reputation for charity, good works, and ‘saving the world’.  They let their followers feel they are fighting for a good cause.  In truth, the Occult employs good causes and moral people, while their ultimate goal is of the darkest and most vile purposes – a purpose they cloak behind much ‘smoke and mirrors’ through ‘cover stories’ or in other words they tell their followers they are doing ‘xyz’ for the reasons of ‘abc’ and that they must ‘save the day’ by following their plan and practices which may include giving up security and liberty or doing wrong in order to do ‘right’ and other such bunk.  In reality, these evil powers know their true purpose is vile all along, but this purpose isn’t shared, and even the action plans are only shared on a ‘need to know’ basis and only in the compartment or department that needs to know.  It’s like a movie director who knows the entire script, but uses a different cameraman, actor, and set for each phrase of the script, so that nobody really knows the whole script – only pieces. They all feel they are doing a ‘good thing’.

This background is essential in understanding where we are today as the CIA (formed by a Knight and a core of Nazis shuttled into America through Operation Paperclip), NASA and Big Pharma (also created by the same Occult men from Nazi Germany),  and many of the world’s most powerful government and corporate banks and entities are just a handful of the many tentacles of Rome’s rising empire – an empire that is slowly looming from the shadows in the past decade.

proofsIf you wonder why the political parties all seem the same or why JFK was killed or Lincoln or Princess Diana or an entire array of other questions that seem strange or perplexing, then look to the Roman Occult masters.  Today, even the Pope’s position has been replaced by a Jesuit.  Your candidates are all connected to their organizations and have been for decades … those with knowledge of these matters can see the hand of Rome throughout the years.

And how is Trump’s run for office connected to the rise of ancient Rome in the world again? Or is it? Is he their Trump card who they’ve been saving? Or is he just Hillary’s ace? Or is he really just the harmless, stammering elderly man filled with faux pas comments on every hand as he appears?  How would anyone remain CEO or maintain business allies for long if they acted like Trump? So is Trump just acting? And if so, why? Or has Trump’s team done demographic and survey analysis and decided this is how he needs to act? Or is this really a plan to push Americans more toward fascism, while giving the world the false impression that ‘conservative’ equates to fascism?  Or is his act part of their dialectical Hegelian philosophy of creating the problem and the solution? Of creating a thesis and anti-thesis in order to push forward their real goal – the synthesis?  Why are so many men of Rome connected to Trump and to the Clintons and many of the other leaders who are opposing each other right now? Why does more and more anti-semitism, rascism, and fascist hatred seem to be on the rise? Or is this just the impression we’re given by the media so that many will conform to such a mindset since many do what they think others are doing? Be sure to visit our partner website, Biblical Connection, where many of the so-called ‘evangelicals’ supporting Trump are exposed as being sympathetic to Rome and perhaps even infiltrating men of Rome and not truly evangelical at all.

After reading this article from Bloomberg View and seeing the growing #NeverTrump movement, one may wonder how Trump won South Carolina by such a landslide. In the above linked article alone, you will see a vast and diverse list of Republicans who are all opposed to Donald Trump.  How is Trump winning if many of the Republicans from various parts of the party are so opposed to him?  Is it the media? Is it something far more sinister?  Or is Trump’s rise among Republicans a charade by powerful men? Or are all of the candidates being offered to Americans supposed to be laughable? Are all of these candidates just a way for the world to laugh at America and turn their attention to Europe for leadership?


Is Trump, as crazy as he acts, still being given media attention just because he was trained like his pal Bill Clinton by that secret and globally powerful militia, who once presided over the Inquisitions of Europe, known as the Jesuits? Or is the Illuminati behind him?  Or is it Catholic Fox News who is making him so popular? Or are they all related? Is Trump acting the part of a court jest on purpose? And what does this say about his followers?

Well, it’s more complex and intriguing than you might think.  In fact, the key word in all of the bags of tricks being handed down by the Roman Occult Empire these days is that of ‘sketchy’, ‘uncertain’, ‘mysterious’, ‘intriguing’, and ‘shadowy’ at best. Rumor seems to indicate that something is in the wind this coming year.  Some conjecture that it’s coming from the sleeve of Obama. Others think it’s Hillary.  Some think it’s Trump.  Or could it be something else altogether like the economy?  Are all of these just a distraction?

Here’s an example of how connected all of these occult families from Europe are.  Donald Trump’s grandfather’s real name is Friedrich Trumpf who was born in the Roman Imperial Village of Kallstadt.  Johann Heinrich Heinz was also born in this Imperial Village located in the heart of the Occult kingdom of Bavaria. Johann’s Catholic great, grandson died in a mysterious plane crash. His Catholic wife married Catholic Secretary of State John Kerry, the Skull and Bonesman.  Bavaria is where the Illuminati was formed, and was where Catholic Adolph Hitler emerged as well as many members of the Roman Occult.  Skull and Bones secret society in Yale University is said to be one of the main nests from which the CIA recruits their candidates.  Skull and Bones is said to have been formed by Occult Bavarian members of the Illuminati, and is considered to be a ‘sister secret society’ to the very society to which Hitler belonged.

