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HILLARY 2016: The unelection



marquis_de_lafayette_2Most of those voting for Hillary in the 2016 Election are expecting big things from her and she indeed has big things for them – just not what they expect. And don’t expect an election. It appears that the CIA has already rigged the election.  Meanwhile, both sides (Trump’s and Hillary’s camps) are claiming that the sixteen to seventeen intelligence organizations are working on THEIR side. And I must suggest that these intelligence organizations are, at the same time – especially if Trump and Hillary are on the same side in the back corridors of power as they complete the agenda of those who control the intelligence organizations – but if you’ve read the articles on this website, you already have an idea about these matters as I have perfectly described the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other machines of Rome in detail on this site for you. They want Republicans and Democrats to still love them as they play their sick shell games and stage their bloody political shows.

Let’s play a little syllogistic game, shall we?   Syllogisms go “if A=1, and B=2, and C equals A+B, then C must be 3”.  If you couldn’t follow that logic, then you probably shouldn’t be voting, but that’s another story altogether in a world where everyone is allowed to vote, including those who aren’t citizens, those who vote proxy for dead people, and those who are clueless about what the issues are and lacking knowledge of facts, history and basic analyst skills.  But I digress.

So the syllogism goes like this.

A:  Hillary committed a massive list of criminal acts while being protected by the Roman Cabal:

  • Lying in the Watergate scandal, ethical violations, and anti-Constitutional beliefs
  • Helping a pedophile who raped a 12-year old girl while placing guilt on the girl
  • Whitewater scandals and other Arkansas scandals involving drugs that were covered
  • Attacking the many rape and molestation victims of her husband
  • Vandalized and looted the White House when she and her husband left it back in 2001
  • Filegate in which political enemies’ files were sought and secret speeches she has given
  • With Bill, she produced massive body counts as admitted by hitman Larry Nichols
  • Stood by Bill as he murdered the children of Waco, Texas by burning them alive
  • Sat on her hands, enabling terrorists to kill four Navy Seals and an Ambassador
  • Took three years to produce Benghazi emails, then deleted them
  • When the emails resurfaced on a perv’s computer, she gave Comey eight days to review
  • Punishing her opponents with IRSgate; also ChinaGate, TravelGate, and PardonGate
  • Stood with Obama on Obamacare, but stood against Obamacare when running for POTUS
  • Compromised national security through placing national emails on her private server
  • Chief aide is connected with radical terrorist organizations and ideologies
  • Connected with donations from Middle Eastern countries who WikiLeaks said funded ISIS
  • Massive lies, perjury, and numerous trust, health, and colluding illegally with the media
  • Clinton Foundation pay-to-play racket, and acceptance of millions from foreign enemies
  • Close criminal friends, advocate for various criminal causes including illegal immigration
  • Hillary’s vice-president is a Jesuit priest, her husband Bill was trained by the Jesuits, and the Jesuits were known as the Masters of the Inquisition, feared even by many Roman Catholics due to the Jesuit’s occult connections, their vile black deeds throughout the centuries, and their hideous techniques of torture, mayhem, and death which our forefathers warned us would probably be the very ones to destroy the American republic. The Jesuits were also the founders of the Satanic Illuminati, the very order who originally started the Jesuits under the Illuminati’s Spanish name, the Alumbrados. The Jesuits’ dirty deeds reach to the heavens. When they arrive in a country, you know the punishing of a people is about to begin. Woe to America! Woe to the Vatican who have a Pope who is a Jesuit priest for the first time ever – and the Roman Catholics have a very, very long history.


