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HILLARY 2016: The unelection



marquis_de_lafayette_2Most of those voting for Hillary in the 2016 Election are expecting big things from her and she indeed has big things for them – just not what they expect. And don’t expect an election. It appears that the CIA has already rigged the election.  Meanwhile, both sides (Trump’s and Hillary’s camps) are claiming that the sixteen to seventeen intelligence organizations are working on THEIR side. And I must suggest that these intelligence organizations are, at the same time – especially if Trump and Hillary are on the same side in the back corridors of power as they complete the agenda of those who control the intelligence organizations – but if you’ve read the articles on this website, you already have an idea about these matters as I have perfectly described the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other machines of Rome in detail on this site for you. They want Republicans and Democrats to still love them as they play their sick shell games and stage their bloody political shows.

Let’s play a little syllogistic game, shall we?   Syllogisms go “if A=1, and B=2, and C equals A+B, then C must be 3”.  If you couldn’t follow that logic, then you probably shouldn’t be voting, but that’s another story altogether in a world where everyone is allowed to vote, including those who aren’t citizens, those who vote proxy for dead people, and those who are clueless about what the issues are and lacking knowledge of facts, history and basic analyst skills.  But I digress.

So the syllogism goes like this.

A:  Hillary committed a massive list of criminal acts while being protected by the Roman Cabal:

  • Lying in the Watergate scandal, ethical violations, and anti-Constitutional beliefs
  • Helping a pedophile who raped a 12-year old girl while placing guilt on the girl
  • Whitewater scandals and other Arkansas scandals involving drugs that were covered
  • Attacking the many rape and molestation victims of her husband
  • Vandalized and looted the White House when she and her husband left it back in 2001
  • Filegate in which political enemies’ files were sought and secret speeches she has given
  • With Bill, she produced massive body counts as admitted by hitman Larry Nichols
  • Stood by Bill as he murdered the children of Waco, Texas by burning them alive
  • Sat on her hands, enabling terrorists to kill four Navy Seals and an Ambassador
  • Took three years to produce Benghazi emails, then deleted them
  • When the emails resurfaced on a perv’s computer, she gave Comey eight days to review
  • Punishing her opponents with IRSgate; also ChinaGate, TravelGate, and PardonGate
  • Stood with Obama on Obamacare, but stood against Obamacare when running for POTUS
  • Compromised national security through placing national emails on her private server
  • Chief aide is connected with radical terrorist organizations and ideologies
  • Connected with donations from Middle Eastern countries who WikiLeaks said funded ISIS
  • Massive lies, perjury, and numerous trust, health, and colluding illegally with the media
  • Clinton Foundation pay-to-play racket, and acceptance of millions from foreign enemies
  • Close criminal friends, advocate for various criminal causes including illegal immigration
  • Hillary’s vice-president is a Jesuit priest, her husband Bill was trained by the Jesuits, and the Jesuits were known as the Masters of the Inquisition, feared even by many Roman Catholics due to the Jesuit’s occult connections, their vile black deeds throughout the centuries, and their hideous techniques of torture, mayhem, and death which our forefathers warned us would probably be the very ones to destroy the American republic. The Jesuits were also the founders of the Satanic Illuminati, the very order who originally started the Jesuits under the Illuminati’s Spanish name, the Alumbrados. The Jesuits’ dirty deeds reach to the heavens. When they arrive in a country, you know the punishing of a people is about to begin. Woe to America! Woe to the Vatican who have a Pope who is a Jesuit priest for the first time ever – and the Roman Catholics have a very, very long history.


B: Hillary’s followers are going to vote for her anyway, knowing she is a criminal.  Many will vote for a criminal felon as President of the USA for the first time in history just because she is a woman. Is this not incredibly sexist?  If Occult Rome is the current leader of the Cabal as shown in numerous articles throughout this website, and Hillary is capable of these types of evils, will she also be capable of the same type of crimes on a massive scale like Stalin, Hitler, and Bloody Mary? Once she is no longer in need of those abetting her and the people who are voting for her (who she hates as proven by her statements in her early political career), will she keep them around? Has Hillary proven herself capable of no conscience in the vilest crimes from pedophilia to murder to ghastly deeds of danger to an entire nation’s security to the alleged murder of Vince Foster? If so, is she is capable of murdering people ‘en masse’ if she finds them deplorable or ‘in her way’? Did she not have similar circumstances facing her in the past and did she not time and again commit the vilest acts to keep herself atop as ‘king of the mountain’ even if it meant violating every law and office in the land? If she does decide to go after the citizenry’s guns and create a state like unto Stalin’s with blood flowing, then how high will the body count go? Higher than the current Clinton body count? And will her Jesuit sidekick, Tim Kaine, be standing by her side as the Jesuits have throughout history, while the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Inquisitions were taking place?  Wherever you find the Jesuits creeping out of the shadows into the public eye, expect to see the blood flow. They love their shadows and crevices behind the ‘rocks’ and if they are entering the public arena, it is usually something very wickedly important that is about to be done.

jesuit-pope-53-638The Roman Cabal has always enjoyed a slaying of innocents, as well as throwing them into gas chambers. Could Hillary start with the non-Cabal sodomites, or Jews like Jake Tapper and Bernie Sanders, or political dissidents and baggage like James Comey and Huma Abedin? Impossible or just ‘wild enough’? Plato once said “know thyself”.  I say “know thy history” and especially that of the Jesuits.

Could Hillary start the bloodletting by going after the Republicans and agitating them with law after law against their morals, while her Roman-controlled media attempts to paint her as a ‘saint’?  Will Hillary create a body count far higher than she has ever created in the past? Could it be in the millions? Is she not capable?

May Israel look out for innocents in America, because they are one of the few nations who have not completely succumbed to the power of the Roman Cabal. The occult Roman monarchs of pagan Rome are flexing their muscles even as we speak.  Their Pope, also a Jesuit like Hillary’s vice-president, has shown that he is willing to watch with hands folded as Christians are beheaded all throughout the Middle East. His Catholic Fox News Network, owned by Knight of St. Gregory Murdoch, pretends to be on the side of the American people in this reality TV show.  Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has already stated that he expects Hillary to be elected even before the election starts due to her connections. Who is Assange really? Is he also wearing a mask in this drama as it unfolds in reality TV fashion before the world?

C: Therefore based upon ‘A’ and ‘B’, one must conclude that Hillary’s followers, allies, and media partners are as evil as she is, and are therefore capable of screaming for blood like the crowds in the Roman arenas many centuries ago. If they want to enable Hillary to snatch guns from innocent people, it must be because they want to see the blood of innocents flow. I have become more convinced of this fact by the day. It’s not because they are ignorant of history or stupid. They are just evil for the most part.  While Trump’s beliefs and loyalties are a bit more sketchy (and he definitely appears to be a Cabal member as well), Hillary is definitely a criminal felon and her ideologies and loyalties are clearly tied to the Roman Cabal and their occult, pagan elite rulers. Is “Spirit Cooking” (or a sacrifice of blood) around the corner as soon as occult Hillary, whose connections to the occult and witchcraft are all over the web even as we write this, may soon seize the reigns and begin a Reign of Terror in the United States like none ever seen since the time of the Caesars against those who believe in GOD as well?

