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HILLARY 2016: The unelection



marquis_de_lafayette_2Most of those voting for Hillary in the 2016 Election are expecting big things from her and she indeed has big things for them – just not what they expect. And don’t expect an election. It appears that the CIA has already rigged the election.  Meanwhile, both sides (Trump’s and Hillary’s camps) are claiming that the sixteen to seventeen intelligence organizations are working on THEIR side. And I must suggest that these intelligence organizations are, at the same time – especially if Trump and Hillary are on the same side in the back corridors of power as they complete the agenda of those who control the intelligence organizations – but if you’ve read the articles on this website, you already have an idea about these matters as I have perfectly described the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other machines of Rome in detail on this site for you. They want Republicans and Democrats to still love them as they play their sick shell games and stage their bloody political shows.

Let’s play a little syllogistic game, shall we?   Syllogisms go “if A=1, and B=2, and C equals A+B, then C must be 3”.  If you couldn’t follow that logic, then you probably shouldn’t be voting, but that’s another story altogether in a world where everyone is allowed to vote, including those who aren’t citizens, those who vote proxy for dead people, and those who are clueless about what the issues are and lacking knowledge of facts, history and basic analyst skills.  But I digress.

So the syllogism goes like this.

A:  Hillary committed a massive list of criminal acts while being protected by the Roman Cabal:

  • Lying in the Watergate scandal, ethical violations, and anti-Constitutional beliefs
  • Helping a pedophile who raped a 12-year old girl while placing guilt on the girl
  • Whitewater scandals and other Arkansas scandals involving drugs that were covered
  • Attacking the many rape and molestation victims of her husband
  • Vandalized and looted the White House when she and her husband left it back in 2001
  • Filegate in which political enemies’ files were sought and secret speeches she has given
  • With Bill, she produced massive body counts as admitted by hitman Larry Nichols
  • Stood by Bill as he murdered the children of Waco, Texas by burning them alive
  • Sat on her hands, enabling terrorists to kill four Navy Seals and an Ambassador
  • Took three years to produce Benghazi emails, then deleted them
  • When the emails resurfaced on a perv’s computer, she gave Comey eight days to review
  • Punishing her opponents with IRSgate; also ChinaGate, TravelGate, and PardonGate
  • Stood with Obama on Obamacare, but stood against Obamacare when running for POTUS
  • Compromised national security through placing national emails on her private server
  • Chief aide is connected with radical terrorist organizations and ideologies
  • Connected with donations from Middle Eastern countries who WikiLeaks said funded ISIS
  • Massive lies, perjury, and numerous trust, health, and colluding illegally with the media
  • Clinton Foundation pay-to-play racket, and acceptance of millions from foreign enemies
  • Close criminal friends, advocate for various criminal causes including illegal immigration
  • Hillary’s vice-president is a Jesuit priest, her husband Bill was trained by the Jesuits, and the Jesuits were known as the Masters of the Inquisition, feared even by many Roman Catholics due to the Jesuit’s occult connections, their vile black deeds throughout the centuries, and their hideous techniques of torture, mayhem, and death which our forefathers warned us would probably be the very ones to destroy the American republic. The Jesuits were also the founders of the Satanic Illuminati, the very order who originally started the Jesuits under the Illuminati’s Spanish name, the Alumbrados. The Jesuits’ dirty deeds reach to the heavens. When they arrive in a country, you know the punishing of a people is about to begin. Woe to America! Woe to the Vatican who have a Pope who is a Jesuit priest for the first time ever – and the Roman Catholics have a very, very long history.