B: Hillary’s followers are going to vote for her anyway, knowing she is a criminal.  Many will vote for a criminal felon as President of the USA for the first time in history just because she is a woman. Is this not incredibly sexist?  If Occult Rome is the current leader of the Cabal as shown in numerous articles throughout this website, and Hillary is capable of these types of evils, will she also be capable of the same type of crimes on a massive scale like Stalin, Hitler, and Bloody Mary? Once she is no longer in need of those abetting her and the people who are voting for her (who she hates as proven by her statements in her early political career), will she keep them around? Has Hillary proven herself capable of no conscience in the vilest crimes from pedophilia to murder to ghastly deeds of danger to an entire nation’s security to the alleged murder of Vince Foster? If so, is she is capable of murdering people ‘en masse’ if she finds them deplorable or ‘in her way’? Did she not have similar circumstances facing her in the past and did she not time and again commit the vilest acts to keep herself atop as ‘king of the mountain’ even if it meant violating every law and office in the land? If she does decide to go after the citizenry’s guns and create a state like unto Stalin’s with blood flowing, then how high will the body count go? Higher than the current Clinton body count? And will her Jesuit sidekick, Tim Kaine, be standing by her side as the Jesuits have throughout history, while the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Inquisitions were taking place?  Wherever you find the Jesuits creeping out of the shadows into the public eye, expect to see the blood flow. They love their shadows and crevices behind the ‘rocks’ and if they are entering the public arena, it is usually something very wickedly important that is about to be done.

jesuit-pope-53-638The Roman Cabal has always enjoyed a slaying of innocents, as well as throwing them into gas chambers. Could Hillary start with the non-Cabal sodomites, or Jews like Jake Tapper and Bernie Sanders, or political dissidents and baggage like James Comey and Huma Abedin? Impossible or just ‘wild enough’? Plato once said “know thyself”.  I say “know thy history” and especially that of the Jesuits.

Could Hillary start the bloodletting by going after the Republicans and agitating them with law after law against their morals, while her Roman-controlled media attempts to paint her as a ‘saint’?  Will Hillary create a body count far higher than she has ever created in the past? Could it be in the millions? Is she not capable?

May Israel look out for innocents in America, because they are one of the few nations who have not completely succumbed to the power of the Roman Cabal. The occult Roman monarchs of pagan Rome are flexing their muscles even as we speak.  Their Pope, also a Jesuit like Hillary’s vice-president, has shown that he is willing to watch with hands folded as Christians are beheaded all throughout the Middle East. His Catholic Fox News Network, owned by Knight of St. Gregory Murdoch, pretends to be on the side of the American people in this reality TV show.  Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has already stated that he expects Hillary to be elected even before the election starts due to her connections. Who is Assange really? Is he also wearing a mask in this drama as it unfolds in reality TV fashion before the world?

C: Therefore based upon ‘A’ and ‘B’, one must conclude that Hillary’s followers, allies, and media partners are as evil as she is, and are therefore capable of screaming for blood like the crowds in the Roman arenas many centuries ago. If they want to enable Hillary to snatch guns from innocent people, it must be because they want to see the blood of innocents flow. I have become more convinced of this fact by the day. It’s not because they are ignorant of history or stupid. They are just evil for the most part.  While Trump’s beliefs and loyalties are a bit more sketchy (and he definitely appears to be a Cabal member as well), Hillary is definitely a criminal felon and her ideologies and loyalties are clearly tied to the Roman Cabal and their occult, pagan elite rulers. Is “Spirit Cooking” (or a sacrifice of blood) around the corner as soon as occult Hillary, whose connections to the occult and witchcraft are all over the web even as we write this, may soon seize the reigns and begin a Reign of Terror in the United States like none ever seen since the time of the Caesars against those who believe in GOD as well?

We think so. The only question is whether the Jesuits will allow one of their own, Tim Kaine, to replace Hillary quickly (by knocking her off) or slowly through patience. With a Jesuit POTUS and a Jesuit Pope, there’s sure to be a few blood games that follow.

If you are a follower of the Messiah, born into the family of YHWH, please pray for America at this hour. Prayer changes things. Now may be the appointed time for the final events of prophecy, but it’s still wise to pray to see if we might delay the end for a bit.




NEVER FORGET: At the next election

rand paulMay we never forget the Republicans who stood in the way of ObamaCare.  Be sure to make a note of whether your Senator stood in the way of ObamaCare as a hero or whether your Senator was a traitor who stood out of the way of the socialistic healthcare bill and allowed the government to restart again.  If your senator was not one of the BRAVE EIGHTEEN SENATORS yesterday, make a note of it.  Before yesterday, we had no clear list of the traitor RINOs, but now we do.  Let’s make sure that at the next election, we boot every single traitor out of their offices. However, just be sure to replace them with someone who is better.  

cruzThe BRAVE EIGHTEEN SENATORS follow.  We salute them! Thank you, gentleman, for maintaining your honor under duress from the enemy within our gates.