imagesI have a Knights Templar acquaintance who has seen Hitler’s Knight uniform. Guess who else came from Skull and Bones and who were also connected to the Nazi CIA?  Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush (the latter who was knighted by the Vatican). The Bush family were said to be connected to the financing of the Nazis, as were many on Wall Street, and the Kennedy family are said to have made their fortune when Joseph Kennedy was one of four men who short-sold their stock, creating the ‘Great Depression’.  Maria Shriver is of the Kennedy dynasty and she married Arnold Schwarzenegger whose dad was said to be a Nazi. Maria attended the Jesuit school, Georgetown, which Donald Trump’s son and Bill Clinton also attended.  Donald Trump attended a different Jesuit school, Fordham University as well. We could go onward for some time, but it’s all one happy family indeed. Many of these Occult Romans are Catholic, but at the core, they are Caesarian.  They have used the consciences of the Catholic people who have a strong desire to please the Papacy to forward their agenda of Roman Imperialism and Occult takeover. Catholics unknowingly are being used to prepare countries for the Occult to conquer by ridding lands of guns as Occult Catholic Hitler also did in order to prevent the populace from defending themselves.  Hitler was Occult by religion and Catholic by political alliance and as a way to sway the consciences of his followers. Hitler’s parents were Catholic too.  The wedding in 1540 between the Popes and the Alumbrados (Jesuits) had a huge impact upon Catholicism. We see this in the Inquisitions.

illuminatiWe also see this in the Crusades in which the Knights Templar, predecessors to the Alumbrados or Illuminati, were also in bed with the Popes.  One might at first see this as the Occult infiltrating the innocent, naive Catholic Church, as the Occult has infiltrated most governments and religions, but as far back as we can see even to Roman Emperor Constantine I the Not-So-Great, we see the Catholic Church was different. They are the mask of Imperial Rome – their prostitute as it were.  Constantine formed the foundation of the Catholic Church and made himself the Head of it, and the Head of it he is; for the line of the Emperors are the real power behind the Catholic Church which they use as a way to manipulate the consciences of moral people by dangling heaven before their eyes like a carrot, only to ask them to give up their guns, embrace socialism and fascism, and to bow to the every whim of the Roman Occult, including the execution and murder of innocent civilians who the Romans say are guilty of vice and crime (when in reality, the Occult knows them to be innocent believers devoted to the Creator).

romsol-standard1And think about the spying capabilities of a clergy compared to a government. The Vatican tells their one billion adherents that their loyalty must first be to the Pope and secondly to their country. The Pope is considered both the king of a secular empire, Vatican City, and also the head of a religious empire, the Unholy See.  As leader of one of the world’s largest religions, his secular empire has advantages beyond other world empires. Thus, this ‘marriage of convenience’ is a partnership like none other between the Occult and Catholic Church, a church that the Roman Occult created … and thus, we see how metaphorically ‘Luke Skywalker’ was fathered by ‘Darth Vader’ in occult terms.  After all, Occult Joseph Campbell’ disciple George Lucas made that famous series of movies known as ‘Star Wars’.  The ‘Stars’ are the gods or the demons with ‘light sabers’, those fallen angels or watchers who followed Satan and they have been involved in the Empire’s many shenanigans.  And I’m referring to the Roman Empire, not the one of Lucas’ metaphorical tale. Tolkien the Jesuit had his own trilogy but with the same Empire in mind. Tolkien’s reference to seven Nazgul is very telling as seven is the number of GOD.  Those who are wise must realize that Tolkien was painting the Occult as the heroes in his tales, and GOD as the villain.  These Occult men are looking for their King to return – the False Messiah known as Anti-Christ.   C.S. Lewis, who was ‘converted’ to a variation of Romanist religion by Tolkien, had his own metaphor for their Roman King – he called him ‘Aslan’ which in Turkish means ‘Lion’ and is represented by ‘Leo’ in the occult Zodiac.  In Rome, the Lion of the ground and the Eagle of the air were used as the symbols of Rome’s dominance over the world.

The Legion’s Aquila would be defended to the death …  for a Legion, the “Aquilifer” bore the Aquila-Eagle, while the “Imaginifer” carried the Imago of the Emperor …  the Vexillarius is wearing maile (hamata) body armor and a very impressive lion pelt over his helmet.  A Lion (leo) pelt is thought to have been generally worn only by the Aqualifer, Signifer or Vexillarius of a legion/legio unit.”


Hercules, Occult Hero

Babylon, founder of the Occult religion, was also represented by the Lion.  In a sense, Rome was carrying on the Occult standard handed down to them by Babylon, then Media-Persia, and Greece. Mythology was the bible of the Occult, based upon the original religion led by Nimrod in Babylon, and thus we see Hercules (a mythological character based upon the religion of Nimrod) would also wear the lion’s head as his symbol of dominance as a mighty warrior. In occult terms, a god was a ‘hero’.  This word emanated from the word ‘zera’ or ‘zero’ which was the ancient word for ‘Seed’, which some conclude was a reference to the Seed of Messiah. Thus, heroes or gods were considered versions of ‘messiahs’.  In Ancient Greece, Olympic winners were considered gods or heroes who were given great honor and privilege above all other citizens.

Another famous symbol of Rome seen carried by their standard bearers was that of the ‘Draco’ or dragon.  This occult symbol is also seen in the Occult Zodiac as well.  You also see lions and dragons on the renovated Ishtar Gate of Babylon even today.

World dominance was transferred from Babylon to Persia-Media to Greece to Rome as depicted in various dreams and visions by Daniel the Prophet in the Bible. Each of these kingdoms were known for their Occult beliefs or Baal-worship. In a sense, they fulfilled an ancient pagan concept known as the passing of the torch (as seen in the Olympics) or the ‘eternal flame’.  In other words, this ‘torch’ appears to be the true powers that be – the fallen angels as seen in Daniel’s prophetic book where the ‘Prince of Persia’ is a fallen angels that fights against one of GOD’s angels. In this prophetic narrative, we see how fallen angels are identified with rising world kingdoms as Persia was rising in the world at that particular time.

