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JFK’S SON: Assassinated? By whom?


Has John F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of George magazine and the son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, been telling us all along who killed his father?

Would a child who never got to know his father just let his father’s “unknown” assassin go free without investigation? Or would he look for answers and even create his own media outlet to ensure he could get the truth out to people, since he knew most media outlets are controlled?

Is it possible, that before he died, John F. Kennedy, Jr revealed the identity of the person who led the assassination of his father, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  Is it the person who the video at this link implies and suggests?  Did John John cleverly find a way to tell us who assassinated his father? Why did he really call his magazine by the name of “George”?  Do the two photos on this page give you a hint?  Be sure to review the video at this link.

If the CIA Nazis are a creation of the Jesuits and the Vatican (i.e. read the rest of this website), and if the CIA’s former director, shown in one of the photos on this page and a former POTUS, was calling the shots, then why would they kill the first Catholic President? The Vatican and the Pope are the heart and soul of Catholicism, aren’t they?  They are Catholic, right?  As one conversation with a former CIA operative established for me: “Not everything is as it seems”.

One must never be naive when it comes to power and money. This is why it’s essential you read articles on this site such as these:




OLD WORLD ORDER: Who needs conspiracy theories?

Who needs theories? History will suffice.  Global conspiracies do exist.

Credit reports are used every day to determine if a potential borrower will repay their debt. Why?  Because wealthy banks know that history is a reliable predictor of future human activity. Using the same intelligence, who could the greedy globalists of the “new world order” be? Could it possibly be the greedy globalists of the “old world order” who want it back?

  • MOTIVE: Who wants back their centuries-old global kingdom and thus the motive?
  • MEANS: Who has the political, financial, and intelligence means with global offices and “footprint”?
  • OPPORTUNITY: Who has the opportunity for global power with their people in top positions worldwide?

Click each question below to read a different classic historical work regarding those who want their global kingdom back again after reigning 14 centuries as the world’s largest empire.

  1. Who is the central power over world leaders today?
  2. Who has a reputation for loving and wielding power globally?
  3. Who has a history of loving torture and creating secret orders?
  4. Who has been prophesied by the Bible as being the final world power?
  5. Who created the intelligence model for all of today’s intelligence groups?
  6. Who has a history of working illegally in secret in order to fulfill their objectives?
  7. Who has a history of assassinating leaders and power brokers to seize power?
  8. Who has a history of using immigration, legal or illegal, to take over nations?
  9. Who was banned from over 80 nations for hijacking governments?
  10. Whose infiltration of governments and religions is better than intelligence groups?
  11. Who has shown the ability to keep a secret by using religious fervor and blackmail?
  12. Who has a well-documented history of perpetrating mass crimes with no remorse?
  13. Who has a history of controlling the minds of people through censoring the truth?
  14. Who commits pedophilia crimes and only has to make a financial payment?
  15. Who has a history of conducting massacres?
  16. Who was behind the massacres of Hitler and had a previous history of killing Jews?
  17. Of what affinity were Hitler’s parents?
  18. Why the massacres in Vietnam?
  19. Why the massacres in Croatia?
  20. Who was connected with the Freemasons, world banking scandals, and the Mafia?
  21. Who is expert at government cover-ups?
  22. Whose secret oath seems duplicated almost exactly among all other secret orders?
  23. Who has the financial means to work for global domination?
  24. Who has a recruitment ground for secret orders and agents controlled by blackmail?
  25. Who are the real terrorists?
  26. Who has roots in secrecy, orders, and globalism originating with the Tower of Babel?
  27. Whose hand is kissed by all major world leaders?
  28. Who has a one world religious framework and could easily form a government one?
  29. Whose Knights, Dames, and alumni are practically running the world today?
  30. What was discovered by popular writer F. Tupper Saussy?
  31. Who gave the orders to kill Lincoln according to documented papers?
  32. Who was in the courtroom during the trial of the pope’s bodyguard after Lincoln’s death?
  33. What is the history and beliefs of the wealthy, power elite and their recent acts?
  34. Who is heavily connected to Obama?
  35. Who owns and manages 26% of health care facilities in the world?
  36. What foreign government has allegiance from world leaders and 16.3% of the world?
  37. Who already has a President, Senate, Court, Secretary, Cabinet, and Military?
  38. Who already has the world divided into Provinces with Governors over each?
  39. Who is connected to most global banks and corporations, the CFR, Tri-Lateral, Fed, CIA, FBI, IRS, JFK and Lincoln assassinations?

After 14 centuries of global power, do you really think they just walked away from their Counter-War against the movement that ended their power? If you have ever seen how even family members can act over money and power, could you honestly surmise that these men suddenly lost interest in regaining their global empire again? Who has KnightsJesuit alumni, and other connections to all the organizations that “conspiracy theorists” name as being part of the “new world order”? Why look to conspiracy theories talking of a “new world order” when you have 14 centuries of historical facts that point to one group of men from an “old world order” who have proven themselves to be greedy of global power?  From the conspiracy of their Senate to kill their own Caesar, Rome has conspired for power.  No theories are needed when a history of conspiracy exists.