B: Hillary’s followers are going to vote for her anyway, knowing she is a criminal.  Many will vote for a criminal felon as President of the USA for the first time in history just because she is a woman. Is this not incredibly sexist?  If Occult Rome is the current leader of the Cabal as shown in numerous articles throughout this website, and Hillary is capable of these types of evils, will she also be capable of the same type of crimes on a massive scale like Stalin, Hitler, and Bloody Mary? Once she is no longer in need of those abetting her and the people who are voting for her (who she hates as proven by her statements in her early political career), will she keep them around? Has Hillary proven herself capable of no conscience in the vilest crimes from pedophilia to murder to ghastly deeds of danger to an entire nation’s security to the alleged murder of Vince Foster? If so, is she is capable of murdering people ‘en masse’ if she finds them deplorable or ‘in her way’? Did she not have similar circumstances facing her in the past and did she not time and again commit the vilest acts to keep herself atop as ‘king of the mountain’ even if it meant violating every law and office in the land? If she does decide to go after the citizenry’s guns and create a state like unto Stalin’s with blood flowing, then how high will the body count go? Higher than the current Clinton body count? And will her Jesuit sidekick, Tim Kaine, be standing by her side as the Jesuits have throughout history, while the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Inquisitions were taking place?  Wherever you find the Jesuits creeping out of the shadows into the public eye, expect to see the blood flow. They love their shadows and crevices behind the ‘rocks’ and if they are entering the public arena, it is usually something very wickedly important that is about to be done.

jesuit-pope-53-638The Roman Cabal has always enjoyed a slaying of innocents, as well as throwing them into gas chambers. Could Hillary start with the non-Cabal sodomites, or Jews like Jake Tapper and Bernie Sanders, or political dissidents and baggage like James Comey and Huma Abedin? Impossible or just ‘wild enough’? Plato once said “know thyself”.  I say “know thy history” and especially that of the Jesuits.

Could Hillary start the bloodletting by going after the Republicans and agitating them with law after law against their morals, while her Roman-controlled media attempts to paint her as a ‘saint’?  Will Hillary create a body count far higher than she has ever created in the past? Could it be in the millions? Is she not capable?

May Israel look out for innocents in America, because they are one of the few nations who have not completely succumbed to the power of the Roman Cabal. The occult Roman monarchs of pagan Rome are flexing their muscles even as we speak.  Their Pope, also a Jesuit like Hillary’s vice-president, has shown that he is willing to watch with hands folded as Christians are beheaded all throughout the Middle East. His Catholic Fox News Network, owned by Knight of St. Gregory Murdoch, pretends to be on the side of the American people in this reality TV show.  Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has already stated that he expects Hillary to be elected even before the election starts due to her connections. Who is Assange really? Is he also wearing a mask in this drama as it unfolds in reality TV fashion before the world?

C: Therefore based upon ‘A’ and ‘B’, one must conclude that Hillary’s followers, allies, and media partners are as evil as she is, and are therefore capable of screaming for blood like the crowds in the Roman arenas many centuries ago. If they want to enable Hillary to snatch guns from innocent people, it must be because they want to see the blood of innocents flow. I have become more convinced of this fact by the day. It’s not because they are ignorant of history or stupid. They are just evil for the most part.  While Trump’s beliefs and loyalties are a bit more sketchy (and he definitely appears to be a Cabal member as well), Hillary is definitely a criminal felon and her ideologies and loyalties are clearly tied to the Roman Cabal and their occult, pagan elite rulers. Is “Spirit Cooking” (or a sacrifice of blood) around the corner as soon as occult Hillary, whose connections to the occult and witchcraft are all over the web even as we write this, may soon seize the reigns and begin a Reign of Terror in the United States like none ever seen since the time of the Caesars against those who believe in GOD as well?

We think so. The only question is whether the Jesuits will allow one of their own, Tim Kaine, to replace Hillary quickly (by knocking her off) or slowly through patience. With a Jesuit POTUS and a Jesuit Pope, there’s sure to be a few blood games that follow.

If you are a follower of the Messiah, born into the family of YHWH, please pray for America at this hour. Prayer changes things. Now may be the appointed time for the final events of prophecy, but it’s still wise to pray to see if we might delay the end for a bit.