We think so. The only question is whether the Jesuits will allow one of their own, Tim Kaine, to replace Hillary quickly (by knocking her off) or slowly through patience. With a Jesuit POTUS and a Jesuit Pope, there’s sure to be a few blood games that follow.

If you are a follower of the Messiah, born into the family of YHWH, please pray for America at this hour. Prayer changes things. Now may be the appointed time for the final events of prophecy, but it’s still wise to pray to see if we might delay the end for a bit.




NEW ROME: Rising

When did ancient occult Rome begin its rise in the world again?

It is doubtful you will read an article like this one anywhere in the world, although some may deal with similar topics. Much of what is said in this article is the culmination of many years of study and deep research.

If you aren’t steeped in history or if you have read only this article and not many of the others on this website explaining a great host of organizations and events that are far more than what the average citizen realizes, you may be shocked by what you read in this article.  Therefore, be sure to acquaint yourself with other articles in this site that carefully and slowly document the long trail of mystical intrigue that began almost four thousand years ago in Babylon, grew into a giant with the Roman Empire, and is looming over us today in various forms from slavery to intelligence organizations to massive global enslavement under the guise of a New World Order that is actually an Old World Order attempting to recover its power.

pope paul 1

Consider the true history of the past two thousand years.  Imagine that the Roman Empire was faltering due to issues such as the advance of the Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, the divisions between the Eastern and the Western Roman Empires, and the rise of Christianity.  Imagine what a Roman Emperor might do in such an environment.  He just might resort to strategy – a strategy that might mitigate all three.  In other words, he might make the Roman Empire become ‘invisible’ from the advancing Barbaric and Germanic Tribes, create a religion to unite the East and the West while giving Christianity a symbolic nod.   Thus, the Roman Empire by ‘getting religion’ and specifically a syncretic hybrid religion that mixed traditional Roman pagan sun worship with Christianity was the answer.  Hiding behind the veil of an Unholy Roman Empire, the Romans were able to maintain their empire secretly from A.D. 476 until A.D. 1815 when the Roman Empire’s charade ended … or at least in secret.   It was at the Congress of Vienna when Prince Metternich and his allies throughout Europe united to create the seeds of what would later become the European Union. However, at the heart of this movement was a prior core movement.  This movement was at one time known as the Alumbrados (Spanish for ‘Illuminati’), an organization thought to be descended from such groups as the Druids, the Gnostics, the Sol Victus adherents, the Knights Templar, and other Elite Occult Men of Rome’s Infamous Roman Empire which supposedly disappeared in A.D. 476.  In reality, the lines weren’t so easy to see at times, because the Popes didn’t exactly rejoice at the thought of sharing power with these Roman Occult leaders who seemed desirous of taking up their Roman Empire authority once again after the Triple Threat of Barbarians, Muslims, and Protestants were starting to fade into more verbal disagreements than real military power in 1815.

jesuitsThe Popes had hired Ignatius of Loyola in A.D. 1540 at the height of the Protestant Reformation.  The Pope asked this powerful retired Spanish warrior, who was thought to be a leader among the Alumbrados, to take the helm of the Roman Catholic Militia and spearhead the Counter-Reformation aimed at destroying the Protestant Reformation, a revolution against papal sovereignty over Europe.  Ignatius of Loyola agreed.  Thus, any Catholic attempting to understand why Ignatius, who proudly spoke of his conversations with a beautiful reptilian Serpent in his room, was accepted by the Popes (who claimed to be religious and moral) may now have a better glimpse into the possible circumstances that were transpiring at that time in history.

As one Knights Templar told me, the marriage between the Roman Occult and the Catholic Church was what he called ‘a marriage of convenience’.  Though steeped in Occult doctrine with a little Christianity sprinkled throughout, the Catholic Church had always been known to adopt the religion of whatever country their Jesuit ‘missionaries’ decided to conquer. This was how they started.  They combined Roman sun worship and Christianity.  Today, as one Jesuit stated, they combine this original hybrid mixture of the world’s two oldest religions with whatever religion happens to be in a country, such as Buddhism, Islam, or Voodoo.  Religions such as Candomble and Santeira are examples. Malachi Martin’s book on the Jesuits told how the Catholic Church was betrayed by the Jesuits.

finalMalachi Martin, having been a former Jesuit himself, was a prolific writer, the confidant of four popes, and one of the best communicators for the Vatican regarding the takeover of the Vatican by exterior forces including the Jesuits. His books were written from the 1960s until the late 1990s after which he was found dead on his stairwell in NYC, supposedly from a ‘stroke’.  Much mystery seemed to swirl around his death, but just as in the cases of Pope John Paul I and many other mysterious deaths mentioned on this website, nobody knows for certain how he truly died. Ironically, Malachi Martin had written on these powers, as well as the threats made against one Cardinal who was ‘almost pope twice’ and the sinister assassination of Pope John Paul I.  Martin had detailed ritual abuse, Satanic sacrifices, and the Satanic possession of the Vatican for over three decades starting in the 1960s. Many Catholics today still cling to the Vatican, swiping aside the rank and weight of Malachi Martin’s words, choosing tradition instead of the facts much like many other religions and denominations who have likewise been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Occult. Religions are not alone – governments have been given the same treatment. Did not John Robison in his book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” explain how these pagan Occult Romans wanted to destroy all governments and religions from the earth?   And why? In order to create their one world government and religion in their absence.

vaAnd now the interesting news.  After the Roman Empire hid behind papal, religious garments in A.D. 476 and managed to survive the threats facing them for years with this ‘trojan horse’ strategy of incredible proportions, the more powerful Caesarian families such as the Borgias, Medici, and Alumbrados influences came to the forefront as the Popes engaged in a life and death struggle with the religious debates of the Counter-Reformation.  The Popes, after all, were reluctant to give back their power to the Caesarian families as seen in the death of Jacques de Molay, who had led the Knights Templar until the Popes saw them as a threat to power.  However, the Jesuit Order was a more clever disguise as they allied themselves to the Catholic Church.  And eventually, the Pope banned the Jesuit Order in 1773.  In reaction, a Jesuit priest named Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati (the English name for the Occult ‘Alumbrados’). Between the time that the Pope banned the Jesuits in 1773 and the founding of the Illuminati in 1776 by a Jesuit, this same Pope was poisoned.  The new face of ‘America’ was also formed from the original thirteen colonies in 1776 by a small segment of powerful Freemasons, taking the first step toward removing state rights and state Constitutions that were centered around the Bible and the Christian faith. One of the Occult’s first steps was to create ‘no establishment of religion’, thus purging the Christian foundation from the Constitution at the very outset. However, the Occult knew that the Christians greatly outnumbered all others in the New World known as the United States of America, and so they waited for a century before pushing their plan forward step-by-step as they hid in the shadows.

final2Shortly after the creation of the Illuminati, we see the Roman Empire rising again – not the Catholic Church – but the Roman Empire.  We see the beginnings in the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte, who like the Jesuits wed himself to the Catholic Church, only to conquer all the Catholic papal states.  Here the beginning of Rome’s rise begins, followed by the Congress of Vienna mentioned earlier.  In the back corridors of power, much intrigue has been taking place.   In the late 1700s, we read the book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” by a powerful Freemason who takes the penname John Robison.  Robison explains that the lodges in that very time in history during the late 1700s were being taken over by Jesuits and others of like mind.  One note regarding Napoleon.  It was his grand nephew, a Knight of Malta, who started the FBI in America. It was another Knight of Malta, Bill Donovan, who was said to be instrumental behind the forcing of the Bolshevik Revolution, the resulting ‘Cold War’, and the founding of the OSS and CIA.