Tom Coburn (R-OK)
John Cornyn (R-TX)
Mike Crapo (R-ID)
Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Mike Enzi (R-WY)
Charles Grassley (R-IA)
Dean Heller (R-NV)
Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Mike Lee (R-UT)
Rand Paul (R-KY)
Jim Risch (R-ID)
Pat Roberts (R-KS)
Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Tim Scott (R-SC)
Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
Richard Shelby (R-AL)
Pat Toomey (R-PA)
David Vitter (R-LA)

Socialism didn't work in other countries, and its already a laughingstock here.  Kill it before it grows by booting out those who would foster socialism in our land.

Socialism didn’t work in other countries, and its already a laughingstock here. Kill it before it grows by booting out those Congressman who would foster socialism in our land.

By the way, only the Republicans (no Democrats) stood in the way of ObamaCare with the government shutdown, but of those Republicans who traitorously stepped out of the way yesterday, eight of them were Catholic-schooled or Roman Catholic.   Catholics are traditionally socialists as seen in the article at this link.  Catholics are historically known for their authoring of liberation theology and so-called “social justice” campaigns which later lit the fires for socialist Marxism in many countries of the world.  What did I write about Catholic candidates in the article at this link?  Beware the hand of Rome!

obama pope francisWhile Catholics may run as Republicans due to abortion or other social issues, do not mistake a fascist, socialist Marxist for a true conservative just because they stand against abortion.  We need full bred conservatives in office, not “conservative” Republican Marxists.  I have given this warning before, but I fear soon it will be too late unless Americans awaken to the power of this foreign government that operates within America from her international headquarters in Vatican City.

OBAMACARE: Who benefits?

ObamaCare - who is to blameIf you read all of this very short article thoroughly and watch the videos, you will get one of the quickest insights into ObamaCare found on the internet. You will also find a simple solution for defeating ObamaCare.

Is ObamaCare benefiting or even impressing die-hard liberal college kids?  Take a look at the article at this link and watch the accompanying video (2 minutes 33 seconds long) to hear what they say.

Obamacare - who is to blame 2Is ObamaCare benefiting or helping the poor?  Be sure to read what this gal who only makes $8/hour has to say about ObamaCare raping her future in the article at this link.


Is ObamaCare benefiting or assisting illegals?  The article at this link tells you the answer to this question.

Is ObamaCare benefiting or assisting businesses?  California led the nation into ObamaCare, so let’s see what their businesses think of ObamaCare as seen in the video at this link (3 minutes 24 seconds long).

ObamaCare - vehicle for full-fledged socialism?

ObamaCare – vehicle for full-fledged socialism?

Who is ObamaCare benefiting or helping?  To find out the real winner of ObamaCare, be sure to listen to the video at this link.  

So far you’ve seen what Obama’s main voting base thinks of ObamaCare, so let’s be fair and let those who oppose ObamaCare share their thoughts as seen in the article at this link and the costs of ObamaCare can also be seen in the article at this link.  If you wish to help spread the news to others of who is benefiting from ObamaCare, please “Share” using the buttons at the bottom of this article.

exemptWho is ObamaCare NOT benefiting? Well, here’s a chart to the right that shows exactly who is not required to receive ObamaCare.

As you reflect upon the following photos and the captions underneath them, think of Communist Premier Nikita Kruschev’s famous quote from 1959 which he declared at the United Nations:

“Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communist outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally will wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands”.

How high will the new tax known as ObamaCare go?

How high will the new tax known as ObamaCare go?

After reading all of the above, who is benefiting?  Americans or the Old World Order?

I would be greatly surprised if Fox News or some of these other cronies who simply validate your concerns by acting like they’re concerned about our nation’s present demise, will offer you any viable solutions for fighting back against all the left-wing activities that they continue to report. Like other so-called “conservative” talk show hosts and media, most of these Knight-controlled enterprises just complain about what’s taking place but never offer solutions or assist the people in organizing and actively fighting back against the corruption. In this, know who these people really are. Their job is to pacify. It falls to us as citizens, therefore, to organize and fight back.