BAD NEWS: For Republicans

“Several recent stories, like this one from the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, report that influential Republicans have become increasingly resigned to the prospect of Donald Trump as their nominee. One theme in these stories is that the GOP “donor class” seems to have persuaded itself that Trump might not be such a bad general election candidate. On that point, the donor class is probably wrong. It’s hard to say exactly how well (or poorly) Trump might fare as the Republican nominee … But Trump would start at a disadvantage: Most Americans just really don’t like the guy … [Contrary to] Rupert Murdoch’s assertion about Trump having crossover appeal, Trump is extraordinarily unpopular with independent voters and Democrats. Gallup polling conducted over the past six weeks found Trump with a -27-percentage-point net favorability rating among independent voters, and a -70-point net rating among Democrats; both marks are easily the worst in the GOP field. (Trump also has less-than-spectacular favorable ratings among his fellow Republicans.)


Favorability ratings can vary quite a bit from pollster to pollster, however, so I went back and collected a broader array of data. Specifically, I took an average of each candidate’s favorability ratings in polls from the Huffington Post Pollster database since Nov. 1.1

Republican favorability, average since Nov. 1  – Source: Huffington Post Pollster
Ben Carson 37 37 0
Marco Rubio 34 35 -1
Ted Cruz 32 39 -7
John Kasich 20 27 -7
Carly Fiorina 28 36 -8
Mike Huckabee 28 40 -12
Chris Christie 31 44 -13
Rand Paul 26 42 -16
Rick Santorum 22 44 -22
Jeb Bush 29 51 -22
Donald Trump 33 58 -25

We’ve got an unpopular set of presidential candidates this year– Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party with a net-positive favorability rating — but Trump is the most unpopular of all.

Democratic favorability, average since Nov. 1 – Source: Huffington Post Pollster
Bernie Sanders 38 35 +3
Hillary Clinton 42 50 -8
Martin O’Malley 18 29 -11

This is not just a recent phenomenon; Trump’s favorability ratings have been consistently poor. It’s true that his favorability numbers improved quite a bit among Republicans once he began running for president. But those gains were almost exactly offset by declines among independents and Democrats. In fact, his overall favorability ratings have been just about unchanged since he began running for president in June:


Head-to-head polls of hypothetical general election matchups have almost no predictive power at this stage of the campaign, but for what it’s worth, Trump tends to fare relatively poorly in those too. On average,2 in polls since Nov. 1, Trump trails Clinton by 5 percentage points, while Clinton and Marco Rubio are tied.

Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.


fascismThe video at this link is an excellent example of counter-intelligence being run by the globalist media moguls around the world. In this video, we see how misinformation is given to the public.  Neither party is correct in this debate, but that’s the only two choices given to the viewer, much like the Democratic and Republican parties.

shredded-300x284It’s a practice that happens all the time globally and in American media, whether it be the Fox News team pretending they are conservatives or the CNN News team pretending they are liberals.  In truth, there are no real conservatives and liberals anymore.  These terms referred more to finance and risks (i.e. whether to conserve or whether to be more liberal or generous).  Today, the Democrats are not liberals, but are closer to socialists and communists, while the Republicans are closer to fascists.  Both parties appear to be dead-set on robbing Americans of their money, their freedom, and their privacy.  Both parties have been in the process of shredding the Bill of Rights.

What did these three fascists all have in common?  Catholicism

What did these three fascists all have in common? Catholicism

In this video, you will see one analyst from New York who shouts in favor of the Communists and in opposition to Wall Street and the one percent, echoing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  The other analyst from London holds to the fascist’s position and shows support for the CIA and their criminal history of lies, murder, drug trafficking, rigged elections, anti-democracy, and anti-liberty crusades around the world.  I also fear that the Tea Party movement, as promising as it appears to many people, could be used as another tool of their fascist strategic planning.  Citizens must keep their movements localized and protect their movements from infiltration.

What spiritual doctrine did communist Marxism resemble?  Catholic liberation theology.

What spiritual doctrine did communist Marxism resemble? Catholic liberation theology.

In reality, Rome’s Old World Order has been pulling both their puppet strings.  They use the fascists to take power from the people and consolidate it into the hands of their puppets at the top of the government pyramid of power.  They use the CIA to subvert justice and to change the appearance of current events to match what they want people to think, and then use the CIA to bully politicians and serve as a secret government that runs the elected one.