With the formation of the Illuminati, the New America and the New France starting in 1776, the conquering of the Papal States by Napoleon who was seemingly used by Metternich to do the ‘dirty work’, the emergence of the Metternich Roman powers, the Congress of Vienna, and the dissolution of the Unholy Roman Empire in 1815, and the resulting Kingdom of Italy a few decades later, the Roman Occult with all of her Gnostics, Knights, Freemasons, Illuminati, Druids, Witches, and Dark Masters were set to rise, and rise they did through leaders in various influential aspects of society.  Government awas not the only place they chose to dominate as can be seen in the leadership of Madame Blavotsky, Immanuel Kant, Franz Mesmer, Carl Jung, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Emanuel Swedenborg, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marie Curie, the Ghost Club, Mary Todd Lincoln, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ancient Druid Order, Modern Freemasonry, William Blake, Charles Dickens, Ordo Templi Orientis, Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Charles Cardell, Brothers Grimm, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, Georg Hegel, Bahá’í Faith, the Fabian Society, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Emil Kraepelin, Bahá’u’lláh, Ellen G. White, Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner, Karl Marx, Karl Barth, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Dickens, Mary Baker Edd, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Charles T. Russell, William Butler Yeats, Aliester Crowley, George Watson MacGregor Reid, occult Knights of various orders, and many other powerful individuals and groups who began their ascent in earnest during the 1800s.   Their effects were felt in the 1900s like a mighty thunderous earthquake.

Earlier in 1540, we read of how the Ignatian network absorbed the Knights such as the Knights of St. John, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, and many, many more.  In this acquisition, the Roman Occult gained much power, with or without the knowledge of the popes regarding their long term goals and strategies.

occult conspiracyWith the Roman powers slowly using others to accomplish their goals, such as the French Resistance movement in the French Revolution and the American Revolutionaries and the world wars and many other clever ruses to annihilate their enemies, we arrive in the 1960s where they have unleashed their hedonism upon the world.  Everywhere we see Roman hedonism abounding as in the days of gladiators, occult witches, and covert Roman military strategies and organizations that range from socialist Nazi fascists to radical Communists.  A book titled “Occult Conspiracy” by Michael Howard gives one a poor spiritual understanding, but a very clear historical understanding of how the world works as it explains the Occult’s role in such wars as those mentioned above, as well as the role of Occult secret societies in Russia, France, America, Germany, and more.  Men such as Benjamin Franklin, who belonged to the Hellfire Club, and other Occult Freemasons are mentioned.  I believe the top leaders of the Occult are guided by the forces of evil.  In other words, the ‘powers that be’ are literally the forces of evil ruled by ‘the prince of this world’, who according to the Bible, has blinded the minds of men – the same ‘prince’ who offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow to him. All those elaborate lies on YouTube, Facebook, news sites, and Hollywood movies are ways to teach lies to mankind, and two of the biggest is that ‘GOD is a liar’ and ‘Satan was really out for mankind’s good’.  These lies are dressed in different ways, but the same lie found in the Garden of Eden is still spun today – that we were really in a ‘prison’ in the Garden of Eden and that Satan set us free. How is this even possible to believe; after all, the Garden of Eden was free of death, toil, tears, evil, and loneliness?  Because Satan is a master of the lie.

While there appear to be many, many front organizations of the Occult, and many leaders in each party, philosophy, and on each side of the issues of the day who rail against each other when in reality they are all working together using agitation, civil unrest, fear, and covert deception to ultimately push humankind against the Truth of Scripture, there appears to be some organizations that are more key than others.  For example, as you read Howard’s book mentioned above, you will notice the secret Occult societies located all around the world appear connected to the intelligence organizations of countries.  If you read Eric Jon Phelps’ book “Vatican Assassins”, you will see that he appears to push forward the same thinking – that many of the world’s intelligence organizations are controlled by the same men.  While Phelps points more toward the Catholic Church and Howard points toward the Occult, the truth I believe is that the leadership of both are one and the same – the Roman Occult.  If the occult creates intelligence organizations, and uses them to replace the governments and to take over the media and other major aspects of civilization, why do we find many moral and conscientious people in their employment?  This is one of their ‘fingerprints’ and one of their best shields from being discovered.  They deceive even the most moral of humankind and use them for their foul purposes, while building a reputation for charity, good works, and ‘saving the world’.  They let their followers feel they are fighting for a good cause.  In truth, the Occult employs good causes and moral people, while their ultimate goal is of the darkest and most vile purposes – a purpose they cloak behind much ‘smoke and mirrors’ through ‘cover stories’ or in other words they tell their followers they are doing ‘xyz’ for the reasons of ‘abc’ and that they must ‘save the day’ by following their plan and practices which may include giving up security and liberty or doing wrong in order to do ‘right’ and other such bunk.  In reality, these evil powers know their true purpose is vile all along, but this purpose isn’t shared, and even the action plans are only shared on a ‘need to know’ basis and only in the compartment or department that needs to know.  It’s like a movie director who knows the entire script, but uses a different cameraman, actor, and set for each phrase of the script, so that nobody really knows the whole script – only pieces. They all feel they are doing a ‘good thing’.

This background is essential in understanding where we are today as the CIA (formed by a Knight and a core of Nazis shuttled into America through Operation Paperclip), NASA and Big Pharma (also created by the same Occult men from Nazi Germany),  and many of the world’s most powerful government and corporate banks and entities are just a handful of the many tentacles of Rome’s rising empire – an empire that is slowly looming from the shadows in the past decade.

proofsIf you wonder why the political parties all seem the same or why JFK was killed or Lincoln or Princess Diana or an entire array of other questions that seem strange or perplexing, then look to the Roman Occult masters.  Today, even the Pope’s position has been replaced by a Jesuit.  Your candidates are all connected to their organizations and have been for decades … those with knowledge of these matters can see the hand of Rome throughout the years.