Rome has many of the same attributes and symbolism as Babylon, but they have shown far more resilience in duration and strategy over the past two thousand years.


In all of this we see how the Roman church is but an arm of the powerful occult, and the consciences of Catholics are manipulated and used for the secret intents of the Occult Masters of the old Roman Empire.  The Occult Masters have evil plans, but they use misplaced religious fervor to achieve them by offering them religious motivations, deceptive reasoning and ‘cover stories’ for why certain things should be believed or enacted.  Therefore, you may now see how Hitler himself may have uttered the following comment:

“And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew. I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.” – Mein Kampf

BAPHOMET CROWLEY MIT MALTESER KREUZIs it any surprise that Trump sounds rascist?  Although Trump claims to be a Presbyterian, his lack of any real knowledge about the Bible or Presbyterian beliefs was evident this past year when he was asked basic questions about the same.  At the same time, he is a Knight of Malta and a Jesuit graduate. What is he really?  Thus, with this information in hand, one must ask who’s who in the Republican race.  If Republicans really wanted a conservative candidate to win, then why are Carson and Catholic Rubio still running? Doesn’t this split the vote that would vote for Cruz against the far left-wing Trump?  Then again, I recently was told by a learned political researcher that Ron Paul had issues with Ted Cruz.  Ron Paul is a military vet and a lover of freedom and the Bill of Rights.  It is said that the Roman elite at the Congress of Vienna stated that they sought to destroy America’s Bill of Rights, and by all appearances, they seem to be winning.  If Ron Paul has issues with Cruz, then what does that leave us? But Cruz is the only one garnering enough votes to fight Trump who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, I read that Cruz and his wife have very Illuminati-styled connections in their history. Cruz is connected heavily with the Bush cabal, Goldman Sachs who is seen by some to be an intelligence front, and the New World Order’s agenda as seen in his resume. Heidi Cruz’s education and past positions appear to be quite eye-opening. Heidi is also connected to Goldman Sachs, and was as an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as a member of the Independent Task Force on North America that in 2005 published a report entitled “Building a North American Community” which would remove the U.S.A.’s sovereignty, and she eventually became the director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council. Therefore, we are in one fine mess in America.

Even Ron Paul‘s allegiances are very sketchy these days as we find more and more that everyone on the candidate stage these days is a shill, which would also make us heavily question if Rand Paul is also a fake conservative, who is really just pushing the campaign for the drug cartels wanting to legalize illegal drugs.

Donald TrumpWill Cruz solve our problems? We may never know if he is a shill or the real deal if Rubio and Carson continue to block him from beating fascist Trump.  I doubt that anyone will solve our current problems.  I see the huge shadow that most do not see – the Roman Empire – and it is looming large these days as seen in DARPA technology, NSA mass surveillance, a Nazi gun-snatching and police state environment, and far more.  And even the Catholic Church should be ‘en garde’, because when Occult Rome is done, even they may be burning in flames once they offer no more use to their Roman Masters. We see a hint of this in Revelation chapter 17 as the governmental Beast of Rome turns on the prostitute riding its back and burns it with flames.

Nope, … Washington, D.C. won’t save us.  They’re the problem, not the solution.  Our only hope for the moral, economic, and fascist nightmare we see is the One who once blessed this nation and made it great when America thrived.  Only He whose name is no longer allowed in our government buildings and schools can save us.

May GOD help America.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: Unmasked

friday-the-13thHave you ever reviewed the plethora of theories on the origin of Friday the 13th as seen in this article and this link as well as many others?   I will first disprove one of the most conjectured theories, share some background information and riddles, followed by a hint at the most likely origin of traditions of events like “black Friday” and “Friday the 13th”.


Some say the origin of Friday the 13th came from the day that Jesus was crucified, but that’s impossible.  First, Jesus didn’t die on a Friday as can be seen in the Bible.

“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”  – Matthew 12:40


Some guess that Jesus was crucified on a Tuesday and some on a Wednesday and others on Thursday, but nobody would guess Friday unless they relied upon traditions from the Roman religious system of Catholicism which was pulled mainly from occult Baal practices (which revered Fridays).

A reading of Scripture convinces any reasonable individual that Jesus could never have been crucified on Friday.  Some call this day “Black Friday”, while others call it “Good Friday”.  Even if one counts “partial days”, they could never believe in a Friday crucifixion. 4jesusdeathandres7Keep in mind that the Jewish day took place from 6 P.M. to 6 P.M. (i.e. Genesis 1 – “the evening and the morning were the first day”).  For example, if Jesus was crucified at 6 A.M. and said “It is Finished” at 3 P.M. (Israeli time), then his disciples had three hours to get him into the tomb before the Sabbath took place.  Some get confused with this mention of Sabbath and assume it means “Saturday”, but that is a common weekly Sabbath.  The week of Jesus’ crucifixion included the Feast of Unleavened Bread which means they also had feast Sabbaths.  Such Sabbaths were what we today would call “holidays”.  In other words, “Sabbath” means “day of rest” and during a festival like the Feast of Unleavened Bread, special days away from work were granted at the beginning and end of the week.  Thus, the day right after the Passover would have been the first day (and the feast Sabbath) of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which meant laborers could take off from work.  A few days later, the standard weekly Sabbath would occur, followed by the final feast Sabbath day.