In addition to co-operative non-profit models of healthcare for people which will allow you to avoid ObamaCare or any expensive healthcare from globalists, there is another great model which will allow us to bypass the healthcare industry altogether. I suggest we all go to a subscriber model for medical services, similar to PMOs but locally with a group of bundled medical services. An example of this model can be found at the news article at this link.  Let’s get creative and take the fight back to Washington, D.C.  You can only be enslaved if you let them put the chains on you.


ObamaCare is considered to be another tax per the Supreme Court’s decision.


ObamaCare is much like Canada’s health care program, so how’s their wait time?

obamacare-budget-gimmicks - Copy

How will ObamaCare impact the federal deficit?


Does ObamaCare mean more restrictions?


Does ObamaCare violate the Constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty of Americans?


How is ObamaCare helping the economy?

Graham Obamacare

How is ObamaCare impacting businesses?

Obamacare Cartoon

Are Americans being given a choice or is this a fascist decision forced upon them?


Will Americans have more freedom or less?


What are your choices?


Is ObamaCare a step toward tyranny?

how much will obamacare increase your premiums map

How much will ObamaCare raise YOUR health insurance premium?

obamacare increased costs alone 2012_Chart

How much will ObamaCare cost America?



How is ObamaCare going to impact our parents and grandparents?



Does ObamaCare take us closer to fascism, abortion, and euthanasia or further away? When you’re a senior citizen will you feel safer?


Didn’t Obama promise “change” to America? Is he the first President in many years to actually keep a promise?

What type of "change" did Obama bring to America?

What type of “change” did Obama bring to America?

CONTRACEPTION: The Vatican’s true beliefs


The Vatican’s largest health organization agrees with Obama on contraception.

Fox News is composed of mostly Catholics and owned by Knight of St. Gregory, Rupert Murdoch, so when you hear them speaking about the Vatican’s opposition to the contraception issue, be sure you know the whole story.  The Vatican’s casuistry is historical.

While the religious / educational branch pulls the evangelicals alongside them in a feeling of unity against Obama and sacrifices some token dollars to maintain their “abortion stance”, their true source of wealth continues to increase exponentially. The Catholic Health Association of the United States, their giant health association, has no problem with the Obama Care’s contraception clause. They are the largest premiere group of non-profit health care providers in the nation, composed of more than 600 hospitals and 1,400 long-term care and other health facilities in all 50 states. Every year, one in six hospitalized patients in the United States is cared for in a Catholic health care facility.

The socialistic idea that health care is a human right and its religious counter-part, Catholic liberation theology, are two foundations for why the Vatican stood with Obama Care in the beginning. While Vatican public relations “save face” on their supposed stance against abortion, they continue to enjoy the enormous financial profits, the “liberation theology” victory, and the other Catholic aspects of Obama Care which they adored as it benefits the “bottomline” of their hospitals, even if a few token dollars are sacrificed by their less lucrative enterprises. The United States Council of Catholic Bishopshas not issued any statement directly opposing CHA or any of the Catholic groups supporting the Senate bill, such as Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good“, as Catholic publication Crisis Magazine so accurately phrases it.

Even the President of Catholic Advocate sees the hypocrisy of the Vatican’s stance.

Furthermore, we have other hypocrites who also represent themselves publicly as being opposed to abortion, but whose actions do not reinforce their beliefs.  Namely, our Supreme Court is composed of a majority of Roman Catholic Justices (six of the nine Justices including the Chief Justice) whose Catholic beliefs are supposedly pro-life, but they continue to allow babies to butchered as the number of deaths has risen above fifty million in this grisly land.  Who appointed the majority of our present Supreme Court Justices?  Ronald Reagan and the Bush Presidents who are supposedly pro-life as well, but who chose Justices who have continued to allow the mass genocide of small helpless children.

Anybody can call themselves a Christian.

As Jesus once said “”Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit.” (Matthew 12:33)