And how is Trump’s run for office connected to the rise of ancient Rome in the world again? Or is it? Is he their Trump card who they’ve been saving? Or is he just Hillary’s ace? Or is he really just the harmless, stammering elderly man filled with faux pas comments on every hand as he appears?  How would anyone remain CEO or maintain business allies for long if they acted like Trump? So is Trump just acting? And if so, why? Or has Trump’s team done demographic and survey analysis and decided this is how he needs to act? Or is this really a plan to push Americans more toward fascism, while giving the world the false impression that ‘conservative’ equates to fascism?  Or is his act part of their dialectical Hegelian philosophy of creating the problem and the solution? Of creating a thesis and anti-thesis in order to push forward their real goal – the synthesis?  Why are so many men of Rome connected to Trump and to the Clintons and many of the other leaders who are opposing each other right now? Why does more and more anti-semitism, rascism, and fascist hatred seem to be on the rise? Or is this just the impression we’re given by the media so that many will conform to such a mindset since many do what they think others are doing? Be sure to visit our partner website, Biblical Connection, where many of the so-called ‘evangelicals’ supporting Trump are exposed as being sympathetic to Rome and perhaps even infiltrating men of Rome and not truly evangelical at all.

After reading this article from Bloomberg View and seeing the growing #NeverTrump movement, one may wonder how Trump won South Carolina by such a landslide. In the above linked article alone, you will see a vast and diverse list of Republicans who are all opposed to Donald Trump.  How is Trump winning if many of the Republicans from various parts of the party are so opposed to him?  Is it the media? Is it something far more sinister?  Or is Trump’s rise among Republicans a charade by powerful men? Or are all of the candidates being offered to Americans supposed to be laughable? Are all of these candidates just a way for the world to laugh at America and turn their attention to Europe for leadership?


Is Trump, as crazy as he acts, still being given media attention just because he was trained like his pal Bill Clinton by that secret and globally powerful militia, who once presided over the Inquisitions of Europe, known as the Jesuits? Or is the Illuminati behind him?  Or is it Catholic Fox News who is making him so popular? Or are they all related? Is Trump acting the part of a court jest on purpose? And what does this say about his followers?

Well, it’s more complex and intriguing than you might think.  In fact, the key word in all of the bags of tricks being handed down by the Roman Occult Empire these days is that of ‘sketchy’, ‘uncertain’, ‘mysterious’, ‘intriguing’, and ‘shadowy’ at best. Rumor seems to indicate that something is in the wind this coming year.  Some conjecture that it’s coming from the sleeve of Obama. Others think it’s Hillary.  Some think it’s Trump.  Or could it be something else altogether like the economy?  Are all of these just a distraction?

Here’s an example of how connected all of these occult families from Europe are.  Donald Trump’s grandfather’s real name is Friedrich Trumpf who was born in the Roman Imperial Village of Kallstadt.  Johann Heinrich Heinz was also born in this Imperial Village located in the heart of the Occult kingdom of Bavaria. Johann’s Catholic great, grandson died in a mysterious plane crash. His Catholic wife married Catholic Secretary of State John Kerry, the Skull and Bonesman.  Bavaria is where the Illuminati was formed, and was where Catholic Adolph Hitler emerged as well as many members of the Roman Occult.  Skull and Bones secret society in Yale University is said to be one of the main nests from which the CIA recruits their candidates.  Skull and Bones is said to have been formed by Occult Bavarian members of the Illuminati, and is considered to be a ‘sister secret society’ to the very society to which Hitler belonged.

imagesI have a Knights Templar acquaintance who has seen Hitler’s Knight uniform. Guess who else came from Skull and Bones and who were also connected to the Nazi CIA?  Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush (the latter who was knighted by the Vatican). The Bush family were said to be connected to the financing of the Nazis, as were many on Wall Street, and the Kennedy family are said to have made their fortune when Joseph Kennedy was one of four men who short-sold their stock, creating the ‘Great Depression’.  Maria Shriver is of the Kennedy dynasty and she married Arnold Schwarzenegger whose dad was said to be a Nazi. Maria attended the Jesuit school, Georgetown, which Donald Trump’s son and Bill Clinton also attended.  Donald Trump attended a different Jesuit school, Fordham University as well. We could go onward for some time, but it’s all one happy family indeed. Many of these Occult Romans are Catholic, but at the core, they are Caesarian.  They have used the consciences of the Catholic people who have a strong desire to please the Papacy to forward their agenda of Roman Imperialism and Occult takeover. Catholics unknowingly are being used to prepare countries for the Occult to conquer by ridding lands of guns as Occult Catholic Hitler also did in order to prevent the populace from defending themselves.  Hitler was Occult by religion and Catholic by political alliance and as a way to sway the consciences of his followers. Hitler’s parents were Catholic too.  The wedding in 1540 between the Popes and the Alumbrados (Jesuits) had a huge impact upon Catholicism. We see this in the Inquisitions.

illuminatiWe also see this in the Crusades in which the Knights Templar, predecessors to the Alumbrados or Illuminati, were also in bed with the Popes.  One might at first see this as the Occult infiltrating the innocent, naive Catholic Church, as the Occult has infiltrated most governments and religions, but as far back as we can see even to Roman Emperor Constantine I the Not-So-Great, we see the Catholic Church was different. They are the mask of Imperial Rome – their prostitute as it were.  Constantine formed the foundation of the Catholic Church and made himself the Head of it, and the Head of it he is; for the line of the Emperors are the real power behind the Catholic Church which they use as a way to manipulate the consciences of moral people by dangling heaven before their eyes like a carrot, only to ask them to give up their guns, embrace socialism and fascism, and to bow to the every whim of the Roman Occult, including the execution and murder of innocent civilians who the Romans say are guilty of vice and crime (when in reality, the Occult knows them to be innocent believers devoted to the Creator).

romsol-standard1And think about the spying capabilities of a clergy compared to a government. The Vatican tells their one billion adherents that their loyalty must first be to the Pope and secondly to their country. The Pope is considered both the king of a secular empire, Vatican City, and also the head of a religious empire, the Unholy See.  As leader of one of the world’s largest religions, his secular empire has advantages beyond other world empires. Thus, this ‘marriage of convenience’ is a partnership like none other between the Occult and Catholic Church, a church that the Roman Occult created … and thus, we see how metaphorically ‘Luke Skywalker’ was fathered by ‘Darth Vader’ in occult terms.  After all, Occult Joseph Campbell’ disciple George Lucas made that famous series of movies known as ‘Star Wars’.  The ‘Stars’ are the gods or the demons with ‘light sabers’, those fallen angels or watchers who followed Satan and they have been involved in the Empire’s many shenanigans.  And I’m referring to the Roman Empire, not the one of Lucas’ metaphorical tale. Tolkien the Jesuit had his own trilogy but with the same Empire in mind. Tolkien’s reference to seven Nazgul is very telling as seven is the number of GOD.  Those who are wise must realize that Tolkien was painting the Occult as the heroes in his tales, and GOD as the villain.  These Occult men are looking for their King to return – the False Messiah known as Anti-Christ.   C.S. Lewis, who was ‘converted’ to a variation of Romanist religion by Tolkien, had his own metaphor for their Roman King – he called him ‘Aslan’ which in Turkish means ‘Lion’ and is represented by ‘Leo’ in the occult Zodiac.  In Rome, the Lion of the ground and the Eagle of the air were used as the symbols of Rome’s dominance over the world.