Pre-Christian era crosses

Pre-Christian era crosses

If it took only one hour to get Jesus in the tomb and one counts the couple of hours from Wednesday at 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. as a “partial day“, then that’s “one day”.  Then you have Wednesday night which is “one night”.  So far we’re at one day and night.  Then you have Thursday and Thursday night.  Two days and two nights is our tally.  Finally, you have Friday and Friday night which equals “three days and three nights” as Scripture says, and Scripture cannot be broken.  This results in the disciples discovering Jesus’ body missing at dawn on Saturday morning, which is what the Bible actually says in the Greek (i.e. Jesus rose on the first of the “sabbaton” or “Sabbath” with “rest day; the seventh day of each week” being the primary meaning).  However, between English translations which played semantics with the meaning of the word or Roman Sunday traditions (which came from their Sun-god worship), the resurrection of Jesus was changed to a Sunday.  Then again, some would say that Sunday is legitimate and that “Sabbath” has a secondary meaning of “week” (i.e. Jesus rose on the first of the “week which can then be positioned as “Sunday”). This latter translation takes a lot of linguistic semantics to pull off, and is very unlikely since the Jews observed their sacred assembly on the Sabbath day for their entire history since their Exodus from Egypt, and even Jesus observed the Sabbath congregational meeting as seen in Luke 4:16.

venus transitRegardless if one counts “partial days” or if they use “Sunday” instead of the “Sabbath” as the day that Jesus rose from the dead, we mathematically cannot go beyond Thursday for the day that he was crucified unless we defy logic.

Therefore, where did Friday the 13th originate?

wheel2Did you know that the sun worship of Babylon is the core of occult beliefs?  Did you know that a chief number of the sun’s cycles is the number thirteen?   What ancient languages had an alphabet letter that stood for water associated with the “mother goddess” figure and the water of birth?  Why was this letter the thirteenth letter in more than one alphabet?  Did you know that most Catholic holidays, customs such as rosaries, masses and the burning sacred heart, orders such as knights, priests, monks, nuns, and worship of mother-child and saints (i.e. gods) came from ancient occult Rome which received its tradition from Babylonian Baal worship?

Freemasons-1Did you know that the occult calendar of the sun is also divided into four cross units of thirteen weeks? Did you know that the cross is of pagan origin and was a depiction of the sun’s quarterly path, including such holidays known today as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer’s Day as illustrated by numerous versions of the solar cross, the wheel of the sun, and pre-Christian discoveries of crosses? Did you know there were also cross-quarter minor witch sabbaths as well adopted into the Vatican’s holidays? Did you know that “Good Friday” was a pagan day for self-mutilation and other heathen practices as seen in the article at this link, and it had nothing to do with Jesus at all?

Have you wondered why the Knights Templar’s red cross has been used by medical, charitable, military, and other organizations? Have you wondered why so many global corporations use occult symbols in their logos?  Have you wondered why NASA missions were named pagan names like Apollo, Aquarius, or Ulysses?  Or why the architecture of the Freemason George Washington’s capital city is so occult in nature?

Postcard of Freemason George Washington, Washington has his own Masonic Memorial and Obelisk in D.C.

Postcard of Freemason George Washington, Washington has his own Masonic Memorial and Obelisk in D.C.

Why was George Washington’s non-religious Constitution and beliefs (i.e. “no establishment of religion”) so different than the founders of the thirteen colonies? Why were his fellow Masons, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Jesuit Charles Carroll, so invested in the American Revolution?  Why did Jefferson ban a chapel from the university he founded in Virginia?  Why was their new republic founded on July the fourth?  Did you know that on July the fourth the longitude of the Sun is astronomically 12° Cancer in the Heavens, and on this date the Sun conjoins the great star Sirius, whose longitude is 13° Cancer?  This true star with thirteen degrees, is a first-magnitude star that is 40 times brighter than the Sun.  In occult circles, do you notice how they strive to be a celebrity which they call a “star” as can be seen in one of their ablest mediums known as “Hollywood” (i.e. though we shall refrain from speaking of the Druid’s holly groves in this article). In other words, moving up the steps of their ladder toward “star”-dom is a standard part of being one of the Illuminated Ones (who actually are not illuminated at all, but blind leaders of the blind).

2004Why does the transit path of the morning star Venus form a pentagram star?   How great is the occult’s power on our planet?  For those who have researched the matter, they talk and write less the more that they learn.  Why? Nobody would believe them and they fear losing their credibility.  Hermetic thought is one of the most ancient forms of today’s occult orders, but even such figures as Hermes, Apollos, Aquarius, and a multitude of other gods and mythological characters are all connected back to Baal worship.  If one could list the massive laundry database of the world’s most powerful leaders on the planet in every area of life, they would be amazed at the power of the occult.

39-steps-title-stillDid you know that a former Catholic bishop and Freemason by the name of Gerard Bouffard converted to Biblical Christianity and then began to “tell all” as seen in the video series at this link“?  While “visible” Freemasonry displays only thirty-three steps, did you know that part of his testimony is that he was a thirty-seventh degree Freemason, and that there are thirty-nine steps to the top of the occult ladder.  Remember the Jesuit Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of intrigue entitled “The Thirty-Nine Steps”?

masonicThirteen (a significant number to the occult) is a factor of thirty-nine, just as eleven (considered to be the “number of magick” by the occult) is a factor of thirty-three.

In the book of paganism at this link, you will see this quote eleven is considered to be the number of magick and thus the witches use the 11th letter “k” on the end of magic to create black magick. Also, did you know the significance of the number of eleven in major events of the occult?

