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BOOT THE BUMS: Which ones?

Ever heard the old cliche “Get the fox out of the henhouse”?

Wealth means power. Therefore, I have a few questions for Americans who want their economy and power back again from Washington, DC.  

  1. EMPIf global corporations suck the wealth out of our local cities, what does that mean? Doesn’t the power also go to them as well?  How does this happen?
  2. How do politicians get elected? Isn’t it through expensive campaigns? Who funds these?
  3. If politicians are controlled by those who financially support them, what happens when the control leaves your local community and goes to a global corporation?
  4. To which country does the global corporation pledge it’s allegiance? America or a foreign power?
  5. economyHow can your unemployed neighbor get a job if no companies are hiring?
  6. Could your unemployed neighbor start his own business? Who will help fund him?
  7. Could unemployment insurance help fund his new business, instead of just giving him a handout?
  8. Could unemployment insurance work more like tax-exempt retirement or 529 college accounts?
  9. If unemployment insurance worked more like an IRA, wouldn’t just those who work benefit?
  10. If unemployment funds were set aside (as FICA is today) from the paychecks of those who worked for only their tax-exempt savings account, wouldn’t those who refuse to work be forced to work or starve?
  11. economy-cubeIsn’t that exactly what the founding fathers stated and even nailed to the door of their town hall (“If a man doesn’t work, neither should he eat”)?  Isn’t this just good business practice (we’re not talking about disablity or legitimate charity, but just unemployment changes)?
  12. Is it tough to start a small general store when Wal-Mart is in town?
  13. Is it tough to start a small diner when McDonald’s, Applebees, Ruby Tuesday’s, Chili’s, Hardee’s, and other global restaurant chains fill your small town?
  14. Is it tough to start a septic, landscape, plumbing, HVAC, welding, sheet metal, or other type of company when large global companies who get massive discounts and bulk rates are in town competing with you?
  15. family-businessIs it tough to start a hardware store in town when Lowe’s and Home Depot are around the corner?
  16. Would it be easier to start your own business if you didn’t have global giants in town with whom you have to compete?
  17. Do the owners of these global giants really need all the business in the world in order to feed themselves and their families or would it be more socially just to allow them to thrive in just a specific region? In other words, would it be better to limit their outreach to just their state or local district?
  18. recessionIf these global giants were forced to operate in just one small area, would they have as much control over the politicians? If they no longer had such a monopoly-like market share, would they be able to raise the prices of their products and services as easily? Would they be forced to compete for workers by raising salaries then (since workers could leave and start their own business) if starting a small business was much easier?
  19. Is it tough to start a business when illegal immigrants begin to move into your town who do not pay taxes and who do not provide benefits or insurance for their workers, and thus can charge lower prices?  
  20. tax-survey-nfib-bar-graphIs it tough to get compensated by an illegal who walks away from a debt owed to your company or who damages your business truck or other property?
  21. Is it tough for your teens and college kids to find a job when the illegal immigrants flood your town and take all the hourly-rate jobs?
  22. Would it be easier for you to start a small business if the government gave you tax-exemption benefits the first few years of your business just like they do for large global corporations? Or would you prefer that they give you a debt (i.e. small business loan) instead in the fragile infant years of your business?
  23. tax-complianceIs it fair to say that if illegal immigrants were removed from your town and if global corporations were removed from your town that there would be more jobs and more opportunities for you to grow as a business? Is it fair to say that illegal people should be treated as though they are illegal with stiff penalties and exile?
  24. Is it fair to say that if corporations were limited to just local areas that it would be more difficult for them to place politicians from Washington, D.C. into their pockets?
  25. If global corporations benefit from the robbing of America’s resources and wealth, and the politicians are on their payroll, are you really expecting your politicians to be looking out for you? or for their own interests made possible by the soft money they receive from the global corporations?
  26. download (3)Is it fair to say that you might benefit more if the same money that is taken from your paycheck for unemployment currently was placed instead into a tax-exempt account and saved over a period of time for your benefit during times of unemployment and made available without penalty when you needed it to start a business or get through hard times? Is it fair to say that those able-bodied people who never work, but who leech off the rest of mankind would have a more difficult time with this system?
  27. Is it fair to say that if global corporations were forced to only small areas that local people in your area would be able to start more restaurants, general merchandise stores, grocery outlets, and trade services in your local community as the first phase of such a change?  Would you then receive fresher food if it was raised and sold locally?  What if America became a producer of gross domestic product once again as a second phase such as building local textile mills and selling their own clothing (instead of having the rest of the world produce our necessary goods)? What would happen if partners around the world decided not to ship Americans food and clothing anymore? As a producer, would America’s economy roar again after these changes? What if global banks were forced to one locale?  Would a stop to outsourcing bring jobs back to our country?  Would the work be higher quality and on-time again for a change?
  28. Blog_Small_Business_Tax_CutsCan you see how global corporations, illegal immigrants, and bums who won’t work are foxes who have lived too long in the “henhouse”?  Do you think Congress and the White House are going to change things for you when they benefit from the current model?
  29. If not, then how do you expect to help make these changes?
  30. Are there citizens who are so unskilled and dependent on global corporations for a comfortable living that they would be unable to even start a business of their own if the global corporations were gradually phased out? Is it fair to say that America has lost her way and has ceased from being good, and has become greedy, immoral, and ignorant of Biblical principles (like those mentioned above)?  Did not Alexis Tocqueville say that “America is great, because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, then she will cease to be great”?  Is that what we’re seeing today?