The Legion’s Aquila would be defended to the death …  for a Legion, the “Aquilifer” bore the Aquila-Eagle, while the “Imaginifer” carried the Imago of the Emperor …  the Vexillarius is wearing maile (hamata) body armor and a very impressive lion pelt over his helmet.  A Lion (leo) pelt is thought to have been generally worn only by the Aqualifer, Signifer or Vexillarius of a legion/legio unit.”


Hercules, Occult Hero

Babylon, founder of the Occult religion, was also represented by the Lion.  In a sense, Rome was carrying on the Occult standard handed down to them by Babylon, then Media-Persia, and Greece. Mythology was the bible of the Occult, based upon the original religion led by Nimrod in Babylon, and thus we see Hercules (a mythological character based upon the religion of Nimrod) would also wear the lion’s head as his symbol of dominance as a mighty warrior. In occult terms, a god was a ‘hero’.  This word emanated from the word ‘zera’ or ‘zero’ which was the ancient word for ‘Seed’, which some conclude was a reference to the Seed of Messiah. Thus, heroes or gods were considered versions of ‘messiahs’.  In Ancient Greece, Olympic winners were considered gods or heroes who were given great honor and privilege above all other citizens.

Another famous symbol of Rome seen carried by their standard bearers was that of the ‘Draco’ or dragon.  This occult symbol is also seen in the Occult Zodiac as well.  You also see lions and dragons on the renovated Ishtar Gate of Babylon even today.

World dominance was transferred from Babylon to Persia-Media to Greece to Rome as depicted in various dreams and visions by Daniel the Prophet in the Bible. Each of these kingdoms were known for their Occult beliefs or Baal-worship. In a sense, they fulfilled an ancient pagan concept known as the passing of the torch (as seen in the Olympics) or the ‘eternal flame’.  In other words, this ‘torch’ appears to be the true powers that be – the fallen angels as seen in Daniel’s prophetic book where the ‘Prince of Persia’ is a fallen angels that fights against one of GOD’s angels. In this prophetic narrative, we see how fallen angels are identified with rising world kingdoms as Persia was rising in the world at that particular time.

Rome has many of the same attributes and symbolism as Babylon, but they have shown far more resilience in duration and strategy over the past two thousand years.


In all of this we see how the Roman church is but an arm of the powerful occult, and the consciences of Catholics are manipulated and used for the secret intents of the Occult Masters of the old Roman Empire.  The Occult Masters have evil plans, but they use misplaced religious fervor to achieve them by offering them religious motivations, deceptive reasoning and ‘cover stories’ for why certain things should be believed or enacted.  Therefore, you may now see how Hitler himself may have uttered the following comment:

“And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew. I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.” – Mein Kampf

BAPHOMET CROWLEY MIT MALTESER KREUZIs it any surprise that Trump sounds rascist?  Although Trump claims to be a Presbyterian, his lack of any real knowledge about the Bible or Presbyterian beliefs was evident this past year when he was asked basic questions about the same.  At the same time, he is a Knight of Malta and a Jesuit graduate. What is he really?  Thus, with this information in hand, one must ask who’s who in the Republican race.  If Republicans really wanted a conservative candidate to win, then why are Carson and Catholic Rubio still running? Doesn’t this split the vote that would vote for Cruz against the far left-wing Trump?  Then again, I recently was told by a learned political researcher that Ron Paul had issues with Ted Cruz.  Ron Paul is a military vet and a lover of freedom and the Bill of Rights.  It is said that the Roman elite at the Congress of Vienna stated that they sought to destroy America’s Bill of Rights, and by all appearances, they seem to be winning.  If Ron Paul has issues with Cruz, then what does that leave us? But Cruz is the only one garnering enough votes to fight Trump who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, I read that Cruz and his wife have very Illuminati-styled connections in their history. Cruz is connected heavily with the Bush cabal, Goldman Sachs who is seen by some to be an intelligence front, and the New World Order’s agenda as seen in his resume. Heidi Cruz’s education and past positions appear to be quite eye-opening. Heidi is also connected to Goldman Sachs, and was as an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as a member of the Independent Task Force on North America that in 2005 published a report entitled “Building a North American Community” which would remove the U.S.A.’s sovereignty, and she eventually became the director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council. Therefore, we are in one fine mess in America.

Even Ron Paul‘s allegiances are very sketchy these days as we find more and more that everyone on the candidate stage these days is a shill, which would also make us heavily question if Rand Paul is also a fake conservative, who is really just pushing the campaign for the drug cartels wanting to legalize illegal drugs.

Donald TrumpWill Cruz solve our problems? We may never know if he is a shill or the real deal if Rubio and Carson continue to block him from beating fascist Trump.  I doubt that anyone will solve our current problems.  I see the huge shadow that most do not see – the Roman Empire – and it is looming large these days as seen in DARPA technology, NSA mass surveillance, a Nazi gun-snatching and police state environment, and far more.  And even the Catholic Church should be ‘en garde’, because when Occult Rome is done, even they may be burning in flames once they offer no more use to their Roman Masters. We see a hint of this in Revelation chapter 17 as the governmental Beast of Rome turns on the prostitute riding its back and burns it with flames.

Nope, … Washington, D.C. won’t save us.  They’re the problem, not the solution.  Our only hope for the moral, economic, and fascist nightmare we see is the One who once blessed this nation and made it great when America thrived.  Only He whose name is no longer allowed in our government buildings and schools can save us.

May GOD help America.

NSA HACKING: The ultimate insider trading


Imagine being an investor who knows what stocks will go up tomorrow and which ones will drop. Imagine knowing the secrets whispered in hidden corridors.  Could millions or even billions or even trillions of dollars be generated from that type of knowledge?

As you will read in this article, insider trading on a global scale by your government may be taking place.  While the Old World Order has created lots of safeguards to keep average citizens from getting rich from insider information, they appear to be pulling in loads of money through their spying eyes.  What will be next?  Will they soon use NDAA to torture executives into giving out company secrets? Almost anything seems possible in this new brave new world.

SMART PHONES: Too smart?

iphoneI’m sure you are convinced that as the headlines states in the link above that iPhones “won’t store fingerprints” and feel better already, right?  After all, we can trust the NSA to not snoop into that data with their decryption and spy programs that American’s taxes funded, right-o?

Have you suspected that smart phones were well-named for more than obvious reasons?  Is finger-printing really only the tip of the iceberg? The video in the link above is a great big “FYI” to all of those who might be naive about how your privacy is being destroyed every single day.