9/11/1537 – Jesuit’s 1st mass
9/11/1941 – Masons laid the foundation stone for the Pentagon (pentagram)
9/11/1991 – Bush Sr’s speech on the “New World Order”
Ad infinitum

Are there not many more dates we could add to those above? Did you know there are thirty-three degrees in “visible” Freemasonry which includes three levels of achievement, namely those of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. What is thirty three divided by three?   

pob_fig002Much of their world is shrouded in ciphers, numerology, symbiotic messages, secrecy and mystery, but what else would you expect from the world’s most ancient Mystery religion and mother of almost all non-Biblical religions today?  In this example, do you see how a secret order can exist as a front and then a “mystery of mysteries” order can exist within it?   What if they do the same in all of their many organizations from government to intelligence to religious to corporate to charitable?


Keep in mind that a coven is a convent of witches usually comprised of thirteen members as stated in this definition at this link and that there are oral traditions shared outside the realm of public knowledge and within the realm of the covens or as occult knights call them “lodges” for their orders (aka Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Jesuits, etc).  Freemasons and their various secret sects formed when Knights Templar were forced underground by the Pope in the early part of the 1300s when its Grandmaster De Molay was executed and their Order almost annihilated.

70d4a9328bDoes it not seem strategic that these Knights created multiple orders?  After all, their Order of the Knights Templar was almost destroyed in a moment.  Does this explain why they now have so many various secret orders today with so many different faces (i.e. Skull and Bones, Freemasons, Eastern Star, Knights of Malta, etc) and infiltrators in so many organizations?

adam_weishaupt_luciferian_illuminatitDoes such strategy not make it far more difficult for any person or organization or even government to strike against this occult society of varied orders and people who are deeply entrenched within intelligence services, governments, religious orders, global corporations, and more?  Why is Friday the 13th so important to the occult, pagans of Rome who are enriched with so much power and wealth?

babilonian maltise cross.A Knights Templar in town, who admitted to believing in Lucifer as a “good angel”, told me that Friday the 13th originated with Jacques de Molay.  What does Wikipedia have to say about this claim?

“In a dawn raid on Friday, 13 October 1307, de Molay and sixty of his Templar brothers were arrested.”

hThis arrest resulted in the death of the Templar’s leader and the split into underground sects of the Templars.  Those who know how occult the Templars are in their Baal beliefs are probably not surprised at the charges of witchcraft and other Babylonian practices with which the Catholic church (who wasn’t free of Baal worship herself) charged the Templars. However, one would have to be naive to think that the Pope and the French King Phillip Le Belle were previously unaware of the well-established Templars activities and beliefs.


The Red Cross headquarters, located in Switzerland, sports a red cross logo. The “charitable” Knights Templar has its international headquarters in Switzerland.

The wealth of the Templars was legendary and such legends asserted that they were more powerful and rich than the Vatican and King Phillip.  Thus, which historians would you believe? Those who say De Molay was killed for his beliefs by the Pope?  Or those which say that De Molay was killed for his money?  If for his beliefs, then the Pope and King Phillip were hypocrites.  If for his money, then the Pope and King Phillip were thieves.  In any case, the Pope and King Phillip had put to death their nemesis, but would soon find that they themselves would die within a year as well.  The power of the Templars continues today, according to historians and researchers, due to their many, many occult organizations and their infiltration of most legitimate organizations of government, power, religion, wealth, and influence.

The Jesuits were started by Ignatius of Loyola who was connected to the Alumbrados which was connected to Gnosticism, the religion which was said to be promoted by the Templars and connected to Baal worship and its worship of the sun.  In truth, Gnosticism appears as simply another of many offshoots of Babylonian Baal worship.  Today, more and more information exists showing the seamless and fluid connections between a multitude of esoteric and occult organizations, especially those of a secret nature.

Catholic pendant from the Phillipines

Catholic pendant from the Phillipines

Why did the Knights Templar (aka Hospitallers of John) own so many hospitals and some of the first banks during the Crusades? Was it for charity?  Or is that how they became more wealthy than all other temporal powers during the crusades? Is that why they own so many hospitals and banks today?  Is that why ambulances and other medical services have large red crosses as well? Is it disconcerting that these men with such power and money have such anonymity? Do you ever hear of such wealthy men in the media?   Why do they never report on some of the richest men on planet earth, but they will report on far less wealthy individuals from Hollywood to the music scene to the political arena?

The historical classic “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” shows us that the Black Mass of the Occult occurred during their Easter Week, which was continued by Catholic tradition using the name of Tenebres Mass (Black Mass) on the Catholic holy day of “Good Friday”. Keep in mind the term “Black Friday” was also used by them as well.


Montague Summers, author of Witchcraft and Black Magic (1946)

Since the Roman Church is a creation of the Occult Master Constantine the Great, who worshiped the Sun and the religion of Paganism and Baal worship, and since human sacrifice occurred regularly during Witch Sabbaths and especially at a Black Mass, it’s no surprise that the Romans chose to historically celebrate Jesus on a cross (instead of the resurrection) for it was the Black Mass that Satan is most proud and devoted to adoring as seen in the Eucharist where the Catholic priest also claims to “re-sacrifice Christ”. Satan and his pagans love to see Jesus hanging on a cross and then buried as often as possible; thus, the Black Mass and its ritual of recreating the sacrifice of Jesus is performed not only on Good Friday but every Sun Day, where they symbolically sacrifice Jesus (in their minds) through their Mass. Look at the Occult headgear worn on Easter Week as shown in the article at this link of Catholic’s celebration of Easter Week. Then read the following from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: 

“LUDICROUS FORMS AND CEREMONIES | At the feast of Christmas,
the Roman catholics have exhibited in their churches a cradle, with an image of an infant in it, which is rocked with great seeming devotion; and on Good-Friday they have the figure of our Saviour on the cross, and then they perform the service which they call the Tenebres; having abundance of lighted candles, all of which they extinguish one by one, after which the body is taken down from the cross and put into a sepulchre, and men stand to watch it.
CRUEL MAXIMS | Papists hold that heretics may not be termed children and kindred; that no faith is to be kept with heretics; and that it is lawful to torture or kill them for the good of their souls.” – John Foxe 

Tenebres is Latin for “Darkness”. 