VaticanOn the other hand, they also use the communists to eliminate the old wealthy and middle-class American families who oppose their agenda by robbing them through both the tax codes of the IRS, as well as through numerous other government programs including the recent ObamaCare legislation (i.e. Affordable Care Act).

America was founded by Christian men who opposed Rome’s clever, but evil hand.  That’s why most of our founding fathers left the Old World in order to have the Bill of Rights that we have always enjoyed until recently, and to avoid the tight control, wealth redistribution, and other tyrannical acts of fascist Rome. The feudal system of the Dark Ages was a combination of fascist control and communism.

downloadThe fascist Pontiff ruled with an iron fist, while ensuring the citizens remained equally poor under their power, while their knights, lords, dukes, and other Roman proletarians ruled with the Pontiff’s interests at heart (much like today’s Roman Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, Freemasons, and other various power brokers, who run the corporations, intelligence organizations, entertainment industries, and governments). In reality, not much has changed in the past couple of years since the Spanish Inquisitions ended less than two hundred years ago.

America’s founders rooted their beliefs in Biblical Christianity and not Baal Christianity (or Rome’s pagan perversion of Christianity).  The early American Christian founders believed in rule by the people, hard work, Pilgrimsand free enterprise. The invention of capitalism, as it exists today, is closer to fascist corporatism, which is Rome’s practice of commerce.  Early Americans had nothing to do with such a perverted form of “capitalism”.  The Freemasons took power in 1776 and replaced the power of the people at both the local and state levels with three consolidated federal branches known as the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.  Men like David Barton of the WallBuilders ministries, whether maliciously or naively, have been instrumental in brainwashing many people regarding the true nature of the 1776 Freemasons.  Barton also managed to hide the Freemason’s corrupt act of usurping the local and state powers of the people with federalization, and their conversion of the nation from Christianity to religious pluralism.  Most Christians are completely unaware of these changes even today, and many would defend David Barton’s version of history. Many of these people are nice but extremely naive, misinformed, and are too quick to accept any nationally-recognized historian who calls himself a “Christian ministry”.  These Christians are not alone.  Most Americans want someone else to do their research for them.

download (3)The proof is obvious, however, to those who can simply read and analyze.  The 1776 Constitution allowed for the consolidation of power from the people to the federal branches of government likened unto a Roman democratic-republic.  A democratic-republic was not the form of government practiced by the early Pilgrims or Puritans in early America or in Cromwell’s England.  A theocratic-commonwealth which combined aspects of a theocracy (“we have no King but Jesus”) and an English commonwealth, including free enterprise and a stable precious metal currency (i.e. coins not paper money), was the government of early America.  That form of government flourished until it was usurped by the Freemasons of 1776.  With the foothold of Rome complete in the administration of John F. Kennedy, the silver was removed from much of the currency in the early 1960s, the Roman-created CIA went wild (some say they killed Kennedy), and the Bible and morality were tossed out the figurative window of America.

washington-freemason_bigAmerica is no longer the land she once was, but be it known to all who read this article throughout the globe that it is because Rome’s policies were enacted several decades ago in this land, and Rome is too greedy to ever become as blessed as early America was. Tocqueville was right in his analysis a couple of hundred years ago or so. As he said “America is great, because America is good“.  The reason America was “good” was because she feared GOD, instead of the pope or other fascists. She honored the Bible instead of the state. Her economy was based upon the Book of Proverbs, instead of upon feudalism (i.e. a corrupt capitalism known as corporatism combined with communist-socialism). She honored the people at the local and state levels with freedom, instead of consolidating power into the hands of a few (which is what a “fasces” represents i.e. fascism).

imagesToday, America is a demonstration of what happens to a godly people when they are corrupted morally by foreign powers like Rome, and what happens when Rome’s economic and political systems of operation are installed in a country. Beware the ides of March, the 5th of November, and anything else that Rome touches, because eventually the blood will flow and the people will be weep in agony.

Satanic Rome’s system is an utter failure.  GOD’s system, described in the Bible and displayed by early Israel and early America, is a grand success.