1Welcome to “the global surveillance state” where anyone who refuses the economic “mark” of the Roman elite in the near future will have nowhere to hide and no way to escape identification.  With satellite scanning technology, tiny drones such as those seen on the DARPA website or as seen in this article and this article, can spot a dime on the ground from high above.  Also, heat-infrared technology and scores of other ways exist to monitor every inch of this planet.  Where will you hide?

There’s a reason for all of this out-of-control mania that is taking place in governments globally. If you have suspected that there’s an “elite” or you have fears that our world may soon change in a drastic manner, then you should know that wanting to be on the “right side” is not sufficient.  You must know the Truth and ensure you are on the right side.  A large segment of the population on this planet will not survive.  This I can say with certainty.

Red EyeImagine the worst horror that you have ever seen, whether real or fictional.  Nothing can prepare a human for the perilous times ahead. Your worst nightmare or even Hollywood’s most horrific films cannot even begin to describe the true fear that will invade this planet. Those “elite” who have used “terror” as a way to accomplish their agenda will not be immune.  They will indeed experience terror beyond anything they could comprehend, which will be fitting for them indeed.  Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or George Orwell’s 1984 or the most vividly imagined and sick horror book ever written could never prepare you for what will take place in the future.  Imagine what will happen when power goes out, when food is difficult to find, when there is no law enforcement to protect you, when the bullets have run out for you and your loved ones, and when more crises than you can imagine is the state of your town. 

tumblr_mi175x4eYW1s517nho1_400Even the Bible, one of the most respected Books on planet Earth with more ancient copies to verify its authenticity and accuracy than any other historical work, clearly states that the last days will be very perilous times.  All signs show that we are all but there.  When it happens, expect to be afraid.  Very, very, very afraid.  Even the authentic Christians, who have less to fear since they have the promise of eternal life, will likely face martyrdom, the Book of Revelation indicates as it speaks of many believers who are beheaded.  An aggressive police state like none you have ever imagined is to be expected.  At one point in the horrors to come, the Bible says that people’s hearts will actually fail from fear and from trying to keep up with all the things coming to pass. 

GuillotineThe Book of Revelation is clear that the end will include the worst judgments known to mankind as can be seen in the article at this link.  

What makes today different than any other year?  That question can be clearly answered in a book-length report of all the events and technologies that have quickly come to pass in the past century.  A few examples include the nation of Israel being reinstated after almost two thousand years as seen in the article at this link.  

Twenty-two more prophecies are shown to be ready and awaiting the end in the article at this link.  

The new concept of a digital tattoo in place of a smart phone password is making headlines, but it plays right into the Book of Revelation as can be seen in the article at this link.  

Armageddon-movieThe winds are changing literally and the effects can be seen around the world fulfilling prophecy as shown in the article at this link.  

Will you be part of those who are redeemed or one of those who will face the sudden judgment as shown in the article at this link?  

Even church attendees are a sign of the end, because we see a great “falling away” taking place.  They listen to the “devil’s music”, wear provocative clothing, “sleep around” and divorce, and violate GOD’s Law on a daily basis.  The Bible says that men will mock prophecy in the last days in total disrespect of GOD.  Look around.  It’s here.  

2Not only do atheists and others mock prophecy, but many of those attending churches either mock or turn many of the prophecies into metaphors, much like “taking the fangs out of a cobra”, thereby avoiding the thought of potential judgment upon their own life or loved ones.

The Bible says the wrath of GOD will be poured upon all those who failed to give their lives to Him during the tribulation period, and the earth will experience judgments more horrific than at any time in human history.  

ArmageddonExplaining such prophecies away will not stop GOD’s judgment.  Will it be this year?  We aren’t told the exact date, but we are told the signs.  The earth is on the brink if you have been following such signs.  To see how incredibly close we are, be sure to read the article at this link

chinaThe signs are shouting at us in such extravagant numbers and such clarity and such volume that only a foolish man would risk his eternal soul for another day of sinful pleasure. I say to you:

“Repent and turn to GOD while there’s still time.”

executionsI’m sure Noah said something similar and was mocked or ignored … before the wrath of GOD was poured out upon mankind in that historical event which took the lives of every human except Noah and his family.   Remember how Sodom was also burned with fire?  Just before that event took place, Lot’s son-in-laws laughed, thinking their father-in-law was joking.  That’s how people in that city viewed GOD’s Word.  That’s how people today see GOD’s Word.  They think it’s a big joke.  They ridicule GOD.  They act in perversity and greed and even cruelty.  Across the globe today, we see a similar culture to Sodom.  Like Noah’s world experienced, the door will eventually shut.  People will eventually scream in pain and horror.  History repeats itself.

st--7m55An outline from the Book of Revelation of what will take place in the coming tribulation is available in the article at this link.  Today, turn to Jesus Christ and be saved from the horrors that will soon manifest themselves on this planet.    You may never hear another warning.  You may also mock or ignore this article, but keep in mind that there are literally a world of people in hell right now who died in the Flood who would encourage you to stop and think if they could.

You must know your Creator and commit your life to His ownership, asking forgiveness in repentance.  Your Creator’s name is Jesus Christ and He came to earth almost two thousand years ago to be born and to die for our sins.  He stated that He was the Way to heaven and that nobody can come to the Father except through Him.

sun and wavesAll of this was revealed to us through the Bible, the most published book on the planet and quoted by all major religions.  One sin will send us to hell according to the Bible.  That’s why we could never earn our own way through good works.  Works are futile, the Bible says.  Only through giving our entire lives to Him in exchange for His perfect sacrificial payment on the cross will we find redemption and eternal life.  Nobody can take that from us, including “the elite”.   The joys and pleasures of heaven will dawn like a new day for all those who trusted their Creator instead of themselves through the upcoming days of evil.  While the unbelievers are still screaming in hell’s painful tortures in billions of years from now, the believers will be enjoying the glories and beauties of heaven long after the tribulation period has passed.

If I’m wrong, I have still enjoyed a wonderful life.  If I’m right, I am very, very blessed beyond imagination, and those who doubted their Creator will be very, very, very hopeless.

NEW LEAKS: Millions unemployed, billions spent spying, and new methods

“The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.”  – a phrase used by the character of “Marc Antony” after Caesar was killed by his own Congress, taken from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

abc_edward_snowden_2_jt_130609_wg (1)Edward Snowden reveals that instead of helping one of the worst economic collapses and unemployment rates in U.S. history, the current American administration has wasted billions of dollars to fulfill their own voyeuristic, perverted spying upon American taxpayers (and charging them more taxes to do it). Americans are suffering economically while their deficit has grown at a rate never-before-seen in American history.

guns6What to do about it?  That’s the question that must be answered by the American people and those in high places who are sick of it. Meanwhile, here’s an article full of new leaks from Snowden regarding the invasive power of programs Bullrun and Edgehill, which are used by the NSA to break through the encrypted internet services of its citizens in order to violate their privacy for the pleasure of those in government:

Edward Snowden Reveals Secret Decryption Programs: 10 Things You Need To Know About Bullrun And Edgehill.