One final note regarding the actual mask used in Friday the 13th. The character “Jason” from the popular pagan movie series on Friday the 13th is shown as a vigilante seeking to punish all those who commit sins of fornication as shown in the encyclopedic article at this link. The mask can be seen as a method of maintaining anonymity as a vigilante.  The mask is also rooted heavily in occult pagan practices as seen in the article at this link.


Thus, with the Babylonian Baal worship of sun adherents being the core of most occult orders today and throughout history, and with the number thirteen being basic to the sun’s cycles and the occult’s steps up the ladder of power, and with the Knights Templar (and their many Gnostic offshoots such as the Freemasons, Alumbrados, Jesuits, spiritualists, Hermetic orders, Rosicrucian brothers, witches, Wiccans, and more) at the center of their power today, we must confess that the arrest of the Knights Templar Grand-master Jacques De Molay on Friday the 13th does indeed seem to explain the mystery that so many have attempted to explain regarding the origins of Friday the 13th.  Who else besides the secret and deceptive global occult leadership of the Old World Order would find that day to be so horrific and who else would be interested in producing such evil, macabre horror films regarding that day?

CHILD ABUSE: CIA recruiting and other uses

Drug Cartels

Child Soldier for the Mafia drug lords in Mexico.

An epidemic of destroying the lives of children by the Old World Order has been taking place globally (see below).  Their abuse is a source for them of fulfilling evil rituals and pleasures within their Baal-based belief system, and also a source of fund-raising through mafia enterprises, human slavery, trafficking, pornography, and prostitution. Furthermore, they have used these children for blackmail of top world leaders by either luring these men into temptation or by drugging them at parties and taking photos of them with the children (according to testimonies of survivors – see below).

Finally, the recruitment of these children into their ranks by having them perform evil sexual and murderous purposes gives more insurance that these children will never be able to speak out without sounding radical or facing certain “consequences”. As seen below, in spite of the risks, some survivors and advocates have spoken out. Those who don’t speak out or leave the “system”, and who aren’t used as assassins, celebrities, sex slaves, journalists, career politicians or special agents can be used as child soldiers.

Click any phrases that are hyperlinks to read further sources.

Senator Nancy Schaefer

Senator Nancy Schaefer

Child Protection Services

Did you know about the Child Protective Services abuse of children? They would like to remove your child from your home, because you were too strict or lovingly disciplined them.  Why?  For far more sinister purposes of their own.  Can you say “hypocrite”?

Did you know that Senator Nancy Schaefer was killed while trying to expose such abuse? Beware and be careful if you start to dig into the roots of human trafficking or to research it, because there are many powers who hate having people dig into who the powers are behind these activities. This is especially true when you realize that many in law enforcement are Freemasons, and are prone to use drones to spy on those who they feel are digging too deep into the roots of ‘skeletons’ that might be connected back to them and their secret lodges. Even as far back as 1868, a Freemason named Charles G. Finney, who left Freemasonry due to his newfound faith in Jesus and the Bible as seen in his testimony in the documentation at this link, said:

I believe, that all the civil offices in the county where I resided, while I belonged to them, were in their hands. I do not recollect a magistrate, or a constable, or sheriff in that county that was not at that time a Freemason.

And that was in the days of America when Christianity and the Bible was all throughout public life.  You can only imagine how it is today, and how much they would demonize your reputation, attack you physically, or come after you in other more covert ways if you start digging and tracking their dirty deeds back to them online or in person.  Also, keep in mind that they can spot you online via their CIA’s Arpanet (i.e. Internet) more easily, so protect yourself. Just be careful to not ‘cross lines’, because otherwise we can become like them.  Their motto is ‘the end justifies the means’, and we must never do wrong in order to do right.  The CIA is one of the worst at this. Stick to the truth, the law, doing right, and keep moving forward toward justice for all. Is it worth the risk to dig, to attempt to expose evil even among the ‘powers that be’ in your own government and in overseas locations, and to speak out? Absolutely!


Do you know who the CIA really is? Does it matter that a Vatican knight founded them with a core group of Nazi intelligence officers and scientists as seen in this link? Did you know about the CIA’s involvement in abuse?  How about their history of abusing children? And the CIA abuse of children as a tool for recruitment?  Many children were abused by the CIA and it is documented in the hearings on MK Ultra, a CIA operation in which former Nazi scientists (recruited by the CIA from Operation Paperclip) were used to recruit these children and experiment with their minds and behavior:

cia-mk-ultra-experiments-on-mind-controlled-childrenThe CIA is known for creating “child soldiers“, marketing to children, and continuing Nazi human testing, which has included children.  What about the testimony of Cathy O’Brien? Of Candy Jones?  Of Gina Blasbalg as reported by British Columbia’s online local newspaper near where Gina lives and another Canadian online news site? And these questions could continue for some time.

With so many survivors, why isn’t anything done? Why wasn’t the CIA dismantled? Some even wonder if Bill Clinton was one of their experiments or if former CIA director George H.W. Bush was involved with the perpetration or worse. Only GOD probably knows all the evil that has been perpetrated upon children and which ones of them are now in very powerful positions.


Freemasons have a long history of child abuse, allegedly beginning with their founder, Jacques De Molay, who was said to be involved in unnatural lust as well as child sacrifice. Testimonies are still coming out in this generation of their abusive recruiting of children.

I have personally spoken with a multi-generational Freemason member who endured such abuse as a child at the hands of her own family and others. She testified against her own parents of which I am proud of her. Keep in mind that survivors of Rome’s secret orders, religious and covert groups tend to affirm that much of this abuse is generational recruitment (i.e. recruited by their parents who were recruited by their parents, etc).


Sammy Davis, Jr. between top-ranking military officer Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey, government investigator and founder of the Satanic Church

Michael Aquino, a Satanist accused of child abuse, is known for his connection with Anton Lavey, founder of the Satanic Church. Both of them are purportedly connected to high levels of the government and evil rituals, including abuse against children. Aquino was named by Svali as a member of the Illuminati and as a part of ritual abuse.  Anton Lavey died in a Catholic hospital.  Billionaire and Catholic Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch, who owns the very Catholic Fox News, is the one whose company published Lavey’s Satanic Bible.

image008What are you not being told? Why aren’t you hearing any of these things from the mainstream media? Also, connections were made between the occult’s work and the CIA’s work. Other testimony, including that of children being recruited, abused, killed, and even married off, have been reported as well as a very long, well-documented list of cases, including cases directly linked to Satanism.

Jesuits and Vatican connection

The abuse problem of the Vatican is seemingly connected with numerous other groups mentioned in this article at a high level.   Why does it seem the Vatican is connected with many of these other groups in certain ways? Malachi Martin, a confidante to four popes and a well-known Vatican insider, spoke openly of Satanic rituals taking place in the Vatican. Mr. Martin, a former Jesuit, died from falling down stairs. A former Jesuit, who showed documents as evidence of his place within the upper levels of the Vatican Jesuits, stated that he was recruited into the Jesuits as an orphan at a Catholic orphanage where he stated that child abuse occurred.  Abuse is obviously used in the CIA for recruitment, so one must ask why the Vatican appears to use the same method.  Is it like the confessional booth?  A great way to control people?

images (8)Abuse in the Catholic Church is world-renowned and there are many examples from the United States, Latin America, Europe, and globally. The Franklin Case, the case of Roman Catholic entertainer Jimmy Savile, and the recent outbreak of lawsuits against numerous pedophile priests (purportedly at least 400 priests) are the most recent of many such cases.  The Vatican even had advance warning and did nothing. The stories could continue with the tales of Catholic orphanage called Boys Town involving Charles Manson and Larry King. While some may like to think of the Catholic Church as more religious, the truth is the Vatican is a government and an evil one. Keep in mind that it wasn’t until 1816 that the Catholic Church declared Inquisitional torture was no longer a valid practice. Furthermore, it wasn’t until 1917 that the Codex Juris Canonici Papal Bull finally banned ordinary church sanctioned torture.

the_cias_mk_ultra_projectOne of the more prominent reports is that of Father John Tolkien, son of Jesuit J.R.R. Tolkien.  J.R.R. Tolkien was the author of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  His son, Father John Tolkien, was allegedly a paedophile priest. It was reported that sexually abused Christopher Carrie of Solihull (near Birmingham, England) was awarded £15,000 in compensation after he sued the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham for breaching its duty of care. Carrie was reported by the UK news source as being abused when he was a member of the 159th English Martyrs scout group in Sparkhill, Birmingham.  Father Tolkien was the scoutmaster.

images (6)Illuminati

The Illuminati was started by a Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt. Svali, a self-proclaimed former Illuminati member, wrote a book titled “Breaking the Chain” in which she describes the abuse she endured and the abuse she inflicted on others as a “trainer” within Illuminati circles.  Svali also described how she was taken to the Vatican for the human sacrifice of children as part of her initiation into the Illuminati. Videos on YouTube describe how children are even chosen by the Illuminati for roles in the music industry and the movie industry.  Once we see how recruitment takes place among children for spies, other questions emerge.

  • Washington Times - Bush-Reagan Boy ProstitutesHow many other powerful positions are filled by recruited and abused children?
  • How many of these children have grown up and become high-ranking leaders around the world?
  • How many are celebrities?
  • Are these celebrities used as assassins, spies, or other tools, since they are world travelers and are so revered globally?
  • If so, can we safely assume that not everything is as it seems world-wide?

images (7)And then there are companies such as DynaCorp International, featured in the 2010 thriller movie “The Whistleblower“.   And these questions are the tip of the iceberg.  More documented Illuminati abuse is found in other articles. While many of the above groups and even world leaders like to operate under the guise of being “born again” or Protestants, if you check into their background you will find they are actually members of Rome’s power elite such as those listed above.

1954-hypnotic-experimentation-and-researcch“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence comes! Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast [them] from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast [it] from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire. Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.” –  Matthew 18:6

cia2SOLUTION: What can you do?