TERROR: The challenge of banning evil

wacoWhere shall I begin?  To count the tragedies and terror in the American homeland would take pages and pages, would it not?  It’s not really terrorists perpetrating evil like in New York City, but citizens mainly.   From Columbine to Waco to Aurora to Newtown to Boston to Washington to an endless list that boggles the mind, our nation is now a different country from sea to shining sea.

Crime is everywhere in our land, but has any Presidential adviser thought to whisper in Mr. Obama’s ear “It’s not the guns or bombs, Mr. President … it’s your poor leadership.”  I honestly doubt it, but facts are facts.

How can anyone blame terrorists for the evil when we hear that Americans committed the crimes?   Labeling people “terrorist” instead of “criminals” is just an act in semantics.  The truth is that crime has greatly increased within our borders and even greater waves of crime have entered on the watch of our President and his fascist allies.   Evil is being perpetrated everywhere.

united_states_bill_of_rightsUsing the term “terrorist” may be a subtle way for the President to hide his impotency as the Chief Law Enforcer of the law, but it is also a sneaky method for removing the protections of the Bill of RIghts from citizens such as “due process”, “habeas corpus”, “trial by jury”, and other Constitutional rights.  After all, it starts with renaming criminals as “terrorists”, and leads to criminals who are denied basic human rights, before it will finally lead to the removal of rights from entire segments of the population who disagree with the fascist dictator’s ideology.  Such fascism will not end.  Soon there will be city lock-downs, house-to-house searches, and unlawful arrests.  Precedents for further violations of rights are created during times of fear and unrest.

Newtown-shootingThus, it’s not solely the citizens or terrorists responsible for evil.  Even the President and his fascist allies, in their attempt to gain more dictatorial power from the people and to also avert any responsibility for the crime wave, recently attempted to use these recent unprecedented acts of crime as a way to disarm Americans and violate yet another Constitutional right.  Their actions are just another evil to add to the growing list in America.  Need I list Congress’ NDAA, Bush’s Patriot Act, the NSA’s “big brother” activities (as shown in NOVA’s “The Spy Factory” documentary), and other direct Constitutional violations? Almost every one of the Bill of Rights has been attacked in some manner by the last two Presidents.

John-Allen-Muhammad-prisonBanning guns does not rid a land of evil any more than banning bombs (which can be made from everyday materials), especially when you realize that the sin of drunkenness is one of the top killers in our land, followed by many other sins such as murder using everyday implements such as knives and baseball bats.  How many of these murders were committed due to divorces and domestic causes or some other evil cause?  Can the President truly ban evil?  Can he change this nation’s divorce rate through legislature?  Can he stop white collar crime or lying through more laws?  How about laws that keep young people from killing their own babies at abortion clinics?

ht_james_holmes_shooterHow about laws banning the youth from watching “R” or “X”-rated movies, playing “adult” video games, or viewing hard core porn all day?  Are they being enforced?  If not, then why not?  Can morality truly be legislated when parents have no fear of GOD and let their children do whatever they wish? Or who is going to monitor parents to keep them from abusing their children?  The government?  And who’s going to monitor the government when they abuse children as has been documented in Project MK-ULTRA as seen at this link?

columbine_shootingThe crimes and evils that have been committed in the past decade are unprecedented from the shooting of school children to the slaying of innocent people on the beltway of Washington, D.C. to the slaughter of thousands in the twin towers.  Were all of these crimes already against the law? Yes.  Were there already gun regulations in place that were violated by these crimes? Yes.  So adding more laws to more laws to more laws is an act of absurd and fascist proportions.  The ultimate regulation would be to imprison the entire planet, so that nobody can do evil.  Will that work?  No.  Because someone will find a way to get past such an absurd plan, just like they have managed to get past all the existing laws and gun regulations when they have evil in their heart.

boston-marathon-bombings-So how can we stop the leftists who love to use evil as a way to perpetrate more evil through fascism and by disarming the citizens?  When the government removes the guns of citizens to prevent citizens from doing evil, then who is going to keep the government from doing evil?  What happens when the citizens are totally evil and their government leaders who they elected are also evil?

NDAAHow do we stop the current tyrannical regime from continuing to destroy American freedoms that have existed for centuries?  How do we stop the other insane, evil individuals who carry out killings?  How do we stop the massive crime wave that continues in this land?  The President and Congress can make endless laws, but the cold, stark, truthful reality is that people will always find a way to do evil.  Therefore, laws or other controls will never stop the evil or terror taking place.  Only a transformation of the hearts of mankind can bring about the type of change needed in the United States.  The Bible has given us the answers for such change and it is found in the forgiveness and rebirth of a soul bowing before the Creator and accepting His payment on the cross for sin in repentant faith. The Holy Spirit then indwells the new believer and changes him from within in a way that he could never reform himself.  President Obama, Congress, or the Supreme Court could never change a human heart.  They can only allow people to read the Bible in classrooms and speak freely of the Bible in public forums.  The media could also be a channel of change in allowing the Scriptures to be heard.  Will that happen?  Without it happening, we can expect our nation to go from “bad” to “worse”.  In fact, I believe we’re seeing things go from “bad” to “worse” as we look around today.

terror links to the PresidentAlso, “terrorist” is a word based upon perspective likened unto the word “weird”.   Some people see Samson in the Bible who slew the Philistines as a terrorist.  Others see him as a hero.  Some think you were weird in junior high school.  You thought they were weird.  Weren’t many of the poor Presidential candidate choices in recent years linked to terrorists as seen in an article at this link?  What happens when the moral, law-abiding citizens are labeled “terrorists” and all of their rights are removed, so that insane, psychopathic fascists can kill off honest citizens to ensure they can install more of their own kind in government? Isn’t that the point of the Bill of Rights? Isn’t that why we must preserve them, so that regardless of our perspective or philosophical differences, order can be maintained?

tactical-riot-gearMore and more evils in our society continue to crescendo in ways never before seen in human history.  It seems to be one more indication of the downward spiral in America as the moral fabric seems to be tearing straight through to an irreversible state of madness.   Have you not heard of law enforcement’s use of overbearing force against citizens as seen at this link and this link and this link and this link?  Perhaps they are frustrated, because they are tired of the corrupt laws, evil lawyers and judges, and left-wing “civil rights” groups who fight more for the criminal’s rights than the citizens’ rights.  Perhaps they are sick of working so hard to arrest evil individuals who are free within a few months to threaten them and their families for just doing their job.  Perhaps they are emotionally exhausted from watching serial killers and violent perpetrators who walk free on technicalities or who escape the death penalty, because the death penalty is virtually non-existent, thanks to the leftists and religious pacifists who fight to keep justice from being served.  Then again, perhaps some are just pure evil … especially those who stop and assault innocent women after dark.

Police caught photo-shopping photos of beaten suspects.

Police caught photo-shopping photos of beaten suspects.