  1. I am only one person, but now you know far more about this situation than you did before. Why? Because I was willing to read, research and inform you.  Pass it on! You can also make a difference and if you do not, you are allowing evil to prevail.  You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  Don’t blame GOD!  Humans perpetrate evil.  Even Jesus Christ spoke out against abuse and was abused when He visited earth. Do you really think He would have gone to the cross and died if there was another way to redeem mankind? Humans are the ones who, through apathy, allow evil to continue.  GOD expects us to show justice and that might mean we get a “black-eye” ourselves for speaking out, but it’s the right thing to do.  We must love, forgive, and do good to those who do us evil. Love is more powerful. Many abusers were first abused.  Love also ensures the perpetrators are put away for good, so they can’t abuse others anymore.
  2. Trust Jesus with your pain. Let Him forgive you and come into your life and take it over. He can remove the pain. If you have been abused, ask Jesus Christ to heal you. He can and will. Corrie ten Boom, who endured Nazi prison camps, testified to the healing power of Jesus Christ who helped her recover from the many years of torturous pain and hate inflicted upon her, and also after having family killed by the Nazis.
  3. mk-ultra-03Sign petitions like these and like these.
  4. Avoid false solutions like Erin’s Law which seeks to impose “mind rape” on children from kindergarten through 12th grade by exposing them to a knowledge of sexual assaults at early ages. This simply robs children who have good parents and innocent childhoods of their innocence. Meanwhile, it has no real benefit to abused children.
  5. Push your representatives to pass real solutions like the death penalty and other harsh penalties and fines on those who perpetrate. For example, in Erin’s case (of “Erin’s Law” above), her family charged the perpetrator, but he was never punished and the case never went to court. Ensure the pain of their punishment far outweighs the benefits of their sadistic pleasure.  Force them to make restitution through monetary benefits to the victims and require them to work in a job they may hate like Dirty Jobs.
  6. Write your local, state, and federal representatives and ask them to dissolve the CIA and bring our intelligence efforts back into the military segment of our government, as well as ban other organizations from our country like those listed above:  Find Your Rep’s Contact Info
  7. Start your own media campaign by informing local reporters and journalists of the above issues. Inform your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  8. Get your church, civic organization, or group of friends to sign a pledge to come to a meeting. Invite your local and state representatives. You can be a finger of justice and you can make a difference between whether good or evil will prevail upon this planet!

OLD WORLD ORDER: Who needs conspiracy theories?

Who needs theories? History will suffice.  Global conspiracies do exist.

Credit reports are used every day to determine if a potential borrower will repay their debt. Why?  Because wealthy banks know that history is a reliable predictor of future human activity. Using the same intelligence, who could the greedy globalists of the “new world order” be? Could it possibly be the greedy globalists of the “old world order” who want it back?

  • MOTIVE: Who wants back their centuries-old global kingdom and thus the motive?
  • MEANS: Who has the political, financial, and intelligence means with global offices and “footprint”?
  • OPPORTUNITY: Who has the opportunity for global power with their people in top positions worldwide?

Click each question below to read a different classic historical work regarding those who want their global kingdom back again after reigning 14 centuries as the world’s largest empire.

  1. Who is the central power over world leaders today?
  2. Who has a reputation for loving and wielding power globally?
  3. Who has a history of loving torture and creating secret orders?
  4. Who has been prophesied by the Bible as being the final world power?
  5. Who created the intelligence model for all of today’s intelligence groups?
  6. Who has a history of working illegally in secret in order to fulfill their objectives?
  7. Who has a history of assassinating leaders and power brokers to seize power?
  8. Who has a history of using immigration, legal or illegal, to take over nations?
  9. Who was banned from over 80 nations for hijacking governments?
  10. Whose infiltration of governments and religions is better than intelligence groups?
  11. Who has shown the ability to keep a secret by using religious fervor and blackmail?
  12. Who has a well-documented history of perpetrating mass crimes with no remorse?
  13. Who has a history of controlling the minds of people through censoring the truth?
  14. Who commits pedophilia crimes and only has to make a financial payment?
  15. Who has a history of conducting massacres?
  16. Who was behind the massacres of Hitler and had a previous history of killing Jews?
  17. Of what affinity were Hitler’s parents?
  18. Why the massacres in Vietnam?
  19. Why the massacres in Croatia?
  20. Who was connected with the Freemasons, world banking scandals, and the Mafia?
  21. Who is expert at government cover-ups?
  22. Whose secret oath seems duplicated almost exactly among all other secret orders?
  23. Who has the financial means to work for global domination?
  24. Who has a recruitment ground for secret orders and agents controlled by blackmail?
  25. Who are the real terrorists?
  26. Who has roots in secrecy, orders, and globalism originating with the Tower of Babel?
  27. Whose hand is kissed by all major world leaders?
  28. Who has a one world religious framework and could easily form a government one?
  29. Whose Knights, Dames, and alumni are practically running the world today?
  30. What was discovered by popular writer F. Tupper Saussy?
  31. Who gave the orders to kill Lincoln according to documented papers?
  32. Who was in the courtroom during the trial of the pope’s bodyguard after Lincoln’s death?
  33. What is the history and beliefs of the wealthy, power elite and their recent acts?
  34. Who is heavily connected to Obama?
  35. Who owns and manages 26% of health care facilities in the world?
  36. What foreign government has allegiance from world leaders and 16.3% of the world?
  37. Who already has a President, Senate, Court, Secretary, Cabinet, and Military?
  38. Who already has the world divided into Provinces with Governors over each?
  39. Who is connected to most global banks and corporations, the CFR, Tri-Lateral, Fed, CIA, FBI, IRS, JFK and Lincoln assassinations?

After 14 centuries of global power, do you really think they just walked away from their Counter-War against the movement that ended their power? If you have ever seen how even family members can act over money and power, could you honestly surmise that these men suddenly lost interest in regaining their global empire again? Who has KnightsJesuit alumni, and other connections to all the organizations that “conspiracy theorists” name as being part of the “new world order”? Why look to conspiracy theories talking of a “new world order” when you have 14 centuries of historical facts that point to one group of men from an “old world order” who have proven themselves to be greedy of global power?  From the conspiracy of their Senate to kill their own Caesar, Rome has conspired for power.  No theories are needed when a history of conspiracy exists.