Without a doubt, the crime wave, the corrupt government and the corrupt people who elected them are very serious symptoms of a coming “train wreck” if left unchecked.  Now “free speech” is censored, but in accordance with the new reprobate mindset in which, evil is “good” and good is “evil”.  In other words, in centuries past in this once-Christian and blessed land, porn, obscenity, vulgarity, and profanity were censored from free speech as being non-protected forms of speech which were evil, just like traitors and Communists who spoke against our government were also censored.  Today, the only censorship taking place is that of pastors and moralists who speak out against the evils being perpetrated in this land by those who commit crimes against nature from sodomites to pedophiles to white slavery masters to porn tycoons.   Their messages from the Bible are called “hate speech”.  This twisting of evil into “good” is the very basis and definition for insanity.

imagesThen there are also the hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and a tsunami of other unprecedented natural disasters in this land.  Hurricane Sandy, as discussed at this link, is a more recent example.  Floods and tornadoes over the past couple of years alone (which doesn’t even count hurricanes Sandy, Rita, Katrina, etc) have cost around $16,000,000,000, not to mention the massive body count of priceless lives.

In a righteous nation, people don’t need a lot of regulations and laws.  The founder of Pennsylvania had this to say:

“Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”  – William Penn

spy factoryAnd so we see history repeat itself.  Tyrants cannot enslave a righteous nation, because GOD protects and blesses a nation of righteous people.  When did all of this enslavement, terrorism, and evil begin to take place in America?  Did it not take place after this nation forgot it’s heritage and the GOD who had blessed her?

  • Did not America ban the Bible from her schools in the 1960s?  
  • Did not America ban prayer from her schools in the 1960s?  
  • Did not America legalize death camps known as abortion clinics in the 1960s?  
  • Did not American media flood America with nudity, vulgarity, profanity, blasphemy, perversion, idolatry, shamanic rock ‘n’ roll, drugs, rebellion, and a widespread sexual revolution in the 1960s as seen in every aspect of her culture?
pregnant woman slammed by police to ground

Pregnant woman slammed by police to ground for allegedly not pulling over in crowded traffic “fast enough”.

According to this statistic list, from 1620 to 1960 there were approximately 108 school shootings in 340 years which equals to almost one shooting every 3.2 years which is when the Bible was taught in American schools, and many of these were either accidents, Indian attacks, or situations involving intriguing circumstances such as hunting. That’s pretty amazing when you realize how many wars, Indian battles and wild west gunslingers there were during the 1700s and 1800s.  Even more interesting is the fact that no school shootings were reported during the time when the Puritans, Pilgrims, Baptists and other devout non-Catholic Christians ruled with their stocks, whipping posts, death penalties, strict moral regulations on adultery and other major sins, Blue Laws and their motto of “We have no King but Jesus”.  An even more interesting fact is that there were 82 school shootings from 1960 to 2000 and 66 school shootings from 2000 to 2013 for a combined total of school shootings since 1960 of 148 school shootings in 53 years which equals to almost three shooting sprees every year.  Also, the school shootings in recent years have been more like massacres than shootings.

NSA headquarters building, the city that never sleeps from which every move of Americans is monitored via smart phones, computers, webcams, phone cams, chips, phones, and more.

NSA headquarters building, the city that never sleeps from which every move of Americans is monitored via smart phones, computers, webcams, phone cams, chips, phones, and more.

It’s almost as though Americans in the 1960s made a metaphorical deal with the devil by saying: “We want our free sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll without the limits of moral law, GOD, the Bible, prayer, or rules against the consequences of sin (i.e. abortion bans)” … and Satan answering back has said: “Sure thing, but eventually I will be back to cruelly collect payment in full for these pleasures”.   Well, it appears that “collection time” is here and that the Evil Collector is knocking on the door of a nation that has forgotten her GOD.

We can see this truth of the curse of sin upon a land in the history of ancient Israel, when Jews would rebel against GOD which resulted in their punishment by foreigners.  As one views Israel’s ancient and Biblical history, one sees this pattern again and again in which a GOD-blessed Israel was untouchable while a sin-cursed Israel was easily taken over by enemies from within and enemies from outside of her borders.

“And God said unto Balaam, Thou shalt not go with them; thou shalt not curse the people: for they are blessed.” – [Numbers 22:12]

Patriot-ActBaalam, mentioned in the preceding verse, had to resort to casting the obstacles of idolatry and fornication in the path of Israel instead, since a righteous Israel couldn’t be cursed, but a sin-cursed Israel could.   Wouldn’t the Bible be an important Book for school children to read if you wanted them to know about moral law?  If for no other reason but its amazing prophecies being fulfilled and the fact it is the most published Book on the planet, the Bible should be required reading in schools.  After all, it is also more quoted by all major religions than any other Book, and is more verified for authenticity and accuracy than any other ancient document in world history with thousands of ancient copies in existence.

“Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

Pregnant woman tazed by police after reporting parking lot accident at a Best Buy.

Pregnant woman tazed by police after reporting parking lot accident at a Best Buy.

How true is that verse?  Isn’t it ironic that some would like to claim the Bible is full of lies, but they can’t seem to deny its truths and prophesies which continue to be found true throughout every era of history?  When generations and nations who forget GOD are long forgotten, the Bible continues to endure, bringing its blessings to nations and generations who consent to be governed by GOD.  One prophecy in the Bible claims:

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” – 2 Timothy 3:1

peta-imageAnother Bible prophecy states that people will forbid others to eat of meat in the last days?  Ever heard of P.E.T.A.?  Time after time after time, the Old Testament prophets told that the Jews would re-inhabit Israel and Jerusalem again after many years of being scattered among the Gentiles.  This was fulfilled in 1948 (Israel) and 1967 (Jerusalem).  There is an amazingly long list of prophecies fulfilled which exponentially challenge the field of statistics and probabilities to find a way to explain them outside of supernatural means.   The Bible also claims to be GOD-breathed.  It’s the only Book on the planet that makes this claim and is still taken seriously by even its sternest critics.  The Bible has the answers for the problems of evil in America if Americans will repent and begin again to obey this highly respected, time-enduring Book.

Papyrus_Scroll“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”  – [II Timothy 3:16]

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  – [2 Chronicles 7:14]

scrolls“But if ye turn away, and forsake my statutes and my commandments, which I have set before you, and shall go and serve other gods, and worship them; Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of my land which I have given them; and this house, which I have sanctified for my name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a proverb and a byword among all nations.” – [2 Chronicles 7:19-20]

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” – [Psalm 33:12]

“Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.” – [Psalm 144:15]

manuscripts“Who was there among all the gods of those nations that my fathers utterly destroyed, that could deliver his people out of mine hand, that your God should be able to deliver you out of mine hand?” – [2 Chronicles 32:14]

“Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him: for there be more with us than with him: With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the LORD our God to help us, and to fight our battles. And the people rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.”  – [2 Chronicles 32:7-8]

bible preservation over millenia“So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish” – [Job 8:13]

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” – [Psalm 9:17]

“These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; you thought that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.”  – [Psalm 50:21]